Laugh Track

You have to hand it to the Mooselims.. Their similarities to the American domestic liberal animal is obvious but there are moments where they insist upon stepping out of the socialist shadow cast by our leftist lunatics and into a sewer all their own..

This latest example of the “forward thinking” of the Mooselims comes courtesy of another of the liberal’s socialist satellite offices, the U.N. The U.N., a monumental waste of American tax dollars, is comedic enough but add the knee slapping humor of the Mooselims and you have a display that begs for a laugh track..

Trying desperately to justify their existence, another sub-branch of the U.N., the “Commission on the Status of Women” no less, is “working” to produce another “document” and history has proven just how effective “documents” produced by the U.N. are to despots.. The cause is certainly admirable enough, but there won’t be a sufficient “outcry” from the ateliers of domestic liberalism, the liberals themselves and their minions in the “impartial” media, for this effort to matter in the least to the women who suffer in the Middle East..

Everyone knows that the Mooselims will ignore anything from anyone anywhere that intends to upset their atavistic apple carts, but shouldn’t the alleged domestic heroes of “feminism” be leading some type of rally or protest in support of their “suffering sisters of the sandy cesspools”? If the elitist liberal Democrats choose to ignore this “atrocity” against women, why haven’t the domestic feminist bovines themselves donned their overalls and flannel shirts and begun to bray and moo in support of the plight of these fellow “sisters” who are so tormented?

The Mooselims of Egypt are leading the charge against the rights of women. (Again, complete and utter silence from ALL of the elements of the domestic liberals..) According to CNS News, the Egyptian savages consider this type of meddling to be something that will “undermine the family, subvert society and drag it into pre-Mooselim ignorance..”

When the ignorant use the charge of further ignorance to “support” their flaccid arguments, you have to marvel. Here we have the absolute definition of “ignorance” not wanting to stumble into further ignorance.. Any minute now the Mooselims will start cackling about their high “morals and values” based upon their “religion”..

RELIGION? This should unquestionably arouse the liberals who view “religion” as a clove of garlic in their presence.. Their silence in this matter means that there are only a few “religions” that fall under their sardonic sadistic gaze..

This should be a pushover for the liberals/feminists, it should be a clarion call for them to assemble and march for their “cause” but their silence shows that they are merely domestic POLITICAL groups who are uninterested in “rights”. They are ONLY interested in the acquisition and retention of power. These overwhelming desires percolate beneath the charade of “concern”, or better yet, the ruse of “compassion”.

Here the liberals, who NEVER resist a chance to stick their nose into ANYONE’S business because of their self-appointed positions as the WORLD’S arbiters of “fairness”, are abandoning women who are in desperate need of their help.. The domestic liberals and feminists seem to only come to the aid of women who aren’t really suffering at all, as long as they can be located within the contiguous forty eight states..

The Egyptian Mooselims believe that this document produced by the midgets at the U.N. will lead to “complete disintegration of society, and would certainly be the final step in the intellectual and cultural invasion of Mooselim countries, eliminating the moral specificity that helps preserve cohesion of Mooselim societies..” When vermin like the Mooselims start tossing around such words as “moral and cultural” it is almost as disgusting as when the domestic Democrats start heaving around “patriotism and values”..

The Mooselims see a “threat against the right of Mooselim men to give or withhold consent for women to travel or work..” Proving without question that Mooselims are cowards, they claim to be “threatened” by women traveling or working.. Yoo hoo, American liberals and feminists, where for art thou?

No problem, “Egypt wants the draft amended to allow countries to sidestep those recommendations they view as clashing with religious or cultural values..” This reference again to “religion” should be the red cape dangled before the Bolshevik bull dykes of the feminist enclave but all that we hear are crickets.. The thought that some “document” from such an emasculated organization as the U.N. would be a threat to the Mooselims is ridiculous. “Documents” worked well in reigning in Hitler’s antics, so this progressive palavering by the U.N. will be as irrelevant as the U.N. itself..

“Taking the lead” in the Mooselim outrage at this document seeking “fairness” (Hoping that this liberal buzz word might cause the leftists to spring into action.. Still waiting..) is Cairo’s Al-Azhar “university” which is “considered the top seat of learning” within this Mooselim paradise.. “Learning”? The only “learning” taking place within this area of the world relates to the proper transportation and use of “devices” against the Western Infidel..

Taking their humor to the breaking point, the Mooselims “called on women’s organizations to commit to their religion and morals of their communities and the foundations of good social life and not be deceived with misleading calls to decadent modernization and paths of subversive immorality..” Wow. This SURELY should serve as the propellant upon the blazing fire of domestic feminist equality, this backwards demand for Mooselim women to be subservient to MEN based upon RELIGION should be “news” all across the American feminist landscape..

Along with the well documented abuse of women within the Mooselim subculture, we are told that “in a recent World Economic Forum report on the gap between women and men in economic participation, educational attainment, political empowerment and health and survival, Egypt dropped to 126th place (out of 135 countries) from 123rd in 2011..” Any wagers that the nine other “countries ” that scored below Egypt were all Mooselim paradises?

In what has to be another absolute shocker, Mervat Tallawy, the president of Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) “reported that violence, including sexual violence, was being used against female protesters in Egypt to discourage them from taking part in anti-government demonstrations..”

Even with such startling news, American liberals and feminists, the ones that fell all over themselves in order to ATTACK the women who made well substantiated claims against the collectivist cad from Arkansas, even with first-person accounts from Middle Eastern sewers like Egypt, the American liberals, the American “impartial” LIBERAL media and the American feminists won’t lift a finger to help even in such a useless way as the one being attempted by the U.N..

The unfortunate thing about ALL of this information is that it isn’t “information” at all.. The American liberal, self appointed hero to the “women’s movement”, alleged “righters of wrongs”, fellow travelers with the fifth columnists of the fourth estate, just can’t seem to find the time to speak up about the treatment of women within the Mooselim Middle Eastern toilets. No, they are WAY too busy screaming about all of the “injustices” against women here in America, like their inability to pay for copious amounts of birth control and other such hideous “inequalities”..

If the bearded baboons of the Middle East had to listen to the haranguing of the American hirsute harridans of the “feminist movement” for years on end as we have, the rug rodents might realize that they are getting off light and they might treat their own women a bit better..


11 responses to “Laugh Track

  1. And, apparently these travesties in Egypt are OK with Ketchup Kerry, since he just gave Egypt $260 million .

    And, apparently it is OK for Mooselim women to go into banks, and thru airport security with only their eyeballs exposed ! Hell, these women could rob banks without fear of being identified. I’m surprised that more bank robbers haven’t tried this disguise , rather than just using a hoodie and possibly a bandana.

    When these Mooselum wives are treated like ‘dirt’ by their husbands, how can they have a loving relationship? It would seem that their ‘love-making’ is one step removed from spousal rape. Just saying !

    Nonetheless, Larry – good article .

  2. Yes! Why do our American harridans ignore anyone and anything outside their own clique? When our soldiers go off to war, are they only fighting for men’s rights and privileges? Do they ignore the plight of the women and children? How is it the Loony Liberals in America completely ignore other country’s struggle for equal rights? Do they think they received equal rights by simply living here? History is sadly and tragically ignored in our society. If the underprivileged think they are going to continue advancing their freedoms without doing anything, they are sadly mistaken. Do they not know what politicians are trying to do to them? Politicians and the “elites” want to see them at the back of the bus with tape over their mouth. And that change in culture could happen without them knowing about it. We must all put ourselves in the boat, working as a team to help steer our country to calm waters. It was the swooning and weeping courtesans who pulled the wool over our eyes after listening only to the fife. They completely tuned out the brass band, but I also blame the brass band for playing in such discordance without a strong leader. Their message was not understood.

    And JJ, I am right their with you regarding covering heads and expecting us to be okay with it. I’m NOT okay with it! In these terrorist days, we must be able to see anyone completely above the neck and be able to look each other in the eye and see a person, not an automaton.

  3. As we know, the problem with the continuous increases in bennies for the non-productive , is two-fold – we can’t afford it, and if we attempt to reduce some of them, all hell will break loose. With so many on welfare for GENERATIONS , that is all they know, and of course they’ll continue to expect to be taken care of for life !!

  4. Speaking of Mooselums, the current resident in theWH cost the taxpayers
    $1.4 BILLION last year on his family . Besides his salary, he gets about $150 thousand for expenses and entertainment. Plus $1 million for INCEDENTALS ! BTW, the care taker of his dog makes over $100 thousand per year.

    It’s just an example of the Liberal mentality that claims ” we do not have a spending problem ” !!

    Speaking of ‘free’ money, consider this :

    Do you know that the Senate barbershop costs us $350,000 per year? That’s $3,500 per Senator for HAIRCUTS !! And, if there are two barbers, then each is making well over $100,000 . And, if each Senator gets a haircut once every two weeks, that breaks down to 50 cuts per week for the shop, or 25 per barber per week, if only two barbers .

    When Santorum was in the Senate and attempted to privatize the barber shop, Arlen Spector objected on the grounds that JOBS WOULD BE LOST !! The political mindset boggles my mind.

    BTW, the House barber shop has been privatized for some time.

  5. In the Liberal mind, as long as there is someone who doesn’t live like a king without working, there is still more work to do, money to spend, earnings to steal from someone else.

  6. Larry,

    Do you think a Glock 19 is a good choice for a CCW, or do you have a suggestion ?

  7. Yes, Larry. What might your suggestions be regarding weapons to carry. I went to my gun shop last week and was overwhelmed by what they have. The store was really full and there weren’t enough clerks to ask questions, so I left, my head spinning.

  8. JJ,

    Glock 26, the “Baby Glock”.

    9MM, but still stopping power, accuracy without the recoil.


  9. Richard,

    I am VERY partial to Glock across the board.

    The choices seem to surround things like ease of being concealed (the element of surprise is the best weapon..). The size of one’s shooting hand also is important in order to absorb recoil, complete control.

    Bianchi makes the best conceal holster, no need for a strap to retain the weapon, it fits tightly and the lack of a retention strap makes access quicker and easier.

    Some of the better gun ranges have numerous weapons that you can “test drive”. Just pick a size, (9MM, 40 cal, etc.) and grab some ammo of that caliber (if OWEbama hasn’t had Homeland Security buying all of it up..) and shot as many different models as you can.

    The ease with which a weapon can be broken down for cleaning is also important to some. Decide what are the most important details for you personally and that should narrow things down immensely.

    As well, I prefer “night sights” (Trijicon) to lasers as the “red dot” gives away your tactical position..

    Hope that helps,


  10. Larry,

    Thanks .

  11. Thanks for all the info, Larry. We, my wife and I, will start shopping this weekend and see what we can find. You’re great!

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