Human Targets..

Another scourge will soon be stamped out and all of what was once America should feel safe, since everyone’s “feelings” are so important to the left.. Then again, if your “feelings” run counter to the left’s deeply demented philosophical standards, YOUR “feelings” are to be cashiered under the banner of “hate” and you are to be forever branded as an “-ist” of some sort who can’t seem to shake some vague “-ism” of some kind..

In Windham New Hampshire, dodgeball is to be banned from the local schools. Dodgeball.. These properly frightened northeasterners want to put an end to what they have called “human target” games..

According to CBS Boston, parents “complained” that their kids were “bullied”. (The newest CRISIS in what was once America, a new buzzword that allows the liberals to invade and trample EVERYONE’S rights due to the liberal’s immoral certitude and their absolute obsession to intrude where they aren’t invited..) These “parents” were upset that their kids were “targeted during dodgeball”..

Another sufficiently soft “parent”, properly marinated in the jejune juices of the intellectually lethargic left, wailed and puled that “you can see how some children are targeted more than others..”

These “parents” need to understand that EVERYONE is a “target” in dodgeball.. EVERYONE.. Everyone is a target, therefore everyone is equal.. Wait, everyone is “equal” in dodgeball? This basic logic must be overlooked in order to further the liberal “New World Odor” as the left has succeeded in becoming the nation’s final arbiter of what is “fair”..

A New Hampshire school softy, probably quite overpaid as the majority of those who are employed by the liberal indoctrination stations known as the schools are, (and probably another person identified as a “hero”..) quickly reiterated that “the game creates conditions inconsistent with the message of respecting one another..”

In what has to be a tasty twist of irony, on the same page as this “story” about the “targeting” game of dodgeball, there was another story and the headline spoke of hockey players “targeted” for mid season trades.. I hope that these players don’t feel “bullied” by such an article.. As well, I hope that some players aren’t “more targeted than others”..

Dodgeball will probably be replaced with an “inclusive and uplifting” event like “Everyone’s a Winner” (not to be confused with another liberal game called ‘Everyone’s a WHINER’..) where everyone is “equal” and everyone gets a ribbon or a trophy so that they can “feel good” about themselves.. To boot, it will probably be a video game so that the left can continue to create generations of more docile couch potatoes.. There is no effort or need to excel, you are ALL excellent, you are ALL “winners”.. As long as you stay in your place and do nothing to change that placement..

It is tiring to have to constantly point out to the liberals that self esteem, “feeling good” about yourself, is NOT something that the liberals can merely hand to you. (Their handouts of welfare should stand as a testament to this failed illogic..) ANYTHING that isn’t EARNED through work and accomplishment will do NOTHING to bolster the “self esteem” of ANYONE. Period. Liberals participate in their handouts because it makes THEM “feel good”, they are completely oblivious to the affect that their banal benevolence has on its recipients. Purity of motive cleanses their empty souls, the condition of your soul is irrelevant..

When the “impartial” media talk up (“make up” is more like it..) a “story” rarely is any “victim” named. In the rare case that this occurs, we might have but one “victim”, yet this one person’s “rights” supercede everyone else’s, one person’s “feelings” take precedence and only THEIR opinion on the matter counts. What this REALLY means is that as long as they AGREE with the “opinion” of the left, everything is okie dokey..

It is all a part of the necessary “intellectual disconnect” that has to be a part of liberalism. Example, the left refuses to acknowledge that life BEGINS at conception, therefore the abortion “process” is similar to merely taking out the trash.. This type of disconnect also applies in the following scenarios..

ONE child (who managed to escape the liberals clawing at them as they exited the birth canal with their ice tongs and their rubber aprons) refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at school and the ACLU has a new “case” on their grimy hands.. One child is suspended for wearing an “America the Beautiful” shirt to school and the ACLU is nowhere to be found.. It’s NEVER about “rights” with the left, it’s all about agreeing with the liberal ethos, THOSE are the ONLY “rights” that matter.. The “right” rights, if they aren’t your rights, tough..

So, according to the left, dodgeball is dangerous because it is a “human targeting” game.. Where is their outrage at the “human targeting” GAME that the liberal federal government approves of involving domestic drones?

Here we have a quote from Eric Holder, he of the “Fast and Furious” fame who should be of “Leavenworth fame”.. “Yes, the president does have the authority to use military force against American citizens on US soil-but only in extraordinary circumstances..” (Liberty Pulse)

This “Domestic Democratic Dodgeball” drone GAME doesn’t seem to ruffle the feathers of the feral fascists and it would be considerably more detrimental and permanent than a rubber dodgeball to the kisser, yet there is a uniform silence from the left on THIS matter..

That is because the “recipients” of the Democrats dodgeballs won’t be the so called “American citizens” who sport several unevenly spaced hyphens in their names, rug burns on their knees and ticking turbans.. The “recipients” will be the “American citizens” who have the temerity to disagree with the liberal government. The “peace loving” leftists become might physical when you disagree with their take on anything.. “Big Brother” appears to be just fine as long as a “brother” is in charge..

If our “friends” within the collectivist caliphate insist upon the idea of using drones on OUR “citizens”, why don’t they get some practice in by using them on our “southern border” on people who AREN’T citizens? This should hopefully instill a bit of confidence in the leftists as to the effectiveness of these weapons AND we can make the whole AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS easier for the liberals by eliminating the constant “flow” of ILLEGALS so that they don’t have that many more to AMNESTY.. Why don’t they play “Democratic Dodgeball” with those who continue to VIOLATE both our laws AND our border?

“Extraordinary circumstances”? With a political ethos that is DRIVEN by the creation of “crisis”, real or imaginary, exactly when AREN’T there “extraordinary circumstances”?

Consider yourself a “human target”..


13 responses to “Human Targets..

  1. Another stupid idea by a stupid liberal. So crazy and silly too. They need to man up and quit acting like a bunch of panty waist sissies.

  2. One must always remember with liberals that the ends always justify the means. The fact that we needed a filibuster to get an answer to a simple question from the Capo il Tutti Capo in the White House speaks volumes about their beliefs. Considering his belief that even children whom survive abortion do not deserve the same legal protections as we do, nobody should be shocked about how he feels he can simply exterminate anyone he chooses simply with a stroke of the pen. Yes, I do believe he would use Predator drones with Hellfire missiles to eliminate political enemies; consider one missile is about ten grand to use, its cheaper than the manpower needed to hassle, arrest and detain them.

    Eliminate Dodgeball? Absolutely, when we were kids we played games like ‘Smear the Queer’, and ‘War Ball’, and you learned real fast how to dodge the incoming fire. Were we harmed by these games? No, but liberals hate losing almost as much as they hate winners. This is one more reason why the public school systems as they stand need to be scrapped and started over. They are now nothing more than political indoctrination camps, where uber-liberal teachers pour their hate-filled rhetoric into the skulls full of mush of impressionable children.

    We live in an age where, rather like an old Rolling Stones song puts it ‘every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints’. Every traditional more and ethic is considered bad, while deviancy and moral decay are held up as examples. Christianity is under siege from all corners, and we must re-learn to defend our faith if it is to survive. Remember, it took nine Crusades to keep the infidels out of Europe, we will need a similar event to save Western Civilization from the vississitudes of Secular Humanism and the evils of Liberalism. .

  3. Dodgeball? To be sure a game to teach avoidance and help people learn to keep on their toes and stay alert. The ACLU will change the name to “Drone Dodge”!

    I loved “panty waist sissies” Mary! Seems when I went to school, everyone was called this at one time or another. Now the students are called names that would embarrass any wholesome living person. Then also we fought our own battles and didn’t enlist help from someone else.

  4. I wonder how long it will take for the ACLU to outlaw any type of ball. You could say football makes one a target or baseball makes one a target and so one and so forth. Our country has become a nation of avoidance and turn the other cheek too much. We need to see some grits and testosterone brought to the surface and used to teach and advise how we can stand up and be proud of ourselves. I’m not talking revenge, I’m talking self worth.

  5. beyond disgusted

    Thanks to the libs, we have become a nation of wusses (not sure of the spelling). I am ashamed, for so many reasons, of so many of my fellow Americans. The left wants to remove “fun” from all aspects of life, and sadly, they are succeeding.

  6. Now the US gov and the left are pushing into the public schools the common core which will test your child and by the age of 7 know where this child is going in life and what work they will do for their lifetime. Not only will they determine this but your kid will not have a say in the matter. There will be no outlet and they will have to follow what has been written. They will also know everything about the child and his/her family. Everything. This is already being done in Texas and will be coming to your state too. Check it out by typing in common core and see what you can learn about it. Also go to Glenn Beck and watch some of his videos and you will see and hear people involved in this gov project. I guess Obama was telling the truth, a novelty, when he said he was going to change America.

  7. The wimps at the Windham school had already replaced the regular balls for dodgeball with sponge balls. WUSSES

    I thought that dodgeball was a game, and that a game is a competition, and that a competition has winners and losers . Apparently in NH, there are only ‘losers’ ! Maybe NH should change it’s state slogan.

    Also, wonder if the Dept. of Indoctrination, formerly the Dept. of Ed. , will soon have all kids wearing ‘brown shirts’ !

  8. TO BE OR NOT TO BE . . . .

    Is not the question for today, but rather ‘ should we trust our gov’t?
    For example, the current Census Bureau report comparing our exports and imports of goods and services for Jan 2013 shows that our imports exceeded our exports by $44.4 billion . And that has been the average monthly deficit for the past two years.

    At the same time, the Bureau of Economic Activity claims that our foreign trade is deficit neutral, the difference being due to investment.

    Putting this in the context of ‘jobs’, and considering the various types of
    goods represented by the $44.4 billion, let’s use a labor cost of 20% , which means it would take approx. $9 billion to produce that amount of goods. And if each worker averaged $4,000 per month, that would represent a total of 2.25 million jobs . And, balance the import and export of goods !

    However, an unemployment rate of 7.9 % is apparently OK with the regime, along with the above 2.25 million jobs lost, along with the more than 10,000 guest workers that invade the US each month , along with their wishes for Amnesty of illegals, along with paying people ‘not to work’ , along with placing people unnecessarily on disability income, along with other wasteful nonsense.

    Wonder how many jobs the Bureau of Economic Activity can claim with their balance of trade due to “investment” ? Anyone believe that it is anywhere near 2.25 million ???

    I claim that this is merely an ‘imitation’ Saturday Sarcasm .

  9. On a serious note – Happy Easter to everyone .

  10. When are we going to get rid if the “cash for clunkers” mentality, the Solyndra green energy mentality, and the gov’t. subsidy mentality that artificially raises the prices on items that use sugar and peanuts ( BTW, why should peanuts be permitted to be grown in only certain areas ? ) , the milk subsidy, and the other hidden subsidy programs ?

    How many intellectuals are willing to attempt to justify the disaster known as the ETHANOL subsidy ? Probably some of the same intellectuals than want to continue to spend ( waste) 2.7 cents to mint a penny, which is now a ‘nuisance’ , and ‘throw-away’ coin. The expected excuse will be – ” it saves jobs”!

    Wonder how all of the subsidy proponents would react if they were informed that there will be a subsidy program to get rid of ALL proponents of subsidies ?!?

  11. Go over to the NLTZ thought of the day site, and determine how much cold, hard, smelly, green, CASH you would like to receive.

    this is the location where the disclaimer would appear in extremely small print that is almost illegible, but in this case it is intentionally kept in regular size

  12. We need to bury OWEbama in a few tons of that green smelly food no longer fit for the table!

    Here is what the Supreme Court is playing with – Dyno-mite:

  13. Speaking of Human Targets , and after TEN years, the UN finally ratified a Global Arms Treaty, which will ostensibly stop genocide.

    Does that mean that Eric Holder can no longer continue the Fast and Furious gun- running program ? Does it also bring an end to the decades old genocide going on in various parts of Africa ?

    And when Iran, Syria, North Korea, et al do not comply, will OWEbaama personally give each of them a ‘slap on the wrist’ ? Afterall, is he not the ” most powerful man in the world ” ? Just asking !

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