Paper Trail

The liberals have now stated without equivocation that they want the “checkbook”. Well, for starters, they have had the “checkbook” for the last four years and we only have an “historic” debt to show for it. No jobs, no progress, just spend, spend and spend. Just for giggles, in what has to be the “I Won, Volume II” charade, OWEbama sent Turbo Timmy to lay the collectivist caliphate’s “offer” on the fiscal cliff table..

Here is the gist of the liberals’ “offer”: $1.6 TRILLION in new taxes targeted directly at the middle class (that is BEFORE all of the taxes from OWEbamaScare AND the AMT, Alternative Minimum Tax AND the end of the Bush tax cuts strike..) (By the way, since the liberals are SO fond of the concept of “paying taxes”, the AMT should be retooled.. The “Alternative” lifestylers should be penalized by the “Alternative” Minimum Tax, not the middle class..) A mere $255 BILLION in new Scamulous spending since the FIRST whacks at Scamuli worked so well.. As always, the liberals are ridiculously funny when they are trying to act serious.. It’s the new take on Keynsian economics: Kenyan economics.. (Thanks Tony D. for that gem..)

Why not, right? WRONG. I say go all “Reykjavik” on them, as Reagan did to OWEbama’s communist contemporary.. This is what logic and common sense say should be done. Look at how many companies are paying out dividends early so as to try to avoid the taxes imposed upon the PRODUCTIVE and the SUCCESSFUL by the reactionary redistributors starting in January..

Its all about the “show” of “making a realistic offer” (stop laughing..) which will be rejected (hopefully) by the Republicans.. The concept of “bargaining in good faith” has no meaning to the Democrats, they just want someone to “blame” and the Marxist marionettes of the “impartial” media will of course be entirely cooperative with this fascist façade..

It’s a “paper trail” that is confounded by the liberal’s inexperience with capitalism.

Lets discuss the “paper” of this “checkbook” that the left is lathering for.. You DON’T write paper checks without having the paper money to back it up. (Truth be told, gold should also be backing up your paper money, too..) THIS is how the Billy Bob/Barney Frank sub prime mortgage scandal came to pass when “fairness” was DEMNDED of banks as opposed to the proven ability to PAY BACK a loan..

The last four years have proven unquestionably that the liberals just want to write paper checks for whatever amount soothes their feral urge to spend what others have earned.. They have done so without having the necessary funds available to backup such socialist sophistry and the result is an “historic” debt. This exposes their inexperience with both the free market and capitalism and this exposure costs US.. They aren’t done, they want more..

OWEbama, empowered by an imaginary “mandate” (more on the liberals powerful “imaginary” mental state later..) wants to have an unlimited ceiling placed upon HIS debt limit.. Why not, how about “QE3”, then “QE4” and on and on and on.. Since “paper” money has no value to the left, why should the left operate under the burden of a ceiling of ANY kind when it comes to how much they can sequester from the productive?

Unfortunately, “numbers” surround this Democratic-created depression and “numbers” are “inconvenient truths” that stand in the way of “progressive progress”. “Numbers” DO NOT matter when you are out there trying to “do good”. Certain “numbers”, that is..

Within the fantasy world of the left, all that a liberal has to do is make a statement and it is immediately accepted as a lead pipe FACT. Enter some blathering Bolshevik of the OWEbama caliphate: “We have created or saved 6 trillion jobs”.. The liberal political corollary: “If I say it, it is true..” The “cost” of OWEbamaScare is IRRELEVANT compared to the “millions who will now get health care”.. Doctors shortages? The typical “waiting” involved in ANY of the world’s other socialized medicine schemes? The intentional punishment of the middle class in order to “fund” the barnacles of the Democratic voter base for their tummy aches? Whatever, we’re out here “doing good”, YOU figure it out..

When the Mayor of a city like Detroit actually says in pubic, “We are in an environment of entitlement” (Yahoo News) you have to do a double take.. In the perverted mind of the left, there is NOTHING wrong with harboring or enabling the “entitlement” mentality because they are “doing good” and someone else has to pay for it.. The “entitlement” mentality has been the default Democratic setting since the nation turned against the Democrat’s OTHER form of slavery due to its obvious violence and destructiveness..

The “paper trail” is narrowing as the cost conscious collectivists now want to do away with the paper dollar and to replace it with a coin. (Yahoo News) This will “save”, according to those who have NO IDEA what it actually means to “save”, “4.4 billion over the next thirty years”.. A few thoughts..

Due to the destructive diligence of the Democrats, the “dollar” itself has NO VALUE any longer regardless of whether it is made from paper, metal or wood.. The idea of “saving 4.4 billion over the next thirty years” is comical since those “savings”, imaginary though they are, will be erased within the next two weeks due to the burden of the OWEbama Historic Debt..

Of all of the “paper”, the most EXPENSIVE “paper” has to be all of the “bills” passed by the Democrats. In the last four years, I do not recall a single Bolshevik bill NOT passing and the negative results of such stupidity will penalize the productive within America for generations to come..

As just one example, the fifty-thousand page progressive piffle known as OWEbamaScare, the liberal’s wet dream of socialized medicine.. Interlarded within the trillions of narcoleptic words are trillions of dollars worth of penalties, fees or taxes, whichever the Supreme Court would like to call them. The whole “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it”, the rush to bribe Nelson, Landrieu and Lincoln, not to mention Specter and on and on, have left us with an endless series of burdens brought about by the “environment of entitlement”..

We have become a nation of receivers and the not-so old Democratic maxim of “ask not what your country can do for you” has been replaced with “why HASN’T my country done this for me yet?” (We shall not get into the fact that a number of those asking/DEMANDING that AREN’T really “Americans”..)

With all of this “paper” we have allowed the “checkbook” full of “paper” to be in the hands of those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing..


15 responses to “Paper Trail

  1. Where’s the Facebook share button for your excellent work?

  2. Very good Larry. I don’t see why you aren’t writing for a very large news organization. Your writing is as good as I’ve read anywhere. Please keep it up.

  3. I’ve heard there are Republicans whom are already preparing to concede this war of finances. as I see it, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they caved. Hear me out. If the Republicans were to announce that that though what is being proposed violates the conservative principles upon which they were elected (yeah, right) that they will accede to the will of the people whom gave our President his mandate, and step away. Instead of standing athwart history (as William F. Buckley has said), we allow the nation to throw itself over the cliff.

    Why, you ask? Simple, by doing so, the Repubs put the ball squarely in Obama’s hands, and ensure all the credit goes to him and his minions. We conservatives should allow the nation to rip itself apart, to let the entitlement set go off on their fantasyland tour, and wait for the money to run out. As over 51% of people polled have a positive of Socialism, let them see it for what it is.

    We have a nation of addicts, intead of heroin or cigarettes, its entitlements and other freebies, and the only way to cure an addict is to force them to quit cold turkey. They need to hit rock bottom, and no amount of therapy will work until they’ve reached the point where they have a choice: break the cycle or die.

    Since I’ve seen others compare our nation to the Weimar Republic, lets continue the analogy To break the cycle of fascism it took a world war, millions of dead Germans, soldiers and civilians alike, their cities razed to the ground, and a foreign occupation lasting upwards of two generations. the patient survived and wants nothing to do with Nazism (little understanding that even Himmler knew National Socialism was simply lazy man’s Socialism, but we won’t go there) so we have a cure. Given how entrenched the culture of moochers is, we may need an intervention on that order, with massive destruction and loss of life, a foreign occupation, not to mention the wholesale collapse of our nation in order to teach our fellows what it is they’ve squandered.

    While the nation tears itself apart, we conservatives should work on fixing the GOP. Start by not even bothering to put up a candidate for President in 2016 or even 2020. Why? The best way to get the RINOs out is to wait them out, allow them to resign, retire or die of old age, and reforge the GOP as a new ‘Constitution Party’ as it were. Conservatives value work and win whenever they’ve been tried, we need to rebuild the party with the Constitution as our mandate, with limited government, capitalism and personal freedom as our creed. None of this will be possible until after the protoletariat has been allowed to suffer under the yolk of socialism for a while.

    While we focus on the President and his cast of crooked cads, we forget the biggest problem is the undereducated, brainwashed fools whom put them in charge. Until we fix the corrupted foundation of our republic, it doesn’t matter whose in charge. The time has come for us to metaphorically shoot the equally metaphoric hostage.

  4. Mary, and Lance you are both correct, BUT the LSM is all progressive, Liberal, and/or communist. They would like to see the dunce bill pass to eleminate the 1St ammendment, so people like Larry would be shut up or end up in a reeducation camp if not just gone forever. Just think of how many things they have just said thet are false, or an outright lie. Keep after them Larry.

  5. Mary,

    Thank you for your kind words but if they were actually true, someone would have “discovered” me by now.

    The “world” of writing, conservatives included, is one of the WORST “old boy” networks, when you ask a published writer/author anything they get this look of “you’re not getting a piece of my pie” bub and they fob you off.. At CPAC, I cornered both the editor of Townhall and several writer/authors who wouldn’t give me the time of day. I might as well have said that I was a raving liberal and their responses would have been the same.

    OUR opinions do not matter, we are the scrubs, the “bloggers”, we can’t possibly be as astute as (fill in the blank..)

    Thank you anyway,


  6. Graywolf,

    A “reducation camp”..

    I assure you that I would become the Andy DuFresne (Shawshank Redemption) of ANY liberal camp that I would be “invited” to..

    Then again, if it would involve the liberal idea of “education” similar to the dumbed-down indoctrination of the public schools, it would be like swatting intellectual flies.

    Either way, challenge accepted..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Tom Price (R-GA) said in an interveiw with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, “The president’s plan to increase taxes on the upper two percent covers the spending of this government for eight days. Eight days only. It’s not a real solution. So, again, I am puzzled by an administration that seems to be more interested in raising tax rates than in economic vitality.”

    Puzzled indeed. Americans are facing the steepest single tax hike of American history next year of almost $536 billion on an already fragile economy barely keeping it’s head above water, a long ways from shore and an inept, part-time lifeguard as it’s saviour.

    Almost everyday I see letters in the editorial from kool-aid krazys glorifying Obama’s tax the rich plan. Little do they know (literally) that the “One’s” plan is going to hit them square in the rear also. This includes the popular provisions like the child credit tax. With the tax comes sequestrian, across the board federal spending cuts of $110 billion. The handouts will get fewer.

    But the handouts should be cut much more than by just a “fewer.” Entitlement spending and paying the interest on our current debt are the main drivers of federal spending.

  8. There is a certainty that the Liberals will continue to spend whether there is a tax increase or not. They really have no idea what downsizing means; in the real world or in their pie in the sky world. They want it now and to Hell with We The People, we know what is best for them. They are stupid and have no business trying to hold a higher office. We The People are the slaves of We The Won.

    Regarding you being unpublished, Larry. I would say you are somewhat of a threat to many people at this juncture of life. They know you are right, and you are hammering at the lies and liars who built this convoluted so called government. And you are using tactics from over two hundred years ago. You are using words pure and simple so people understand the message. That is what our Forefathers did. They used language of their era so everyone would understand. That language has come forward in time, but is now being torn asunder and and its use is becoming less and less, till one day the light of our Forefathers will dim to an extent it will all but die. It won’t totally die, because there will come a group in the near future who will fan the light of truth and the language will once again burn brightly. You may wonder why I say this. I truly believe we live in the land chosen by God as the promised land. It will once again be a wonderful place to be, but there will be a harsh judgement upon us all before we get to that point. That is why we must fight. If we do not fight, we will not receive our reward. We will be cast aside until we prove worthy of the light.

  9. Kid… you misunderstood them…
    They asked for a Czechbok…
    That’s a Czechoslovakian male prostitute…
    (do not ask how I know…)


  10. Fall off the “fiscal cliff”???
    The economy is in the gutter…
    We have to look UP to see the cliff…

    Republicans control the House, and the US Constitution says ALL spending bills must start in the House…
    Call your US Representative (and this only applies if they are Republican) and tell them to vote AGAINST any deal that Boner Boehner makes to RAISE TAXES.
    MAObama won the election (truthfully, he won with 30 million ILLEGAL ALIENS votinig after the Supreme Court ruled that we cannot ask them for IDs) by promising free “cupcakes” to his Borg Collective…
    If Boner makes a deal to raise taxes, then WE, you and I, the PRODUCTIVE people of this country, will be PAYING for those “free cupcakes”.
    I have no intentions of BUYING MAObama’s votes for him.
    Let it fall off the “fiscal cliff”, then we’ll watch the Borg Collective lose their frikken minds trying to find their free cupcakes…

    I cant wait…


  11. Percival | December 3, 2012 at 1:54 am |
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Larry – Mate, you know me from old – Am here under a new nom de plume – You may remember ‘Choco’ – Cobber now has Pro (Male whippet) and a new Jillie (Yellow Lab) as company. I look in frequently – Content & Quality are still most excellent – many names have gone, new one appear. Almost wiped out in last year’s flood (2.8 metres through our bottom 2 floors). Will be difficult to recover, monetarily as well the marbles, but will persevere. Still in shock over results of November 6 – One really cannot imagine as to how & why – but gratifying to know that there are many options open in rectifying the temporary insanity – Getting the right chap at the helm may not necessarily be a prerequisite. Best to you and the passing parade. Percival
    Larry – I originally posted under ‘Pictures’, but saw that posts were almost Precambrian – Hope it’s OK to post again here.

  12. Common sense and simple math tells us that taxing the rich will do next to nothing regarding the fiscal cliff. It’s simply more of the class warfare crap that works for the Dems, and that is why they continue to use it. They’ve been very successful in taking advantage of the stupid voters for a long time. Therefore , they’ll continue with what works for them.

    On a side note, while flipping thru my newspaper this AM, I turned the page, and a few words caught my eye, namely ” the Republicans are holding Susan Rice responsible for the attacks on Benghazi ” . Surely, it had to be a missprint, or something taken out of context. Wrong, it was an article by Bill Press, a syndicated columnist ( that I do not, and will not bother to read).

    Sure enough, that is what he said, and that is what he meant – the Republicans blame Rice for the attacks on Benghazi . However, he did not elaborate exactly how Rice was responsible ( no surprise there ) , but apparently that is all that is needed to get the uninformed riled up against the GOP !!

    We know that freedom of speech , and the press is necessary , but come on – let’s have some reasonableness to go with it .

    BTW, the rest of the Press article was more BS, and not worthy of further comments . I wonder how much he gets paid to spew his nonsense.

  13. stitch,

    I agree with you completely. Let Obama and the Democrats have their new taxes. This grand new plan chooses to tax only 2% of Americans while keeping similar Bush tax cuts in place for the remaining 98%. Whoever tried to work this out, whether in liberal or real math, didn’t have any lead in their pencil or the batteries were dead in the calculator. As you say, the only possible way the liberals can succeed with the new tax is in stirring the class war-fare pot. Let them go! The Republicans should stay as far away from it as they can get. This is going to come back and bite “The Promise Man” and his cohorts in the donkey…to put it nicely.

  14. Percival,

    WOW, the “Cobber” returns!! I had asked about you a few articles ago..

    Hope that all goes better for you and it is GREAT to have you back!

    Thanks as always,


  15. Thanks again, Larry.
    as to the thought by the ‘family’ that the House should let them ‘have’ their tax hikes… with the media so in O’s pocket, it will still and ever be the fault of RepubsorBushor??…. NEVER the Dems fault… no matter what!!

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