Bolshevik Broth

The “right” to vote is a part of the Constitution through a number of Amendments. (14,15,19,23,24 and 26) This “right” is inferred through the “law” of the land, usually via the “states” until there is some “crisis” when the federal government (invariably the “liberal” government, which has the uncanny ability to ferret out “crisis”..) needs to over-step in. Since voting is a “right”, since the liberals obtain and retain power through the “vote”, its no wonder that this “right” must be expanded to those who do not deserve this “right”..

For example, the overwhelming number of the liberal voting base pays very little if any taxes. They should not be allowed to vote on propositions involving the raising or creation of taxes. Those who do not own property should not be allowed to vote relative to the raising or the creation of FURTHER property taxes. If this persists, then an across the board flat tax should be implemented based upon an equal percentage of EVERYONE’S income regardless of whether it is earned or whether it comes from Democratic redistribution of the income of others..

As well, merely taking up space in NOT a precursor to the “right” to vote. If you are here WRONG (ILLEGAL), you have no RIGHT. Certain “actions” allow for a loss of the “right” to vote. (Convicted felons, ergo, a large number of confirmed Democrats await the chance to “vote” again and a number of liberals work tirelessly on their behalf in this regard..)

A “right”, Constitutional or otherwise has its limitations. The “right” to “free speech” does NOT include the “right” to yell “fire” in crowded theater. Merely sneaking into America DOES NOT give you ANY “rights” as far as I am concerned. Of course, our liberal friends think otherwise..

The “state” of California is considering mandated insurance for “gay fertility”.. (CNS News) The liberals enjoy discussing “Mother Nature” as opposed to discussing God, so for the sake of argument, let’s allow this transparent dodge, this obvious blasphemy..

“Mother Nature” has determined that in order for the species to properly procreate, man and woman need to “co-mingle”, shall we say. It seems that “Mother Nature” discriminates against gays by NOT allowing them to have children “naturally”, therefore, its time to grab the turkey baster and OVERRULE “Mother Nature”. “Mother Nature” does not consider offspring to be mere “property” like the Marxist Mengeles of the left. Again, it would seem that the left has created a “right” to having children and this “right” involves perverting both the “rights” and morals of those who disagree with the perverts of the liberal left.

Compassion used to be voluntary and our related donations used to be as well. We had a CHOICE as to which organization we donated to based upon that organization’s goals and results, for example. The left has removed the idea of CHOICE (from those that disagree with them) and they have made THEIR compassion empowered by YOUR “donations” mandatory.

“Results” (ending or slowing poverty, for example) is secondary to the liberal’s belief in the “need” based upon a “crisis”, real or imaginary.. Our compassion used to be given to organizations OUTSIDE of the government. The liberal’s answer to this was to make the government an organization that redistributes “compassion” involuntarily by getting overly involved in the BUSINESS of “compassion”.. Shall we call it “compulsory compassion”?

No “outside” organization can handle the concept, the BUSINESS of “compassion” better than the “inside” organization known as the liberal “Big Brother” form of oppressive and intrusive government..

To that end, make note of the fact that the leftists government always seeks to either eliminate or water down the effectiveness of these “outside” organizations”. The fastest way to do that is to end or curtail the flow of money to these organizations. (P.S., THIS is the fastest way to end the dystrophic and cancerous style of liberal government as well. Try remembering that at election time..)

They seek to end the “church” through direct and indirect methods and they are always on the prowl to do so with private institutions as well. The left salivates at the idea of ending or reducing tax deductions available to individuals who donate to these outside charitable organizations.

You will note that there will NEVER be a “tax deduction” relative to the MANDATORY contributions made to the liberal governmental charitable “organization”.. You are “contributing” because the liberals know what is best for everyone and because doing so is “fair”.. This should make you “feel good” but I find it fascinating that neither the involuntary contributor or the “beneficiaries” of the liberal’s benevolence EVER feels as good about the Bolshevik’s benevolence as the liberal redistributor does..

It’s all about redirecting the flow of MONEY so that it goes through the dirty hands of the liberal Democrats. “Money laundering” by any other name and it is the only type of “laundering” that the soiled socialists are at all comfortable with..

The liberal government does NOT want places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army to exist, they are horning in on the liberal government’s ability to be the redistributor of alms involuntarily taken from those who used to have a CHOICE as to which organization received donations. As well, ANY “church” is in their collectivist cross hairs as long as they insist upon being in the “business” of helping the downtrodden..

Since the “donations” made to the liberal abattoir are mandatory, you have no choice about the final destination of your “donations”. When you find out that your “private” donations are being abused and misused, you simply find someone else who is doing the job properly and you redirect accordingly. With the liberal government, your “donations” are mandatory and you cannot “redirect” or escape under penalty of law regardless of how mischievous the left is with the “path” or the “final destinations” that your involuntary “donations” take..

The liberals have an insatiable need for the money of others. They “tax the rich” allegedly.. The liberal elitists are ALL members of “the rich”, so this idiotic Bolshevik battle cry of “tax the rich” isn’t the least bit serious. It’s just a put up job aimed at the liberal voting base of moochers and mendicants.

Therefore, in order to acquire the “revenues” or the “funds” for their Marxist malarkey, the REAL target of the “tax the rich” nonsense is the middle class because they have a PROVEN track record of being much more docile about giving up what they earn without a fight.

Besides, the middle class is much larger than the “rich”, so that there is a much larger kitty for the left to drain and it is of course done under the hilarious heading of “tax the rich”..

The next logical avenue for discussion is the FACT that the liberals NEVER want to “cure” a problem. They want the “problem” to carry on for generations. The logical among us SHOULD look at this progressive phenomenon and say that someone else needs to try to cure the “problem” because the left claims that the ONLY reason that they can’t solve a “problem” is because they simply do not have enough of YOUR money in order to solve it..

As but just one example, in looking at the liberal “war on poverty”, the left wants the “problem” to intensify (thus explaining completely their intentional failures of the last sixty years in this area) that way another “crisis” will call for an even larger involuntary donation to the liberal government so that they can try to solve the “problem” that they have no intention of ever solving..

In the end, if there were no money involved, the liberals wouldn’t be interested in anyone’s plight but their own.. “Collectivist Compa$$ion”, by any other name..


9 responses to “Bolshevik Broth

  1. Around and around the bush we go… there is never an end to the baloney.

    I do wonder, tho, what we could do to get them to just go back to their communes and leave the rest of us alone. I woul deven ba glad to give them a state… say, California, to have for their very own. They could collectivize it, and grow their pot and veggies, and live off the grid, and then we could get our country back. Then any time we get someone who refuses to contribute to society or who can’t be bothered to care about anyone but themselves, we could just send them to the commune and get them out of our hair…

  2. While reading this article, I found my self realizing that any one trying to put away a nest egg or a few dollars under their mattress, have no way to accomplish this because the liberals are always enlarging their sink hole. If you walk the halls of congress and they hear two coins rub together, they immediately fly into hyper drive to remove the largest coin. You see, it has to go through the dirty hands for money laundering. In my active imagination I can see a money slide with a door which can be turned left or right. Problem is, Right is broken so they welded it shut!

    Donations are down because “we gave at the IRS” and that pretty much wiped us out. And it is not a misprint which spells out the libtards wanting to do away with Goodwill and The Salvation Army. When I drop off furniture or clothing they always ask me if I want a donation slip. I just shake my head and say no. The problem is my taxes are so high, even taking the allowable $500.00 deduction makes no change to the bottom line. I’m old enough to remember we were able to deduct for State Sales Tax and for gasoline tax or miles driven. Yes, and remember gasoline at 49 cents a gallon. I just topped of my pickup and filled gas bottles and it cost me $75.00!

  3. T-
    You win the idea of the month! Pretty much like they did with the Japanese citizens during World War II. By the way, I didn’t think I would live long enough to see another World War, but I think we are perilously close!

  4. There is no end to the greed of this so called president. His group thinks of every little area of our finances and either taxes them or want us to pay more in taxes to help with distribution to the ones who don’t work and never will do anything productive for society. Everything is getting worse by the minute. God help us all.

  5. I’m of a mind that out Thief-In-Chief and his greedy minions should be shipped off to Club Gitmo. Mooch and her hubby should be wearing orange jumpsuits, along with Holder and the rest of their criminal cabal.

  6. If Stansberry Research is right, we could be looking at a complete financial collapse this year or next, and if OWEbama doesn’t get his head out of his rear orifice and start dealing with these terrorists with some sense of reality, we are going to have IED’s exploding on every street corner in America before long. And while I’m on this rant today….. I hope that I never, ever have to rely on CNN, ABC, CBS, or NBC for my hard news coverage again in my life, because I will be living in a vacuum! What a bunch of IDIOTS!!!!!
    I swear that I would lose my mind listening to MSNBC for 5 minutes!!!!!

    The only thing that is positve in the news is that Harry Reid is having trouble coming up with 60 votes to pass the gun restrictions they are working on, and that is a very good thing.

    God Bless and Keep all of those people in Boston… our prayers are with you this day, and for many to come.

  7. If this site had a LIKE I would hit it numerous times. couldn’t agree more!

  8. …….the poll of 1000 someones. What percentage of the population is this? What area of the country did they poll? Seems to me they need to poll a certain number of each state using the percent of the residents from the census. Each state should have a say by way of these polls. Each and every poll should endeavor to avoid polling the same person(s) and try to get a cross section of the people who are “in the trenches” trying their best to make ends meet and poll welfare cases with a salt shaker. They should be heard, but questions should be more likely to uncover their reason for being one the welfare rolls. I just don’t think 1000 is a viable percentage to make such sweeping conclusions of any poll.

  9. Richard… you are so right. 1000 people polled is NOT a big enough sample to be able to say with any certainty what 3.3 Billion (?) people think about anything. I studied statistics 3 different times (BS, MBA, Lean Six Sigma), and the only thing that I can say about the drivel we are subjected to by ANY media that concerns polls and statistics is that it is not ot be believed… you can manipulate the way the questions are asked, you can use the wrong formula so that you get the result you want, you can manipulate the data, so that the answers you don’t agree with are left out completely. It takes a great deal of rigor (adherence to scientific rules) and very careful testing to get an accurate result. If I don’t know who has gathered the data and they won’t let me see their math… I assume they are lying. Simple as that.

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