Know Thy Enemy

One of the primary reasons that any, person, organization or country, etc., loses a “war” with an enemy is because they truly do not understand their enemy. On that somber note, its time for EVERYONE to acknowledge that the left declared “war” against America and all that is good nearly sixty years ago. As always, the problem isn’t with those that understand the left’s “war”, the problem lies with those that do not recognize that the “war” that has been declared upon THEM even exists..

Please keep in mind that the overwhelming bulk of those that fall into the “War, what War on America?” group also voted in November to extend the Bolshevik battlefronts.. That is correct, the ignorant, the inattentive and the ambivalent, the distracted, the deflected and the apathetic have allowed the liberals to reload their weapons of mass destruction at TAXPAYER EXPENSE for another four years.

If OWEbama and the collectivist caliphate had been properly defeated in November, their “War” would have slowed appreciably. (Note that I did say that it would have ended..) Their “funding” would have had to have come from their own pockets as opposed to the “funding” being unconstitutionally stolen from the revenue coffers provided by the taxpayers under the guise of “health scare” or some “bailout” or “takeover”.

As we all know, the left is considerably more enthusiastic about spending OTHER people’s money rather than digging deeply into their own dirty progressive pockets.. “Compassion” has always been more prevalent when someone else is involuntarily scratching the checks..

For what may be the last time, the ONLY relevant statistics from the 2008/2012 elections will be repeated for your edification. The statistics are as follows but the preamble to them speaks more clearly than ANY assemblage of numbers.. Those who DID NOT participate in this election DECIDED the outcome of this election, an election that will FURTHER punish ALL of America.. They did not know their enemy..

In 2008, 61.6% of eligible voters responded to the polls, in 2012: 57.5%. There was but a 3.9% difference between OWEbama and Romney, a “change” of 4,970,508 votes. (51.1% against 47.2%) OWEbama tallied the SAME states as he did in 2008 with the exception of North Carolina and Indiana.. The voters of only TWO states managed to see the light after four years of collectivist carpet bombing.. (The 2nd Congressional District in Nebraska did the right thing as well..)

A mere 333,908 votes cast properly in four states, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire would have CHANGED the outcome in 2012. As well, McCain received 59,934,814 votes in 2008 after a scintillating campaign that was a sure cure for insomnia. Mitt Romney received 59,634,222 votes in 2012, a difference of approximately 300,000 LESS votes then McCain AND that was AFTER four years of napalming by the liberals..

SOME of us knew the enemy. ALL of us SHOULD have known the enemy after four years of intentional decimation and destruction..

It is not necessary to understand every nuance of the liberal’s “War”. It is not necessary to see the subtle liberal minutia of quotes like this one from “Stoli” Joe on gun SEIZURE/control from just a few days ago at a Google (uber-liberals, NEVER use them) “handout session”, “it’s gun safety, not gun control”. (MSNBC) “Minutia” is what makes politics “boring”, there is no need for such details, the BIG details should certainly suffice and the “BIG details” have been in full force for over four years.. It’s not even about obvious (BIG) liberal subterfuge vomited forth by Rodham (Cross Eyed Mary) as he/she said, “What’s the difference” in relation to her duplicity in the TERRORIST attack upon an American embassy in Benghazi..

We MUST assume that the liberal “wheels” that are well hidden under the table are ALWAYS turning. There are too many Democrats (and they are almost ALL distinctly “liberal”) skulking about Washington so it is only logical to conclude that even though you don’t see the rats on the street, you know that there are plenty of them rummaging about in the sewer.. Of late, they have recently become quite brazen in their “out in the open”, all-out in your face leftist destruction of America and EVERY American, regardless of their race, their gender or their economic status is being “victimized” AFTER being unabashedly victimized since January of 2009..

After sixty years, even after the last four years of focused energy Hell bent upon the destruction of America, no one has any excuse for not knowing thy enemy any longer..


22 responses to “Know Thy Enemy

  1. Happy Birthday..

    To me.


    Thanks as always,


  2. Happy Birthday Larry!!! I hope you had a great day.

    Boy you must have been listening in on a conversation I had with someone today. He didn’t vote because he didn’t think it would make a difference. I read him the riot act. He now knows that Hitler won in Germany by one vote and, if we survive the next four years, I don’t think he will miss voting again. I always vote in every election even if I know I am woefully outnumbered. I refuse to lose my vote.

    Personally, I don’t believe the numbers. Since Hillary Clinton owns a controlling interest in one of the companies that makes the voting machines, I have to wonder who controls the other two companies who make them. Anything run by computer can be tampered with. When I voted, I did not have a good feeling about the machine. I worked as an election inspector for many years and it would have been harder to rig the old style machines.

  3. URGENT!!

    A link to the latest TOTD:

    Its MORE than worth a read and a comment..

    I’ll let you be the final judge of that..

    Thanks as always,


  4. Ladywolf,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    I too agree with the idea that the vote counts were ALL on the level.

    The left will do anything and the ONLY thing that will stop them is a GENUINE movement/momentum of a somewhat permanent nature.

    Not a “Chic Fil A Day” temporary thing, a Reagan Revolution thing..

    They wouldn’t think to tamper with the votes when a genuine movement of the VICTIMS is underway.

    Imagine Ronald Reagan losing to Walter Mondale by four million votes..

    Passivity breeds another liberal “victory” at the polls..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Happy Birthday, Larry. May you enjoy many more. Something really needs to be done to get the voters to vote. That is one of the greatest freedoms I have. It is disappointing when your choice does not win, but at least I cast my ballot.

    Off subject may I recommend going to TOWNHALL.COM and read Thomas Sowell and his great article “Do Gun Control Laws Control Guns?”. There is so much material available and it all comes down to gun control is about citizen control and weakening them so they cannot fight.

  6. Vodka Joe’s reccomendation regarding gun control — get a double barrel shotgun ( then hope that the perp has only ONE bullet in his gun ) !

    Looking back at OWEbaama’s open mike comment to Medvedyed prior to the election, OWEbaama seemed extremely confident that he would win. Also, he didn’t prepare for his first so-called debate with Romney – was that because he knew he would ‘win’ ? Also, doesn’t Soros own one of the companies that certified the vote count ?

    Let’s not forget the effect of the ‘free’ OWEbaamaphones .

    Add in some of the other supposed voting machine abuses, and it would appear that OWEbaama had reason to feel confident of his ‘win’.

  7. The bicycle racer lost everything because he cheated and it does not really count as a win if you cheat. Voter fraud is cheating! Obummer “won” by less than five million votes but there were over ten million votes cast by dead and imaginary people plus votes changed by rigged voting machines so fraud is the real reason for the “win”. Neither McCain nor Romney actually tried to win but both would have won if it had been an honest election. The Republican RINOS could have voided the recent sham election but they did not even try. Unless the Republican party fully embraces the TEA Party, they are finished as a political force in this country. The communist takeover and destruction of our country is almost complete. The only remaining items are gun confiscation, civil war, martial law and complete takeover by China or Russia. Being allowed to vote is not enough. Every state needs to purge all of the dead and imaginary voters and require real, photo ID to vote. The machines must be honest and neutral.

    No one should ever be elected to any political office without an honorable discharge after serving in the military. Lawyers should never be allowed to become judges or politicians.

    The only hope we have left is the military, which is no hope at all because the military follows orders and all of the top military leaders have already sold their souls to get the stars on their collars. Remember what happened to the WW-I veterans when they marched on Washington to get what had been promised to them. The active duty military crushed them.

    But on a brighter note, Happy Birthday, Larry and many more.

    God Bless.

  8. Happy Birthday sprout. Your first paragraph nails it. When you talk to members of congress they act like you are cussing if you try to tell them we are at war, and we need to use their tactics on them. General Patton said it when he defeated Rommel in North Africa, “I read your book you bastard”. He knew his enemy and used his knowledge to defeat the enemy. The Republicans do not want to seem brash, hurt someones feelings or alienated any group, BS, let them have both barrels from old vodka breaths shotgun. I’ll keep my AR15, and 30 rd magazines just in case there are more than 2 bad guys. If I could find one of those 100 Rd mags Feinstein talks about I would buy it. The more ammo the less time spent changing magazines.

  9. Happy Birthday Larry and thanks so much for all your clear thinking and well written articles.

  10. A Very Happy Birthday, Larry!

    “The Art of War,” Amen.

  11. Speaking of Hillary and OWEbaama, I saw a few clips of the Steve Kroft ( ala Katie Couric ) fluff piece , disguised as an ‘interview’ . Were all three reading from the teleprompters ? Where is Mike Wallace when we need him !!

    Since the GOP in DC seems to be losing more and more of it’s backbone, and since Sarah Palin left FOX , is it time for a real Conservative Party to emerge , possibility with Palin in the running ? I assume she left FOX for a good reason, since she doesn’t need their money .

    This country cannot continue to sustain these enormous debts and deficits – something drastic must happen – and it better be sooner than later.

    The private sector is losing jobs, hours, and benefits , while gov’t. is expanding and federal employees are getting raises . As all of this is taking place, the ‘brain dead’ among us have absolutely NO CLUE , and give OWEbaama high approval ratings. Incredible !!

    Aagain, we don’t need just change, we are in dire need of DRASTIC CHANGE !!

  12. Happy Birffday, Kid.
    Its pretty sad when the people of a nation do not even realize they have been invaded and the war is on…

    Good show this morning, Kid, on BlogTalkRadio…

    Hey, NLTZ fans, give it a listen and provide FEEDBACK!

  13. Happy belated Birthday Larry. Another Aquarius!

    Got your buttons and will move forward to get a bigger audience for you.

    While I was at the gym today, they had CNN and FoxNews up on the TV monitors. I watched as the parade of anti-gun activist, Gabby Giffords and her husband all talk about the much “needed” gun legislation, and honesty, I feel for Gabby and the families from Sandy Hook tells us their sad stories. However, I didn’t see anyone come out for those whose lives were saved by having a gun. I would have liked to have seen the Georgia women who shot the man that broken into her home while her husband was at work. She fired six shots at him at close range and he still was able to get away. The cops picked him up later.

    It pisses me off that it’s always a one sided discussion. I do not have a solution for the mental health issues and someone that has a gun that probably should not, maybe Congress should take a look at ObamaCare to see if there’s anything in the 2,300 pages that covers mental illness. Again, the woman in the Sandy Hook shooting probably should not have had so many guns and ammunition that her disturbed son should not have had easy access too. Laws for storing guns safely in your home, such as a gun safe or regular safe, makes more sense to me. Checking on past mental illness issues should be looked at, just as any past crimes in their history matters. Congress seems to be overlooking all these issues, instead of just “get the guns” from law bidding citizens. We obey the laws, criminals do not. And if a criminal wants a gun they seem to find them, no problem, from personal experience.

    PS Mike Wallace is dead. Wallace was a die-hard liberal and I doubt that he would have asked Obama and Hillary any tough questions. What’s your favorite color, seems to be the fluff question that the media asks (my guess Obama likes blue). Everyone seems to be Entertainment Tonight interviewers. Their interview was so phony and their body language looked tense. They both looked uncomfortable. I sure would have liked to be a fly on the wall during the Benghazi days. I doubt these two will be bosom buddies.

  14. Yes, he is dead – it was just a rhetorical comment based on his reputation as a tough interviewer. BTW, even O’Reilly didn’t go for the jugular when he had the chance with OWEbaama.

  15. JJ,

    I don’t ever expect any interviewer/commentator will ever ask Obama the tough questions. First, I doubt he’d answer anything truthfully, turn around, and blame the Republicans for whatever the tough question was. Obama will never attend another Townhall meeting as President with the public because honestly, WE WOULD ask him tough questions. He certainly would not want to answer the thousands of question I want answers too; most of them are on Benghazi. Then, I have maybe 500 to 1,000 more on various things that worry most Americans.

    Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, Harry Reasoner, Frank Reynolds, Howard K. Smith, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Frank McGee, John Chancellor, Hugh Downs, Edward R Morrow and etc would let him slide. No matter how tough they appeared, they would be puppets of the network news Vice President. Every now and then Barbara Walters and Tom Brokaw were in a backstage conflict most of the time they were on the Today Show and every now and then, they would show their political bias. Barbara Walters and Frank McGee hated one another and sometimes that animosity appeared live on air. They would all be slapped on the wrist and told to keep their opinions to themselves, we just report the news, let the audience decide their opinions. The older crowd at least when my dad worked for NBC, were never allowed to show their political bias. God! For the good old days.

    They all know what happened, what he did and did not do to protect the people of this Country. He’s more interested in campaigning for the 2014 elections, in hopes that the Democrats gain more seats in the House, or take over again. That is what this man is focused on. The only thing he knows how to do is campaign, with mostly positive results. If I had that bastard sitting in front of me, first he would be tied up to the chair, then I’d hook him up to a polygraph machine. Every time he’d lied, I’d say that’s a lie Mr president. What is the truth? You owe that to the American people you selfish, narcissistic bastard. You’ll get no respect from me until you start telling the truth and give the respect of the people of this Country.

    Obama is an illusionist, a manipulator and I doubt even the great Bill O’Reilly would EVER ask him a tough, honest question that he knows before hand that Obama would never answer it (any questions since the Bret Baier interview have to be submitted to the White House days in advance, they’ll pick which ones they’ll answer). See Bill still hopes Obama will appear on his show again and there is still the next four years worth of Christmas Party invitations that he still wants. I stopped watching O’Reilly about two years ago. He’s not a journalist, he’s a commentator, but I hate to break that news to him. He still gets his million-dollar salary, his million-dollar mansion in the Hampton’s; his chauffeured limousine to work and home, his six weeks plus of vacation, so he’s not stupid, and access to the FoxNews plane, he’s not going to risk losing all those perks. I used to tune in to see the Dennis Miller Wednesday segment but not even that has been somewhat disappointing, so I stopped. Right now, he’s trying to intimidate FoxNews, whenever possible he will leave them out of the public conversation. Jay Carney will avoid asking any FoxNews reporter any questions, when they do he looks like he’s going to start balling. The rest of the Democrats will follow suit.

    Obama is a bully and will always be a bully and the media dutifully allows this to happen. They are all so afraid of not being allowed in the briefing room, having a one-on-one interview or access to the President, where they blow smoke up his ass. They will be cut from having any type of contact with the White House, the networks or cable channels cannot use them then. It’s all a big game for Obama and the Democrats. I found out a few months ago that he knew well in advance the questions Candy Crowley would be asking. His team gathered the data and she set up Romney, as people on his team had a listening device in his ear to answer any question Romney asked him to explains. If you look at it again, you’ll see that you can see a pause before he answered and most times he turned the question back on Romney. Not very cleaver.

    If he believes it was a terrorist attack immediately, then why did he tell 60 Minutes that it was not a terrorist attack? Of course, they held that information back until after the election. Or why when on The View he said that he wasn’t sure. CIA knew almost immediately that it was and reported that to its Director, David Petraeus. Why did the Defense Secretary Leon Panetta know almost immediately that it was a terrorist attack? Don’t you think that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were immediately notified of these facts? OBAMA WAS IN THE SITUATION ROOM WHEN IT TOOK PLACE. I have no doubts about that, with more then a few people who have come forward to say he was there, not just Petraeus and Panetta. Did they blame the anti-Muslim video did cause an uproar in most of the Middle East as well as places in Europe and Australia at the American embassies across the world. Was that a diversion of some kind, so the media would not look too deeply into Benghazi? My instincts tell me yes. He was immediately afraid he would lose the election if the facts were reported and the media lined up to kiss his ring. They were trying to hide something. They had that information on David Petraeus months in advance and black mailed him to keep him quite. However, he still spoke out and contradicted Obama and Clinton. Then Panetta back up Petraeus information. I guess Panetta was disinvited to the White House Christmas Party.

    I keep looking for new information on Benghazi and unless there is an official hearing to investigate the events, or if Hillary Clinton has to testify in a Court of some kind, which I highly doubt, there will be no new information on this sad event. I have not seen anything from Catherine Herridge, FoxNews in weeks. Unfortunately, for the public and the families… out of sight, out of mind. If they do sue, Hillary will be called to testify and if she wants to be the first female President, she will testify truthfully. So, I still hope the families continue in the lawsuit against Obama and his lies. I read somewhere there is a book coming out on the Benghazi tragedy, actually a few books. One will be a chronicle of the events as they took place. That’s the one I will read. I’ll probably buy them all.

  16. Eileen,

    And where are the witnesses to the Benghazi attack, and why can’t they come forward to speak the truth ? This is bigger than Watergate, but I fear that it will disappear and the TRUTH will never be known – or will take a long come to be forthcoming .

  17. There are three another witnesses and all of them are from the military. They seem to be active duty or work for the Pentagon. That should explain their silence. Perhaps they and/or their families are being threaten by the administration. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to Obama and his Administration. These administration people are downright evil and very vindictive as is Obama, they are all cut from the same cloth. These men came forward to defend their friend David Petraeus and would only do so if their names were not revealed. I could never get any further than that.

    I’m guessing maybe when the books are released will some of the names will pop up. You have to wonder why? Did Obama have foregone knowledge of the attack and choose to think of himself first and his re-election campaign, then the safety of those Americans working at the Embassy. Nothing would surprise me. There are those that were also saved, where are they? There was suppose to be something like 11 people working there. Now I don’t now if they were working that day or not, but still why haven’t they come forward. They didn’t die, so either they were rescued or got themselves out of the building or were off that day or left a few days before. I have wondered for a while why haven’t they come forward and spoken out about their deceased colleagues. Something smells and it ain’t Obama’s cologne or the White House Flounder.

  18. Eileen,

    I heard that the night of the Benghazi attack Ambassador Stevens met with the Turkish ambassador. Now there was an attack on the US embassy in Ankara. I don’t think that was a coincidence, do you?

  19. No. Chaos is expected in all of the Middle East, North Africa and parts of the Mediterranean. Look at the chaos in Greece. Egypt I think will be the next to go. I once worked with a woman who came to the USA during Reagan. She loved him. It’s why she came here. She told me horror stories that would curl your hair. She still had family living there when we moved in 2005. I keep thinking about her and her remaining family there. Her older brother was a big wig in the military there. I think he was a major. She got her mom out but she still had two sisters and three brother there and they were trying to talk them into coming here.

    The Muslims there were brutal to Christian and so corrupt back in the early 80’s. Her brother was murdered in front of her mother and his family when he would not deny Christ. She told me stories about Sadat. Americans will never know the terror most of the World is in. We take for granted the freedoms our Founding Fathers gave us. Her husband became very wealthy here and her son, Michael became a millionaire at 25. These things would never have been achieved in Egypt. She was a die-hard conservative and HATED the liberals. They reminder her of the Muslims in Egypt. That should tell you something. You do not want to know her take on immigration. Hint. She was against amnesty back in 2005.

  20. I agree that Egypt will be next to go. I don’t agree with any type of amnesty.
    If people can’t enter this country legally, they should not be given citizenship or the right to stay here. If they break the law they should be sent back where they came from.

  21. Since OWEbaama just gave planes and tanks to Egypt, what will that do for us?
    I don’t know exactly how many dictators the USA has put into power, nor the total of billions and billions of dollars that we have given to other countries, but in retrospect – what do we have to show for all of that ‘giving’, other than higher taxes for us ?
    Is it really possible to “buy ” friends and allies ?

    In the middle east regions, it seems that there are just too many crazies who enjoy killing each other. Remember, before we ‘discovered’ their oil , those sheiks and sultans were nothing more than desert roaming nomads , and peaceful co-existence was not part of their agenda.

    Which is worse, having too much money , or not enough money?
    Those with less, will usually work harder to earn more. Except for the welfare crowd, of course.

    So, where does that place all of those oil rich folks ? Just a few random thoughts.

  22. Eileen-
    You certainly rang the bell when you said the survivors and Benghazi personnel were being threatened, which would have been OWEbama’s first order and the second, just one breath after was they could not use the word terrorism until after the elections. The truth of Benghazi would have sunk the OWEbama good ship hope and dreams!

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