Monthly Archives: March 2013

Human Targets..

Another scourge will soon be stamped out and all of what was once America should feel safe, since everyone’s “feelings” are so important to the left.. Then again, if your “feelings” run counter to the left’s deeply demented philosophical standards, YOUR “feelings” are to be cashiered under the banner of “hate” and you are to be forever branded as an “-ist” of some sort who can’t seem to shake some vague “-ism” of some kind..

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Laugh Track

You have to hand it to the Mooselims.. Their similarities to the American domestic liberal animal is obvious but there are moments where they insist upon stepping out of the socialist shadow cast by our leftist lunatics and into a sewer all their own..

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The Cause Because..

The phone just ran again and I was just advised again about the “crisis” involving the second amendment. After being advised by both a live operator AND a recorded message, I was asked to make a “contribution” at the end of this oration. A few thoughts, if I may..

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