The Cause Because..

The phone just ran again and I was just advised again about the “crisis” involving the second amendment. After being advised by both a live operator AND a recorded message, I was asked to make a “contribution” at the end of this oration. A few thoughts, if I may..

I’ve noticed a lot of “crisis” of late, “crisis” that appear to ONLY be able to be solved or rectified with.. My money. I am also of the belief that EVERYONE involved on BOTH sides of the political ledger LOVE the idea of a good “crisis”. Nothing like a good “crisis” to get your particular constituents to open their wallets for the “cause”..

The idea of the “crisis”, real or imaginary, has become a political tool used to raise money. Washington has become a cesspool of monetary leeches from lobbyists to all sorts of fundraisers for the “cause”, fill in the blank as to the “cause du jour”..

The “cause”, the “crisis”, is a cash register utilized by both of the political extremes. The fact that today, the alleged “differences” between the two political extremes is now “wider than ever”, this makes the money-raising landscape extremely fertile for all parties involved. The bottom line is that the conservative “cause-ers” love the liberal left and the liberal left “causes-ers” love the conservative right. If we “all got along”, if we all had “common goals” as a nation, (like we used to) these fundraisers would have a much more difficult time amping up current events for personal profit.

Both right and left utilize the “cause” in the exact same manner. A necessary “hysteria”, an “urgency” must be afloat and these problems can ONLY be effectively countered with a gathering of our money.

I would suppose that if you believe in your “cause” deeply enough, you would be willing to do it for free. If your “cause” is strong enough, my money shouldn’t be necessary in order to prop up your personal involvement.. The OBVIOUS benefits to the ENTIRE nation should be enough for the “cause” to be accepted by the majority of the nation’s inhabitants, making the existence of the “fund raisers” moot..

Once the majority truly stands behind a “cause”, have no fear, the nation’s politicians would register the trajectory using the weather vanes that are attached to their “political beliefs”. Regardless of the direction of the prevailing winds, the political animals would fall right in line if their polls would tell them that the majority of Americans believe in something..

They (almost all parties involved) believe in the “cause” because: there is a PROFIT to be made..

The more hysteria that can be created, real or imaginary, the greater the PROFIT potential for those “fighting” for the cause against the enemy..

Hold on a moment.. Stop traffic..

The power of opinion ensconced in FACT should empower the advancement of the “cause” far beyond the need to acquire money from those that agree with the “cause”.

Why do I need to monetarily contribute to some faceless organization? I thought that I was supposed to have someone around already who is supposed to be expressing my opinion for me. Why do we elect representatives to go to Washington if they aren’t going to speak for us? What is it about the city limits of Washington that once someone crosses its threshold, a convenient sort of political amnesia strikes them?

When these politicians are “running” for the office that they seek, our “opinions” are allegedly of great value to them. We always see carefully staged photo ops with “John Q. Public”, our political office seeker always finds hayseed eating establishments, rustic fairs and get-togethers, which afford our erstwhile public servant ample opportunity to appear to be receptive to our opinions.. Kiss a baby or two..

Once our office seeker wins office, once the votes have been carefully tabulated and secured, our “representative” becomes inexplicably deaf to our concerns. For some strange reason, from this moment onward, in order for our concerns to be voiced to someone who once said that they believed in our beliefs, a bevy of “lobbyists” and “political action committees” need to be sufficiently moneyed and staffed..

Unfortunately, the inherent apathy and ambivalence of the American “public” aids in the necessity and the frequency of these “money gatherers”. This leads to the ridiculously repetitive reinforcement of the “causes’” message by its adherents as well as the counter argument by the “causes’” adversaries. Once the idea of common sense was cashiered here in America, the existence of all of these remunerated mouthpieces became “necessary”.

Since our political representatives are deaf to our concerns, a vacuum has been created and as long as we “contribute”, we will find someone who will be able to “speak to those in power” and again we will have our opinions heard.. As promised.. During the campaign..

Here is an idea: try holding those who have been elected to office accountable for their actions and their non-actions once they come up for reelection. This would require a modicum of effort on the part of the voters (the fifty or so percent who manage to show up at any given election) to be “informed” about the proper placement of their vote.

Again, if “politics” weren’t so important to us as a whole, the side show circus that it actually is would be incredibly humorous. BUT, and this is a VERY important “but”, they are “playing” with trillions and trillions of OUR dollars, (real or imaginary in the case of OWEbama) and yet this ISN’T important enough for a majority to both “show up” and to vote..

When a larger number of people vote for the winner of something as inane as the “American Idol” as opposed to the presidency of the United States, we have to conclude that the paradigm of common sense has been knocked of its axis. Politics may appear to be nothing more than a form of idiotic entertainment not unlike the “American Idol” to those who are directly affected, but regardless of the “soap opera” appearance and sound of the histrionics of the participants, politics is a deadly serious game.

Would more people consider voting if the candidates running for office had to either sing or dance for your vote? Would having some idiotic panel of talentless “judges” passing judgements to a chorus of either boos or cheers from an audience help you? How about an “900” number for you to call in, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your couch.. After all, you can vote for the “Idol” as many times as you can afford to with a convenient “900” number.. Again, a profit to be made..

How can you afford NOT to vote but ONCE for your “elected officials” since your vote is free to cast and the effects of voting or not voting are anything but FREE?


29 responses to “The Cause Because..

  1. noleftturnz


    WordPress is becoming “difficult”. Navigating and posting have become almost impossible.

    Growing weary..


  2. noleftturnz

    By the way,

    If anyone’s comment has MORE THAN ONE link attached, it goes immediately to a “junk” file that I have to find and then repost. I have to fish it out from all of the REAL “junk” and nasty uesless liberal “comments”.

    I don’t have a lot of time for that.

    Keep this in mind pleease.


  3. I’ve been having trouble posting a lot lately.

  4. That went through okay.

    I agree, it’s getting very toxic in DC,and the parties are no different, they are all seem the same, and are trying the American public patience. I’m sick and tired of Obama’s scare tactics, He would rather fly to a state and campaign for his ideas, then take a meeting with Republicans leaders. THIS IS JUST TOTALLY INSANE.

    I’m still digging into Benghazi, and found some other things for everyone to read. There are some very important stories also about the Obama administration and what there end game is. It made me sick to my stomach. Some things I had a feeling were going to happen and why certain members of his second term will remain in place so that his agenda gets complete. Holder and Napolitano are keep members, even though to most of the public they are incompetent in their jobs.

    These articles are very long, and I was going to post the links to the important articles, but now that is moot thanks to word press. So, I will send you to the website, give the titles to the stories.

    The website name is Northeast Intelligence Network. The author Douglas Hagmann. The first article you should read is “The latest from DHS Insider parts 1 and 2. After you read it maybe we can discuss its content.

    Here is another that you need to read. Since Brennan will likely be confirmed next week.

  5. Glad to see NLT on my email page. We thought it had gone to a reeducation camp. I have trouble all over trying to post links to comm manifest, agenda 21, numerous sites, commie goals of 1963, etc. some times just leave off the 3 W’s. and only use .— if it not the most common one. Some posts look weird, but seem to work. Larry, I no longer send money to any of those “we have to have it or we go out of business” sites. I lump the Republican party, and senate Republicans in the same trash bin.

  6. I think it is time for the Republican Party to dissolve and the new Conservative Party to take its place. We should elect only true conservatives in the primaries. Just my opinion.

  7. Talk about ” cash registers” , how about shutting down K Street ?
    It’s the source of many problems.

  8. noleftturnz


    Unfortunately, both of the “establishment” parties would ruin things. Look how BOTH reacted to the Tea Party..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Larry, your post is very timely. I was just discussing this very problem with my family less than a month ago. I have always been choosy who gets anything. First, I look up their rating in the CHARITY WATCH which is printed three times a year and rates different ‘hands extended’ for just a dollar. If their rating is less than B+, they are not considered. I only donate to three our four organizations each year. I always get my wife involved and we made a bad one last Christmas. We sent in a small amount to two local organizations for Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Dinner and our donation has now been all used up by the flood of “Woe we are” drivel.

    Can you visualize I would need to write and mail at my expense at least ten to fifteen letters a DAY to use all the return address labels I get? I’m 69 years old. Who am I going to write to? I live in a community that talks over the fence or leaning up to the pickup – gate- fence – whatever is available. Most of my bills are automatically subtracted from my bank account. I have to i send a check or don’t use them because they charge me a $1.00 processing fee to handle electronic funds.

    Last year really did me in with their “please help” or we’ll lose our lease or this or that. Freedom Fund (not yet listed with CHARITY WATCH) sent me 6 (six) gimme letters in one week. And their envelopes are always fully stuffed with real testimonies and sad stories (supposedly). I have made three donations this year and will make only two more (or one if the Boy Scouts change their mission statement).

    I wrote Tea Party Patriots a long letter explaining why I was not supporting them. One thing, they talk in their letter that they are like my closest friend and I wouldn’t know them from Adam and I told them so. I critiqued their letter and giving away postage. When they send out a call for cash, they include a self-addressed envelope with a regular stamp on it. I told them thanks for the letters which I used to pay a bill. They send out these return envelopes with ordinary stamps. I simply cover their address with a large Stickie note, white-out the bar-code on the bottom, run it through the computer, add one of my many return address stickers and send it off. I told them I have four in my desk right now, just waiting to be used. And I told them to upgrade their wording as we were adults they are addressing, not tiny tots. No body listened because I got another this week. And their little message sating “your stamp here will save is so much money and make your donation go farther:. Ha! Once a letter has been printed a business reply mail, that is what it is. You cannot cover over the front with a different address or use a stamp to pay the postage. The postage is already paid for that letter and if you put one on, that is like going out and throwing away 46 cents. That is a Postal Law. Once the envelope has been designated business reply, the receiver is on the hook for the postage and your stamp does nothing to lower their cost of receiving that letter.

    It is late and my arthritis is help typo’s galore so I bid you good night.

  10. Glad to hear from you Larry! You’re right of course,
    I haven’t sent money since Reagan and now they leave me alone. They’re just a bunch of money grubbers who think money will solve everything. How about telling how it is and being specific about what to do about it, do you think…., maybe that would get you elected?
    The same goes for charities! They also think money is the answer. Like Richard, I heavily scrutinize them. I do not attend or send money to any drive that has hired promoters. What kind of charity is it where they need professional ad men and the pull of celebrities like Jerry Lewis?

    Great job, Eileen! How do you find time far all that? Thanks!
    And Tony, I agree, Let’s dissolve the Party!
    Vote against ALL incumbents.

  11. Richard,

    I print in all caps ” DECEASED RETURN TO SENDER ” on the envelope, and put it in a mail box when I happen to drive past one. I do not leave it in my personal mailbox, since I do not want to have our local carrier assume that I am actually deceased !

    Works for me !!

  12. Larry,

    Speaking of “idiotic entertainment” , did you notice the coverage that Dennis ‘freaky’ Rodman got as the official ” unofficial” ambassador to North Korea? Perhaps he was chosen due to his prolific command of the English language, along with his superb knowledge of foreign affairs ! Wonder if Rodman’s exemplary achievement will result in his replacing John Kerry.

    Speaking of Ketchup Kerry, he’s dispensing our tax dollars in Egypt and Syria, easier than Rodman’s dispensing his words of wisdom, in spite of the rhetoric about the severity of the “spending cuts” doom and gloom.

    Maybe Kerry should instruct the Middle Eastern countries on a system of raising cash , the super successful ” cash for clunkers ” program made famous by his Liberal Progressive friends !!

  13. Larry, It’s great to hear from you again… I have been just chunking those gimmie letters in the trash for a long time. I once gave to one “conservative” organization and they started calling me at least twice a month, I finally told them to stop calling me and take my name off of their list because I don’t have any more money for them. I get a lot of junk mail and “we need money” stuff in my email account, and am noticing that some of their “news stories” have very misleading headlines. So I told them to get lost, too.

    I have been watching the stories crop up about new gun laws and proposed gun laws and how businesses and people are standing up… it is good to see, but I hope it is enough. The left has been waiting a long time to do this, and the are going to be spitting mad if it fails again.

  14. We used to get a ton of political phone calls. We changed our phone number and went unlisted, really unlisted and put the new phone number on the no call list. It worked, no more unwanted phone calls. During the election, we got four or five calls from Newt Gingrich campaign almost every day. I got so pissed off, picked the phone up and told them to stop calling. I am looking for another Ronald Reagan, and Newt is no Ronald Reagan. You will not get one penny from me. Stop wasting your time and mine. They didn’t listen and kept calling. So, we purchased a new phone (the other broke from we slamming it down), went to a direct phone company and had them make it unlisted. Success!

    Well, you may start seeing strange things on the internet related to conservative website, celebrities’ conservative host (Glenn Beck, Rush), anti-abortion websites, pro America, pro constitution, pro religion, anti-Obama agenda and pro gun. Obama has illegally hired about a thousand hacker used with left over money from one of his campaign “entities” and according to Judicial Watch it is illegal. I forwarded to them that information so they can do a FOIA request.

    These so call hackers are known as the “War Room” sent out to screw up the above websites, change what was written and turn it into a racial, obscure “hate” comments. I’ve seen some weird things going on in the web and when I read about the “War Room” (not associated with his re-election War Room) my mind went back to the weird things I’ve seen on the internet. One Tea Party website was down for a few hours.

    They will be doing Alinsky tactics, marginalizing and ridicule to shut people up.

    He is out to divide this country, bringing back race wars and create chaos. REMEMBER who surrounds this man, 60’s and 70’s radicals, they were attacking the government from the outside, but now they are on the inside and can and will happily destroy this Country. There will be something happening during the Trayvon Martin case when it comes up in the Florida courts, some time in late April-early May. I read that he will be busing in radical blacks to cause trouble in the streets. They will be told to destroy private property, do lots of damage and cause trouble for the citizens in that community, and drive the cops crazy trying to keep everything calm and quiet. The things I read this weekend about the inner workings of Obama, his administration and especially people like Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett, as well as his unnoticed and unreported Czars. Obama is A SICK DEMENTED MAN. PROBABLY THE MOST EVIL SINCE HITLER. HE IS MONEY HUNGRY, POWER HUNGRY and oh, that intelligence insider did say that Obama is not an American. Look at the fact that his own mother while in Indonesia worked with Timothy Geithner’s father. Coincidence? There are some crazy things going on in DHS. Please keep in mind about the drones that Eric Holder let slip out. They will use them against conservatives and anti-government people, and then create a story as to why they had to kill this person. They have a book, large three-ring binder book with all the scenarios. They also have a book on list of people “types” that are against Obama and his agenda and end game. Known Islamic terrorist are they on that list. Nope, but retiring and returning veterans are as are cops, anti-abortionist, Tea Party members (who mostly were peaceful protesters), we are all domestic terrorist in their eyes. They will also uses the drones to spy on us, and use “National Security” as the reason. However, let every Mexican criminal in that will be just fine with them. Over done Patriot Act on steroids.

    Why am I doing this? Because our own media absolutely refuses to take a hard look at the things going on in this administration? (I recommend the book “District of Corruption” by Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, really good book.) The Founding Fathers created a “free” press to report and investigate government abuses, corruption within the government and the politicians that play at taxpayers expense, to protect the People from an abusive government. If you want to know what is going on in our government, go read a Canadian or UK newspapers. They are the ones that are reporting on his administration. 98% of those in Congress are in payola deals with companies, CEO’s, Wall Street Executives, lobbyist and every other sleazes that live within the District of Corruption. Do we hear anything about this from our press? No of course not because they get their inner workings of the government news from these same sleazy politicians, they won’t bite the hand that feeds them. Take a good look at their financial statements, which by law they are required to do every six months. Pelosi, Reid, Republican leaders all know what coming up legislatively and they can build their own wealth with insider knowledge and it’s ALL LEGAL. The lawmakers shouldn’t be making any laws that benefit them financially. Do you hear the press talking about this? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    I have reach my tolerance level and patience with this bullshit. I’m done and I will not tolerant it anymore. Therefore, the more people know the better for the future of this Country. Keep your eyes on that website I gave you yesterday (Northeast Intelligence Network) and keep checking Free Canada Press; they are reporting what’s going on. THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS.

    The federal and some state governments are manufacturing this chaos, they want all and every illegal to enter this Country to enter, collapse the dollar, our social system, our financial system (you got any money in a 401K, get it out now and bury it in the back yard. When Obama is done, there will be no 401k’s, he will take that money, those retirement savings. Have a little savings, withdraw it and hide it in the mattress. Credit cards, ATM’s and EBT will be hacked by his little buddies. In addition, of course our healthcare system. They plan to ration food, medical supplies, fuel (explains why the pipeline is out), milk anything and everything. Think of Russia during Lenin or Karl Marx. Bread lines, no money, people scared about the future.

    I don’t know if the Russian people know it or not, but Putin doesn’t like Gorbachev glasnost too much or Hillary’s Reset button. I’m not to fond of Obama’s wink-wink to Medvedev.

    They all know there will be push back from most Americans who aren’t foaming at the mouth liberals. They know there will be another civil war, and they will try to take our guns and especially our ammunition, he wants to make ammunition so expense no one can afford it. I think most of us can see the writing on the wall. They will use their new found illegal friends, and spy on everyone from what you eat, drink, read, speak with over the phone, looking for “certain” words they don’t like. Words like Constitution, America, and freedom all hate words in their eyes. Patriots, who are loyal to this Country, will be determined to be domestic terrorist. They will try to suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights during this Civil War or remove the first and second amendments so that Obama can over extend his stay in the Oval Office.

    We all better start waking up and paying attention to what is said and not said by this administration. I have to say the administration was pretty pissed about those articles written in the Free Canada Press. They cannot do anything about it but they are trying very hard to find the man that wrote them. He is a forensic internet investigator and ex military who knows how to hide his identity. Start looking at unexplained sudden deaths of people. See more things like Denver and Sandy Hook; you will be awarded with food and supplies if you turn in our guns or your neighbors. Fun times are ahead.

    There will also possibly be a manufactured attack on the First Family so that they can take away the guns, scare Americans and panic them. Politicians are running scared, they know the public is angry, fed up and they don’t want to piss us off anymore than they already have so they will push back on the gun issue with Obama, especially western states. These are things all being discussed behind close doors in the District of Corruption.

    I read something somewhere this weekend that a film production company working in New York State needed a waiver to have “guns” on the set. I had a chuckle over that, that they’ve gone so far over the line, that a cop movie needs a waiver to have guns on the set. What are they going to do next, take guns away from the police, FBI, CIA? Replace them with what? Slingshots and a rock? They have gotten stupid and more ridiculous every day.

  15. Totally agree Larry. I subscribe to several conservative email newsletters (like this one and Redstate) but I get spam emal from hundreds of so-called conservative blogs that go immediately to the trash bin but it is certainly time-consuming to do so. I still get quite a few solicitations in the mail but I have cut the number in half the last year or so by simply writing “please remove my name from your mailing list” on the return form and mailing it with their business-reply envelope. Figure if they have to pay (and it’s more than the 46 cent standard postage), maybe they’d be more motivated to make the change. I have given to the Heritage Foundation the last few years because they are doing some good conservative things, but I am getting tired of continually being asked for even more funds – may have to cut them off. I gave a little $$ directly to the Ted Cruz campaign here in Texas when he reached the very difficult run-off (NOT to the Republican party) but I can’t help but think they may have sold or given the list to other goups because it sure seems like the mail solicitations have increased. Like you – I keep wondering why this has to be the way. Do our elected representatives pay more attention to what we have to say if we have “paid” to say it? Doesn’t quite seem very “American”………..

  16. If you forgot, our elected politicians get free mail privileges when in Office. Some have used that money for others things. Remember the Republican, I think came from a western state, misused the money he received for “free” postage. I’m just saying…. I hope the Heritage Foundation under Jim DeMint will make some much needed changes. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve gotten some emails from him but tell will tell if he is an honest citizen trying to make changes to the federal government daily business or just another politician.

  17. Rick Shaffer

    When I get postage paid reply envelopes from outfits I don’t like, I stuff thin pieces of plywood (really) into the envelope and then tape the envelope securely shut. I checked with the post office and it’s legal. The idea being to make the return envelope as heavy as possible.

  18. I have an article and website I would like you to see Larry, but don’t want to email it here. Got an email address? Or however?

  19. It’s ‘off topic’ , but still in the news – the horrific spending cuts !! So, if you’ll indulge me to offer a simplified example of the absurdity of OWEbaama’s gloom and doom tactics.

    The 2012 fiscal budget is $3.78 trillion and the spending cut is $85 billion. Numerically it is $3 ,780,000,000,000 and 85,000,000,000 . To simplfy the math , lets round off and drop some zeroes . That gives us 38,000 vs 850 .

    And, to bring the numbers closer to home, let’s say that you have a NET take home pay of $38,000 ( the net pay is used since it is the actual amount you have to spend ) , and the $850 is what you must cut from your planned expenses. Now, if you absolutely can’t cut that amount , then perhaps :

    a) You failed 4th grade math
    b) You’re a stupid voter
    c) Your employer needs to rework it’s hiring policies
    d) You don’t deserve a BMW
    e) You shop at the mini-mart
    e) You believe that Starbucks has the cheapest coffee
    f) You believe that every room in the house should have a TV
    g) You believe that OWEbaama is the best POTUS ever
    h) You should probably quit your job, and go on the dole

    However, the Liberal loons can’t and won’t accept something so SIMPLE !!

  20. Here is a project for all you woodworkers:

  21. Pelosi for Speaker of the House

    Why not? The GOP appears to be in self-destruct mode, Boehner is a wimp, and the House apparently will not vote to defund OWEbaamascare.

    At least we’ll get a laugh at the stupid remarks from Pelosi, and there’s NO doubt where she stands regarding the Liberal agenda.

    The Regime and OWEbaama are doing whatever they desire, and NO one is even attempting to stop it , not even the SCOTUS !

    Liberals claimed that illegal aliens who committed serious crimes had to be placed in prison or detention camps. And in order to appease the Liberal base, these aforementioned aliens had to have committed a serious crime .
    Now that several thousand of these criminals have been released, can’t any Gov’t. officials be charged with jeopardizing the welfare and safety of American citizens ? These releases represent an absolute derilection of duty .

    Speaking of OWEBaamascare, is it true that Dingy Harry covertly added a section that would NOT permit the registration of personal firearms ? Remember, he is a proud NRA member !

    Just a few random thoughts.

    Oh yeah, back to Nasty Nancy – I wasn’t really serious about that , or was I ?

  22. The US Gov’t. spent $60 billion on improvements in Iraq , and $90 billion on improvements in Afghanistan . But, it is going berserk due to an $85 billion cut in the growth of spending. For example they cut back on security personnell at airports and the border, BUT just spent $1,000 per employee on new uniforms for TSA workers !

    Please be patient, because if and when Nasty Nancy is questioned on this expenditure, she will have a very intelligent, reasonable,and concise explaination , because afterall it is vitally important that federal employees be attired in the very best that money can buy! Want proof – just consider her wardrobe ! Wonder if these employees will , if needed, get free Botox treatments.

  23. Wonder how many Libs are thrilled with the release of the illegal aliens . Do they and their families feel safer now that social justice has been performed by the Liar in Chief ? Are they proud of the willful, spiteful, hurtful, tactics of the fraud in the WH ? Perhaps they approve of their boy and his spoiled brat actions. Maybe they believe that it is an excellent display of Presidential leadership !

    Is it possible that they enjoy all of the pain that he has inflicted on the American people, including his Liberal base? Especially since NONE of this crap is necessary.

    Oxymoron of the day ” Liberal Compromise “

  24. JJ,

    They don’t care so long as they vote Democrat, hopefully a couple of times.

    I finished the Tom Fitton book, The Corruption Chronicles. He dug pretty deep into the voter fraud from 2008. He estimates that a third of the votes were fraudulent. From ACORN to Project Vote put so many illegal voters. Eric Holder is only interested in Section 7 of the Voting Rights Act. That places federal, state and local governments have to provide the easiest methods so potential voter applications, but they totally ignore Section 8 of the same Act, which covers cleaning up voter rolls. He actually stops that from taking place. He blocks it. He is probably the most corrupt Attorney General we’ve never had and for an administration who claims they are the most transparent and accountable in “history” is a joke and everyone knows it. He has blocked more Freedom of Information request more than the Clinton and Bush administration combined.

  25. Yay for Rand Paul! He has created a small spark of life… I WONDER IF WE CAN KEEP IT GOING. I am so disgusted with Lindsay Graham and John McCain! Those two old farts need to just go home. I will NOT vote for Graham again! Where is Jim DeMint when we need him?

  26. Nasty Nancy is not satisfied with OWEbaama’s call for a $9.00 minimum wage, since she is now DEMANDING that it be raised from $7.25 up to $10.10 . Her reason – the recent surge in the stock market !!

    Wonder what she’ll say if the maket takes a big dip – will she DEMAND that the minimum wage therefore be reduced , in order to be consistant with her logic ?

  27. Nasty Nancy! Quite a tag. What about Boehner? Boehner the brayer, braying at the moon? He was the wrong person to follow Nasty. He has been emasculated. I wonder what his home life is like? He is so cowed in his position he bellows outside, then goes in to see OWEbaama and he has no bellow in him, just ‘yes,sir. anything you say, sir!’ We REALLY need some person who can stand their ground and not blick, flinch, kneel, whatever. Republicans must grow a pair.

  28. Richard,

    The answer is BTW – Boehner The Wimp . Need I say more ?

  29. M I S S I N G P E R S O N S

    Not of the milk carton variety , but namely approx. 75 followers of this site.

    With 81 listed followers , and with so much nonsense coming out of the District of Corruption, one would assume that even the most timid, shy, bashful, ( insert whatever adjective seems appropriate) reader would have some response , since afterall, it does not entail a “face to face” confrontation, and best of all – it is almost an anonymous activity !!

    I would also assume that eveeryone reading this has a functioning keyboard. Therefore why not take a few seconds or minutes to express your opinion , since most of us have at least ONE opinion on what is happening around us.

    As the Bard had said ” wherefore art thou ” ?

    Hey, if nothing else, perhaps tell me that I should NOT make asumptions !

    I would assume that the above comment should generate at least ONE response ! Then again . . . . . .

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