Monthly Archives: December 2012

Outside Looking Out Again

Outer space alien-looking “journalist” Sam Donaldson couldn’t resist the impulse to display his “impartiality” a few days ago whilst sharing a stage with Christabel Matthews, she of the “tingling leg” syndrome.. Donaldson exclaimed to the “Tea Party”, “it’s not your country anymore, its our country..” A few thoughts on this topic, if I may..

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Merry Christmas

To the the entire NLTZ family:

Merry Christmas, NEVER happy holidays, even though if you break it down its “happy holy days”.. Remind EVERY “no religion” liberal of that..

Thanks for another year of caterwauling..  The observant might have realized that it seems that I am running out of things to say.

More taxes, a fiscal cliff, MORE from the AMT, Taxamageddon and on and on..

Never give in, never give up and never again,

Thanks as always,


The Loudest Voices

Invariably, when a national tragedy hits us, it seems that everyone seeks to place blame. This reflex wouldn’t be a bad thing if the “blame” were to be placed where it actually belongs.

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Syrian Similarities

In reading about the latest “unrest” in Syria, I can’t help but see at least a few similarities between their situation and ours..

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Paper Trail

The liberals have now stated without equivocation that they want the “checkbook”. Well, for starters, they have had the “checkbook” for the last four years and we only have an “historic” debt to show for it. No jobs, no progress, just spend, spend and spend. Just for giggles, in what has to be the “I Won, Volume II” charade, OWEbama sent Turbo Timmy to lay the collectivist caliphate’s “offer” on the fiscal cliff table..

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