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How To Destroy A City

When it comes to the concept of “how to destroy a city”, no other city matches the “city” of Detroit. It is without question the example that all other American cities are to be measured by. The unfortunate thing is that I cannot think of ANY major metropolitan city that is not following in the footsteps of Detroit.. My own fair city is no exception..

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Bolshevik Broth

The “right” to vote is a part of the Constitution through a number of Amendments. (14,15,19,23,24 and 26) This “right” is inferred through the “law” of the land, usually via the “states” until there is some “crisis” when the federal government (invariably the “liberal” government, which has the uncanny ability to ferret out “crisis”..) needs to over-step in. Since voting is a “right”, since the liberals obtain and retain power through the “vote”, its no wonder that this “right” must be expanded to those who do not deserve this “right”..

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Broad Push

Straight from the “NOTHING could wrong with this idea” file, the OWEbama caliphate “is engaged in a broad push to make more home loans available to people with weaker credit..” (Washington COMpost)

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