Outside Looking Out Again

Outer space alien-looking “journalist” Sam Donaldson couldn’t resist the impulse to display his “impartiality” a few days ago whilst sharing a stage with Christabel Matthews, she of the “tingling leg” syndrome.. Donaldson exclaimed to the “Tea Party”, “it’s not your country anymore, its our country..” A few thoughts on this topic, if I may..

The WORST part of the Tea Party phenomenon was NOT how the Democrats and their Marxist minions of the “impartial” media handled them, it was and IS how they have been handled by the Republicans. I unfortunately noticed this first hand shortly after the Tea Party began gaining nationwide momentum at the CONSERVATIVE CPAC convention in 2010 in of all places, Washington D.C..

At that seminal event the “mainstream” Republicans crowed over and over about emphasizing “relationships over righteousness” and “coalitions” as they privately perspired about the presence of the Tea Party. I pointed out at that time that as OWEbama was clucking about his own “public option”, the Tea Party was the TRUE example of a Democracy’s “public option” in the political cesspool, thus the reason that it was a threat to BOTH of the established political parties.. Thus when Matt Damon said only a few days ago that the political system is “rigged”, he was correct in more ways than one..

The Democrats weren’t truly afraid of the Tea Party, they knew that with the help of the “impartial” media, they could easily marginalize the Tea Party as being “radical”, radicalism being a concept that the left knows all too well.

For fifty years the left has made THEIR version of radicalism “chic” through transvaluation, therefore the “threat” came from the “everyday Americans” of the Tea Party.. They could just lump the “mainstream” Republicans into the sewage of progressive propaganda through the tarring and feathering the Tea Party and the job was done..

Here we have the Democrats who have enthusiastically embraced the most RADICAL of the left, knowing that their endorsement would then transfer directly into Democratic VOTES yet the Republicans considered the Tea Party, improperly painted as “radical” by the “impartial” media and the GENUINE “radicals” of the left, to be the political equivalent of Typhoid and therefore deserving of quarantine.. Why would ANY political party want to walk away from such a large number of votes?

The goal was to silence the Tea Party by any and all means necessary and I would wager that this was an agreement made through one of the “coalitions” between the two parties because the Republicans never seemed to fight that hard against the liberal Democratic propaganda..

Just as the nation hasn’t stood up and said “no” to the domino effect of the liberal’s prized perversions over the last fifty years, the road towards the docility of the Republicans to the obviously predictably outrageous criticisms of the everyday Americans of the Tea Party was written in stone. The Republicans decided that the votes of the Tea Party weren’t worth fighting for. They simply figured that they wouldn’t vote for the “alternative” who have FOUGHT to make the “alternative” into the mainstream for over fifty years.. I suppose that they never considered that the “alternative” to such sophistry was for those so insulted was to stay at home on election day..

Second, if it’s “our” country, as Sam said and if the members of the Tea Party are Americans, then it’s OUR country as well. The liberal “big tent of inclusion” drops its totalitarian tent poles when ANYONE disagrees with their tenets.

In the dystrophic “world” of the left, your opinion is of no value if you disagree and taking that concept even farther, the left seeks to make the concept of “disagreement” to be “hate” and going farther, they then make such “hateful” disagreement to be “illegal”, as in a “crime”.. This is all done in order to silence the opposition without having to fire a shot. “Free speech” simply does not exist if your exercise of it clashes with the preconceived perversions of the left. The FIRST salvo unleashed by the left when confronted with disagreement is the elimination of YOUR Constitutional rights.

If the nation had never thought to disagree with the Democrats, (the Democrat’s OLD version of) slavery would still exist as the Republican Party was founded upon the principle of overturning the hideous concept that had been warmly embraced and enabled by the Democrats..

The Republicans ALLOWED the marginalization of genuine Americans to continue because it threatened their ability to build “coalitions” within the “old boy network” of political poison. “Coalitions” are what end up costing American taxpayers trillions when a bill about a crosswalk for turtles being painted in Florida ends up interlarded with billions in irrelevant pork for all of the members of the “coalition”. (As if my flippant example of a crosswalk for turtles isn’t irrelevant enough..)

The Tea Party represents the concept that the federal government’s power ENDS with the Constitution, it doesn’t BEGIN there as the liberals and even the Republicans, seem to think.. (Or should I say, “represented” as time has extinguished the justifiable furor that ignited the movement. Please note that the REASONS that the Tea Party came into existence are STILL in place and are STILL functioning dysfunctionally.. As a matter of fact, as previously mentioned, the “reasons” the Republican Party came into existence are still in place though the progressive paradigm has changed to a “kinder, gentler” version..)

The Tea Party would have never needed to exist if ANYONE would have listened. Could it be that the last gasp of the Tea Party concept was the Chic Fil A Day protest? The duplicity in the silencing of the Tea Party by the Republicans undoubtedly cost the Republicans the election in November and the election in November will result in an upping of the ante by the Democrats who are still hallucinating as they inhale the odor of their mythological “mandate”..

Speaking of “costs”, using the last four years as your template and then understanding that this election “empowered” those that “got us into this mess”, what will the loss of the last election “cost” us not only in the long term but in the short term? I shudder to think..

Now that time has passed and now that the “magic” of BOTH of the established political parties have insulted and humiliated everyday Americans from the thought that their opinion actually matters and as these Americans are being assaulted by what is supposed to be THEIR representative government, it seems that NO ONE is listening anymore..

No one NEEDS to listen when the opposition has been rendered silent through chicanery..


24 responses to “Outside Looking Out Again

  1. Larry, I cannot begin to tell you how much plain common sense that I find in your words here. You’ve nailed a home-run here, kid.

    I’ve wondered for quite a number of years about the dysfunction of the Republican party. It seems they are out-manuevered at every angle by the Democrats, or is it that they are that poorly skilled? I became fed up with their inadequecies many years ago and became an Independent voter, although I never voted straight Republican tickets. I, being me, always researched the candidates voting records, attended speeches if I could and drew my conclusions from there as to who would best represent me in Washington…maybe.

    The Republican Party has appeared to me to be running more like a gun shy dog on a hunting trip hoping not to be hit. Hiding behind a tree or a bush to attract attention but no clear shot on itself, it’ll bark and bark that it’s doing it’s job. The Democratic Party, more like a fox, has seen this and has taken advantage of it in taking control of our country. The Americans that don’t like a dog that don’t hunt are the Tea Party. Is it any wonder that the dog who’s lying behind a tree barking once in a while and thinking about supper-time would embrace a trainer to show him how the job is really done?

    As far as I’m concerned, let the so-called two-party system go to hell. The Republicans can fold and call it a night, let the Tea Party replace them as I think many now registered Republicans will easily make the switch.

  2. Why no share buttons for Social Media, ie Facebook? Tired of copying, pasting! Exemplary work…Happy New Year to you….

  3. I believe the only way our constitutional republic can survive is for the Republican Party to die out and be replaced by the Tea Party. The republicans in the House have the authority to cancel the effects of our recent fraud election and get rid of Obummer. The fact that they will not even make any effort is proof that they are in bed with the Demorats. All RINOS must go! Excellent column Larry, as always.

  4. Another great article, Larry. Unfortunately,the political system has been “rigged” for a very long time and it will take a very long time to straighten it out. Neither party represents the people and both need to be replaced. We the People have a real job ahead us. But it is “Our Country” and we are up to the task.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

    Have a Healthy and Happy New Year everyone!!!


    alot of excellent points Larry
    We must unite and start to take back this country in 2014
    Maybe someone with power can confirm if this POTUS is legal
    never give up never give in never again

  6. If Sam Donaldson were as smart as he purports, then he would invest a few bucks in a real hairpiece, instead of that theatrical wig that he wears on his noggin. He might also lookup the meaning of DUI – just for starters.

    The circus in DC is just goes on and on – Owebaama blames Congress for not fixing his mess, Reid blames Boehner for not having the House in sesion last week, and of course Boehner blames Reid for got getting the voting done. And it goes round and round and round. ” Everybody is at fault, and nobody is at fault ” . And for the ‘side show’ , OWEbaama puts Vodka Joe in charge of a few tasks, which as we know will result in more nonsense.

    The District of Corruption is making the Politburo look good !

    I wonder if it is possible for any member of Congress to spend more than 6 months in DC without coming down with ‘Potomac Fever’ .

    When these clowns start throwing shoes at each other – we are doomed !

    BTW , this is NOT a Saturday Sarcasm .

  7. Family,

    The latest from TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  8. What wisdom you impart, Larry. I, for one, am past being ready to see the two party system reformed and the Tea Party to unite all their separate but same satellites to centralize their power. What about moving their base of operation away from the Department of Corruption to be more accessible to the people? Somewhere more rural than metro.

    We need to make the deficit ceiling Titanium with a one directional ratchet – down! We can also tinker with the Congressional workers. We should mandate they be in session only 90 days of a year, their pay and Per Diem adjusted to realistic amounts with no retirement benefits nor insurance other than that which covers them only during their 90 days. (That would certainly would be a budget cut!) They need to work a five day week, no exceptions. Their remuneration to be tied to their attendance, meaning wages are paid for days of attendance. Every Mondays’ opening session should begin with a standing, verbal recitation of their Oath of Office. Each and every days’ session should begin with a standing, verbal pledge of allegiance to the Flag with their hand over their heart. Tardiness should be noted and penalized so they do not miss opening sessions. We need the Congress to run like a business – 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM with a two hour break for lunch. Acceptance of anything other than their wages paid by We The People is strictly forbidden unless it is also given in exact duplicate to each and every other member of Congress. No lobbies during the work hours.

    I guess what I am saying, we need to organize and begin the task of bringing the Congress back to what was envisioned by our Founders.

  9. Richard,

    Right on. BTW, OWEbaama just gave Vodka Joe and Congress a pay raise. This is more evidence that in the District of Corruption, incompetence and dereliction of duty is penalized – with a PAY RAISE !!!

    Just heard that federal employees now earn exactly TWICE as much as the private sector. Therefore, I wonder if OWEbaama will add insult to injury and award that group a pay raise.

    Executive Order – a perk that OWEbaama really appreciates , to the max !

  10. I like the 90 day idea, but I’d go further. Instead of a salary they would be paid an hourly rate, like the rest of us, and they would get overtime. However, just like SS recipients, any moneys earned outside of work gets deducted from their pay. I’d also borrow a bit from Canada’s Parliment, in that any member of Congress whom is proven to be influenced by lobbyists would have their office budget revoked, and their district will recieve no representation until a vote of no confidence is carried out. I would also make it illegal for Federal employees to enact any legislation they themselves are not fully subjected to. All pay raises, all tax increases, all budgets, etc. need to be voted on, not by Congress, but by US. Since government has demonstrated they are inacapble of handling money, then it needs to fall to us to run things ourselves. We also need to add voter fraud to the list of crimes covered under treason, and make it punishable by summary execution, preferrably hanging (it is a green form of execution with a low carbon footprint and the rope is reusable, something Democrats would approve of).. Every representative we send to Washington should live in absolute fear of being fired for failing to do his job.

  11. YES! GSteelwraith has excellent ideas and all of us should share our views, points and ideas and prepare a document of distinction and get it in the hands of our Legislative body so they will know what we like and what our aim should be.

  12. Richard,

    I like the way you think. What I’ve been thinking over the last 4 years is that Congress should not get paid until they pass a budget, no budget, no pay and that goes for all their employees and staff. The President as well.

    His wife staff should be no more than 15, what the hell does she do for this Country except exposing herself as some dietitian from planet Mars. We know she doesn’t practice what she preaches as she shoves Chicago style pizza or BBQ ribs and eats a whole side rib in one day, down her gullet. I’ve read she sneaks in goodies for herself almost every day. But, Michelle has 24 staff members, for the nonsense stuff.. just for her clothes stylist, make up and hair, she still looks like shit. Laura Bush had 16 staff members total and she actually did stuff for the Country. Michelle gave a speech this last corrupt election where she waved her manicured nails and $20,000 diamond bracelet in a designer dress that cost more than a third world countries yearly budget, by telling mothers they need to cut back on their household budget. Take one for the team.

    Hey. Michelle, why don’t you do the same thing. Now there’s a thought. Why does she always looks like she ate a pickle and then suck on a lemon. She looks like she’s up in the clouds in that head of hers. But, I don’t think we are done with her. I’ve read that she’ll pull a Hillary and run for the Senate, then try for the Presidency. That’s just scary.

    Congress should get no special privileges, fly commercial for all members of Congress and Senate, no payments from their “friends” no earmarks to their backers, no wasteful spending. crap, for craps sake. Oh and if ObamaCare is so wonderful, then they should be forced to take it and the same goes to their staff. Now just think if they had to live like the rest of us, so unappealing that they wouldn’t be in Office for 25-30 years.

    If they take away funding for our Military, they too would have to cut back the same. All of this makes people think this can never, ever get Congress to clean itself up and the same idiots that get ripped off every election, still keep the voting for the robbers in DC. They have fallen off an abyss. They have suck the life out of The People and I fear this will never change.

  13. The idea of not paying our vaunted Congress-people a salary is not going to amount to much of a threat.

    They took that job because of the payments from UNDER the table, not the ones that are OVER the table..


  14. Family,

    Here is the latest from TOTD:


    A very Happy New Year to every member of the NLTZ/TOTD Family.

    Thanks as always,



    With his $6,000 pay raise, Vodka Joe will be able to enhance his booze budget, which is his most important budget, while the Federal Budget apparently does not garner much of his concern.

    Just imagine the words of wisdom that will be spewing forth from his juiced cranium in the next four years.

    In spite of the impending financial problems that we’ll be facing due to the idiots in DC, I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR .

  16. Off we go..

    The first from TOTD in ’13:


    Thanks as always,


  17. Don’t know if this is true, but I heard that part of the ‘solution’ in avoiding the fiscal cliff included giving $400 million to the Hollywood movie industry. Since I know very little about politics, and political favors, I’m sure that this has absolutely nothing to do with the support for Owebaama that came from the Hollywood elite. Or, could it be an inducement for a movie to be made about the amazing life journey taken by OWEbaama and his phenominal accomplishments as POTUS !?!??

    As I said, I really don’t know much about political machinations.

  18. Was Al Bore’s Current TV network purchased by Al Jeezerah or Al Queda ?

    Some folks aren’t sure as to the real buyer !!

  19. JJ: It was, allegedly, Al Jeezerah. But we all know that Al Queda, the Mooslim Brotherhood, and other terrorist groups are sure to be involved.

  20. Don’t you feel sorry for ‘poor’ Al, because although Current TV was not financially well, he got only about $100 million for his share in the company? And, although he is opposed to fossil fuels, he probably was not sufficiently astute to ascertain that Al Jeezera is backed by Arab oil money .

    Al might also believe that personal jet travel does not use fossil fuel, and therefore does not leave a carbon footprint. He might also believe that his Carbon Credit Exchange scam will eliminate global warming, and therefore should result in several more Nobel prizes for him.

    He probably also believes that by using excessive lighting at his mansion and on his boat, that he is saving the planet.

    And by being an exemplary parent , his kids would never , ever turn to use of illegal drugs. Never.

    And due to his attendnce at private schools , provided by an apparent weathy family, he might even feel that he was the best VP that the WH has ever seen, since afterall – he could spell . . . P O T A T O E .

    Just a little ( very little ) Saturday Sarcasm.

  21. JJ: I was thinking that the $100 million should just about pay for his electric bill.

  22. Just imagine how much his shrink ( as in Psychiatrist ) is costing the US taxpayers !!

  23. Okay here are some facts for you; yes, Al Gore sold his share in Current TV, which no one watched to begin with. The sale was $500 million and he gets $100 million, and retains his shares in the company. Al Jazeera purchased the company to get a foothold in the US markets, through cable and satellite companies extend their contract (which many are coming up for renewal). If DirecTV continue their contract, I will drop them. Al Jazeera, the cable channel is partially funded by oil-rich middle eastern, Muslim Country Qatar. Most Americans understand profit motive, especially given Gore’s makeover from whinny politician to elite businessman. Gore is on the board of Apple, an adviser to Google and a partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers with stakes in Amazon.com, eBay and Procter & Gamble.

    Gore is likely to pay U.S. taxes influenced in part by the fiscal cliff deal. Current TV has $41.4 million in debt and preferred holders with first dibs on $99.5 million, according to a 2008 regulatory filing. Current TV appears to be an LLC, from what I could find online, and that will help Gore enormously tax wise. LLC can sell with a single level of tax. For corporations the tax rules are more complex. Most are C corporations taxed at up to 35%. Corporate distributions are then subject to a second tax to shareholders. S corporations are taxed more like partnerships. Believe me the structure matters in the taxes loopholes, which goes against what liberals want wealthy Americans to pay their share of taxes or more. But the liberals seem to believe I’m special, I get a special tax rate because I’m a wealthy liberal, I’m not one of those nasty, money hunger, evil people who are on Obama’s hate list. If their liberals and donated to him and/or the Democratic Party, then they are okay.

    How well did Gore and his compatriots do? Initially named INdTV Holdings, the Current TV LLC was founded in 2002 by Gore and businessman Joel Hyatt. They appear to be shrewd investors. The LLC should facilitate a single tax on the deal, not the two taxes common to more established businesses. LLC’s are tax reporting entities but the members pay tax on their share.

    From what I found, about the sale when a business is an LLC, members can sell their interests or the LLC can sell its assets, but all sales are not alike. If an LLC sells assets, the purchase price is paid to the entity. To compute taxes you need to know the tax basis of the assets to the entity. The tax basis is the purchase price the company paid, less depreciation, plus certain adjustments. Confusing, I know.

    Gore and other members sold their interests; their own tax basis in their interests will count. But whether Al Jazeera is buying assets from Current TV or membership interests from Gore and others, this should be a nice single-tax payday. Not every business seller is so lucky. He also gets to keep his shares in the new company, al Jazeera America.

    I guess the irony is that Gore is the Global Warming King of horse excrement, yet had no objection to selling his or his shares in a company which will be owned by an oil rich Country like Qatar. Money talks and liberal bullshit walks. It’s okay as long as he makes a profit. Glenn Beck put in a bid and was shutdown, still researching to see if Beck bid was higher than the bid from al Jazeera. Would be very interesting to see if politics and/or money were at pay or play.

    Two things happened on December 31st, Gore got to pay less in federal taxes as did George Lucas who sold his Lucasfilms to Disney for $ 4 billion, both deals had to get done before the new taxes went into effect on January 1st. The deal was made in October 2012, but the legal exchange didn’t take place until December 11th. Barely squeaking by, things would have stopped when the holidays came into place. Always the way with liberals, everyone else has to pay more but they get to use tax loopholes. They put their money in hedge funds where the tax rate in much less.

  24. Also heard that Al Bore’s employees at Current TV were upset and feel that they were totally duped by Al’s decision , since it defied the ideology of the network. Apparently they don’t really know the ‘real’ Al Bore.

    Wonder what the Liberals will say now that Al might be worth more than the evil and rich Mitt Romney !!!

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