The Loudest Voices

Invariably, when a national tragedy hits us, it seems that everyone seeks to place blame. This reflex wouldn’t be a bad thing if the “blame” were to be placed where it actually belongs.

Immediately the bellows of bellicosity began anew.. However, if you properly apply the light of truth to those with the loudest voices you will have found those who have the most to hide.. As well you will then understand why they must use volume in conjunction with their distractions.. No tactic is out of bounds when the left is protecting their agenda from the potential collateral damage of applied sensibility..

We have to conclude that the hideous crimes perpetrated in Connecticut are just another successful chapter in the liberal sixty-year war against America. Done. No more needs to be said. However, I will say more anyway..

Conservatives seek to punish individuals whereas liberals enjoy punishing groups and they especially enjoy punishing groups that don’t have as much responsibility as they like to believe in relation to a tragedy. Then again, the left “believes” this because if we look beyond their distractions and distortions, the liberal’s political and societal agenda would be inconveniently exposed and therefore susceptible to questioning by curious and cognizant minds..

To review: the left wants to “blame” inanimate objects and/or “groups” that believe in a manner OPPOSED to THEIR beliefs, but they will NEVER “blame” the “individual”.. The left then uses a tragedy to forward their agenda of eliminating the Constitutional rights that THEY do not believe in. EVERYTHING is grist for their Marxist mill..

When a tragedy perpetrated by an individual makes “news”, the left REFUSES to “blame” the individual. Even in this most recent situation with the criminal being a white male, who are the USUAL targets of the liberal left’s ire, the “fault” lies elsewhere.. No the fault must come from some inanimate object employed by the deviant in question. I now understand the liberal’s confusion, they have no idea what being “employed” means regardless of the context..

In order to keep you off balance, the left then crows about everything being the fault of “society”. Brace yourself: they are correct with this summation but as always, whenever the left is correct about something, its for all of the WRONG reasons..

IF “society” is to blame, we then have to logically ask who has gone out of their way to “reshape” society to THEIR way of “thinking” over the last sixty years? Who has transformed the immoral into the moral during that time of decadence and deviance? Who continually tries to make the unreasonable reasonable? Who has hardwired Nietzsche’s concept of “transvaluation” into their perverted perspectives? Who has removed the restrictions of conscience from the individual by targeting CERTAIN religions? Who has taken the “or else” out of every equation?

The left has desensitized the nation through the “pogrom of progressivism” ALL in the name of “freedom”, “artistic” or otherwise and now they stand within the dust of a nation that THEY have destroyed from within and they want you to look elsewhere if you seek to apply the “blame” for the travesties that have transpired..

The left has removed the binding constraints of individual responsibility in EVERY aspect of the human adventure here in America and they now wonder why one of their charges didn’t posses enough of a conscience to disable his feral desire to kill on a grand scale. Live “guilt-free”, “if it feels good, do it”.. The left has enabled the depravity that takes place with all too great a frequency and before the funerals begin they then initiate their campaign to distract attention AWAY from the root causes of the crime during a time of grief. For example: the NRA, guns..

Guns.. For a moment, lets take a look at one of the left’s progressive poster boys and guns, Timothy McVeigh.

The left LOVED to use McVeigh as a tool of the nation’s alleged inherent “Islamofascism”. That’s right, ALL terrorists aren’t from the Middle East and ALL terrorists aren’t members of the “religion of peace”.. The left felt ever so good as they said that as if ONE aberration washes away YEARS of Mooselim religious-inspired terrorism.. All of the little terrorist percolators that keep popping up, even at “Ground Zero”, are A-OK since McVeigh came to town, blew up a building and was justifiably terminated..

However, McVeigh didn’t use a single gun to commit his crime. ALL of the “ingredients” that he used are STILL available to any other McVeigh wanna-be and the instructions on how to manufacture what he manufactured are also still available for anyone’s edification and enlightenment.. No, according to the perspicacious left, the “problem” is the Constitutionally protected (for the moment..) availability of “guns”..  The problem isn’t “freedom”, it is individual depravity..

The same perverted minds that wanted and STILL wants you to believe that Imam-inspired Mooselim terrorism is caused by “poverty” wants you to believe that the ONLY reason that the criminal act in Connecticut happened is due to “guns”..

The left has “de-valued” EVERYTHING. (Life aborted for starters..) There is no longer a deterrent, either here or in the “afterlife”, that “place” the left loves to snicker about.. There are no “legal” deterrents of any kind as the judicial system has become watered down and useless due to the “hug a thug” mentality of the left. Enter one, “lawyer” who manages to find a comma as opposed to an apostrophe (apostasy..) in paragraph six on page 49,063 of the trial transcript and miraculously another homicidal fiend is “free” to kill again.. Ridiculous trial after trial after trial until one “friendly” judge decides that the “preponderance of evidence” (one small miscue..) merits another opportunity for another criminal to victimize the innocent..

Punish the individual. Execute the criminal within five minutes of sentencing. The left has even muted the concept of the death sentence as deterrence to criminal activity. The left has literally commuted EVERY death sentence in America to a “life” sentence with their endless caterwauling and countless “appeals”.. Please keep in mind that if this latest criminal had survived, there wouldn’t be any liberal “appeals” on behalf of THIS particular maniac because he wouldn’t have fit the proper pigmentational precursors as acceptable excuses for homicide..

Would the liberal left EVER admit that their “freedoms” have caused considerably MORE damage to America and would they then step forward and apologize for their mistakes? As the destruction of America from within continues, the left will continue to have the loudest voices that have nothing of substance to say regardless of the topic.. We have to pray that the overwhelming number of direct and indirect victims of the left’s sophistry at least begins to slow some time soon..


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  1. You are so right Larry. The left never lets a good crisis go to waste. It is always used to their advantage. We still have dynamite, racing fuel and the box trucks that can be rented. We didn’t change any laws that I can remember after McVeigh killed almost whole kindergarten and many innocent people. I don’t have a gun, but I still want to have that right if I decide to buy one as wells as many of my friends who do own guns. This crisis is really keeps the media from talking about Bensgazi. (sp?)

  2. The reason the liberal voices are “the loudest voices” is because we have a very liberal, complicit mainstream media helping them out. Until conservatives figure out a way to work more effectively in that system, it will be an uphill battle. It’s all about educating the masses – teaching the public why conservative principles are better for them AND the country.

    On another note – heard yesterday that the NAACP’s latest statement is that the American Constitution is invalid and needs to be drastically changed because the original writers all owned slaves. Thought I had heard it all. Sigh.

  3. Amen Larry. The left just waits for a good crisis to come along so that they can implement another tenet of their socialist philosophy.

    Chris Matthews ( I think it ws him, it was one of those idiot talking heads on MSNBC) told a guest he invited to be “fair and balanced”that he was a moron and a danger to this country because he didn’t support a gun ban. The rest of the non-FOX media says nothing…

    And speaking of the NAACP and the Left-stream media….. Tim Scott will be taking Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) Senate seat… It is a historic moment in our country’s history… the first black Senator from a Southern State since 1888, the ONLY black Senator in this session, Democrat or Republican, and CBS gave it 24 seconds the day it happened. ABC and NBC couldn’t be bothered, and the NAACP is “troubled” about this voting record. What a bunch of racist, bigoted, A%%@$&#$!!!!!

  4. Larry, What really hit me is your “standing in the dust of a nation”, how true.
    Do you think the pendulum is at the farthest point left it can every reach and our citizens will realize it and fear what is happening or are in finished as a free nation?

    I read something the other day, a quote, “To conquer a Nation, first, you must confiscate the guns”, Hitler.

    When the Woodstock generation is running the country I guess this is what we get.

  5. It is not at all surprising that Obama & Co. should have used the ghastly occurrence in Connecticut to start a mooing, bleating and braying on the subject of guns. The man is a piece of human refuse, waiting to be carted away – a mountebank who under the guise of what he and his liberal friends are pleased to call compassion, is attempting to create an intellectually numb, malleable and therefore helpless citizenry. The Second Amendment presupposes that individuals already own guns: it does not grant permission to do a thing for which no permission is required.

  6. Great response, Larry. It is a hard and fast fact that the liberals have removed any and all constraints of being responsible for what anyone does. They have become the most insensitive, mentally deranged, insufferable and dehumanized “group” imaginable. We need a College of Journalism to teach how to cover a story without pointing fingers or politicizing any and all stories, True journalism, I’d call it. And with that, a little common sense and empathy for people involved in a tragedy. Rampant speculation and jumping to conclusions is all we hear now. They are too lazy to get the facts and afraid someone else will “scoop” them. I’d like to scoop them, right into the gutter where most of their stories belong.

    I think there should be a limit of how long a convicted felon, given the death penalty, can live on death row. In order to do this, we must find lawyers who really know law, not just ambulance chasers. Then, when a death sentence is carried out, it should be public and televised to the world. We need to find Judges who are able to do his or her work without bringing politics into the mix. This is what was envisioned by our Founders, but the Liberals have perverted the truth so often, we no longer believe. Instead of “I’d Like To Teach The World to Sing”, we should all be about “Teaching The World About Being Responsible” and owning up to their own shortcomings.

  7. A little chlorine gas released into the air conditioning system would have killed everyone in the school without firing a single shot. My worst nightmare would be a nut with a machete in each hand in a school. Firearms are not the problem, but rather the potential solution. Armed guards in uniform would not help at all as they would simply be the first ones killed. Train and arm a significant number of adults in every school in America and this type of event will cease. Gun free zones are in reality nothing but free fire zones as scum intent on murder do not mind breaking a few more laws. Anti-gun laws only affect the law abiding citizens who wish to avoid spending time in jail. Evil people who intend to commit suicide after their shooting spree normally go “postal” in gun free zones because they know there will be no return fire. All good parents need to make sure their children never play “first person shooter” games.

  8. What happened in Newtown was awful, none of the victims deserved what they recieved at the hands of the wastral whom killed his mother, and proceeded to inflict harm upon those whom he felt his mother loved more than he. We know now he was angry because his exhausted mother planned to commit him to a mental hospital. This said, I’m as exhausted by the endless media as much as the townsfolk are. Today’s journalists are sloped-foreheaded ghouls whom love nothing more than to feast upon this banquet of death and misery.

    Given Liberals have embraced a culture of death, perhaps this is simply a reflection of what our culture as a whole has become. We have become so enarmoured of death, that it is all we are and all we deserve. Liberalism teaches we have nothing to fear in the next life (assuming there is one, which they don’t figure there is), that human life was brought about by random chance, and is thus disposable. Once you’re able to throw away babies, and pull the plug on grandma, anything else becomes easy. They are enamoured with serial killers, as long as they aren’t Republicans.

    One must remember, McVeigh was a right-wing zealot, and he was the poster boy for the evils of Republicanism and talkshow radio. As opposed to the Unabomber, whom was a poor misguided soul, as opposed to the Weather Underground whom set bombs at the Pentagon, killed cops, and helped Barack Obama become the Deciever-in-Chief.

    My poor misguided sister (life long Lib, and two-time Obama voter) told me how proud she was to see HER President show genuine tears during his speech. I had to remind her narsists don’t cry for anyone except themselves, and only when they feel the world was unfair to them. I’ve read some accounts on-line claiming the Newtown Massacre was planned as a means for the regime to kickstart their schemes for gun control.. I’m not sure which I find more appalling: the idea being floated, or the notion that we shouldn’t discount Obama and his minions being capable of actually doing it. What’s truly a pity is we have a government so corrupt that we wouldn’t put it past them to commit so awful an act. But then, after Fast and Furious, is it really so great a leap for them?

    Rather than punish law-abiding citizens, we should consider the Israeli option. Bullet and shatter resistant glass in the windows of our schools, and requiring all teachers and school administrators to have NRA gun training, conceal carry permits, and at least one rifle caliber weapon ready for action in the offices. Sandy Hook should be viewed as a terrorist operation However, this isn’t about gun control, but rather the preamble to gun confiscations, and things much worse. The Twentieth Century is rife with examples of gun control and their inevitable results, from the cleansing of Armenians in Turkey, to the Holocaust, to the Cultural Revolution. Fifty million innocent deaths can be laid at the door of gun-grabbers, and now the President and his fellows in the UN are prepared to send us to the gulags and our graves.

  9. Obama’s speech, for as much of it as I could stand, in which he called out each of the slain child’s names, made me sick. Not out of grief for the children, not out of remorse that such a tradgedy had happened, but out of Obama’s playing the game of concern for the children. Especially Obama and any anti-gun politician could care less about the deaths of these kids. Moreover, they see the chance to enact more restictive, if not prohibitive, gun control.

    Yet the claim of “guns kill” by bleeding heart liberals is falacy. In that line of thinking, should we not ban fuels, fertilizers, automobiles, bats, rocks, slings, bows and all round pointy things? If the liberals had their wish, this would even include, I suppose, my favorite, my “Red Rider BB Gun.” I know of two “eyes I could put out” that are not looking into the future for our nation. When will the liberals get the message? It’s not the method by which killing is done…it’s the evil.

  10. OWEbaama wants us to believe that he is upset about the loss of innocent life in CT. If true, how can he justify abortion, especially PARTIAL BIRTH ?

    Perhaps Jay Carney can uh , umm ,, uh , SPIN a umm , uh , you know , ah . . . r e s p o n s e .
    Don’t think OWEbaama will attempt to cover that one.

    ( I wonder if Carney is capable of giving a concise, quick answer to the question – how much is two plus two ? ) Oh, and when he doesn’t wear his glasses, does it mean that he can’t ‘see’ what he is attempting to say ?

  11. I have written on this Is anyone else having emotional issues with this President, the events that have transpired since September? I think I cry everyday since 911 (2012), the election, which I still do not understand how we lost, the gun crimes in Oregon and now Connecticut (and if we go back further to July and the Batman film). The events in Connecticut, all those innocent babies, murdered, the school did just about everything right in keeping the students safe, but evil still got in.

    My heart mourns their loss. Politics is in full play, and at the wrong time to do this and watching just a few minutes of Obama’s assertion or full understand what the real problem is, the Democrats will never get WHAT THE REAL REASON IS. It has never been about gun control, It’s about people with various psychological, mental health issues or both. I think Adam was both; he was a high functional Autistic young adult. Reports say that his mother was planning to move him to a mental health facility so he can get real help. It was probably this issue, which started all these events.

    These entire sad event has only shown us, they are ill and some might not have known what they were doing and others were fully aware what they were doing. I believe the events in CT was well planned. The night before, after his mother went to sleep, he started his plan, he first went to get the guns, find as much ammunition then find something that could hold of all it, such as a backpack. I doubt he slept and waited for dawn and crept into his mother bedroom. Some news outlets say she was asleep as her youngest child took one of the guns and fired four shots into her face. Police usually say something like this as personal issue between the two parties. Therefore, there were major issues in this family and they thought they could fix him. When he started acting out, they should have gone to the professionals.

    I’ve tried to find what Adam did between leaving his home and headed for the elementary school. They didn’t live that far from the school but there seems to be about 15 minutes when he left his house and pulled into the school parking lot in his mother’s car.

    My mind seems to go to the families, where parents bought Christmas presents for their dead child. That is what breaks my heart.

    The people who are evil and set out to do harm will always be able to find their weapon of choice. I learn that first hand, making gun laws will only stop those that obey this Countries laws not the ones that do not.

  12. I think this could also be called the “squeaky wheel gets the oil”. The loudest voices are usually the dumbest… rarely are the loudest voiced ideas the best ones.
    I heard O’s voice crack, but, I didn’t see any tears… I think he’s one hell of an actor and I don’t believe it for a minute.
    Having said all of that….. let’s just take a step back and let the families greive. This issue can and will wait. The answers will not be easy or obvious… and the answer may just be to do nothing… we are doing a lot, it’s just that we have let many things go by the wayside and we need to fix them first, like mental health treatments, teaching Christian values, and holding individuals accountable for their actions.

  13. T,

    I was screaming at the TV during his speech, he had the nerve to use these children’s death to promote his agenda. Let’s not forget the last time he tried to get the guns; Operation Fast and Furious was his idea to get gun legislation.

    I ask you how many times did he use the word “I” instead of this young gun, these teachers/children or question why this young man didn’t get mental health for his issues. I stopped counting after 30 and changed the channel to watch a movie. This man cannot be verbal quick or get his point across in less then 2 minutes. I thought his trying to be emotional, was too lame, too false and more political then really caring about these 26 people. I saw his wheels turning thinking NOW I can get the guns off the street. He’s so phony.

  14. Let me add.

    His speech was on the teleprompter everything except for the names of dead. The media keeps saying how emotional and heart felt he was. How can someone be genuine and honest when they need to read something to say something heart felt?

  15. What I said earlier in my post about liberals not understanding the killings being done by the gun, but rather by evil I did not intend to portray it as machinations of the devil. Although I do believe the steady decline in faith for our God over the past decades enters into the societal mess we witness today. I had intended to make the point that liberals will never understand the ills that man is heir to. There one and only answer government programs to take “care” of the problem. Programs such as the war on drugs, on poverty and countless other “wars” still being fought with no results to show for the money being poured into them.

    Guns, being inantimate objects, don’t kill. The person who pulls the trigger of the gun kills. But how do you go about preventing killings when guns themselves don’t kill? You can’t just take them away from the sick minds of those who would or could potentially kill and offend their rights, so the liberals would take them away from everyone. This makes it legal because it offends everyone’s rights!? Dumb-asses!

  16. I hate to keep hammering at this, but between trying to imagine the emotions I would feel had one of those Sandy Hook children been my son or daughter taken from me and Obama and his witless gun-control fanatics contending that more laws would have prevented the tradgedy, I am livid.

    The Congressional Research Service issued a 113 page report entitled, “Gun Control Legislation” on Nov. 12th of this year. The report cites, that by 2009, the total of number of firearms available to civilians in the United States had increased to approximately 310 million, approximately one gun for every person in this country.

    What the gun-control (let’s dis-arm the law-abiding citizen) zealots refuse to admit is that the “gun culture” in America has resulted in a safer society. The number of guns possesed has doubled since 1993, however the murder rate involving guns has decreased by 42%. And the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report says the number of “estimated firearms related victims” was 17,073 in 1973. In 2011, 9,903.

    Eighty five years ago, the tiny village of Bath, Michigan became the deadliest site of America’s school massacres. 45 people, including 38 children, were killed on May 27, 1927 when the school’s district manager, Andrew Kohoe, detonated a series of bombs.

    Truth be known, I feel safer at a shooting range. When was the last time you ever saw a “gun free zone” posted at a door there? I do no business with restuarants, theatres, malls or schools that insist upon this premise, afterall, one could lose their life there and that is precious to me.

  17. Joe,

    Thanks for those statistics, which anyone with an IQ above room temp should be able to understand. But, as we know, the Liberal loons won’t accept anything that does not agree with their agenda. And as Larry indicated, whenever there is overwhelming evidence that is contrary to their agenda, the louder their protest and accusations. So, the louder that they get, the more convinced I am that they are WRONG .

    Speaking of persons who deny statistics, the mayors of Chicago and NYC , both of whom are advocates of tough gun controls and want tougher controls, are in cities with some of the highest crime rates.

    Switching to another country, Switzerland, where supposedly all adult males are required to have a rifle, probably as part of their national militia, I’m not aware of any shooting problems . I don’t have any stats to back this up, but if there happened to be problems due to the preponderance of guns, I’m sure our gun control zealots would inform us accordingly .

  18. Dave from Anaheim

    With regards to Switzerland, every male upon reaching his eighteenth birthday reports for military training. Upon completion, he is sent home with a Swiss assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammo. This ammo is for national defense only, but they are encouraged to buy ammo to remain proficient with their weapons. There is no word for burglary in the Swiss language.
    There are three cities in the U.S. that require all citizens eligible to, to carry a gun at all times. These cities are in Mississippi, Ohio and Florida. Within a week of the implementation of this law in each of the cities, the police were relegated to writing parking tickets because crime ceased to exist. In Mississippi, the city that has had this law for over 10 years, there has been one shooting. (This was done by an outsider.)
    If instead of banning guns, everyone who is eligible to is required to be armed at all times, crime would become a historical footnote for the entire country.

  19. Dave,

    Thanks for that. But, as we know, the Liberal agenda is driven by their ideology, not by logic, common sense, or statistical analysis.

  20. Sunday Soliloquy

    Since the tragedy in CT, many schools have had prayer vigils and various religious services.

    Apparently it is OK to bring God into the school AFTER a tragedy, but not BEFORE ! Are we sending a message to the kids that God is not needed until something evil happens ? Since God is part of our Constitution and our currency, why can’t the kids include God in the Pledge of Allegiance ?

    There were moments of silence, along with flags at half- staff, and the coverage has been going on for over a week. Has it been excessive, when we consider the carnage that is taking place almost EVERYDAY in places such as Syria, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. ? Granted, this carnage should not be happening to children anywhere, but when it does occur here , should the coverage be tempered so as not to terrify the kids?

    As in all aspects of life, moderation is important – perhaps the so-called journalists should take note.

    Reflecting on the question in paragraph two, I consider God to be full time , not part time.

    Just a little Sunday Soliloquy.

  21. I just read an article that a woman was sued because she put up a lighting displayed on her front lawn, that of the flipping of the bird. She was commenting to her neighbors for things that happened in the past, she wanted to express herself. The case went to Court and the Judge ruled in her favor, because of free speech. Now she is allowed to express herself with vulgar expression in Christmas lights, but children are not allowed to do the same thing in a classroom or even give a moment of silence. This Country has lost itself into what I do not know. It is just ridiculous what have we become?

    Why is it when conservatives object to something it falls into the “Separation of Church and State?” First, there is nothing in the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights that say anything of the kind.. Then, this falls within the parameters of a School, like Sandy Hock and the State (it receives state money to run as a public school) and claim the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence is part of the church. When I was in elementary school we did all of these things.

    The Pledge of Alliance, Star-Spangled Banner and a moment of silence. I did not think of God or think of anything religious during the silence. I thought different things; it depends on what time of year it was, September I was bummed to be back in School. October I thought of how much candy would I get, and how much my mother would throw out. November and December, I was thinking Christmas is coming, how much stuff I would get from Santa. I have been a good girl this year. Winter months I thought about the snow, how many snow days would we get? My Birthday was coming. Easter I thought how much candy the Easter Bunny would give me. May, I was thinking how many days do we have until summer recess. I do not recall ever praying to God and I doubt my friends were doing the same thing. There were times when I thought about nothing. For the liberal courts, to believe that during the Moment of Silence, means a student is praying. I do not think that a six year old to at least 10, I do not believe that students pray. If I would pray, I would do that on Sunday when we go to Church. Kids think simple things, they are not complicated. They certainly do not think of the Courts rulings or politics. I would hate to be a parent in this day of age. How do you explain what is happening or going on? Can I answer their questions? Why did this happen? There are no easy answers. Why was my friend killed and why I am I still here? I do not understand it. How could a six year old understand it.

  22. A person today wrote into the local paper claiming, “this epidemic of mass shootings must stop.” He called for the NRA to be “the first” in offering legislation to control guns. Why? An organization dedicated to the knowledge, safety in handling of firearms and education of our Second Amendment Right’s being called upon for the legislative restriction of said Rights? The guy went on to say that there was no need for an AK-47 or five or six pistols available to familiy members in their home.

    By this thinking, the number of deaths caused by automobile accidents each year in the United States exceeds the number of deaths caused by gun violence 50%. Yet you hear no lefitist politico calling for more laws towards car restrictions or bans.

    Laws only work when they applied to everyone, including the government representation. LIberals haven’t thought about the reasoning behind why these sick bastards target schools, shopping malls and movie theatres, they know they have an easy target in them with no resistance and they, in their own minds, can go out as splash being a splash.



  24. Looks like you made it JR..


  25. Joe,

    Right on. Can you imagine the outrage if applicants for a car driver’s permit had to go thru the same background check that is required for a gun purchase? And, what about other motorized vehicles that don’t require a license, but can be deadly – such as speed boats, all terrain vehicles, ski doos, etc. What’s next – hunting and fishing knives, kitchen cutlery, box cutters, ball point pens ?

    If Liberals would only be honest with the American people, as they claim to be, then everyone could understand the real reason for the gun control agenda – namely, contol of everyone’s life , and the need for BIG government !!

  26. JJ,

    Yes, it would be interesting to see how interested people would be if the same standards for gun control were applied to everything else in our daily living which is potentialy deadly. In fact why not apply all rules and regulations via TSA standards, as if you were boarding a plane. I’d be loving every minute of my “freedom.”?

    It’s not only the liberal’s dis-honesty, but the mass media’s too as they are helping in spreading mis-information all for the sake of ratings.

    But neither will admit the true problem, it’s easier to blame a blind, heartless piece of steel than it is to blame a culture. In akin to GSTEEL’s and other Family members posts, the mentaly ill system in this country is broken. Badly. Not only are there less numbers of care facilities every year but the efforts to keep the mentally ill on the street becomes greater, due in part to the ACLU.

    ~~”Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telust.”~~
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca, circa 45 A.D.
    (A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hands.)

  27. Joe,

    Not only were the mentally ill put out on the streets, but many gov’t. facilities for the those people were closed, resulting in abandoned buildings, which often became vandalized. And, the gov’t. did nothing to sell them !!
    The same scenario occured with some National Guard buildings which were abandoned, eventually becoming huge eyesores in some neighborhoods. In spite of repeated requests from the affected cities, and even businesses, to purchase them , the gov’t. would not sell . But, the cities were stuck with paying to control the vandalism !

    The ACLU and the Federal Gov’t. – what a dynamic duo ?!?!!

  28. JJ,

    I, right now, could care less about the buildings. What I was talking about was the mentally ill people. Although the “sick” people (1 out of 10 are Americans are on phycriatric medication) are gaining independence to walk in our society, the first to rush to Sandy Hook were the drug-wielding industry to help kids “deal with” the tragedy. The shooter, Adam Lanza, was himself a user of phycriatic drugs.

    But then here come the professionals, along with the already established self-esteem training, plus a little pill for you and your kids to handle it all.

    But consider this, what if grief is not a “disorder” but a normal human emotion response to tragedy? Americans are more self-absorbed and less self resiliant in that they have they have turned their psychriatic troubles, being real or imagined, to 15 minute minute trips and sessions to the pharmacy for Prozac, Paxil and who knows what all.

    It’s all about make yourself feel no pain unless, of course, you have a political agenda to push.

  29. Joe,

    The building issue was just a little side note to what happens when the gov’t. applies it’s infinite wisdom in it’s vainglorious attempts to do what is best for us.

    You’re right about the flow of action in CT . So many claim to have the answers, ( along with their various agendas ), but so few have the real solution !

    Many so-called prominent individuals expressed their outrage as to what happen in CT , but I don’t recall hearing anything from the two famous self-appointed ‘leaders’ – Jack$on and $harpton. Was that because the victims were mostly white ? I believe there was one Black child killed, therefore shouldn’t the above duo have at least a little something to say ?

    The CT tragedy is just a tiny example of the problems today . Are some of them the results of the giant pharmaceutical industry,and the violence in the video games / entertainment industry – and if so, will any changes be made, since both of these industries contributed to the OWEbaama shampaign ? Probably not, because according to the Liberals- guns are the problem !!!

    Lawyers, moral decline, the education system failures, lack of parenting , etc. are topics for another day.

  30. JJ,

    Lawyers, moral decline, the education system failures, lack of PROPER parenting, etc. will never be topics for another day where liberals are concerned. For it involves the truth and as Larry so often has stated and we know so well here, liberals can’t handle the truth. It is in their world of rose-colored glasses intoxicated on their socialized Kool-Aide that they want to tear our nation of realism down.

    Like all other Marxist’s, they will fail!!!!

  31. Joe,

    Agreed. Also, by my comment ” topics for another day” , I meant that since I didn’t have sufficient time to finish my thought, I would do it at some other time. It’s just another example of my innablity to write coherent thoughts , along with non-existant proof reading ! 🙂

    BTW, I really do appreciate your comments.

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