There is one thing about being a lame duck, especially a liberal lame duck.. The ruse of “transparency” meant to fool the foolish the first time around isn’t a necessity any longer. The first term’s “transparency”, laughed at by the devious left, scoffed at by the right and ignored by the ambivalent and the narcoleptic, isn’t of any further use. It’s time for the REAL “transparency” of unhindered and unabashed liberalism/socialism..

The first term’s “transparency” was meant to gorgonize the “majority” who possess the unattractive docility necessary for disgusting liberals like OWEbama to not only achieve higher office but remarkably, to retain it as well..

No one can blame the liberals for wanting to take America’s guns. After all, they have taken America’s life savings and frittered it away on socialist shenanigans without ANY kind of a fight. Such acquiescence in the “majority” has been duly noted by the left and whenever the majority has been occasionally cajoled into any sort of temporary “action”, (Chic Fil A Day, for example..) a barely polysyllabic response from the left has managed to quell such sporadic uprisings and restore the liberals New World Order.. “Racist”..

The first term’s “transparency” meant that the bulwark of the liberal sixty-year “Destroy America” plan had to continue “behind the scenes”. The first term’s transparency was to be obscure and it was enabled through obfuscation. The SECOND term’s “transparency” doesn’t need to be anything but “transparent”. Its now time to define our term..

The first term’s “transparency” was all about misdirection and deflection and it was aimed at the easily confused and the reticent. It was all about putting on airs. (Ayers??) It was all about utilizing the liberal lexicon’s inherent “definitional flexibility”. The first term’s “transparency” was anything but as the specter of winning a second term meant careful treading within the political minefield of liberalism that is abhorrent to those with jobs, values and common sense.

In other words, both parties know that the presidency cannot be won without the consent of the “majority”, whether that consent was acquired honestly or not (and whether the “majority” showed up at the polls or not). For instance, the repeated occurrences of OWEbama donning his Othello garb and acting all “moderate” when politically expedient..

The second term’s “transparency” brings us back to the traditional definition of the word. Without another election to campaign for it’s now time for OWEbama to begin working on reinforcing his lunatic liberal “legacy” for all to see. Just a few snippets from his rote recitations via the totalitarian teleprompter yesterday should alert even the unobservant as to the poisonously progressive path ahead..

As well, this “legacy” will not have anything to do with the heresy perpetrated during the first term.. Things like a permanent unemployment rate approaching ten percent, scandal after scandal, ridiculous gas prices and countless middle class money grabs weren’t enough to convince the majority to do the right thing last November.. The liberals were just getting warmed up.

Now the Bolshevik blinders are off and this “legacy” will be written by other fellow travelers of the left and it will be protected by the fifth columnists of the fourth estate.

The victims, who have already suffered through four years, have guaranteed four more years due mostly to their inaction. Do you think that the liberals will feel compelled to do LESS DAMAGE in a second term since they are energized by a “mandate” that was empowered by the majority’s apathy in November? Shall we look down the perverted path?

“If God truly created us equal, homosexual love is equal as well..” The old school “we can do whatever we want in the privacy of our own home” has now through “transparency” become extra special placement within the pantheon of perverts that call the Democratic Party home.. This (and any other group of misfits who have sidled up to the liberals) has NOTHING to do with being “equal”.

As with ANY liberal special interest group, it is all about being “special” and within the liberal world, if you are “separate”, you get “special” privileges. There is NOTHING “equal” about quotas, for example..

“Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security have made us free..” Note the order of appearance which under the “new and improved transparency” has morphed from the OLD “transparency” which was “Social Security (seniors), Medicare (seniors again) and Medicaid” (the disgusting liberal moocher base) when OWEbama and the left were trying to obtain and retain office. NOW, the REAL “transparency” of rewarding the urchins and mendicants places Medicaid in its rightful progressive place..

“Free”? Exactly who is “free” when OWEbama’s precious Medicaid enslaves the middle class who, because of their failure to do the right thing in November, have the responsibility to PAY for the Democratic Depends of “compassion”.. (And this BEFORE we get into the socialized medicine, the taxes, penalties and fees of OWEbamaScare..)

By the way, since “medical care” is now FREE, SOMEONE will have to pay for it and whom do you think will be paying for it? When the liberals start using the word “free”, it means that the productive will be tasked with paying the bills of the undeserving and the unappreciative.. (Who would appreciate such involuntary generosity when “benefits” have been made into RIGHTS by the left?) This is just another example of the left using the monies stolen from the middle class to pay for the votes of those permanently addicted to liberalism’s handout mentality of individual failure.

“We will preserve our planet, commanded to our care from God, through sustainable energy sources”.. One word: Solyndra. This Bolshevik bellow and coo goes well beyond their demanding everyone use funny shaped light bulbs.. And stop with the phony “God” references.

In the last four years, their demands for electric cars (abysmal failure) and everything else “green” has produced enough “sustainable energy” to barely light your glove box.. And what did it “cost”? No matter the “cost”, they are “doing the right thing” and YOU will have to pay for it. They claim that the REAL “cost” is to the environment so the monetary “cost” is irrelevant.. Results (POSITIVE results..) are irrelevant when you are “empowered” by the hypnotic flatulence of moral certitude..

Lurking within the “new thought” transparency is the disgusting visage of AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. The liberal “long game” involves creating as many Democratic voters as possible and then chaining them to the bondage of liberalism. Another whack at amnesty will do the trick and they will revert to the “first term” transparency of “hide and seek” to accomplish this..

Under the first term “transparency”, Food Stamp recipients increased by 11,133 a DAY AND under the same first term “transparency”, OWEbama INCREASED the debt by $50,521.00 per household which was MORE than the first 42 presidents in 53 terms COMBINED. (CNS News)

These are but just TWO statistical nightmares unleashed by the liberal left onto the middle class of America, there are thousands more of these alarming statistics and NONE of them are good for America. And as well, ALL of these statistics were available to those eligible to vote..

Have no worries, under the second term “transparency”, you will not have to read between the lies any longer.. It’s time for “in your face transparency”..


9 responses to “Transparency

  1. Here is a link to the latest from the TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. So, what’s wrong with AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS ?

    They came here to work , unlike many citizens who prefer to get paid for not working. And when legalized, they’ll pay taxes. And regarding the Mexicans involved, they like big meals, big families, and mucho Corona beer ! Many pay cash for the above items, and consequently don’t default on credit cards. Isn’t putting cash into the economy a ‘good thing’ , afterall wasn’t that what the ‘stimulus’ programs were all about ? So, once again, what’s wrong with amnesty for illegals ?

    Actually, this is just a sneaky attempt for a delayed . .. little Saturday Sarcasm.

  3. I guess this is what “O” meant when he told Putin that he would have more flexibility after the elections….. Now he doesn’t have to hide what he is about.

  4. T,

    Gold star for the day: You got it!

    Thanks as always,


  5. After the win by Obama, many questions arise as to how he had such firm knowledge he would secure a second term. He knew the fix was in.

    When I think of the money that was spent on this past election cycle, I shudder to think how much good that would have done for the homeless, the abused and the schools. We really have our values screwed up!

  6. Richard,

    True, but that was mostly private money, which provided jobs for advertising, etc. Just look at the magnanimus amounts of taxpayers dollars that are WASTED every day by the gov’t. Then add in the amount of fraud that is allowed to be perpetrated every day. All this in spite of all of the so called federal employees who are SUPPOSED to police such illegal activity.
    OWEbaama added over 130,000 federal employees – have you noticed any IMPROVEMENT in any area of gov’t. ? Just a thought .

  7. JJ-
    Sad but true. Add 130,000 people during your campaign, then reward them with full paying jobs after – whether they have the qualifications or not!

  8. Richard,

    I wonder how many of the federal employees ( allow me to re-name them as ‘paycheck receivers’ ), are really qualified. Also, why do they waste part of their paycheck on union dues, because they get almost zero benefits from their union – they don’t strike, they get automatic raises, super healthcare, etc. ?

    How many put in an honest day’s work for the amount of total benefits that they receive?

    Apparently they are happy to pay unnecessary union dues, because they get paid about 50% more than the private sector, and the healthcare is about twice that of the private sector.

    Qualified or not, they are ahead of the game ! And of course, we pay the price.

  9. Excellent change of my phrasing to ‘paycheck receiver’. That more clearly defines their efforts. I honestly, really honestly know the Postal Service could cut their paycheck receivers about 40 per cent and still get the mail out with probably better service. The key to this? Remove the unions so you can fire the sloth. When I worked at the Post Office I was always surrounded by drones. When I worked the window selling stamps, I had some customers who would only come to my window. This is not to brag but to show drones in the hive still do no work.

    “If you are for gun control, then you are not against guns, because the guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not that you are anti-gun. You’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So you’re very Pro-Gun, you just believe that only the Government (which is, of course, so reliable, honest, moral and virtuous…) should be allowed to have guns. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GUN CONTROL. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small, political elite and their minions.

    -Stefan Molyneux

    Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.
    Silence is often misinterpreted, but never misquoted.

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