Syrian Similarities

In reading about the latest “unrest” in Syria, I can’t help but see at least a few similarities between their situation and ours..

“Thousands of Egyptians gathered for a march to the presidential palace to protest the assumption by the nation’s Islamist president of nearly unrestricted powers and a draft constitution hurriedly adopted by his allies..” (“Thousands ready to march on Egypt presidential palace” AP News My Way) OK.. Some may consider that we have an “Islamist president”, however it is a lead pipe certainty that OWEbama and his henchmen and henchwomen have been scurrying towards granting him “nearly unrestricted powers”..

As proven by the last four years, the whole “Constitution” thing doesn’t matter to the left.. If the left “wills” it, if they “believe” (they do NOT “believe” this, they have to act in this manner so that their standing as the possessors of the moral high ground, AKA, their REAL “motives” cannot be questioned..) that they are “doing good”, such nonsense as a “Constitution” WILL NOT stand in the way of “progressive progress”..

The idea of “hurriedly adopting by his allies” is yet another example of what has happened over the last four years in America. OWEbamaScare, anyone? Who would have ever imagined that an actual elected official of ANY political party would have had the absolute nerve to claim aloud that “we have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it..” As well, who could imagine that this same politician would still be “employed” in the “profession” of politics? Needless to say, the Founding Fathers would have been shooting and reloading by now, look at how upset they got over tea..

“The country has been divided into two camps: Morsi and his fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, as well as ultraconservative Salafi Islamists versus youth groups, liberal parties and large sectors of the public..” Here in America, the process of DIVIDING America has been the cornerstone of the “unifier, not a divider” known as OWEbama.. The “two camps” in America are actually THREE.. The “fundamentalist” fascists of the OWEbama caliphate with the Marxist minions of the “gimme, gimme, gimme” Democratic voter base, the conservative “loyal opposition” and the THIRD, the “oblivious” who couldn’t be bothered to try to right the ship in November.. By the way, here in America, “large sectors of the public” can be effectively silenced by the baseless accusation of being “racists”..

These two “camps” are described as, “Morsi and his fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, as well as ultraconservative Salafi Islamists versus youth groups, liberal parties and large sectors of the public..” In a very odd twist, not unlike the liberals “definitional inversion” here in America, “ultraconservative” in the Middle East becomes the fascist liberal LEFT here in America and “liberal” groups in the Middle East believe in the freedoms that American liberal Democrats, like the ACLU, wish to eliminate..

 One Mahmoud Hashim loudly declared, “we want the presidential decrees cancelled”., Here in America, the chance to “cancel” any number of Democratic “decrees” was available to the nation which had been victimized for four years previous to November but too many must have had other more important things to do for they couldn’t even be bothered to show up.. Those with a short term memory have been reminded that this narrow American election in November has been magically transformed into a “mandate” by those who have now been empowered to victimize the American middle class for another four years..

“Freedom or we die” chanted the crowd.. In what has to be the most glaring of DIFFERENCES between the situations in the two countries, there are NO protests here in America, NO ONE cares and the election of November has assured America’s left that their fifty-year campaign to neuter and hypnotize the nation has been a rousing success..

“The country’s privately owned TV networks planned their own protest Wednesday, when they will blacken their screens all day..” Here in America, the “privately owned” “impartial” media would NEVER consider the concept of such a protest against OWEbama, after all they have spent the last four years apologizing, distracting and deflecting on behalf of OWEbama, right up until the election. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the Libya TERRORIST attack.. I suppose that everything in Syria isn’t similar to the situation in America..

Morsi’s Nov. 22 decrees placed him above oversight of any kind, including the courts. The constitutional panel then rushed through a draft constitution without the participation of representatives of liberals and Christians. Only four women, all Islamists, attended the marathon, all-night session..” OWEbama and the liberal left will use such a totalitarian template for the final phase of their “Destroy America From Within” platform.

“The charter has been criticized for not protecting the rights of women and minority groups, and many journalists see it as restricting freedom of expression. Critics also say it empowers Islamic religious clerics by giving them a say over legislation, while some articles were seen as tailored to get rid of Islamists’ enemies..” In America, “rights” are ONLY available to “women and minority groups” under the liberal left, and “journalists” have complete freedom of expression as long as they COMPLETELY CONFORM to views of the Democratic elite..

“Religious clerics”.. This one is a bit sticky as CERTAIN “religious clerics” in America are to be humiliated or stoned to death if they too do not agree with the Marxist marching orders. Christian, Catholic and Jewish clerics are to be beheaded for having the temerity to voice and opinion based upon their holy text that runs counter to the Marxist mantras of the left. This is America that I am speaking of, if you don’t believe me, just place a manger upon the lawn of a church and stand back and watch all of the “love thy neighbor”, “big tent of inclusion” fireworks begin.

To “counter” this, the left has “created” their own splinter religious cults that allege to believe in the previously mention “rule books”. These liberal madrassas “believe” in such unusual things as abortion “rights”, bend over backwards fawning to the alternative lifestylers and other such things verboten within the “old” religious teachings..

However, it would appear that the Middle Eastern “clerics” have considerably MORE sway with the liberal left here in America as opposed to overseas.. Were any “leader” of any terrorist indoctrination station here in America to raise a stink over the ALLEGED burning of a certain book, the liberal left with its coconspirators of the ACLU and the “impartial” media would immediately pick up the flambeau of fascism in order to fight the imaginary specter of “Islamofascism”..

I wonder, are there more similarities or disparities between the Syrian situation and ours? Six of one, half dozen of another I suppose..


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  1. The people over there seem to know nothing but war. I think our big hope is that they fight each other , and leave us mostly alone. We should be pushing each faction against the others to make sure they stay at war with each other. We should do the same with the drug lords to keep them at each others throat. Christians and their beliefs in such things as the 10 Commandments must be destroyed or the principles will interfere with converting the young to a no moral, uneducated. anti-parent, group of useful idiots. What will happen when these young get older and see what they fell for, FEMA camp, exile, just disappear?

  2. Excellent comparison. Evil tends to be quite similar and predictable, regardless of where it’s happening.

  3. Another similarity would be the meetings with finance ministers in Syria and OWE baama’s meeting yesterday with five of his financial advisors, two of whom were identified – Rachel Maddow and Al $harpton ! Need I say more ?

  4. Have no idea as to the healthcare situation in Syria, or if one even exists, but apparently HHS has added over 10,000 pages of regulati0ns to OWEbaamacare . No surprise, since OWEbaamacare was extremely open-ended and allowed for all sorts of additional costs and regs ; plus the exceptional authority given to the Sec. of HHS .

    Every member of Congress who signed it should be in prison !!

  5. Don’t know the size of the gov’t. feeding trough in Syria, but it is not large enough for some of the hogs in the USA .

    Apparently a councilwoman in Detroit wants OWEbaama to give her city more gov’t. money, BECAUSE they supported him! Wait a minute, didn’t OWEbaama brag about how he saved the auto industry in Detroit ? So, where did all of that bail- out money go ? Perhaps she should go after the UAW, since it got the largest share. Wonder if she realizes that the UAW is responsible for driving the auto industry to the southern states, which are not unionized.

    Maybe Detroit should put a tax on all of the OWEbaama phones , that will get some cash flowing !

    Since OWEbaama was supported primarily by the big inner cities, should those cities also demand freebies from OWEbaama ? Afterall , the Liberals love to hand out ‘free money’ , don’t they ?

  6. Isn’t it sad when a nation such as ours suffers four years of absolute Hell, they come to a crossroad where they can change the direction they have been going, and choose to do nothing? Not only did they not do anything, they have adapted to being at the bottom of the heap and just shrug their shoulders and go about glumly in a stupor because they have lost the ability to thing for themselves. Our Progressive (Regressive) crowd has for four years hid their “real motives” and we were too self absorbed to find their true motive and broadcast it. Those who found it (like the family here) are sneered at or given a big yawn in their face.

    Then, to add insult to injury, we react like a whipped dog when the name calling begins, like “racist”. You just want to grab these whiners by the lapel and shake them until they wake up. And we have already heard the beginnings of their excuse “but I thought there would be enough votes without me being put out having to stand in line to cast one lousy vote”.

    Larry, your pointing out the difference of their left and our left is a whole new chapter. America wants to be sympathetic to the mid east nations, but become confused and lost when trying to decide which side they sympathize with. The mid east wasn’t even a topic in American homes until the time of Kissinger. So in this sense we the people have been neutered in regards to not only America, but the rest of this world. We REALLY need to find a leader to get us out of this desert we have been wandering in for fifty years!

  7. By the way, did you read about the woman who was fired for disclosing her religious views regarding homosexuals and didn’t even disclose where she worked? It has been in court four years, yet people in higher positions at the school in Toledo made bigoted and religious remarks a year earlier with their high profile jobs being acknowledged, yet still have their jobs and no discipline, I can’t believe the courts refuse to take this hot potato out of the oven and be done with it. They keep passing it from one to another. Have you ever seen an oven after a hot potato exploded? The same will happen to every court that touched this without calling the college on the carpet for infringing her Freedom of Speech. And if it doesn’t happen, I’d say we are in deep doo-doo regarding American courts declaring war on the Constitution. Oh, well. Congress gets away with it, why not the courts?

  8. The reason why many stayed at home on Election Day was because our…erm, candidate did nothing, zip, nada, to draw a clear distinction between himself and his opponent. That third debate when Romney actually agreed with the President on some points was a truly damning indictment, and proof-positive of what I’ve said all along, that Romney was nothing more than a pale imitation of Obama himself.

    Until we find a real leader, one with a vision for the future, we will not win another election. Romney was a nice guy, and a good man, but quite frankly I’ve had bowel movements with more personality than he. Nobody wants to be lectured at by some know-it-all liberal from Massachusetts. We also need to accept the fact that we will be reviled by the media, we will take the blame for anything that happens.

    Another problem that has cropped up is fiscal conservatives whom have had the nerve to disagree with Boehner are being removed from their positions on key committees. Capitualtion in the name of being liked is coming. Worse still, it ensures true conservatives have a choice, we either take back the GOP, or take our marbles and go home. Any third party talk is hot air, if we can’t change things in our own party, there’s no way a third party will work. We need to support true conservatives, and tell the party bosses that if they don’t correct this trend of theirs then we will cut off the mother’s milk of politics from them until they do what needs to be done. We need to starve the beast if we want to reform it.

    Does nobody care about what is happening to our country? No, we conservatives do, but we are exhausted. We have honestly done all we could legally to stop what is happening, and we failed. There just aren’t enough of us dedicated to the cause to fight what is coming, and there won’t be more of us until enough of the oblivious see what’s left of their paychecks and finally learn the truth that elections have consequences.

  9. And speaking of rights and freedoms, today I saw an article featuring the physcotic phychologists who ran around killing and wounding our service men while shouting, “Up Your’s Akbar”, or something similar to that. While still imprisoned after all this time, it seems the poor boy had decided to grow a beard to show his allegiance towards the Islamic faith. There’s a surprise, right? Now the beard has come into question as it’s not within the military’s grooming standards and the head of the Tribunal for the case had ordered it be shaven off. This set off a ridiculous train of events that eventually led to a different Tribunal head being appointed, because the first one might be biased, and worries by the defense of the bearded, bald-headed Muslim that the jury might be affected by the beard in their judgement.
    Yeh, baby, give the bastard enough time to grow a wooly camel hump on his face and while your at it give him a head full of towels to cover up that bald head when he appears in court. That’s right isn’t it? and it should be his freedom!

  10. Somewhat similar similarities :
    We have had protestors riot for racial excuses, the loss or even win for a sports team, and the union thuggery regarding the right to work laws.

    But I don’t recall any major political riots. We’ve seen a few dictators killed in recent years ( wonder if Morsi, Assad, and Hugo haved taken note ) , and with that in mind, how many other wannabe dictators are on the horizon?

    As we know, the USA has helped put quite a few dictators into power – some are dead, some in exile, some in prison, but a few remain in power. BTW, what was Fidel Castro’s secret to survival ?

    Speaking of giving a ton of money to questionable individuals and countries, Afghanistan’s Kharzi is now complaining about the USA ! When will we stop this outpouring of cash to the above places, and take care of our own citizens? These world wide freebies need to be curtailed.

    The UN wants to distribute $ 8 billion dollars worlswide to offer free contraception ( maybe Sandra Fluke can be the spokesperson for this giveaway ) , which will entail tens of millions of our tax dollars. The flow of cash from our treasury to the world seems to have no limits !!

    But, at the same time , many of our wounded war heroes are getting screwed . What is wrong with this picture ? I digress, sorry !

  11. Jim DeMint is leaving the Senate to lead the Heritage Foundation….. I am heart broken. He is my Senator and a stronger conservative in the Senate does not exist. But now I’m hearing that this is a strategy to begin a run for the White House. I’m telling you, if this is true, we could not do better. He is an awesome human being, an honest and caring man and a TRUE CONSERVATIVE. It would be my only consolation. We need to get behind this and make sure the left stream media doesn’t smear him like thy did Herman Cain.

    I also think he left because he finally realized he could work to support conservative causes and candidates without being tied in knots like he has been in the Senate. I imagine he is well and truly fed up with that bunch of clowns!

  12. To your topic Larry… (sorry to thread jack, I just had to get it off my chest:) So, Obumbler and Shrillery are making a RED line in the sand… oooh, I’ll bet that Syrian Pres is scared now! As Charles Krauthammer said, “Our allies have no respect for us and our enemies have no fear of us.” So we make grand gestures and threaten. Meanwhile, it is business as usual killing the men and children, raping the women, and destroying all those who don’t agree with you. Gee… where have we heard this before?

  13. T,

    As we know, the Heritage has a great reputation, thanks mostly to the resigning CEO, Ed Fuehner. My guess is that Jim will stay with the Heritage, and not run fo POTUS . Less grief , and a $1 million salary should keep him there for some time. Also, the GOP now appears to be looking for younger candidates, especially after the success that OWEbaama had with the younger voters. Older conservatives are dying or retiring, which means that the younger group must step up and do their part. Just a thought.

  14. December 7, 1941 – the so called day of infamy that occured 71 years ago , today. Although Japan lost the war, look at what they have gained – through the Marshall Plan , we rebuilt and modernized manufacturing facilities. We have, and are still providing military support with our bases there. The Japanese economy has boomed , and their EXPORTS exceed their imports by over $150 billion per year , while our IMPORTS exceed our exports by over $400 billion per year. That’s a disparity of more than $550 billion.

    Our trade imbalance is hurting us, but no one seems to care.

    So in the long run, is Japan really the loser?

  15. I’m right there with you, JJ. I have received E-mails showing the bombed out Japan during the war and as it is today. They are definitely ahead by a long shot. It’s great that we helped them after what they did, but there should be a cut-off date for assistance to any and all countries other than ours. We need to stop building dictators and allowing the elite to steal what was meant to help the poor. Like the people of the Sandy storm: Why all this food and other things? We want money! Color me shocked—————NOT!

  16. Is there a cut off point for the ‘dumbing-down’ process of our citizenry ? In other words, is there a level of stupidity that the regime wishes to achieve, in order to control the masses ?

    We seem to be closing in on that tipping, in that not only was an absolute “nobody” elected POTUS, he was RE-ELECTED ! The aforementioned group also believes that class warfare is a good thing. They also do not understand that “taxing the rich ” will do next to nothing in reducing the national debt. Also, they do not understand that the so called rich already pay over 70% of the taxes. And, when the ‘rich’ cease to exist, so will a lot of businesses, along with the jobs that the ‘rich’ created.

    Apparently the masses also fail to understand that the freebies will end when there aren’t enough workers to pay the taxes to support the non-workers.

    And, the masses do not underatand that a combination of the above scenarios will result in socialism.

    So, when that certain level of stupidity is reached, it will be too late – socialism will prevail.

    Sounds a bit morbid, but it’s just a little Saturday Sarcasm.

  17. OWEbaama has been fortunate for a few weeks, in that Benghazigate has been relegated to the back burner. However, Rodham supposedly is going to testify regarding the events at the ‘facility’ in Benghazi.

    Why is it no longer an embassy, or a consulate, but it has been downsized or re-classified as a ‘facility’ ? Does it therefore mean that as a ‘facility’ , the seriousness of the crime is reduced accordingly, and therefore the punishment reduced accordingly? Wonder if they’ve changed the status of “Ambassador” Stevens to something like ” special envoy ” Stevens, in order to lower the seriousness of the crime.

    Seems like it’s simply more of the SEMANTICS nonsense of the regime.

    When all is said and done , which won’t be for a long time, you can bet your bippy that almost no one will be charged.

  18. The cut-off point in dumbing-down is the point where we have a full on dictator. It will not be zippy because he lacks the work standard of a dictator. But among his many czars there is possibly one who is being groomed to run in the next election. In order to turn this around, we need to get control of our schools and institutions of learning to begin the process of detoxing the citizenry. One blogger on Lucianne said she is buying textbooks, old classics and other such books to be used when information is no longer published but sent into homes digitally. She reasons that when the digital becomes a reality, we won’t know what was edited out or what facts have been left out or manipulated. This scenario really is another vote for Home Schooling.

    Benghazigate was the October surprise and has lost its newsworthyness much too soon. There are just too many differing sets of facts and distraction cues. If Benghazi was not the Embassy, why was there a “safe” room? Second, why was the safe room not safe? Third is the most damning of all. Why was the EMBASSY so unprotected in a country fighting a civil war? (By the way, have they ever said where the “real” Embassy is?)

    I think when all the dust settles on Syria we will find billions of dollars given to the country to keep things on the down low. That is where zippy is. Low, low down. And his wanting a blank check and no spending ceiling is but a manifestation of Soros and others pulling the strings on this puppet!

  19. Another scary headline I read two days ago says the majority (who are these people?) of voters are open to a presidential run by Shillary! How’s that for spoiling your day?

  20. As I’ve said many times – the Clintons never really leave, they just keep coming back , and back and . . . .

    She is not presidential , but she has the potential to be a puppet , just like OWEbaama . The relationship between the Clintons and OWEbaama is rather strange, and raises the question as to whether or not OWEbaama would support her. If not Hillary, then who would he support? Then again, maybe he would try to change the law, and go for a third term, since in his own mind, he is one of the greatest presidents ever !?!?

    In reality, he is probably the most arrogant president – ever.

  21. Sunday Soliloquy

    Upon awakening this AM, a word struck my cerebral cortex – ethanol. Don’t know why, since I didn’t dream about it, and hadn’t been thinking about it. Then as the neurons began to fire, other tidbits about ethanol began to materialize, such as :
    Ethanol costs more than $1.00 to produce a dollar’s worth of energy. Similar to a penny costing almost 2 cents to produce.

    Ethanol in gasoline is not only harmful to the engine, but it reduces gas mileage. Therefore if it requires more fuel to go from point A to point , then how does that reduce the carbon footprint?

    Ethanol has caused a price increase in EVERY product and service, bar none.

    Ethanol has caused a food shortage along with starvation in some parts of the world.

    Ethanol has caused some farmers to concentrate on growing corn, rather than other crops.

    Ethanol production was encouraged by subsidies of almost 50 cents per gal. Remember when companies such as Exxon were reporting net profits of over $ 3 billion per MONTH ?

    So, as the frontal lobes are being challenged, the question remains :

    Why are we adding ethanol to gasoline ?

    Just a little Sunday Soliloquy !

  22. I too am sad to have heard my favorite Senator is leaving the Senate. It must be hell working in that town and have to shallow the BS from the Democrats, have a President who refuses to negotiate with the Republicans honestly, listen to their ideas and the turn around and blame them for what has happened to this Country. I give them all credit for putting up with the horse excrement that reeks in that town.

    I don’t know if I told you that while I was researching our Senators and Congress for a website I hoped to publish (before the stroke). I did all the Senators and then ranked them by the bad, the good and the corrupt./the ugly. The ones that were good were DeMint, Tom Coburn, Jeff Sessions, Thad Cochran, Mike Johanns, Jim Inhofe, and John Thune (for the ladies here, he is the best looking Senator in the Senate, great eye candy). These Senators have added a few more good guys (and gals) to the list. Add Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Pat Toomey, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul They had no corruption in their past and current government history. Some of them share a living space and a few years ago, the Democrats were trying to tie some made up corruption saying they didn’t pay rent and were living there free; which according to the Senate Rules this was against those rules. They said it was a payoff, payola, or whatever you want to call it. It didn’t take long for them to show cashed checks for their share of the rent. Although, Paul Ryan was a good choice for Vice President, I still think Rubio would have been better and make Ryan the Secretary of the Treasury.

    It was just another ruse to get the heat off Obama’s failed policies, do not look here, and look over there.

    If his leaving is about setting up for a run for President in 2016, then great. I’ve read a few articles were he said that he was not interested in running for President. I’m a member of the Heritage Foundation, and he’ll be a great leader for the conservative movement and the Tea Party. I’m still sad to see a good, honorable man leave.

    JJ, he is also the worst narcissist we’ve had as president. I’m reading another book on him and it details his narcissist ways (and also his wife), where everything is about him and never about this Country. He makes me sick.

  23. Ethanol is being put in gasoline as an olive branch to the enviros. There is no good reason for it in gasoline except for that. They come up with these wild and crazy CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards and then pollute the fuel supply, costing gas mileage. What a (bad) joke perpetrated on the public.

  24. Ethanol will one day be labeled the worst fuel additive imaginable. Not only is it cost horrific, the long term damage to car engines will show up one day sooner or later. And one day farmers will have a bumper crop of corn and will be told to burn it – there is a glut on the economy. Don’t matter how we go about it, we are going to get it in the end (frond and/or back) so watch yourselves. Maybe the next try will be sugar beets. Here’s a novel idea – – why don’t we drill and build processing facilities. Then require ALL EPA type to wear arm bands so we can fix a filled gas mask ready for them. They then have to analyze and write a report on what they find, due in 30 days. Then we hire a few college grad students or some unemployed in the graduate program to monitor the feedback and continue to keep the reporting rolling between the groups with never the same grad student see a report twice. Think we could keep them busy for a few months and add jobs for the students and keep the EPA out of our hair for a long while? On the job training! Just a little Sunday Barnstorming.

  25. So, if ethanol is being used to satisify a handful of greenie wackos, then why can’t a much larger group of logical, economy minded, intelligent and pro Americans REVERSE the wacko destructive regulation ? Whatever happened to ” do the greatest good for the greatest number” ? This is the same insane crap that occurs when ONE atheist decides that a Christmas tree should be called a holiday tree , and therefore everyone else should abide his or her wishes !! What nonsense !!!!

  26. BTW , we could take a big chunk out of the deficit, if we stopped ALL subsidies, because as we know, if there is a need for a product or service – there will be entrepeneurs who will gladly pursue it. Haven’t we all had enough of the Solyndra , et al , abject failures ?

    If only we could convince all of the Socialists to move to the various Socialist countries, ( where they could immediately experience the wonderful world of Socialism ), just imagine how prosperous, and absolutely delightful this country would become.

    Oops, almost forgot – let’s send the greenie wackos along with the Socialists, and our country will be even more delightful !

    Of course it ain’t gonna happen , but it was just a cheeeeeery thought for a gloomy monday morning !

  27. On this sidebar Ethanol note for anyone interested, I offer the following over at TOTD: click the link..

    Thanks as always,


  28. A little something on Benghazi occured on the Today show when Matt Lauer interviewed the wife of one of the Navy Seals who was killed. When asked how she wanted her children to remember their dad, she replied ” his love for Christ ” . However , when replayed later, NBC edited out that quote, because the word CHRIST might offend someone.

    Apparently the PC police are alive and well at NBC . However, these same liberal loons don’t seem to have a problem using currency with ” In God we trust” on it !!!

    How long will it take for these morons to try to eliminate a federal holiday called ” Christmas ” ? Maybe they don’t understand the reason for the holiday !!!!

  29. The Governor of Michigan signs the right to work law, and the union thugs go ballistic and assault an interviewer. If these union workers are so proud of the great job that they perform,then why were they at a large protest rally , and NOT on the job? Is this what they call dedication to their employers ? And these same union members wonder why only 7% of the private sector is unionized !!

    OWEbaama was there on the previous day, to rally support for the unions, knowing full well that right to work states have lower unemployment rates than those that don’t. Plus, many auto manufacturers abandoned Detroit a long time ago, due to UAW demands . Also, other companies left Michigan to go to Indiana and other right to work states. The handwriting is on the wall , but OWEbaama and his union cronies refuse to face the facts.

    The unions destroyed the city of Detroit, and now the taxpayers are expected to rebuild it !!

    The union members enjoy the freedom to protest gov’t. decisions, but they DO NOT believe that any employee should have the freedom to choose union membership. Apparently the union bosses , and not the Constitution, have decided on the definition of “freedom” !!

  30. Excellent observations, JJ. When my wife and I were talking about cars, I mentioned that it was manufactured in Tennessee and she couldn’t understand why. I just told her the companies don’t want unions dictating to them. I think Wisconsin was the shot heard loud and clear in every state. Fancy 25% of the government employees in Michigan wanting to leave the union. Like you said, if unions are so great, why are they losing members? It’s like the Boeing Engineers – – they don’t want 2.8 or 3.5% increases over the next four years, they want 6% increase for three years. In order to do that, Boeing needs to tell them how many less employees they will be needing. And that is where the unions kill companies, because the unions have a no firing rule.

  31. And, if the union workers ever discovered how their union dues were being squandered, imagine how many fewer union members would remain.

    If the union bosses believe that they are so well versed as to how a company should pay it’s employees, imagine how long as company would survive if it were owned by and run by the union bosses !! And without bail- out money or loan guarantees ( a la Solyndra ), from OWEbaama.

    Another company , the 1.2.3 battery manufacturer that got OWEbaama funds went , as expected, bankrupt and is being sold to the Chinese.

    Therefore, OWEbaama’s record of picking LOSERS continues , and the taxpayer’s continue to get screwed ! OWEbaama seems to enjoy killing our economy, because he does it at every chance he gets. And, sadly he has no remorse for the many losses of jobs and business income.

  32. JJ-
    I have been chuckling all day since reading your hypothesis of a union owning a business and how long it would last. In my minds eye I see a group taking a coffee break all day long and nobody doing anything as they sit there and try to tell one another what to do. I worked for the Post Office, which is being slaughtered by the unions, and I have seen the endless coffee break. Thanks for the chuckles!

  33. Richard,

    You’re very welcome. I suppose you’re glad to be out of the USPS. I have a relatively small idea of it’s dysfunctionality, because I carried the mail for one week during the Christmas break, while I was a student. And, since then , I’ve had no desire to work there !!

  34. The Today show strikes again !!

    Regarding Christmas, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, the NBC Medical Director said that “religion is what mucks the whole thing up” [ I think that is the actual wording ]. I guess she also has a problem with Christmas trees, just like the Gov. of Rhode Island.

    What seems to be the problem at NBC – are they anti-religion, anti-Christ, or just totally stupid? Maybe their next step is to eliminate a few national holidays, like Christmas and Easter ( assuming that they understand the significance of Christ in each ) .

    As far as I know, Jews do not have a problem with Christians celebrating religious holydays , and Christians respect the Jewish celebrations. So, what is happening at NBC , besides their idolizing of OWEbaama ? Looking at some of their shows, they seem to be anti-moral, and anti- good taste. Are they trying to create a modern day Sodom and Gomarrah ? Yeah, it sounds extreme, but they aren’t setting a good example for our youth, IMHO .

    I’m not a prude, but there should be a realistic line that should NOT be crossed !

  35. In your query if they are anti this and that, I say all of the above. And yes, NBC is most assuredly heading to a Sodom and Gomorrah scenario and are crossing the bar way too often. They have their own agenda and that is the worship of OWEbaama and anything anti conservative. And now we have Texas schools teaching Allah is the great God and doing it without parental input which is against Texas school law.

    I’m sorry my kids have to endure this hedonistic attitude while raising their kids. We tend one, two and three of our grand kids and we certainly don’t use the TV for that. Being a grandfather gives me the right to get down on the floor and play and laugh with my grand children. The three I talk about are from two broken homes. My daughter finally got enough strength to tell her husband to get out, even though she is disabled. It is easier without him and she will never remarry. My son has remarried and finally has a slice of heaven on earth. No matter the age, they are still my children and I worry about them and with them. And I will assist them and defend them until I die.

    My wife attended a church meeting where they were discussing pornography. One mother spoke up and said she has to police all magazines that come into her home before anybody else sees them. Pedophilia is starting at age six now. She said she tore eleven pages from one magazine. A GOLF magazine, no less. It is sad to have few heroes and mentors for our children in this day and age. But all the sports and entertainment people are mostly druggies, spouse abusers, drunk or drug impaired driving and have morals lower than any alley cat. We really are living in the last days.

  36. Richard,

    First of all, God bless you for your loving care and devotion to your grandchildren, and hopefully the trauma that they experienced will soon be forgotten, thanks to you and your wife.

    Second, sorry to hear about your children’s marital woes, but thankfully that has changed for the better.

    Third, regarding the porn issue , and the so-called freedom of speech path that we have undergone in recent years, has resulted in a full assault on morality. It starts with little things, such as taking Christ out of Christmas, and then goes downhill from there. When I was a kid, the “girlie” mags were behind the counter at the newstand, it was not the “in your face” that exists today. Remember when the word “pregnant” was banned from TV, and a bedroom scene had to have “twin” beds for a married couple? Is this what is known as “progress”, and is it part of the “progressive party” agenda ?

    Best wishes for you , your family, and ESPECIALLY the grandkids !

  37. As I started my car this AM to drive to work, the radio station was still ‘covering’ the shooting in CT. Immediately, I switched to a CD , in order to listen to music, because I’d had my fill of the so-called journalists for several reasons:

    In this age of instant digital communications, both audio and visual, the reporters spew out any type of info, factual or not. For example, the number of fatalities, the shooters name, and his mode of entry into the school.

    Then, the LSM wasted no time in getting on their soapbox about the necessity for gun control and gun abandonment.

    As soon as someone mentioned that the shooter may have had a mental disorder, the shrinky dinks and pseudo- psychologists crawled out from under their collective ‘therapy’ couches and showered us with their psychobabble.

    When too much info is divulged, it tends to breed the copycats. Remember what happened after the Columbine HS shootings ? Yesterday’s shooter seems to have copied the attire of the shooter at the Clackmore Mall in OR.

    Imagine how many children will be too traumatizesd to go to school on monday.

    What’s the next step – to install bullet proof windows, along with iron bars on all doors and windows in school buildings?

    Therefore, perhaps it’s time for all of the so-called journalists to get out of Newtown, CT and allow the parents, families and the community the time necessary to grieve.

    Is that too much to ask of the LSM ??

    Just a little Saturday Sarcasm – sort of !!

  38. Once again, this time due to the above tragedy, Benghazigate gets pushed to the back burner.
    And, Rodham decides to delay her testamony.
    Is Benghazigate about to disappear completely?

    Susan Rice decides to remove her name from nomination for Sec. of State. But, how can she do that if she was never even nominated ? Perhaps it’s just another example of rampant Liberal Lunacy.

    Maybe Mooshelle should be appointed – am sure she’ll love to travel , and travel, and spend, and spend , and pose for pix, etc , etc.

  39. No, JJ. Not sarcasm but facts we live with. You talk of all the trauma the school kids will feel. It will be plenty, but how about nation wide? There are children who watch the news or see the headlines. They don’t realize it, but they are slowly being traumatized about school also. “Will my school be next?” “Will I die?” “What can I do?” They are not verbally saying these things, but they are slowly germinating in the back of their mind. How frightened might the teachers be? I think you can blame all this on the LSM because they want to sensationalize the story for days and even weeks. We no longer have any expectation of peace or compassion to deal with tragedy. It’s in your face 24/7 for three or four days. Half the talking done by the LSM is rampant speculation and the other half is flat out wrong.

    Mooshelle as Sec. of St.? If Barry even thinks about it, she will get it just to get her out of the house. And she will be sure and visit and re-visit all the muslims, stirring the pot we call the middle east.

  40. Sunday Soliloquy

    Granted, the tragedy in CT is horrendous, and the coverage seems to be endless, but have any of the so-called journalists reported that CT has one of the toughest gun laws ?

    Now, I don’t want to minimize the horror in Newtown, but cities with gun restrictions statistically have the highest crime rates. Don’t expect the pro gun control LSM to mention that statistic, since it would clash with their liberal agenda.

  41. Speaking of guns, can a genuine Liberal really demand gun CONTROL ?

    Just asking.

  42. Oxymoron of the day – ” REdistribution of Wealth ”

    ( the prefix is important for this one ! )

  43. BTW, since Liberals claim that ” guns kill ” , and since my guns have NOT killed anyone, are my guns defective and need to be replaced – OR , should they be used to kill someone in order to verify the Liberal claim ?

    Then again, perhaps I need to acquire a Liberal Dictionery in order to understand the Liberal mentality – assuming that is a possibility !

    Just asking !

  44. I really don’t feel like celebrating Christ Birthday this year. My heart is heavy from all the recent tragedies from the July shooting at a movie threat, to Benghazi, losing the election, to the Oregon shooting at the mall and now 27 people, most of them children, so innocent, getting ready for Christmas, spending their days anticipating what Santa will bring. I feel for their parents who most likely have gifts to wrap for a child who is no longer alive, they were ripped from their hearts and embrace. Let’s not forget the victims of Superstorm Sandy, which destroyed parts of New York and New Jersey. Those children probably won’t be celebrating Christmas this year either because they have no place to put a tree up. God people ALL these parents. We have lost our innocence.

    How do we explain to children about the violence going out in the world? Of course, the liberals will demand gun control and that’s not an answer either. People who want to harm you will find another method to do so. Are we going to ban baseball bats? Lead pips? Rocks? Wood planks? I was screaming at the television last night as Obama politically turn this tragedy into a political speech with teleprompter in hand. I don’t want him using the death of 20 innocent children for political gain. (Do remember reading an article about Chicago, they banned all weapons and the gangs just found another way to murder).

    As a Nation, I think we have to ask ourselves, where have we failed? I look and see the liberals/agnostics/atheisms/anti-religion people who live around this Country trying to rid America of its religious Country. This Country was founded on religious freedoms, which so many have forgotten. What is wrong with religion, Libya is also a religious Country, just not a Christian Nation. The world just seems to hate Christians. I think the farther away we get from God, when we change the meaning of Christmas into stores sales, how many presents someone got and not about the birth of Christ. For me this is a problem and I believe we as a Nation need to look to the past to save our future. It’s not a crime to believe in Christ or God, yet the media and social issues seem to make me think it is. The liberals secular seem to make it a crime to Believe.

    I don’t see other religions attacked. Buddhism, Hinduism, Deisms and Taoism seem to be left in peace. I don’t agree with critics likes Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins who go further and argue that religions do tremendous harm to society by using violence to promote their goals, in ways that are endorsed and exploited by their leaders. The only religion that uses violence is Islam/Muslim. Anyone not a Muslim is an infidel’s, and should be killed. There are other, much smaller religions in certain parts of the World, but if the were violent, we would be hearing about it.

    Other thing I question, why would his mother needed three guns, one being an assault rifle. We have guns four; they are locked up in a safe with other important papers, house documents, vehicle titles, birth certificates. They are in a safe area of the house in the back of a closet. As far as I know none of us is unbalanced, have psychological problems two riffles work and two are for show, Civil War replicas that hang on the wall in the entryway and living room. If someone wanted to rob us, they would have to get past two golden retrievers to get to these two rifles and then discover they don’t work.

    There are no easy answers, people having mental issues and it sounds like this mother wanted to do everything for her son. She gave up her job, to homeschool him. He was likely anxious around other children, but his mother also isolated him, which I don’t think, that was a great idea either. He would eventually need to interact with others and he did or not known how to do that. I think we need some form of gun control. Most of the people who own guns use them correctly. Those people should not punish. Maybe a question about semiautomatic guns should not be allowed in a home, and stay with the police and military. There is no reason to have one in the home. Connecticut has the toughest gun laws in the Nation and she had obtained her guns legally. Look, the school took every precaution and he was still able to get inside.

    From personal experience, I’ve learned that if a criminal wants a gun they will look everywhere they can to obtain one. My personally experience was with a young woman who was a bit strange. I worked the daytime shift and she worked the evening. She kept telling me that she had a gun and if anyone wanted to rob us, she was packing. To me that was strange. However, she kept saying it over and over. I stopped thinking she was bluffing and believed she did have a gun. She also had a previous history with the Company we worked at. The head of our division was her best friend and they both had been fired for robbing the company, yet the company took them back. She was after my daytime job and some items were missing and she tried to blame me for the missing items. I had backup from the afternoon worker (Maryrose) who said it wasn’t Eileen, it was her. She had seen her put merchandise in her car and questioned her.

    She “claims” she was going to pay for it when we got our next check (that was always her excuse). The afternoon girl (Maryrose) just said then, wait until we get our checks and do it then. She had some excuse for why she couldn’t wait. Maryrose saw her trying to get in my car to place items in there so I would get fire and she’d get my shift. Fortunately, all my doors were locked in my car ALWAYS and Maryrose witnessed the whole incident. She told me and I went to a phone and called my parents. Tensions were high and our payroll checks had come in and she was holding all of them and threatened to use her gun if we tried to pick them up.

    My dad came and we then decided to call the township police. We did, she was arrested right then and the police got search warrants for her pocketbook, car, our building and her home. Well, it turns out she did have a gun (45) in her pocketbook, and numerous rounds. The number on the gun had been filed off but they still were able to get the number off it. That gun was used in a robbery where an Edison NJ cop was shot and killed. They turned up a lot of weapons in their home that they did not have registered with the police or the State of New Jersey. Both she and her husband were arrested, as was their fellow criminal in the head Office.

    The township police called us to come down for our interview of what happened and take our statements. Maryrose went first and then they took mine. After we were done the cop asked me did I know she was pregnant? I said yes, so? He was trying to make me feel guilty about putting a woman behind bars. That really pissed me off. In addition, if she shot me or anyone else would you still feel sorry for her? We worked in a shopping center. What happened if she starting shooting people in the parking lot. Would that be okay with you? Sure, she was four months pregnant; don’t the laws apply to pregnant woman? Shouldn’t she had thought about what she was doing BECAUSE she was pregnant. He really made me angry when he said that.

    The company was sued, office managers and executives lost their jobs and the company folded and went out of business. A lot of legal questions turned up regarding why two former employees were fired for stealing and they were hired back. From what I heard, she spent a few mouths in jail for having an unconcealed weapon she plead no contest as did her husband. Her husband was a repeat offender and did hard time. He was part of a robbery gang out of Union County.
    This happened to me (and not the first threat) and I still believe in the US Constitution, I still believe in the 2nd Amendments. I know that most people respect a weapon and properly handled and stow it. To have 1% of the population abuse that right the rest of us will also suffer. The bad guys always know where the weapons are and the good guys are in further damage by not having something to protect ourselves.

  45. Eileen-
    Thank your for the post. It is horribly true only Christians are targeted and put down. Thus it has been since the beginning of Christians. Why? They are afraid of the truth and recognize Christians could bring peace and love to the world which they want to dominate, own, destroy and control.

    My wife does not like to see a refrigerator door covered with magnets and slips of paper, so all the day to day things are on the side, under the counter. Approximately six years ago the women in our Church were given a card with a poinsettia border, with this message in side: “Each of us is an innkeeper, who decides if there is room for Jesus.” Neil A. Maxwell

    Every year since receiving that card, It is prominently displayed on the front of the refrigerator. When I see and read that, I stop and thank my Father In Heaven for the blessings we have received, for they are many. Three times in my life I could have been called home. But I think I was spared to help raise these precious grand children. I don’t do diapers, but I’m there for everything else. It’s hard getting kids in and out of car seats now and other things that were not in my life growing up. Like my oldest brother says, we ate dirt, drank from the hose and ate vegetables standing in the garden, and we all made it.

    Merry Christmas to all the family!

  46. Eileen,

    God bless you – you’ve had some health issues along with other problems, and you’re still able to express them here and ‘get them off your chest’ , so to speak. It is cathartic, and you know there is a family here that is pulling for you. And, you also know that we appreciate all of the research that you do and share with us. Thank you.

    There are some evil people in this world, but we can’t let them depress us , because depression can cause so many problems . Our physical and mental health should not be jeopardized by a few evil idiots.

    Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, and I sincerely hope that you will be able to celebrate it in good health . Family and friends are an important aspect of life, and I hope you will share this Christmas season will them.

    Merry Christmas, Eileen .

  47. Richard,

    Good stuff, as usual . Must admit that our refrigerator door is almost invisible due to all of the “stuff” on it . And, I don’t think it will change any time soon. Probably a ‘creature of habit’ symptom !

    Merry Christmas !

  48. I wanna wish the family here to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Let’s hope things will get better, but I doubt it will with the idiot and chief in the White House. I think we will have more violence more “We Hate Americans”, and Obama will agree with them and apology for what Americans have done. How in God’s name did we get here and why did American keep this narcissist/corrupted/lying sack of excrement as the leader of the Free World. With a liberal nothing is free.

  49. Richard, take a look at this on ethanol added to gas. The feds found a way to get GM in the black, reduce unemployment,and Take millions of cars off the roads for the enviroterrorists.

  50. Thanks, Graywolf! That report really needs to get wide spread play time so people know just what is happening. I bought my wife a new dishwasher which she picked out and she enjoyed it at first. Then we got to noticing it was not cleaning and leaving glass filmy. So, being me, I got rid of that one and bought a second one. While my wife and son were in the store getting the dishwasher, my wife explained what was going on. The salesman told her it isn’t the dishwasher, it’s the soap used. Turns out the mighty arm of the EPA banned a certain chemical in the soap, so it no longer cleans as well. But it was never reported in the news. I think our government has gone rogue and we need to hunt them down and externimate them.

    I get mad every time I see a big article in the paper saying this school or that business won a large grant – or as I see it, they got in my wallet again. Our local school district won a big grant for EXERCISE equipment! Kids today have no idea what exercise is. Too bad they aren’t required to take home a homeword assignment of a half hour each school day of some type of exercise and have their parents sign off on it. Won a grant? Was it advertised to the public so I could have “won” it? Aaaaaaarrrrrrgh!

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