Collective Silence

How many times have I heard, “I can’t add anything to what has been said on this topic..” This is in relation to the comments here at BOTH sites. Take a closer look at that statement.

If I used that particular train of thought, there would have never been either an NLTZ or a TOTD site. Obviously the “paid” geniuses have “said all that there is to say” about any and all of the liberal socialist Democratic pogroms.

Two points: first, EVERY conservative opinion is of VALUE. You may think that you don’t have anything to add but as you type, you are tapping into your natural conservative intelligence and your contribution immediately comes to life. Just think of it as more reinforcement of your viable opinions to be used the next time you confront another fifth columnist or fellow traveler.

Liberals, allegedly the believers in the First Amendment, always SILENCE those who DISAGREE with them. Their FIRST action when confronted by those who disagree is to REMOVE YOUR Constitutional rights. Need an example? Disagree with the “gay” agenda, time to be labeled as an “-ist” of some kind and its also time to be charged with a “hate crime”.. The goal is to make you AFRAID to speak to the injustice that is inherent to the liberal political ethos. I want people who AGREE with me to begin speaking up.

As a matter of fact, I want those who disagree to speak up as well so that EVERYONE clearly understands the positions of those who seek to subvert democracy, capitalism and conservatism. This isn’t a problem for the left, as they have had NO interference from those who are consistently victimized by the left’s desire to make victims of EVERYONE. NEVER silence those who disagree as then you can only guess as to how destructive they intend to be.

Second, conservatives need to get LOUD. Stop being “nice”. With the full court progressive press that has gone on since 2008, the Founding Fathers would have begun shooting long ago.. We as decent Americans, were raised to listen to others, to value their opinions, to not speak when others are speaking. Liberals INTENTIONALLY eschew and violate these tenets of civility. AGAIN as I have stated, when liberals get mad they get moving (they get loud, they get rude, etc..) when conservatives get mad, they get quiet..

Imagine just for a moment, if ANY ONE of the scandals involving Holder had taken place under AG Alberto Gonzalez. What would the liberal socialists, aided by the complicit liberal Marxist mouthpiece of the “impartial” media have done?

Imagine, ANY of the countless scandals DIRECTLY linked to the Kenyan Kollectivist, imagine ANY ONE of them involving George Bush.. Just how QUIET would the knuckle draggers of the left have been? The left is ACTIVELY courting Rodham, the CRIMINAL behind the Benghazi debacle, to run for OWEbama’s not-soon-enough vacant chair.. If this goes as it usually does within the docile States of America, the left should go “all in” and make Holder her VP..

WHY are YOU so quiet?

Even as the socialist charade continues in DC, the liberals are STILL yelling in order for you to “look the other way” when it comes to the exposure of their obvious attempts to destroy the United States, to replicate the failed “system” employed by the Soviets. This MUST be fine with you, someone like me can’t even get you to express your opinion and I am not out to steal your life savings OR to permanently darken the future of your children and grandchildren..

Don’t you feel that you have anything to lose? Don’t you understand exactly how much you have LOST over the last sixty years of liberal socialist chicanery?

Your collective silence empowers the left to take MORE of what you will NOT defend. They aren’t going to go away until they are MADE to.

What do you have to say? Better yet, what are you going to do?

Your collective silence makes the collectivist’s noise all the louder.


71 responses to “Collective Silence

  1. Larry great to read your post damn right we are upset
    and have been quiet my computer died so I am using my wifes
    and have been able to print this message I WAS LOCKED OUT BEFORE
    being in Mass achusetts we have election 6/25 and I am working to beat the democrat
    G Gomez a navy Seal is running so we need an upset

  2. I agree… the left has been greatly emboldened by our silence, our patience if you will, our civility. All of these things were reinforced by our desire to just be “left alone to live our lives” as many of my non-political friends tell me. They were also reinforced by the fact that the few Tea Party groups that were active were constantly asking for money, and mis-representing facts. I was beginning to think some of them were just as underhanded and corrupt as the left. I actually stopped subscribing to quite a few online bloggers and so-called-conservative news or opinion sites. They started sounding more and more like the fools and air heads of the left. Many good Conservative sites had just disappeared… and now we know it was because of the IRS. So now I am madder than ever.
    So let’s get busy again… I know you are tired, I am tired, too. But our country is worth it! We have to fight for what we know is right. I sometimes try out ideas on forums such as this, to see what the reaction will be. It helps me to firm up the words and figure out how to say things so that others will be able to understand what I mean, but I haven’t done it much for a while. It gets so frustrating when even family members start asking you to “stop talking about politics”! It is also frustrating when folks continue to find fault with every single stupid thing… we do have to pick our battles. We have to get passed the old pattern of only becoming engaged at election time. The left has figured this out and have learned the Islamic art of “lying to the infidel” during the election cycles and then doing what they really meant to do all along while we have gone back to living and stopped watching them. We can no longer count on the news media to be watch dogs. They have joined the ranks of the Socialists, trying their best to keep us occupied with the Hollywood scandals so we don’t ask about government scandals. We have these “smart phones”, but they only keep us entertained or connected to work, instead of keeping us informed. They world has changed, and we have to change with it, or be left in the dust.
    Maybe it’s not about “going back” to the principles of the founding fathers, but moving forward by molding the new technologies and new methods of getting things done to the “principles” of the founding fathers, and the constitution….. but that’s a topic for another day.


    Glad to get you post Larry
    still in the hunt
    working on getting a navy seal elected next week in MASS

  4. Right on, but it seems that we are speaking into the wind even here in Texas where we are considered an enemy of the state so much that obummmer has threatened to arrest our governor. It seems that most conservatives lose their voice when it is time to scream. The libs do things and then accuse us of doing it. I have reached the point in my life that I do not give a damn what they call me or say about me. I comment little here, but I am active all over the web where I have not been barred, like the huffpussyPost. I never knew you could combine fu## with so many other words to demean someone. Not the kind of building I want on my vocabulary, but proves the stupidity level of those responding to my post.

  5. Yesterday a local radio host pounded a semi-racial slur of a local republicrat into submission of the Left’s full assault across the entire ocean shores, just as you laid out. It took me a good 24 hours to even consider any kind of response. The Left applauds all minority actions no matter how crude into being a sword of valor. When we squeak even a voiceless response we’re condemned into the thrones of hell.

  6. Nice to see another missive from you, Larry. I started to wonder if you’d been shipped off to a FEMA camp or some such.

    I think part of the reason there is such a stunning silence from we conservatives is not because we’ve been bullied into silence, but because we are simply drowned out by the Left’s endless litany of screamed ad hominem attacks. Its little better than trying to have a reasoned discourse on a Jerry Springer show set. Intelligently explaining why I disagree with radical homosexual agendas, and why I think illegal aliens should be rounded up and shipped out, isn’t worth the headache from being screamed at.

    Thirty years of customer service has hardened me to name-calling and the casual vituberant language most customers use when they don’t get their way. I view most liberals as ignorant souls (though most are well-meaning, even if they are fools), brainwashed to parrot whatever drivel spews forth from the mouths of their masters. To debate one is almost as pointless as putting a pig in a dress, They do not think for themselves, and when I point up their inherent fallacies in their logic, they are forced to use harsh language and vile names because they are incapable of reinforcing their argument in any other fashion.

    On another level, I think part of the silence is that, on some level, we conservatives have decided that these fools should be allowed to see their beliefs carried through to their logical conclusion. It would be worth it to see the dawning of realization on their slack-jawed faces when they reap the consequences. When the death panels pass judgement and pull the plug on grandma when she gets too expensive for the government to care for, and their oh so brilliant and well-connected and brainwashed children have nothing to look forward to but an adult life of wage slavery, and prosperity is always another Five Year Plan away, perhaps then they will figure out that we were right, and by then it will be far too late.

    Yes, liberals truly deserve to suffer, because they are willing to sell their freedom and their self-respect for perceived security, and the chance to spend their lives living like teenagers in their parents basement, sponging off of the rest of us. Yes, like the grasshopper of the old fable, they deserve to freeze while we ants stay warm after having prepared for the coming winter. Unfortunately when they get done with us, we will all be out in the cold.

  7. beyond disgusted

    Interesting post Larry. I can only speak for myself, but ever since the election, I have felt beaten down. The left wins no matter what we do or don’t do. We can start screaming & shouting all we want, but I fear it is too late. Between Obamacare, IRS targeting of conservative groups, how he won re-election, the prism program, & now “immigration reform” & resulting amnesty that I fear too many republicans will foolishly support for the most stupid of reasons, I fear we are doomed. I see no rising up from the American citizenry, or should I say the sheeple.

    I should also add that it is not in the nature of conservatives to be loud, annoying & obnoxious like liberals are, putting us at yet another disadvantage.

  8. It’s not so much that we are silent but that we do not have a forum to make ourselves heard relative to the MSM. The mainstream media (newspaper, television, etc.) is what the vast majority of our society listens to and they do not have a good track record of representing conservative viewpoints. As long as the MSM controls the information with their current liberal bias we might as well be shouting into the wind. I have also found that you cannot reason with a liberal.


    quote on back of septic tank truck
    how true JR

  10. With the media bias in full assault on this veteran and all Americans excluding Lil Wayne, Seems almost a hopeless fight .
    Thank you Larry for your boost back into
    the Frey .

  11. EXACTLY!

    It seems that Conservatives have done what they do best – go back home and take care of their own business. Unfortunately, the America-Hating liberals and Democrats can’t do that… they have NO CONCEPT of what it is to WORK and TAKE CARE of ANYTHING… except more bitching and moaning for more FREE STUFF.

    Ok, Conservatives, Break-Time is OVER.
    Get back in line, form your ranks, and SOUND OFF!
    The piggy-bank that’s been funding the Left’s spending splurge is all but gone. And, as usual, the WORKING CLASS are getting stuck with the check.
    People are finding out all that FREE SHIT… AIN’T FREE.
    The time is ripe.
    People are PISSED.

    On a side note, the idiots in Washington, trying to defend that idiot in the White House, are trying to get us to believe that the NSA reading YOUR email, YOUR Facebook comments, tapping YOUR phone, and pressuring YOUR employer into releasing personal information, has somehow thwarted 50 (FIFTY) “terrorist attacks”.
    Um, excuse me if I’m wrong here, but hasn’t the government RE-DEFINED what an act of “terrorism” is?
    Fort Hood shooting?? – workplace violence.
    Boston Bombings?? – misguided teens.
    So WHO has this regime declared “terrorists”?
    The Boy Scouts.
    The Catholic Church.
    Constitutional study groups.
    Tea Party members.
    And, of course, CONSERVATIVES.
    So, exactly WHAT acts of “terrorism” have they thwarted?
    Den Mothers prevented from leading her Cub Pack in the Pledge of Allegiance??
    Priests from offering absolution??
    Citizens from questioning the Constitutionality of this regime’s actions??




    It seems to me that the topic didn’t quite register , since each person responded just once. There was no follow-up , no comments on other’s responses , and nothing new added for the past 11 days, in spite of all that has happened recently.

    Personally, I have remained silent, since I wanted to see if your point had registered – apparently it had not !! Of course,I could be wrong ( that’s nothing new for me ). I’m not complaining, since at the least, there were some responses – but , since this site is IMHO , a good place to express our thoughts and beliefs, I was hoping for more interplay among the family.

    Maybe I’m just stuck in the ‘good ole days’ rut, where we actually conversed amongst ourselves !

    Just thought I’d share this little tidbit, and to see if anyone else had some opinion that they were willing to share.

  13. noleftturnz


    Everyone has their breaking point, a point at which a “response” becomes mandatory. A point where one just can’t take anymore.

    I can therefore assume that we HAVEN’T reached that “point” yet..

    THAT is what scares me, the fact that we have become so docile.

    Even the most miniscule of responses, a “comment” is too much to expect. Imagine what a let down it would be if someone wanted “action” or perish the thought, for EVERYONE to manage to show up at the polls..

    I can give the liberals credit for their ability to properly guage just how much crap we as decent hard working Americans will “tolerate”. We have done so in the most flaccid of manners for over sixty years, why stop now?

    I do not need to submit material on both sites for either my own amusement or to inform me. I’ve known everything that I had needed to know about liberalism and I have over a million words on both sites as my supportive evidence.

    If what I have said from the beginning of these sites hasn’t been enough, if what the left and the Kenyan Kollectivist has done isn’t enough, it IS time to “throw in the towel”..

    Thanks as always,


  14. Larry,

    Waiting for the ‘breaking point’ , would appear to be too late, or ineffective. Keeping one’s ‘nose to the grindstone’ would be my choice of action. Or as some would say – proactive rather than reactive.

    Of course you don’t need to submit info to reaffirm your beliefs, but as we have seen, without your articles, the sites grow silent, even though you have stated that all ideas and comments are welcome.

    On a side note, remember when Exxon was showing profits in excess of $3billion per month ? However, since the ethanol subsidy of approx. 48 cents per gal. has ceased, how much profit are they now earning, and where has that subsidy money been re-directed? Apparently the taxes are still being collected, and if so – where is the money going? Just a thought.

    Happy Independence Day to everyone . If OWEbaama had his way it would be Gov’t. DEPENDENCE Day.


    we must wake up and prepare forf the 2014 elections
    must keep House and win Senate to control the next two years
    Then on to the White House
    The TEA PARTY must reignite and blossom 70 % OF THE
    population is conservative and must get out to vote

    Larry keep plugging

  16. Voter fraud was evident during the last election, but nothing became of it. Voter ID will be helpful, but the racists won’t allow it , since they claim that it ” disenfranchises ” the minorities. However, by definition, that is a false claim. And, as long as the nonproductive continue to get heir “freebies” , they will NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM .

    Therefore, can we really expect to see any REAL change in the status quo ?!?

    Just asking .


    Not all people that do not pay taxes are on the dole.Some old timers
    living on so security and low pensions are in that 47%
    They also are to be hurt by OBAMACARE and should be active
    to get out the vote
    20 million employees by the government hurts both budget and voting
    something has to happen to wake up the taxpayers that are funding the free bees

  18. I wonder how many believe that the so called Immigration Reform is NOT amnesty. Just a thought.

  19. Also, how many believe that the massacre at Ft. Hood was merely ” workplace violence ” ? Just a thought .

  20. COUP vs COUP

    When is a coup not a coup ?

    Possible answer – when it does not comply with the Liberal agenda.

  21. Other than ‘racebaiting’ , why has the Zimmerman / Martin fiasco garnered so much national attention? Much more serious crimes are committed elsewhere on an almost daily basis. Just wondering.


    JJ All good comments


    right decision by the jury NOT GUILTY

  24. JR,

    It should NEVER have gone to trial. The police and the local prosecutor knew it, and that is why they did not pursue it – then an outside prosecutor was brought in and the travesty began. What a disgrace and abuse of the judicial system !!

    So, will OWEbaama, Holder, Jack$on, and $harpton , et al get the DOJ involved and invent other charges against Zimmerman ?

  25. BTW, all of these distractions help keep Benghazi, and the NSA and IRS scandals off the front pages, thanks mostly to the LSM. Might a well add Ed Snowden to the list.


    JJ Where is everybody???
    We use to have alot of commentors
    Larry must be discouraged
    I am

  27. JR,

    Most of them wait for an e-mail that indicates that Larry has posted an article. Then some will respond in agreement with the article,and possibly add an additional comment. Then NOTHING , until the next article. Essentially that is what ” Collective Silence ” is all about.

    Then again, there are those who read the article, but NEVER respond . Surely they must have SOME comment that they could render. Granted, these days everyone appears to be extremely busy, and therefore won’t take a minute to post even ONE sentence. It’s the old ” let someone else do it ” mentality , I presume !!

    You may have noticed that I’ve been posting on a regular basis, not necessarily intellectually, but at least taking the time in attempting to keep this site ‘alive’. Hope this answers part of your question.

    Imagine how Larry must feel, when after doing research and then writing a lengthy article – he gets almost no response !!

  28. Why weren’t there any riots and protests when a black man ( OJ ) was found not guilty in the brutal slaying of a white woman ? Just asking .

  29. So, Holder won’t prosecute the IRS leakers, but he might go after George Zimmerman ! Does he really have a law degree ? Or does he want to appease the Black community? Or is he simply taking ” marching orders ” ?!?

    Just a few thoughts.

  30. Wonder who put pressure on the Florida state prosecutor to pursue the Zimmerman case, when there wasn’t even enough evidence to call a grand jury. Just a thought.

  31. I’m surprised it took this long for Detroit to declare bankruptcy – afterall the UAW destroyed that city a long time ago. They chased the automakers out with their excessive demands.

    Also, if you look at the cast of characters that have been in charge of the city, it’s easy to understand the decline. Just a thought.


    Thanks again JJ
    The UAW destroyed th auto industry by paying broom handlers $20 an hour
    years ago . Look at Washington DC pushing 12,50 minimum wage for
    big box companies non union Walmart
    WALMART says screw you and won’t build 3 more stores


  33. Highway construction cost is approx. $4million per mile. The border fence cost is $6million per mile !! Would like to have Jay Carney attempt to explain that ! Just a thought.

  34. JR,

    I responded to your comments , but now I don’t see them – hopefully they were not deleted by Word Press.

  35. A judge has halted the Detroit bankruptcy, and actually blame the GOP for the downfall, even though the Dems controlled the city for over 50 years !!

    This will be reversed, because the city is bankrupt.

    Do you think that the judge is a Liberal ??

  36. OWEbama and the Libs are opposed to Voter ID . However , OWEbaama gave Kenya $54 million to set up a national ID in order to have honest elections. Sounds like typical OWEbaama to me !

    Before being selected as POTUS , OWEbaama supported the ‘stand your ground’ defense laws. Now, he does not. Is it simply because of the Zimmerman case ? Just a few thoughts.


    Apparently, according to the fraud in the WH , the NSA problems, the IRS leaks, and the attack on Benghazi never occurred, since they are just “phony scandals”. Yep, that’s the new ‘buzz word” – PHONY !! If there is anything ‘phony’ in DC , it is the current occupant of the WH .

    Just a thought.


    The city of Wash. , DC wants a minimum wage 0f $12.50 . So, OWEbaama jumps on the bandwagon, and now he wants to raise the federal minimum.

    Raising the minimum is usually counterproductive , but that is OK with the Liberal mindset.


    Why all the media fuss over Anthony and Huma Wiener ? Are the Clintons involved, since Huma had worked for Hillary ?
    If Wiener becomes mayor of NYC , and Hillary becomes POTUS, will she have some control in NYC, and will Huma become her Chief of Staff ?

    And, if Hillary names Billy Bob as her VP , they would represent the first female POTUS , and the first husband/wife POTUS and VP ! That would be a ‘one -up’ over the so-called “first Black POTUS “.

    Just a few questions.

  40. Most of our electricity is produced by coal generation. OWEbaama claims that our energy production has increased. However, he is closing coal mines, especially in WVA. He is opposed to oil drilling, and nuclear generation. I’m not aware of any new hydro- electric plants that have been built. So, what is the source of this increase in energy production that he credits to HIS administration ?

    Just asking.

  41. According to the AP, 4 out of 5 adults face near poverty due to struggles with joblessness, welfare, or other gov’t. dependence.

    So what is the OWEEbaama solution – more gov’t. spending ( code word : “investment ” ) ? He would rather spend more ( ie: waste more tax payer funds ) than cut taxes to encourage businesses to free up some of their cash to expand and hire more employees. Let’s not forget that OWEbaamascare is a major deterrent to our economy. And if OWEbaaama suggests some form of tax cuts, he’ll want to make it contingent on more gov’t. spending.

    Therefore, if we get some tax cut, but increased spending, it makes worse, because the net result is lower gov’t. income, BUT increased spending.

    Does that make any sense ?

    Just asking.

  42. How many Americans, age 16 and older, know the difference between ” debt ” and “deficit ” . Take a guess.

  43. Should ” stupid ” people be permitted to own a ” smart” phone ?

  44. Does anyone really believe that “free shipping ” is really FREE ?

  45. So, OWEbaama claims that the Keystone pipeline would create only 50 jobs. This is total BS. What is really important is that the pipeline will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, especially from the mideast, where oil money is helping fund terrorism. And it would also reduce the cost of energy for Americans.

  46. Is OWEbaamacare a health plan or more than 30,000 pages of regulations that most of us do not want ???

  47. When will the LSM ” wake up “, and realize that OWEbaama is a fraud, not a leader, and that he has told more lies than Pinocchio ?!? Just asking .

  48. Did Jay Leno get fired by liberal NBC because he wasn’t sufficiently liberal, even though his ratings are better than Letterman, Stewart, and the other liberal comics ? Just saking.

  49. asking , not saking !!!

  50. In the past 2 tears, we gave Yemen $602 million to provide security. We now close our Embassy there for lack of security – sounds like money well spent , doesn’t it ?? Or, is it simply ” Liberal Logic ” ?!? Just asking .


    JJ you must feel alone on this site lot of good comments by you
    must be summer vacation for all
    keep in touch We need to be aware of whats going on
    must push 2014 election for control of Senate with conservatives

  52. JR,

    Thanks. Hopefully some are still visiting , allthough still not responding. I’m certain that not everyone shares my opinions. Without an article from Larry, things go silent, unfortunately.

    When will something be done about the out- of- control spending in this administration ? This gang seems to have no conscience !

    Just asking.

  53. So, what is the real goal behind OWEbaamascare – to cover all illegals, or to appease the Liberals, or to gain access to all of your personal info. via your medical records.

    Remember, that the first entities to opt out were the large companies, and the labor unions ( you know them as friends of OWEbaama ). And we also know that the Tea Party was not a target of the Regime, something that only the Stupid voters and the Liberals can understand !!!

    Just a thought.

  54. Can anyone name one city that is on the verge of bankruptcy , that is NOT controlled by the Dems – name just ONE !!!

  55. The Liar in Chief is just like the Energizer Bunny – he keeps on LYING and LYING and LYING , and nothing is done about it !!!

  56. If OWEbaama had been POTUS during the World Trade Center attacks 0n 9/11 , what would he have done ( besides continue with his golf game ) ?

    As of today, his DISAPPROVAL rating is at 78% . Can you imagine having an intelligent conversation with someone who is in the 12 % approval group ? Something to think about !!

  57. OWEbaama has been reducing the energy supply by closing coal mines and curtailing drilling, and at the same time encouraging more people to come here via amnesty. When the population INCREASES, won’t the demand for energy also INCREASE ?

    Just asking .


    These are the little things that have helped to keep Benghazigate off the front pages , and they have run the gamut. Now it’s a rodeo clown !! But wait – this one has a BONUS , and it’s called ( get ready ) RACISM !!!

    Therefore, the race- baiters ( you know them as $harpton, Jack$son, Holder, et al ) are thrilled to death.

    Wonder what the race -baiters will do when Racism is gone – will they commit ” racial suicide ” ? Just asking.

  59. Marco Rubio claims that he does not want amnesty for the illegal aliens.

    Wonder how many folks really believe that . Do you ?

    Just a thought.

  60. Now that another person has died as a result of ‘Fast and Furious’ , will anyone in the DOJ ever be held accountable ? Just asking.

  61. It’s been said that there is NOT ONE SINGLE person who fully understands the disaster known as OWEbaamascare . Yet, the fools in DC want it fully implemented. With over 20,000 pages of convoluted rules , it is a recipe for
    failure. The proof of the ” dumbing down of Americans” is totally evident in DC . Just a thought.

  62. The GOP is weak, splitting apart , and there isn’t any strong leadership. Boehner is still a wimp, and the party will probably accept some parts of OWEbaamascare, even though 3/4 ths of us don’t want it. What is it with these so-called Reprresentatives ? Aren’t they supposed to follow the will of the people ?

    At this rate, Hillary will be able to “waltz ” into the WH , inspite of Benghazigate, and never having accomplished ONE thing as SOS !!

    The GOP appears ready to surrender, probably so that they can keep their bennies. What a disgrace . Just a thought.

  63. So, who could become the leaders of the GOP ? And, who doesn’t have any baggage or skeletons in their closet? Romney got defeated, and all but disappeared. Ryan got defeated, and what has he accomplished since then ? Rubio wants amnesty, but won’t admit it. Rand Paul is too often associated with his quirky father.

    Really, who does the GOP have that will be a strong FIGHTER to fight the Liberal crap ?

    Just a few questions .

  64. OWEbaamascare is a disaster and will damage the economy. For example, about 50 years ago , healthcare cost was approx. 5 % of the GDP – today it is OVER 17 % of GDP !! And, the so called AFFORDABLE healthcare act will make matters WORSE !! Why is the GOP afraid to act on this madness ?? Just a thought .

  65. The Ft. Hood terrorist, Maj. Hisan, has finally gotten to trial after a 4 yr. wait ( all the while he is collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and benefits ) and after proudly declaring that he is the shooter, the jury is in it’s second day of deliberation !! Apparently this jury isn’t sure that he is the ” shooter ” !?!?

    How much more time and money must be wasted on this wacko doctor ??

    Perhaps the trial lawyers enjoy racking up their fees by these long delays and trials. Just a thought.

  66. There are 126 federal programs that render aid to the poor. Millions of dollars are wasted due to the overlapping programs. Plus , millions of dollars are lost to fraud. And, the bennies are so good that in many cases it is more advantageous to collect the bennies than to actually WORK !!

    And OWEbaama isn’t happy with the situation – he wants to hand out MORE freebies !!

  67. If you happened to stumble onto this site, please add a comment – on any topic. Talking to myself is rather boring, but just doing it to keep the site somewhat active, if at all possible !!!

    When OWEbaama wakes up in the morning , does he really believe that he is acting ” presidential ” , or is he simply enjoying all of the ‘bennies’ while living in the WH ?? Just asking .

  68. If ML King Jr. were alive today, would he be satisfied with the current racial situation that now prevails ?

    Considering it in it’s totality, was Affirmative Action a “good ” or “bad ” idea regarding the following :

    a) The country as a whole

    b) The Blacks

    c) Other races

    It would appear that the “answer ” might be “bad ” for all of the above.

    Your thoughts !?!

  69. beyond disgusted

    Have to admire you for keeping this going. I cannot speak for other family members, but my personal opinion on any topic is: What difference does our opinion make? The establishment Republican congressional leaders & their ilk are continuously caving to whatever demorats want; they are not listening & they do not care what we want. Perhaps that is the reason for the silence?

  70. Beyond,

    Agreed. However, there is always info. to be shared, and perhaps even motivate some to become more active in the welfare of this country.

    Apparently there are some folks who visit this site, but choose not to respond or initiate a topic. Hopefully some of them will change their mind, and offer an opinion or two – HOPEFULLY !!

    The District of Corruption needs massive changes, and sitting on our hands is NOT going to accomplish anything.

    Thanks for the comments.


    I live in Massachusett which is the number 1 give away state after wash dc and hawaii we do not verify and ignore theft typical Democrats
    our new Secretary of State John liveshot Kerry was a zero as a Senator and will be worse in his new position WHAT A MESS

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