A Shot Across The Bow

According to Fox, OWEbama wants to fire a “shot across the bow” in Syria.. At this point, never mind the arguments over “right versus wrong” relative to the Syrian “situation” and any outside intervention, the liberal historical hypocrisy relative to any intervention when ANY other party holds the presidency is what needs to be tended to. It would be nice if SOMEONE would address this topic (hypocrisy) since we are YEARS into the liberal socialist experiment of the OWEbama Democratic Debacle..

Fox called this maneuver the OWEbama “administration’s aggressive move to punish the Assad regime..” Mind you the hijinx in Syria have been going on for YEARS (since March 2011), its only now that the pressure of deflecting the nation’s attention away from Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra and the myriad of other SCANDALS seems to have the liberals focused on “chemical weapons” and we all know that “chemical weapons” were such a leftist bug-a-boo in Iraq.. “Aggressive” after over two years? No the ILLEGAL Health Scare Scam, THAT was “aggressive” and “illegal” is the word that can simply describe virtually everything that the liberals have done since 2009.

A docile nation hypnotized by the complicit liberal “impartial” media have allowed EVERY liberal atrocity to stand uncontested for over sixty years. At this point in the proceedings, it seems irrational of me to expect anyone to respond to the liberal left in a forceful and effective manner. Half of OWEbama’s victims couldn’t manage to show up to vote against the heresy of the left not once but twice..

The liberal ethos is, allegedly, “for the greater good”.. This “greater good” is IMPLIED relative to the “victims” who need the help of the left. The REAL “greater good” is the personal profit liberalism has for its leaders once the redistribution of alms is arranged. The implied moral high ground of the inherently intentionally destructive pernicious pathos of progressivism makes ALL disagreement immoral and failing that, the left simply makes disagreement illegal. When the liberals realize that there are NO facts to support their “arguments” or their positions, they simply make the idea of ANY “arguments” AGAINST their positions illegal..

The “greater evil” is the intentional creation of a PERMANENT underclass by the left that MUST turn to the liberals for their survival. The liberals in turn, turn to those “victims” for their political “survival” during every election.. They never let each other down..

Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, GSA.. In case you’ve forgotten.. There will be a quiz on all of this in 2014, let’s just see who cares.

Those who speak with the voice of ignorance should whisper as opposed to yelling with such frequency and amperage..

“Coexist”.. Liberal mantras are not suggestions, they are demands. When the left bellows for “equality” they seek FAVORITISM. Liberalism is disingenuous at the surface, it is evil at its core.. The certified destructive effects of generations of liberal and progressive policies prove that liberals are either oblivious or intentional in their acts. Neither option is palatable and either option should have led to the elimination of liberal policies through “Democratic Darwinism” generations ago….

Liberal oppressive taxation: INVOLUNTARY generosity forcibly taken from the productive and redistributed to the enslaved. Please remember that it is being done “for the greater good..”

When the left finally succeeds in making whites a certified “minority”, will their puling “concern” for the “rights” of minorities disappear? Will there be marches and rallies for “equality” for whites? I say that the old “concern” for “minority rights” will disappear faster than $harpton or Jack$on does when the dinner check arrives..

When confronted with the reality that “minorities” (the liberal PC way of saying blacks..) overwhelmingly commit violent crime, the left seeks to dodge this unvarnished truth by saying that we must blame “society”. (It takes a village, remember?) The TRUTH is, “society” has decayed due to its unfortunate sixty-year contact with carcinogenic liberalism. This “society”, which the liberals seek to blame, is the direct result of the direct application of liberalism to society.. This “society” has been INTENTIONALLY created through the socialist experimentation of the liberal elitists themselves..

The “burden of proof” under liberalism falls to the ACCUSED. How is this possible? The argumentative simplicity of the leftist mind has eliminated the idea or necessity of supporting arguments, a one word accusation suffices..

“Racist” for example. Once accused, YOU have to prove that you AREN’T a “racist” as opposed to the left proving that you are. Their “argument” is based in fiction, enflamed through imaginary hysteria and supported by the moral sniffishness of sanctimony. A “one word argument” (racist) ISN’T even an argument, its barely a statement but when you have NOTHING else to back you up, (other than the “impartial” media..) its all that the left needs, that and VOLUME.. The only reason that you need to prove that you aren’t is because your accuser can’t prove that you ARE..

The “Big Bang”. When Christians define this as having taken place under the watchful hand and eye of God, the scientifically superior and intellectually aloof liberals scoff and snort with indignation. Fine. The liberals “answer”, supposedly refined and based upon their reliance on “science”, “logic” and superior intelligence is, in as few words as possible: “It just happened”.. Luck. Random chance.. These are the same geniuses that call creationism “silly” and that’s when they are being nice..

We must hope that this epoch is the beginning of the end of liberalism as opposed to the end of the beginning..

Who could have expected ANY different results from the OWEbama political experiment? A candidacy based upon a “record” created out of the whole cloth of fantasy, a “past” shrouded in complete secrecy. A presidency protected slavishly by the “impartial” media. An administration mired in scandal after scandal (any ONE of which would have had ANY Republican president on the unemployment line..) that was simultaneously labored by the inheritance of an economy burdened by years of Democratic control of both Houses.. A group that has taken “transparency” and through liberal definitional inversion made it “secrecy”.. It appears that the application of fantasy to reality begets socialism..


23 responses to “A Shot Across The Bow

  1. Good morning, Larry!!! It’s good to hear from you!

    I could not agree more. “A shot across the bow”, wow! Are you kidding me? The world is already laughing at us, and this will not help. Anything we do is just another excuse for Radical Islam to call us murderers and tro out their injured and dead, blaming us for each and every one of them, no matter what. We are being lured into WWIII, so our economy can be damaged further, so our military can be demoralized again, and so that we can be demonized yet again… how stupid can we be… can be

  2. T, I agree with everything that you have said! USA stay out of Syria in all ways is what I say!

  3. Until our ‘partial’ media is exposed for their liberal and ‘half truths’ bias, Obama will be able to literally kill babies at a grocery store unscathed.
    Until the Republic leadership comes to it’s senses and realizes that their spineless actions and lack of effort to do what is right, Obama will continue his dictatorial style of leadership. Until our nation turns back from it’s walk away from God, we will continue to spiral into becoming a third rate socialist/communist cesspool. I fear that a revolution may be the only way method to bring about change at this time.


    We should do nothing in Syria as we will be blamed for all the
    damage done Russia and China are just waiting for us to screw up
    all the losers are in charge Obama Kerry Clinton DOD

  5. I doubt obummer will pull the trigger. He is a woos, and coward, so if failure is possible he will be far gone. It is almost impossible now to blame it on Bush, so he must be careful unless his handlers tell him to do it. He wants to kick out Assad so the Muslim brotherhood can take over. If they control Syria they are next door to Israel where they can murder Jews. He supports radical muslims all over the globe while we do not have enough money to let school children tour the White house that may soon become the black house. This joke of a leader is disgrace to the USA, and the black race he is hell bent on returning to the slavery of welfare, free phones, food stamps, and all the other give away programs. Prepare for war either from the regime or the muslims helped by the black uninformed.

  6. Nice to see you back Larry,
    A shot across the bow? that’s it? And they call Nixon the worst president of all?
    The media rules! That is the real enemy! That’s what needs a change!

  7. A shot across the bow, eh? Now what ever happened to the “red line” dribblings, couldn’t find his crayon or did the bleeding hemorroid problem abate?

    As most would know, in Maritime Law, a shot across the bow is a signal to desist from one’s actions or not to proceed any further along the same course. Larry, your article was the TRUE warning. A warning to the great ship U. S. S. America to belay it’s present course and to end the one it has followed for the past 50 – 60 years.

  8. Joe, you are correct, but I think it started 100 years ago. Typical communist act. Take then a tiny bite at a time. I have followed politics sometimes closely, and other times not so much since 1941. Looking back FDR was following the rules back then as were his predecessors.

  9. A shot across the bow would simply reinforce the impression of a feckless, rudderless foreign policy. While I suppose it will work for the purpose of expressing faux outrage, especially considering the chemical attack was actually enacted by Obama’s buddies among the rebels, and aid in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Syria. It would be yet another violation of Federal Law, not that such things matter to our Imperial President. He will do as he wishes and nobody in Washington has the stones to tell him ‘no’.

    Should he have the temerity to shoot his load into the fray, we can be certain Israel will suffer the consequences first, as Iran has vowed to launch reprisals. How sad is it that while we debate whether illegal aliens here deserve the benefit of Obamacare, people in Tel Aviv are exercising their right to government issued gas masks? We may be on the brink of seeing our generation’s Archduke Ferdinand moment: the single incident which causes the unraveling of empires and alliances, and sets the stage where the whole of the world is plunged into the cauldron of an all-consuming war.

    It has been seventy years since the world has seen a real war, it was a war which cost Great Britain her empire, made slaves of millions, and made America a superpower. It also set in motion the Progressive fairy tale of a United Nations, and caused us to slowly lose the will to do whatever was required to secure our own liberty. Now our enemies are gathering just outside the lights of our fires, like wolves they smell death and weakness upon us, and they bide their time before they close for the kill.

  10. beyond disgusted

    Welcome back Larry, you have been missed. Liberalism is indeed evil, and is the root cause of EVERYTHING that is wrong with our country today. And it has been going on for a hundred years. Thank you Woodrow Wilson for getting this evil ball rolling. All my adult life I’ve heard that the pendulum will swing back. Really? And just what would make that happen? The permanent underclass has grown by leaps & bounds under Obama, on purpose. It is more than a sad state of affairs. The electorate should be ashamed of themselves, but thanks to liberalism, shame no longer exists.

  11. Welcome back Larry, it’s been far too quiet without you. I’m with you all. Syria is yet another smoke screen to keep people distracted from whatever devious schemes the Washington weasels have up their sleeves. Unfortunately, it may very well touch off WW III. God Bless us All!!!

  12. Syria is involved in a civil war. In how many civil wars must we get involved before we realize that by so doing, we end up the LOSER ??

  13. Oxymoron of the day – ” Border Security “

  14. The Libs have a new ‘buzzword’ – ” Economic Justice ” . Apparently their ‘Social Justice ” term as worn thin ! Now, if they would refrain from their all-time fav : ” RACIST ” , everyone would be better off . Just a thought.

  15. JJ, you have motivated today’s TOTD, “Fascist Flexibility”. A link will soon follow..


  16. A link to the latest TOTD, how about 100 hits over at TOTD?


    Thanks as always and thanks to JJ for the push.. SEE the comments are VERY important people..


  17. Larry,

    Thanks for the kind words. Needless to say, I’m glad you’re back !

    On a side note, regarding OWEbaamascare, Richard Trunpka ( one of many labor union thugs ) has finally come to the realization [ probably because someone was finally able to explain some of its’ many problems ] that he is now opposed to this economic disaster disguised as “healthcare” !! Mainly because it will now cost his members big bucks. Remember , the unions gave OWEbaama over $50 million for his campaign, and now the unions are getting ‘screwed’ by their boy . Perhaps they should NOT have listened to Pelosi when she advised to sign the bill to see what is in it . Maybe the unions should hire BETTER attorneys, or better yet, drop OWEbaama and his crap.

    Just a thought .

  18. Graywolf,

    I bow to your wisdom of politics. I, being born in the mid-forties cannot acclaim to have but minimal interest in politics until the fifties. And this interest grew out of what my school books and instructors were “teaching” me against what my Father, a died in the wook conservative Republican, taught me at home.

  19. Here is a link to the latest TOTD:


    The topic: Syria for those interested..


  20. Great post Larry. I can’t help but think of the way this president and administration pushed abortion as his main topic while campaigning. Now, he is all about saving the children in Syria from death. God rest their souls. We have 3,000 abortions a day in the U.S. Can’t we save some of these children?*

  21. EXACTLY!

    Where’s the call from the liberal idiots for an “exit strategy” from Syria??
    What are the mission objectives?
    What does “success” look like??
    If we find chemical weapons in Syria, will it box say, “Made in Iraq”?
    Will MAObama simply blow people up without “due process”??
    What is their crime?
    MAObama says they used chemical weapons, but there was no trial so how could they be guilty of anything??
    Who is he going to arm? the muslim extremists or the muslim extremists?
    MAObama supports the muslim bro-hood, Americans do not. Soooo, who is he going to GIVE guns to WITHOUT a background check???

    Just like Dhimmy Carter getting anally raped on worldwide television for 444 days, this bitch in the white house is getting bent over by every towel-headed-camel-fornicator in the mideast….


  22. A great barn burner to grab hold. Everything is right all from all of you. Stitch, Syria has not yet approved the exit strategy, they want more tanks and jests.and suitcases of money to give out to ten handpicked people. Grrrrrr!

  23. can you tell I don’t have by glasses on? JETS and that’s no jest.

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