The Right To Be Wrong

I have always said that if you have the temerity to merely disagree with a liberal, their FIRST response is to begin the process of removing your Constitutional rights. They try to silence you by classifying your disagreement as “hateful” then they go the whole hog by making your “hateful” disagreement “illegal”. Therefore the FIRST act of the left is to attempt, through ANY method available, to silence you.

Some have countered that this should be OUR response to their words as well. I couldn’t disagree more..

The attempt to “silence” those who disagree invariably leads to the idea that this action lends credibility to the argument made by the lunatics.

I say, allow the lunatic left to say anything that they want any time that they want. If we silence them through the methods that they have employed, we can then only GUESS as to how anti-American, anti-capitalist, etc. that they truly are.

Besides, REMOVING YOUR Constitutional rights is the “progressive” province of the left. We should not allow ourselves to fall prey to such socialist sophistry.

Words have meanings, concrete ones and the left has worked towards the softening of the meaning of ALL words so that they can practice their brand of “definitional inversion”. “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” being one of recent histories most disgraceful examples.. As well, the left’s attempts at morphing ACTIONS into “speech” have helped with their destructive plans..

What is surprising and ultimately depressing, is that the left has altered the tectonic plates of society to the point that their lunacy DOESN’T elicit a unified response of outrage. We have come to expect it, but that doesn’t alter the FACT that it is outrageous none the less. AGAIN, the idea of “disagreeing” with the left has been turned to “hate” which then makes for a docile group of adversaries. Transvaluation has skewed the paradigm..

People USED to have the right to be wrong, until the left began their process of trying to sanitize the world to their unique way of “thinking”.. Those like Michael Moore have the right to be wrong and OUR answer to his and others on the left, with their chronic hard wired ability to be “wrong”, should NOT be to silence them.

We should encourage them and then we should stand up as one AGAINST their words, which are tied to their totalitarian actions and beliefs. OUR words should be used to convince those who think that they think like Moore et al, to see the light of truth. People may “talk” today, but they do NOT “communicate” which is bizarre considering that we allegedly live in the “age of communication”..

Oppressing the rights of those who disagree with us for the sake of moral certitude is wrong. Allow them to “communicate” freely.. The power of ideas, efficiently “communicated” SHOULD separate the right/correct from the wrong/left..


9 responses to “The Right To Be Wrong

  1. This is also today’s TOTD..

    Just thought that it should be said here for those that do not read the TOTD..

    Then again, why don’t you read the TOTD?

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry,

    Agreed, however one word in your very last sentence summarizes the problem – the word ” SHOULD”. As evidenced by the discussions on talk radio and on TV, it is almost impossible to have a serious discussion with Liberals . When their position is challenged, they invariably go off on a tangent, accuse others of similiar tactics, or resort to yelling and screaming. In other words there is very little COMMUNICATION, as should be expected with reasonable people.

  3. Most important part of your post, light of truth. People may “talk” today, but they do NOT “communicate” which is bizarre considering that we allegedly live in the “age of communication”.. To communicate one must think, and that is no longer taught, nor respected.

  4. Larry: You’re absolutely right. Look at what the liberals are trying to do to the Catholic Church. The White House has allowed a petition to declare the Catholic Church a “hate group” on their official website because of their views on same-sex marriage—and unfortunately, the number of signers is growing. I don’t know how long the petition will be on the website
    They may pull it down before you’re able to check it out for yourself.This petition is truly shocking, and it’s an attack against ALL people of faith, not just Catholics!

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  6. Will be able to talk to both Stitch and Larry. Cool. I’ll try to get up early. I miss your witty repartee Stitch, it’s nice to see your still checking in.

  7. On a side note, with all of the current discussion on gun control, along with the slaughter of over 60,000 Syrians by the Assad regime, I wonder where the citizen rebels got the various types of weaponry , including RPGs and artillary, plus the huge amounts of ammo that they are using.

    For example , if a revolt broke out in this country, where would the citizenry obtain such large weaponry ? Just asking?

  8. Was this a weekly event or was it a try out to see to the ratings and how it did rating wise?

    JJ, I thought I explained that those came from Russia and the United Stares is funneling weapons through Turkey that end up in the wrong hands. It’s just another Holders “Fast & Furious” not well laid plans because most liberals are clueless on fire arms. It’s no surprise they end up in the wrong hands. Their idiots.

  9. Eileen,

    Yes, you did – but I was wondering about the massive amounts of weaponry and ammo that was distributed to so many men in so many places. It just seems to be a huge amount to get past Assad’s supporters. It was just a thought , and thanks for your input .

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