The Progressive Panorama

The OWEBAMA “red line” seems to have become a yellow streak.. The “red line” is being dealt with by the REDS and NOT the Red, White and Blue..

NOT that I would want ANY involvement in another Middle Eastern cesspool (LIBERAL “involvement”, the kind where DEFEATING the “enemy” isn’t as important as “coalitions” and other idiotic “appearances”, “38th parallel-ism” and other such rot..) but the OWEbama slithering and skulking on this self-made quagmire brings me delight. That and the fact that Putin (and the WORLD, I might add..) consider OWEbama to be a nothing more than a progressive piñata.. Unfortunately, this casts ALL of America in a negative light because we’ve been told that OWEbama was “elected” twice so everyone believes that he is our “leader”..

September 11th is the quietest day in the liberal world. They have TWO disasters on that day that they choose to ignore.. WTC and Benghazi..

Over 100,000 dead, over two years of atrocities and now ONE method of murder catches the jaundiced eye of the Nobel Laureate.. Combine this with the duplicitous silence of the Marxist minions over the mere “idea” of another war or “incursion” or “strike” or whatever OWEbama would like to call it, add in the Soviets bossing the Brown Bolshevik around (SEE, he DID have more “flexibility” after the election as he whispered to Medvedev..) is the height of the low comedy the domestic liberals are so well known for.

OK, the Soviets supplied the Syrians with their “weapons”, (as well as the Iranians, the Libyans, the Iraqis..) they kindly step in and broker another “deal” where they will probably “oversee” the weapons (warehouse them and then return them once the liberal “impartial” media looks away..) and OWEbama is in line for another Nobel prize.. Any bets that these “chemical weapons” had “Send to Saddam” and then “Return to Sender circa early 2003..” stickers on them, you remember, the weapons that disappeared as the liberals croaked and scoffed at the use of the SAME weapons by Saddam..

My favorite part of the “love-fest” when Secretary of Statists Lurch was passing mash notes to McCain over the OWEbama Syria senselessness was the unfortunate sight of “Ketchup Lady” Theresa in the front row.. I have to say it: her face looks like a scrotum..

73% of the casualties in the Afghan War have taken place while OWEbama has sullied the Slight House. No liberal marches, no liberal chants, no liberal screaming and yelling.. This, if ANY further proof were even necessary, solidifies the FACT that the liberals are complete and unequivocal hypocrites and if even MORE proof were needed, their complete SILENCE on the OWEbama wanna-be “war” in Syria ices the collectivist cake..

Just the thought of this “war” should have caused anti Americans of every aroma to gather and grovel with their partners in slime, the “impartial” media, “reporting” their every move and utterance. Their discriminatory use of faux choreographed outrage over “war” based upon the political affiliation of the occupant of the Oval Office proves that their “principles” smell to the same degree that they themselves do..

According to Fox, “CDC: Hard-hitting anti smoking ads save lives”. Yes they do. Why hasn’t the “CDC” come out and made the logical claim that “hard-hitting” ads over the horrors of the progressive pogrom, abortion, would have the same effect?

60% of the Arctic sea ice has returned in 2013.. This should be a complete coup for the liberals. They should be dancing in the aisles, claiming that all of their “green” initiatives, idiotic light bulbs, wind mills, collector panels, wind-up peddle cars etc, were the reason for this “great news” environmentally.. Yet we hear crickets.. Why?

Because this “news” makes the climate CHANGE exactly what it is, totally random. There is no PROOF that ANY stupid liberal “stick their nose in” environmental nonsense has ANYTHING to do with the condition of the environment. The “environment” is just another of the liberal’s ways to control the “debate” and most importantly, to control everyone else’s wealth.. (They force you to buy their bogus light bulbs, etc..)

The liberals NEVER want you to look deeply into their scams. This is why they have intentionally made it LAW that the concept of disagreement with them and or any of the leftist panaceas is illegal. THIS is also why the liberals are NEVER wrong. If even a small facet of the liberal nonsense is disproved, even if they ever admit that a scintilla of their weepy propaganda is untrue, ALL of it, ALL of the liberal malarkey, comes tumbling down..

Again, why wouldn’t the liberals be busting their buttons over such good news? Because SOLVING a problem has NEVER been a concern for the liberals. The purpose of liberalism is NOT to “do good”, liberalism is nothing more than “lazy capitalism”, they want the money earned by others without the work..

In order to “act”, there must be a disaster, a catastrophe, a calamity, or an “epidemic”, then the liberals impulse to “act” means that its time to demand money to “solve” the problem.. The liberals actions are all about “doing good” so what’s a few trillion more tax dollars stolen from the middle class going to matter, they have “good” things to do.. It is also none of your concern that a few billion of those stolen tax dollars always makes it into the benevolent pockets of the left BEFORE they are redistributed to “solve” this problem that will never be “solved” using the nonsensical nomenclature of liberalism..

Surprise!! Now even the unions are upset with the OWEbama Health Scare lunacy. Recently, at least one union (Building and Construction Trades) called for a complete repeal of the illegal “legislation” but cooler, more “well paid off ” or “better bribed” heads prevailed and they are now just concerned about how it will effect their members. It’s “highly disruptive” to the union health care plans already in place. Duh.. Since the unions insisted upon carrying the can for OWEbama, a number of them, OWEbama shampaign “bundlers” all, were given a complete pass on this “Target the Middle Class” Scam. The rest were left twisting in the wind and they now don’t like it.. Join the club and thanks for helping it passed in the first place..

Marxist math problem.. Dhimmi Carter tried his level best to destroy America and it took a great man like Ronald Reagan EIGHT years to end the cycle of carcinogenic collectivism from Carter’s FOUR years. Carter is a piker compared to OWEbama, OWEbama will have had TWICE as much time to destroy America as Carter had and he’s done TWENTY times more damage. The truly sad part of this is that there seems to be no one who is HALF the man Ronald Reagan was in order to RIGHT the wrongs of the left..


25 responses to “The Progressive Panorama

  1. Wow, there is so much god stuff in this one, too… but let me start with this: So President A-something of Syria, today, says that he is going to cooperate with the plan to turn over his chemical weapons to somebody, but NOT because the US threatened him, as Owebama has said… (spinning a tale there, a$$hat!) No, he is doing it because of Putin’s diplomacy and …. whatever… and to that I say this: He read very carefully, just what Putin wrote for him! The “O” man has indeed been had!!!

  2. So let me ask a question: This is just another in a very long list of things that have shown that the Emperor has not clothes… How much longer do you think it will take before he is finally forced out… either by impeachment, or being forced to resign. The list of people he has screwed with, screwed over, or just screwed up in front of, is getting longer every day.

  3. Putin ass-raped OWEbama on worldwide television so now the marxist milf is hiding in the White House while MOOchele wipes Putin-goo off his tramp-stamp.

    Liberalism = Lazy Capitalism is SO TRUE.
    When there is no longer any money flowing into their pockets, its amazing how silent they become.

    Hold the Marxist Mayo please…

    73% of the casualties HAVE occurred under OWEbama’s watch.
    AND, mostly by AMBUSH.
    AND, overwelmingly most of the dead US soldiers were… WHITE.
    Hmmm. let me think… which president was it who said he didn’t really care for WHITE PEOPLE??
    Makes you wonder who the Taliban’s Deep Throat is??
    Or not…

    Nice article again kid…

    STITCH !

  4. I’m with you all the way, Larry. The Liberals just can’t help exposing themselves to laughter and ridicule. We knew last year the temperatures were seasonal and ready turning downward. The Arctic ice field returns is a great example. And the closer we get to mandates from Obamacare the more the Liberals are applying the brakes to halt their momentum into the proverbial fan!

  5. I agree, Larry. Let Syria and it’s allies handle it’s mess, Who designated the US as savior of the world? If those idiots in the Middle East want to kill each other, so be it, that’ll be fewer Muslims the planet will have to contend with.

    That brings up another subject; Why is it the Muslims gripe and complain about where ever their living, seek refuge in Christian nations, then set about complaining about every thing in the nation they’ve settled and how it’s not like “back home.” Hey, dude, don’t let the gate hit you in the butt it swings both ways and you have my full permission to hop a plane or boat and go back to your sand and rock existance.

  6. beyond disgusted

    Another great one, Larry. Your last paragraph is most telling, and, sadly, I agree. Although, we do have three shining stars who have yet to be corrupted: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul & Mike Lee in the Senate. But, the odds of the Republican establishment ever backing any one of them are nill. Heaven forbid should the establishment actually want to win!

    T, the answer to your question is never.

    Joe, I’m in complete agreement with your first paragraph.

  7. Great article Larry. Ted Cruz is my senator. His wife has been in our town this week or the Republican Women’s Club. There was a really big turn. Sunday Senator Cruz will speak at the early church service and the eleven o’clock one also. There is a hot bed of Repubs here where we live. He really tells it like it is.(So Far) Praying he keeps it up.

  8. Larry and family,

    Good stuff from all !

    Assad and Putin are both making a mockery of the entire situation along with making Owebaama to be a complete incompetent fool. Of course , OWEbaama does a pretty good job on his own.

    Why are we expected to be the “policemen of the world” – is it in part due to the fact that we have military bases and ships scattered around the globe?
    But to what avail – except at great cost ! Why do we provide security for other countries, and our own borders are a magnet for illegal entry.

    On a side note, why do we have so many trade agreements with third world countries ( with their dirt cheap labor ) which results in major job losses here, but enriches the despots in those countries ? WHY ???

  9. What can a country expect to make a deal with the devil. We have know for years that Russia is not our friend. A thinking person would never turn a big decision or any for that matter to our enemies. A true leader would have had an idea already besides air strikes. Since we don’t have a leader, this is all we can expect. God help us.

  10. On the news last night it was reported that Putin had criticised Obama for ineptitude in the handling of Syria. Obama, in his usual third grade school yard retort, shot back with, “He (Putin) reminds you of that slouched kid in that sat in the back of the class.” Typical. Putin, who’s athleticism extends far beyond that of round ball and golf in a number of sports and activities, works out regularly and is not inept when it comes to world affairs. Not that I value Putin’s political stance mind you, it’s just that given the choice between this so-called slouch and a pot-smoking non-achiever of the class, I’m going with the slouch.

  11. Putin ” sized up ” OWEbaama LONG before most Americans did. Explains in part how the current resident in the WH got there. BTW, the ‘slouch” is reportedly worth about $ 40 billion ! Not that it matters .

  12. With all of the problems associated with illegal aliens, including the cost of ‘freebies’ that they receive, along with the high costs of securing the border, and the financial impact on the border states, the lawmakers in the state of CA ( which is mired in red ink ) have voted to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens !! Apparently they want to make sure that the state goes farther into the financial abyss. Perhaps they have a long range plan to go bankrupt , in order to get a federal bail-out !! Just a thought.

  13. OWEbaama claims that ” raising the debt ceiling does not increase the deficit ” . Wonder how his ” economic advisers ” reacted to that comment !

    Of course, if he ever had to defend his statement, he would do his usual – deny that he said it !!

  14. JJ…. That’s not what he meant! He meant… uh…. ummmmm….uh,uh,uh….
    You’re a racist!!!

  15. T,

    Thanks for clearing that up – I’ve always thought I was a CONSERVATIVE !! 🙂

  16. Speaking of the ” R ” word [ that’s a veiled attempt to be politically correct ] , is it possible for a Dem to be a racist ? Just asking .

    When are the ‘real’ educators in the USA going to do something about the educational disaster known as ” Common Core ” ????

    Once again – just asking .

  17. The latest TOTD, a link for your convenience..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Oxymoron of the day – ” Dept. of Education “

  19. JJ, it sure is!! Should be abolished.

  20. The sooner, the better !!

  21. Here’s a simple question – if OWEbaama and Putin were each to ‘draw a line in the sand ‘ , and you had to choose as to which line to cross, I’m very confident that you would NOT choose Putin’s . Is it stretch to assume that most of the world’s leaders would also NOT choose Putin’s line ?

    I wonder how many Liberals would choose Putin’s !! Just a thought.

  22. On a side note – a few months ago, a member of Detroit’s city council complained that although the city had given a substantial amount of money to OWEbaama’s campaign, OWEbaama hadn’t given any federal money to their financially- troubled city. In true Liberal fashion, OWEbaama has now committed $320 million to Detroit !!!! Isn’t that just great news ?

    How many other miss-managed Dem controlled cities and states will now plead for help from their leader in the WH , and exactly where is OWEbaama finding this cash ??

    BTW, can you name ONE Dem-controlled city that is NOT mired in red ink ? All I want is just ONE !!!

  23. All liberals would choose their leader, Owebama,except those that really would like to win.

  24. To the city question – ALL OF THEM. Because they are all in trouble with their cheating and spending!

  25. With the unprecedented National debt of 17 trillion dollars, I wonder how many teens and young adults realize that THEY will be paying for a large chunk of that debt.

    Going one step farther in regard to OWbaamascare, since the premiums paid by the young adults are critical to this so-called ‘affordable’ healthcare plan, I wonder what would happen if this group decided NOT to buy into OWEbaamascare. If this group were to act in unison, would they be able to
    “upset the apple cart ” ?? Just asking .

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