Diametrical Odds

I can honestly state that I feel that anyone who supported/supports the OWEbama caliphate is odd. I am trying to be “diplomatic” by identifying them ONLY as odd.. There are basically two camps that these “supporters” fall into and neither are palatable from a Darwinian perspective..

There is TOO much denial of basic observational logic that surrounds the socialist subterfuge that swirls in a sinister manner around OWEbama. (This that “swirls” has done so from the very beginning of his political “career” which sprang for being a “community organizer..) Cue the Marxist mood music relative to the diversions and distractions of the “impartial” media..

Who ARE these people? They are those who blindly support the UBER-liberal progressive path chosen by OWEbama to those who nonsensically voted for him AGAIN.. One camp cavalierly (drug induced stupor) disregards your “historically” proven contempt, the other Quixotically needs to somehow defend their vote even though it is a clear and unfailing mirror of their shallow intellect and gullibility..

BOTH camps defend OWEbama however, HOW both camps do so is at diametrical ends of the spectrum, diametrical odds so to speak.. The first group just won’t stop talking about it as their fabulous fictions and their yawning yarns completely engulf the foggy flatulence that they continually exude. The other group desperately tries to remain silent about the topic and they would rather discuss ANYTHING else other than their votes for the Kenyan representative of the hammer and sickle party..

The first do so through the COMPLETE denial of the accrued evidence of the last four years which ALL of those who voted AGAINST OWEbama the first time through KNEW was going to take place. (P.S., we weren’t surprised by the outcome after four years, we WERE surprised that he managed to “win” again..) Their imbecilic sanctimony is magnified by the imaginary “mandate” of the election in November. NOTHING can sway them from their hilarious hypnosis..

The resultant “results” are of absolutely no importance to the minions of the left, “purity of motive” is their driving concern for it allows them to sleep comfortably after the damage they deliver in the name of “compassion”.. Staring deeply into the kaleidoscope of collectivist cacophony, they merely BELIEVE and that is all that is required of them as they repeat their moronic mantras to everyone regardless of whether they are fellow travelers or whether they are members of the “loyal opposition”..

The second group, through clever changes of subject, refuse to admit their own cupidity in the process that managed to “convince” them for the SECOND time that OWEbama and the liberals REALLY have what’s best for America as their avowed political goal. Vanity causes them to run from the reality that they were again hoodwinked (without putting up much of a fight, mind you) and now EVERYONE must suffer AGAIN due to their stupidity..

The “Democratic dumbing down” of America has never been more obvious and what is shocking is that it has never been more successful..


10 responses to “Diametrical Odds

  1. Family,

    This is actually today’s TOTD but I felt it needed to be here.

    Haven’t had time to do a FULL NLTZ article and as well, I want to gin up action at TOTD, are you all suscribed?

    Tomorrow morning, its LIVE NLTZ on the radio,here is a link..

    Thursday, January 10, 7:30-8:00am CST
    Full Metal Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio
    Join the fun as we dance on the heads the progressives, socialists, communists, democrats, and hollywood elitists.
    Guest Call-in – 714-816-4696

    Thanks as always,


  2. Thanks, Larry. Best Wishes to you and yours.
    Will try to ‘tune in’.

  3. “I can honestly state that I feel that anyone who supported/supports the OWEbama caliphate is odd. I am trying to be “diplomatic” by identifying them ONLY as odd.”

    You are very kind, Larry. I find that they generally fall into one of 2 camps…educated beyond their intelligence or stupid.

  4. It was great getting to be able to speak with you both, again. I got cut off but could get back on. But I still listened. I loved the stuff about the Second Amendment Rights and yes…. the first 10 Amendment Rights were about protecting the Rights of citizens against and overbearing oppressive Government and folks we are there right now. (We have a Congressman who wants to overturn the 22nd Amendment so we get stuck with Obama for a third, fourth fifth time).

    Yes, its sad what happened to Reagan and Jim Brady, yes, its sad that we lost John Kennedy and our government for 40 years is still hiding the facts of his death, which tells me they are partly to blame or responsible. We will never find out the truth because those responsible are all dead. That a crazy man that shot up the train heading back towards Long Island.

    The attack at Fort Hood, Virginia Tech. Yes, it’s sad that Gabby Gifford’s was badly injured and many were killed, yes, it’s sad that all those innocent people in the Denver community were killed and injured going to see a “violent” movie. The deaths of those in Columbine. Yes, its all senseless.

    The heartbreak of the loss of those children and the teachers who died protecting them. The nation all mourns their loss. All of these violent incidents were not caused by the gun, but by the person behind the gun. The media and the President are politicalize their deaths. That makes me sick.

    You look at the people behind the gun and you see some very unbalanced, mentally unhealthy, political or religious extremist individuals who had accessed to multiple weapons. Their eyes look dead inside, kind of weird and unfocused and many had access to mental health professionals who either looked the other way or felt that the patients had a right to privacy. Where does the patience right to privacy outweigh the safety of the community?

    The mother of the Sandy Hook shooting was afraid of her own son, that she should have spoken to a mental health professional and certainly not have three guns on her property and all that ammunition. It’s been reported that she did set up a meeting for him to seek mental health counseling, which lead to the events that transpired. Why didn’t the other family members step in when they seemed to know things were getting out of hand.

    The deaths of 27 people, 20 of them 6 year old children. What was the first thing the media did? They brought up Columbine, interviewed survivors and parents of the decreased. Who will be the next sociopath that watched and got new ideas.

    The answer isn’t taking guns away from honest, law abiding citizens. Criminals and mentally unhealthy will always find a way to get their weapons. There will still be shootings, still be killing of innocent people who will have no way of defending themselves and/or their families. If that one thing protects them from their own deaths or the death of their loved one. We cannot stop a airplane from crashing into a building killing everyone inside. But we can stop someone from breaking into our homes who are trying to murder all those inside.

    Has the movie industry, video games manufacturer desensitizes our young children, blurred the line between reality and fantasy? Is having a 24/7 news cycle, creating and glorifying these individuals. It just seems week after week they are covering these murders and creating the next psychopath and/or sociopath. Giving them other ideas, to make their murders overshadow those that came before them.

    I will disagree with your assessment that it started with Walter Cronkite. My dad always told me it started with Edward R. Murrow (who was believed to be a Russian spy), he was glorified by the press and every young journalist wanted to be like him, including Walter Cronkite. Cronkite was a socialist and started showing his true strips at the end of the 1970’s until his retirement in 1983 (I think it could be 1981. I remember in one of my journalism classes we were ordered to watch his last broadcast, luckily I had to work).

    Murrow never felt comfortable on television but CBS pushed him to make a nightly appearance on CBS Evening News. He was also very critical of McCarthyism and the Red Scare, he also contributed if not lead to the political downfall of Senator Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy was a conservative and although he was lambasted by the news media and the Hollywood elite.

    Fred Friendly was the producer of CBS News and created a show for Murrow regarding his handling of the McCarthy hearings. CBS See it Now program, was the outcome, the belittling of conservatives in this nation. We all know how true McCarthy investigation was even though today he is still being lambasted by Hollywood in movies, the last few ones being a small segment in Mona Lisa Smile and in 2005, actor George Clooney portrayed Friendly in the film Good Night, and Good Luck (if memory serves me right he also wrote and directed the film, receive some Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations). The film depicts the See it Now broadcasts that confronted Senator McCarthy.

    Hollywood despised Reagan for the statements he made while he was head of the Actors Union. Hollywood made a big issue out of a giving a special Oscar to a follow testifier during the McCarthy hearings when he outed one of their own (Sorry, I don’t remember his name). Many actors turned their backs on him when he got up to except his special award for contribution he made in the film industry some of those who turned their backs on him were Ed Harris, Michael Douglas to name a few, two well known Hollywood liberals.

    One other fact… Sean Penn’s father, Leo was named as one of the Communist working in Hollywood that was put on the Billy’s blacklist, which kind of explains why Penn hates America so much, he listened to his fathers ranting every day for all of his life. His father backed Fidel Castro during the Revolution and spent many years visiting him and staying at his private residence. Sound familiar? If you love communism so much then move to a communist Country. You hate America so much, then leave.

  5. Eileen,

    On would expect that a person who so despises this country would leave ASAP , however, they know that here they have the freedom to speak their mind, earn a good living, and celebrate their egotistical ,narcissistic life style. There aren’t too many places where they could do all of those things.

    Some of them do absurd things just to keep their name and face in the news, which of course often times verifies their mental conditions.

    Unfortunately it is we the people who allow this behavior to continue by patronizing their movies, recordings, concerts, etc. These hypocrites want gun control, but have no problem featuring crime and gun violence in their movies and videos.

    With the decrease in morality, with have a rampant increase in crime, violence, STD’s, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

    The population is increasing, yet we have churches closing , along with parochial schools . Is there a message here?

    However, there is an increase in the number of mosques . Is this another message? Just asking.

  6. Larry,

    I listened. Just downright good to-the-bone listenin’! I would have to prepare a statement however as I am not by any means a public speaker. And by the way, I pretty sure it’s Walmart’s “sales specials ailse”, not Target that Michell shops at. What a dis-taste in clothing. I wonder what how she was dressing before the taxpayers started paying for it!!

    In one of your articles, TOTD’s or a post script to one the two, you had made the prediction that Obama would be re-elected. I agreed with you. You had seen all the possible signs as well as I in the enabling of it. With my highest hopes, and I’m sure yours, the prediction wouldn’t come true, it did.

    The liberals being split amongst themselves into two camps is only proof of their play-doe spirit and mentatlity. Obama, now be-throwned high above them in the White House could care less about them, if not down right happy, for he knows that a simple molding will change them, unify them into one. And you’re right, the “Dumbing Down of Democrats” is in the end, our stench, our fight that we have to combat.

    Obama knows the ignorance can easily be persuaded. He ultimatly is busy trying to create two Americas and has a good start at it through Obamacare. If Obamacare survives the 2016 election or Obama hasn’t set himself up as Supreme War Lord by then, the plan will be fully implemented and American citizens will have two healthcare systems to choose from. And it basically depends on “un-moldable” citizens to keep a conservative governor in their state, hence government healthcare out, and “moldable” ones electing liberal governors that invite big government to take care of you.

  7. Joe,

    My friend, please call in. Please don’t ever say that you need a prepared statement. Speak your mind, we all know that it will be good.

    Thanks as always,


  8. Larry,

    Thanks for your kindness. I mentioned a prepared statement because of reasons beyond my control. My slowness in speech and sometimes difficulty in recalling proper wordage would, I feel, be doing a dis-service time-wise to Full Metal Conservative Radio but also the quicker of tonque and mind callers that can contribute so much more than I.

  9. Most stuff that “swirls” in Democratic circles is the same stuff I see “swirling” in a toilet bowl.
    FLUSH them all…


  10. Stitch,

    In all my years, swirling or not, I’ve never found any loose change in a toilet bowl that made any “cents” to me. I just plain quit looking a long time ago…

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