Progressive Porridge

Earlier I had stated that I will give up my guns when “The Bolshevik Buffet Buster” Michael Moore gives up his knife and fork. Along that same sort of line, I would like to point out that criminals are as concerned about gun laws in approximately the same manner as politicians are concerned about their oath of office..

Here are a few disconcerting facts for 2012. The liberals and their “compassionate” compatriots pulled off one abortion every 94 seconds for the entire year. This “compassionate” illogical extension of “privacy” cost the American taxpayers (whether they wanted to contribute to this wholesale slaughter or not..) $524,000,000.00 in tax dollars that could have been better spent on “cash for clunkers”, Solyndra or some other Marxist malarkey..

I am more than willing to guess that a very high (for their overall percentage of the population) number of these “acts of privacy” were performed on blacks. This is another of the “silent killers” that afflict the black community as well as the plague of “black on black” crime. Please note the complete SILENCE of the left on these two matters. How is this possible as the liberals are always claiming to be the “protectors” of the nation’s minorities..

Simple. These two “problems” which are completely IGNORED by the left, are the “new and improved” versions of the Democrat’s old slavery. Slavery was all about control and here the left through their sanctimonious wailing and inaction, can “oversee” and therefore “control” this segment of their voting base.

The “right” of abortion on demand was somehow “discovered” within the Constitution when it actually nowhere to be found.. However, when pushed on the matter of crime, the left immediately seeks to place the blame on “poverty”.. Interesting..

Why then are the liberals the ones who orchestrate the permanence of the lowest class, therefore creating the poverty that then allegedly creates crime? Who is it that has “failure” hardwired into their “benefits” while simultaneously programming a low self-esteem for those that they laughingly claim to want to “help” (control)? Who ALONE makes it their business (politics) to perpetuate poverty? Well, when pushed again the left sputters that poverty can also be Velcroed to a lack of education and that can’t be the fault of the liberals, right? After all, who continues to throw good money after bad at the “cause” of education?

Who has been “overseeing” the “education” of the nation’s lowest class through what USED to be the public school system? Who stands athwart a “voucher” system knowing that “knowledge IS power” so they have warped the “knowledge” being disseminated through the NEA through the public schools and then into the soft boiled “minds” of the lowest class?

Abortion, crime, benefits, education.. It’s all about being docile towards the TRUE enemy. It’s all about control.

The liberals NEED their “politics” written out for them. They NEED 3×5 cards, teleprompters and the like. They are a necessity for the left because their “politics” really don’t have anything to do with “politics”. It’s all a sales pitch from these door-to-door charlatans, its low brow psychology.. Conservatives DO NOT need to have their beliefs written out for them because they come from the heart. Liberalism is politics of the mind, it’s all a “head game” for them. Conservatism is based upon principle, which comes from the soul.

When I hear a Republican saying that politics is a matter of “building coalitions”, what that really means is “conceding”..

I have wondered for years about the overall apathy that surrounds the body politic and more specifically, the air that surrounds anyone other than the liberals. I’ve looked on with disgust as independents and conservatives have either thrown away their vote or they haven’t even bothered to show up at all at the polls.. I think that I have figured out where this apathy from the right is coming from and as well, from where the political enthusiasm of the left emanates..

Let’s begin with the left for they are easily predictable. The liberals LIVE for politics. Politics is the liberal’s replacement for religion. They know that through politics they can assume power and through the assumption of power, they can redistribute that which is earned by the productive and they can act as the nation’s progressive philanthropists while “paying off” a voting base. Where else can the liberals think of themselves as God as they produce fishes and loaves for the downtrodden and the unfortunate..

The apathy that has arisen from everyone else I feel comes from the fact that at any given moment in time, SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is “running for office”. The tentacles of government go from local to state to federal and each fetid branch is inundated with “professional office seekers” and all of their entourages.. Everywhere you turn, someone wants to shake your hand, kiss your baby while they ask for a donation and your “vote”.. The “game” that politics has become bores the majority, it excites the liberal left as they are ALWAYS playing the long game..

Speaking of politics, I am here to tell you that ANY candidate can win ANY election at ANY time. “Politics” is all about “packaging” and literally nothing more. Its become the psychological exercise of lying to people as you tell them that you want to “help” them and that only YOU are capable of doing so when the political idea of government as a “help” has given way to the government as a “hindrance”. It would be considerably funnier if they weren’t so fond of demanding that I GIVE them money that I have rightfully earned. The winning candidate in any election is the one that takes the least for granted..

Charlie “the Artful (Tax) Dodger”, said that the OBVIOUS LACK of colorful faces in the OWEbama caliphate was “embarrassing as hell..” (Politico) Its not the lack of “diversity” that is as “embarrassing as hell”, it is what OWEbama and the liberal left have done over the last four years that is as “embarrassing as hell”..

Oh by the way, its been well over four months since the TERRORIST ATTACK on our embassy in Benghazi and NO ONE from the OWEbama caliphate has been jailed.. (I don’t recall exactly how long its been since the OWEbama lemmings screwed up “Fast and Furious”, just add that to the ever-lengthening list of crimes the “impartial” media have faithfully ignored..)

No matter, the “impartial” media did their best Democratic cover up so that this “little mess” wouldn’t be an issue during the second OWEbama “campaign of calumny”. Time passing by itself has taken care of the rest.. The nation appears to have moved on.. Typical.

Imagine for just one moment had the same unthinkable and horrible incident had happened in September of 2004 and NOT in September of 2012, a mere month and a half before the election..

The Easter Island statue, the calculating “Winter Soldier”, do you think that would he have lost the election with such horrendous handling of a TERRORIST ATTACK by the Republicans? Do you think that the “impartial” media would have been so silent about this matter since the Republican George Bush would have been seeking a second term?

It seems silly to ask, doesn’t it..


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  1. Family,

    Another lagniappe for you.

    Basically, a lagniappe is a deluge of TOTD’s that happen within a few minutes..

    Sometimes the TOTD site suffers as a consequence..

    Oh well..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Apparently “black on black” crimes are not done with guns, because the calls for gun control only occur when a caucasian shoots kids in schools. The shooters at Sandy Hook , Columbine, and the Clackmore Mall were all WHITE . That’s right – Whitey is responsible for the need to ban guns. And to end this evil slaughter done by whitey, the current mostly white POTUS has charged Vodka Joe , who is all -white, to lead a task force and present a plan to control the use of guns.

    When Billy Bob, who claimed to be the “first Black President” , and his Attorney General Janet Reno ( who is white , as far as we know ) approved the attack on a religious compound in Waco Texas , where 26 children and approx. 52 adults were killed ( as compaared to the 20 children and 2 adults at Sandy Hook ) both kept their jobs.

    When a Black mayor in Phila. authorized the fire bombing of a house where some religious zealots lived, the resultant loss of a few lives, and an ENTIRE city block, once again did not cause any loss of jobs for city officials.

    Let’s not forget that the shooter in the packed movie theater was also Caucasian.

    So, it is obvious that WHITEY is solely responsible for any new laws regarding gun control.

    Since yesterday was Friday, this must be just a little Saturday Sarcasm.
    ( maybe slightly more than ‘just a little’ )

  3. Speaking of guns, in the wake of Sandy Hook , some communities are doing gun buyback programs, in an attempt to get some guns off the street. It won’t get guns out of the hands of criminals, and the research has shown that it basically amounts to the community ” feeling good” by doing ‘something’ , as opposed to actually reducing crime.
    It reminds me of a gun buyback program in a city not far from Phila., where a gift card that was good at several local merchants, was given in exchange for each gun surrendered. You may not believe this , but one of the participating merchants was a . . . . GUN SHOP !!

  4. BTW, the above mentioned city is controlled by a Liberal City Council and a Liberal Mayor – surprised ???

  5. JJ, The dummies are turning in the guns. The smart citizens are standing in line at the gun shows and gun stores to purchase a gun and ammo. This administraton is not fooling them. I can just see the gang members in Chicago laughing at all the dummies turning in guns. Over 500 killed in Chicago and over 400 in Detroit. Population control. As Larry said just like abortion.

  6. A link to the latest from TOTD:

    Thasnks as always,


  7. I’ll bet many of the turned in guns are back on the street in 30 days or less. I believe the buy back programs are feel good programs, a way to collect some nice guns for resale, and a way to find really valuable old firearms. I saw 2 antiques turned in in LA. One was still in the original old faded brown box. That gun will never hit the destroy area. Nothing will ever come of F&F or the Libyan death camp. They just wait out the roar, and let it die down as there are no Republicans brave enough to push for answers.

  8. Whitey is required for gun control regs because as far as the libs are concerned blacks are disposable. The Dems pushed for Jim Crow laws, and fought against the Civil Rights Act, and they knew the Great Society would ensure control over the blacks for generations, LBJ even said so. Planned parenthood was founded by a eugenicist, whom hated blacks, and a majority of all abortions are of black babies. The Dems have done everything to turn blacks from being the proud God-fearing hardworking people they were into a hostile collection of victims whom despise each other almost as much as they do us. Republicans made blacks free, Democrats put em all back in chains (Ol Vodka Joe almost let the cat out of the back there, he and his fellows already had them there).

    The lack of action on Fast and Furious, and the Bengahzi Incident, is very disheartening. Our Border Patrol agents and our ambassador were murdered, and nothing has been done to bring the guilty to justice. Literally nothing. The families of the slain deserve to have closure, and our enemies need to be taught in no uncertain terms that the price for killing Americans should be very high indeed. Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and President Obama all should stand trial for their ignoble actions in these and other matters.

    This won’t happen unless and until either the Congress we have grows a spine, or we replace them with one that has one already. We had the chance to unseat Boehner, and yet again we were denied. If this nation is not to slide into Socialism, we need to become, not the ‘Party of No’, but the ‘Party of H*** F****** NO!’ We need to stand athwart Progressivism, no matter how bad we look, no matter if it hurts people’s feelings, no matter the bad press, and no matter the cost. Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives against tyraany, we should ask no less of our leaders.

  9. Monica,

    I would guess that many of those gun related homicides involved gangs shooting at rival gangs. Just a guess.

  10. Graywolf,

    Yes, the research shows that the buyback programs are a “feel good” for the community.

  11. beyond disgusted

    Speculating on another reason for apathy from conservatives: Could it be that they are tired of establishment Republicans caving each & every time? I know I am.

  12. I agree, Larry, on the term “conceding.” For that is no more than a temporary relinquishing a some part(s) of your total idealeogly to abide with that of another or more. And, in my mind, such a conceding will not last. If you are strong in your beliefs you will carry them with you and a coalition will be torn apart.

    I don’t, by any way possible, want to de-mean the babies lost to abortionism, Every one has there rights, but for the Federal Government to intervene, I consider it a travesty, a sin against our God on whom this nation was founded.

    I wonder. Had Obama been successful in his bid of Chicago for the 2012 Olympics, how would the obfuscating Obama and the MSM handled it? Sure, it would have created a lot of jobs but what about the deadly assaults and robberies by Chicago’s “un-armed” citizens?

  13. Larry,

    As a police officer, what is your opinion regarding the arming of some school personnel, whether it be teachers, administrators, or janitors ? Assuming of course that each has the proper training in use of firearms.
    Some school districts have begun to hire retired police , including State Troopers , in order to protect their schools. And at least one district has decided to arm it’s janitors. Just wondering where you stood on this topic.

  14. I really think the point was made in the very first paragraph: Criminals worry about the law as hard as the police and elected officials view their oath. Once said, and never remembered. A man was shot by a passerby when he tried to flee a rape he had just committed. Not big news, but he had been arrested 26 times before for the same act! Our courts are so unbalanced in favor of the criminal. The proof is all to be made by the victim, and that just blows! Beginning with the President, on down, we need to have a discussion on how they are or why they are not upholding their oath. The research and writing of this phenomena would be several volumes. The dinner table really is the forum to be used in each and every family. Begin when they are young and make it fun. You can’t go wrong.

  15. In obama’s press conference today, he expressed his faux concern and sorrow for Sandy Hook and like shootings. While he want’s Congress to come to “some sort of decisions” on how to stop this type of violence through gun control, he tried to urge Americans in that any such “decisions” coming from Congress, in other words, law, wouldn’t be “political.” WTH?
    He also said any new restrictions wouldn’t affect legal gun-owners that participate in competition, hunting or recreational shooting. How does it affect those “Holders” of the elite libership who have executive priveledge?

    I have to ask, speaking of responsibilty, why the MSM has not dealt more in debth with the Sandy Hook’s killer’s mother and her having that many guns. I mean, the deaths of all those little children was an absolute travesty, true, but the gun that killed all those children had killed his mother (himself too) which he got from his mother’s arms cabinet. Now sit back and let the government decide FOR YOU who was the “irresponsible” one then deem FOR YOU, for the safety of others have your arms confiscated.

  16. JJ,

    I see nothing wrong with it.

    NON ONE EVER “attacks” anyone when the odds are even or not in their favor.

    Regardless of their “status” as gun owners, legal or not, if you use one in an inappropriate manner, you should be dealt with as expeditiously as possible.

    End of story.


  17. Richard,

    Exactly where in MY quote did the words “the police” appear?

    They appeared in YOURS however. “Criminals worry about the law as hard as the police and elected officials view their oath.”

    Try to be a bit more careful.


  18. Larry,

    I couldn’t agree with that more. The NRA has suggested a similar plan and received all kinds of critizism about it from the gun-control zealots and liberal mothers saying, “I don’t want my child being traumatized by having people with guns in his school.” That is a tough choice, Mom. Traumitized kid or a dead one, gee, if I had a brain, let me think….let the government put armed people in schools, that better!…dumbass.

    Has anyone heard or witnessed one of these supposed deranged killers ever attacking a police station? NO? Hmm, I wonder why…couldn’t be because these idiots know they would be going up against armed individuals vs. those of five year olds and they would be cut down within a short time without making as splash in the more than willing left-bent head lines, now could it?

  19. Another thought, any legislation from Congress on gun-control will cost taxpayers money. Not only in taxes to support a governmental bueacracy it may set up, but in extra fees required of legal gun owners by it.

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  21. Joe,

    Agreed. The formula is very simple :

    more laws = more control = less freedom

    One needs only to look at any dictatorship , it ‘s not complicated !

  22. Does anyone remember the MSM smearing this armed man in Sullivan Central High School incident in Tennessee on August of 2010 on their stations for weeks?
    One Thomas Cowan entered the school and confronted the principal by pointing one of the two guns he was carrying at her head. A receptionist saw the confrontation, dialed 911 and sounded the alert for lockdown to all teachers and students. A sheriff office deputy, Carolyn Gudger, who had been assigned as resource officer to the school, confronted Cowan, got between him and the prinicipal allowing her to escape to safety. The uneasy stand-off lasted until two more officers arrived. When they too ordered him to put down his weapon he pointed it towards them causing them to fire. Cowan was airlifted to the nearest hospital. He died two days later.

    Nope, you couldn’t find ol’ heartless Hussein woefully calling out the name of every child at Sullivan Central High School. There weren’t any! All because there was a gun (and a very incredibally brave woman) already there!

    I have to ask if any of the kids are traumatized by Officer Gudger carrying a gun, or does she keep it in her purse so as not to offend the more sensitive liberals?

  23. Hopefully, before you all tire of me, check out this site. An in depth documentary on Sandy Hook. Will we ever know the truth? The video is long but worth every minute!

    Or search Youtube, “The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed”

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