How To Destroy A City

When it comes to the concept of “how to destroy a city”, no other city matches the “city” of Detroit. It is without question the example that all other American cities are to be measured by. The unfortunate thing is that I cannot think of ANY major metropolitan city that is not following in the footsteps of Detroit.. My own fair city is no exception..

In looking at the “little” picture within this domestic nightmare it is imperative that we look at “big” picture first. The are very few if any major metropolitan cities that are not “run” by liberal Democrats and these areas have been “run” by these same type of Democrats for generations. Therefore, this inner city destruction is NOT an anomaly or a matter of happenstance, this is a purposeful and intentional plan.

Secondly, the attention to the worst elements of any society is automatically drawn to the place where the alms are distributed. Conveniently, these inner cities are inundated with these outposts of “compassion”..

The liberals have proven that the “career” of compassion is a VERY profitable one for ALL parties involved as the elitist liberals ALWAYS take their cut of the loot FIRST before lovingly “redistributing” the leftovers to the “needy”..

Continuing downward, we look to my once fair city and we see a city that USED to be defined by its “neighborhoods”. There used to be a distinct “identity” to almost every neighborhood in this city. Bevo, The Hill, Baden, Dogtown and on and on.

These tight knit neighborhoods USED to be the strength of the city. They are being disintegrated by a series of liberal policies and liberal elitists that are profiting mightily through their personal and political deviousness.

Here the liberal Democrats are simply playing “pass the trash” as these derelicts (the “beneficiaries” of the liberal’s benevolence) are going from neighborhood to neighborhood destroying all that it is their path.

Local liberal Democrats are actively encouraging the wholesale blighting of entire neighborhoods which they then “purchase” for pennies on the dollar.

Simply put, the local government should BAN anyone, regardless of their “unfortunate economic circumstances” from “living” within the city IF they destroy more than ONE property that they are “living” in. If they are too cowardly to “ban” these parasites, they should NEVER allow them ANY funds taken from the taxpayers for their “survival”. If weepy liberals want to contribute to local charities to fund such feces, fine, but the taxpayers should NOT be being fleeced forever by these professional vagrants.

This is meant to slow the decay and the ruin but the Democrats of ALL economic stripes permanently PROFIT from the handiwork of such leeches so such an attempt to derail the gravy train will probably never come to fruition..

I would call MY program, “Deport the Democrats”. You have ONE “free” (to the bum) property PAID FOR by the REST of society. If you do not respect that GIFT, you are gone, go live in a cardboard box. I’ll just call it “Democratic Darwinism”..

The Democrats have removed the ENTIRE concept of “responsibility” from their indentured servants other than to do whatever is necessary to destroy as much of their surroundings as possible. They have created a group of “professional termites” and unleashed them upon a city that wants to do right by other “humans”..

As another area or neighborhood is purposefully destroyed, in come the hand wringing elitist Democrats and ANOTHER series of “living spaces” are built, involuntarily paid for by those who live responsibly.. The liberals croak about “compassion” while creating the environment of destruction as their rich associates’ benefit from the contracts relative to these properties. Here we now have “New Hope VI” which to the uninitiated means that “New Hope’s versions I-V” have been built, occupied and summarily destroyed by those who were given the gift..

No matter, some liberal politician will see the “blight”, it will be called a “crisis” and more money will be given to the “poor”. There is NEVER any mention of the fact that these areas have been blighted by its OCCUPANTS, NOT by the rest of us.. As well, the definition of the “poor” ISN’T that of the grisly images from the Dust Bowl, today’s “poor” always have color televisions, cellular telephones, automobiles, free food, free medical care and on and on and on.. Today’s “poor” are actually the Dust Bowl’s “rich”..

Just “opened” today was a location with “56 studio” apartments at the corner of Cass and Collins. The “cost” for this extravaganza? 9.8 million dollars so that low income “residents” can again do their dirty work (the ONLY “work” that they do..) This is also for the “homeless and those at risk of being homeless” with on site “supportive services for “the homeless and ex-offenders”..

Who would “invest” such a sum for a grouping of the most slovenly and irresponsible crawling on all fours within society, another “paid for by somebody else” playground? Because these “local investors” are now being paid rent by the government which means that YOU are paying someone else’s rent AGAIN.. The “business” of compassion is quite profitable and the liberal government ALWAYS pays the rent..

This building at Cass and Collins USED to be a warehouse and this is all the rage here where former warehouses are NOT being repaired and occupied again by businesses. The city is handing out loads of “tax breaks” to the occupants of these former warehouses turned lofts and apartments on Washington Avenue. The “investors” should have bought up the copious numbers of vacant and dilapidated four family flats all over town and made them into two family condos, revitalizing the areas neighborhoods. Instead of giving tax breaks to businesses to relocate to these warehouses and to simultaneously employ area citizens, the “investors” made these warehouses into living spaces.

Through a disgusting local program known as “Project 87”, alleged “nuisance properties” can be condemned and the former “occupants” are now slithering throughout the neighborhoods like a liberal Agent Orange. These are the “termites” previously mentioned and after being removed due to the “diligence” of those employing Project 87, they turn up in another flat, destroy it completely and the city AGAIN moves them somewhere else where the SAME program is replayed over and over.. The “properties” aren’t the nuisances, the “residents” are. Remove the “residents” and the problem would be solved but the left NEVER wants to solve a problem..

Also “paying” for this latest series of “studio apartments and lofts” are “federal and state housing credits”.. Federal AND State means that YOU are paying TWICE for the pleasure of housing more of the ungrateful and the indigent and monies as well are being given to the elitist liberal “investors”.. Unfortunately, this perverted process involves the SAME people (both the rich and the poor: liberals all) who destroy, then they are removed to another location where the whole thing repeats itself.

The VICTIMS in all of this are NOT the “poor”, the VICTIMS are those who have no choice but to involuntarily contribute to this constant repeated allocation of “resources” to the SAME destructive Democrats. The “rich” liberals cry about “humanity” and “compassion”, the “beneficiaries” continually destroy that which they should treasure. But they do not because they know that their socialist saviors will AGAIN find ANOTHER neighborhood in need of destruction..

Detroit, coming soon to a city near you..


14 responses to “How To Destroy A City

  1. Ideally. if all corrupt politicians , including dictators, were eliminated around the globe, can you imagine what a wonderful planet we could all enjoy ? By eliminating gov’t. waste, taxes could be lowered, commerce increased, along with employment, ( most people have a better sense of self and outlook when gainfully employed ) , and hopefully an increased sense of morality.

    Stronger communities usually mean lower crime rates. We could return to real education, as opposed to “social” promotion . And wiith a real education, we should be able to reduce the number of ‘stupid voters’ .

    Please don’t awaken me – I’m enjoying the dream !!

  2. A link to the latest TOTD. You may not like what I have to say..


  3. Any adult with working brain cells and 5 minutes of experience in the real world will tell these idiot politicians that “giving” homes to people will not ensure that the recipients will have 1) the know-how or 2) the inclination to take care of said home.

    And then, when the blight has moved on, and the termites have begun to destroy another place, we the taxpayers will pay AGAIN to have the Urban Renewal Project commence which pours tax money into what’s left of these areas and turns them into gourmet coffee shops, high end hotels, exclusive art galleries, top of the line clothing boutiques and exclusive eateries that we can’t afford to patronize. So the wealthy liberals now have a sense of pride and can gather to congratulate themselves on the good job they did “cleaning up the blight” brought on because all of us conservative business owners “abandoned” this part of the city.

    They have hornswaggled us from start to finish, and taken their fees off the top so that they can continue their lavish lifestyle and look down their noses at both the termites they claim to be helping and us, the middle class taxpayers who keep falling for their games.

  4. well I agree with some of what you said, but I have to disagree that all poor recipients of taxpayer benefits are out ot destroy or don’t appreciate the helping hand, many do try to do right,(and welfare dept penalizes you for it too) as for corrupt politicians and such not all who entered halls of power were corrupt at the time (tho some probably were) but the power corrupted them, the temptation to abuse power is just to great and even so called decent people we live around everyday can easily just as much fall into that trap and be corrupted too if given the reins of power too. no human is capable of handling power, that is what Jere 10:23 and proverbs 14:12 I do agree that the destruction of detroit was deliberate, why? havent a clue, maybe someone else does, I would be interested in how this relates to agenda 21, I do notice a trend it seems the gov/banks etc pump up a city/area/state, the people become very productive, industry thrives, people become more and more prosperous and become richer over all, roads get built infrastructure becomes better and better, medical care and shops etc increase and jobs are plentiful you get the picture, taxes gradually increase and over time less and less is used to maintain the infrastructure etc and taxes go up for local residents, businesses and such and then it spirals out of control ot a nasty fall, everything crumbles, the amount of capital and equity built up in is lost from loss of valuation (almost as if this equity was stolen by those in power?)as jobs move out and people become more impoverished and standard of living falls,and investors, gov, banks move in and get all the assets that was built by the productive both in labor and taxes for practically nothing. not exactly sure why they need to do this to get wealthy unless this has nothing to do with profit but is some kind of power play game (like the movie trading places)

  5. Roberta,

    Plese reread as I NEVER said “all recipients”.

    I am speaking of the ten to twenty percent who make a career of being intentionally destructive.

    THESE are the louts who need to be removed from the system.

    I actually prefer “selling” property to the poor for a dollar.

    Then calling on professionals to help educate those who now OWN property as to repairs and maintanence, etc.

    NOW the poor have a stake in the game, their pride will be bolstered and they will feel the need to become a part of the neighborhood.

    The elitist liberals would NEVER allow such a plan to be implemented as it would actually HELP the poor.

    Is that better?


  6. So right Larry. Dirty rotten shame.

  7. What I find so unacceptable is the government employee sitting on his butt and no visit or enforcement to teach the ‘new’ home owner. If we gave it to them, there needs to be a lanyard attached for the first ten years which allows government inspection once a year and a drive-by anytime. When an employee of “WE THE PEOPLE” is assigned a certain district, a drive-by photo twice a year should be mandatory and the inspection a digital recording. I know, we need to teach pigs to fly so we can get something done. Surely with all the brain power in The District of Corruption they should be able to figure out a way to turn things around and set guidance and work sessions to assist these people. A lot of the problems of deterioration is the people were never taught the basics. When the Libs hand out something, they never follow up to see if there were any positive or negative results of their interference. All they care about is that ‘good’ feeling of giving something away, even if they stole it from someone else – – like us taxpayers! Then they go behind closed doors and party while they skew a report that shows miraculous positive results happened. I think it is time we find a way to hold the three branches of government accountable! If we can’t get Congress to get things in shape, we need to impeach, recall, fire or just furlough the dip***ts. We need to start teaching Congress some basics. The biggest basic we need to teach all of them is you can do anything and everything with less than half the money the spend now. And the first lesson should be budget wisdom!

  8. If our politicians would ‘practice what they preach’ , many of them woud be filing for personal bankruptcy, because their spending would exceed their income, just as they are advocating with the nation’s finances. Hypocrits !!


    Or so it would seem. Saw a TV ad proclaiming the wonderfull things about the state of Michigan, and inducing the viewer to visit this beautiful place where everything was just spectacular ! Apparently the producers of the ad didn’t realize that Detroit was located in Michigan !

  10. Here’s something else to look forward to : Robert Redford is going to do film regarding the city of Chicago and related politics. Can you imagine just how great Chicago will become when this Uber Liberal does his thing ?

    Chicago politics will become the shining star in the political realm.

    It will make OWEbaaama proud !

  11. Speaking of destruction of a city – the tornadoes in the midwest, in “tornado alley ” are causing serious destruction. Fortunately few fatalities have been reported. And, I hope there aren’t any more – these folks have suffered enough already .

  12. It’s been 2 months since a new article appeared here – has the curtain come down on NLTZ ?

    Has apathy become the winner ? Or, has the corruption in DC become so overwhelming , so as to limit any type of dialog ? Just wondering.

  13. Part of the answer to my question appears over at No Left Turnz Thought Of The Day. Check it out !!

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