Shutdown Shenanigans

The “government”, otherwise known as the “liberal’s god” (liberalism is the left’s religion) is “shut down”.. Scary..

Never fear, its not as though the exorbitant taxes collected in perpetuity by the liberal’s god are going to EVER stop. We could remove each and every totalitarian tick from the body politic and it would take a “Reaganesque” effort lasting decades before the senseless bleeding done by the middle class befitting the liberal elite and the liberal’s beloved lowest class would even slow, let alone end..

Whenever the leftists “non-stop” gravy train of redistributed “revenues” is threatened, the prattling progressives intentionally make the most obvious and damaging effects front and center.. A few phone calls to the “impartial” media will take care of this nagging detail. The elitist liberal’s constituents of moochers and mendicants are still snug as a bug in a rug.. Their liberal votes must be bought with OUR money.. Hell, the liberal politicians would themselves, speaking of government shut downs, deliver the mail, including the monthly stipend to the addicted lowest class in order to protect their seats at the trough of taxes..

What these “enterprises” effected by this “shutdown” should do, enterprises that would run MUCH more effectively and MUCH more efficiently WITHOUT the totalitarian tentacles of liberalism bogging them down, is remove themselves from the evil effects of the “government” and join the private sector.

Imagine the Post Office, LONG burdened by the “government”, freed to participate in the free market.. Waste removed, efficiency and effectiveness.. Are they “too big to fail” or are they too big to EVER work effectively and efficiently? If they are still manacled to the liberal government, we know the answer.. (Its possible that the Post Office, so addicted to the “government” way of inefficiency and waste, would rather protect itself as a whole rather than try to compete in the free market..)

Politicians have realized that in order to make they and their panaceas “necessary”, they have had to remove the idea of the “free market” and replace it with the “new and improved intrusive liberal-driven government”. You know, the whole, “tear the system down” liberals of the sixties..

For generations, they have managed to convince people that the “government” can “do it better”.. They have succeeded in this ruse because too many people are LAZY. WE have allowed this process to grow larger and more cumbersome and the inevitable burden of PAYING for it ALWAYS falls upon the middle class NO MATTER what their campaign “literature” has said..

NOW we can see just how unnecessarily LARGE the scope and scale of the “government’s” role is in our daily life. Mind you, its still NOT big enough according to the liberals who want/DEMAND that you HAVE to turn to their “government” for EVERYTHING.

Thus the liberal elite, the limousine liberals who are NEVER effected in any way by the “laws” they force upon the rest of us, strain towards an entire “civilization” dependent upon the liberal politicians generosity paid for by the nation’s middle class.. (Quiz question: what would the liberals do if they actually succeeded in destroying the nation’s middle class? How could their benevolence towards the barnacles continue? Talk amongst yourselves..)

Will gasoline become AT LEAST a dollar cheaper today because the liberal leech government, who took NO RISK in exploring for the oil, refining it, et cetera, won’t be “collecting” this “revenue” because of the shutdown? Nonsense, the Bolshevik Behemoth of liberal government will STILL steal from you. Cigarette taxes? Don’t even ask..

Imagine a group like NASA, FREED from the constraints of the liberal “government”.. The private sector operates under the liberal’s wonderful “Darwinian” theory of “survival of the fittest” yet the liberal government has struggled for generations to make everyone in America so UNFIT that they have to turn to the liberal elite in order to merely survive in a dangerous world filled with “-ists” and “-isms”..

Now we will see just how far “government” has intruded into the affairs of what should be the free market. Imagine NO government to tell employers how many unqualified minorities they MUST employ, liberal government’s blackmail, if you will pardon the intentional pun.. And that is but one disgusting example..

This “shutdown” is the perfect example of what politics has become, a VERY EXPENSIVE form of low brow entertainment, a socialist soap opera for the allegedly intelligent.. It has to be designated as “entertainment” because, like a bad movie, we are paying for it yet we sit there in a docile manner and take it without lifting a finger to END it, let alone rightfully demanding our money back..

“Government” has become a bunch of millionaires rewarding themselves and their friends under the table whilst tossing the crumbs to the crumbs of the lowest addicted class loudly claiming that these “crumbs” need MORE money at which time the socialist siphoning begins anew..

That isn’t what the Founding Fathers had in mind.. By the way, if they were still here and they were observing how the liberal Democratic government “runs”, they would welcome this shut down.. They might have even picked up arms and DEMANDED it..


13 responses to “Shutdown Shenanigans

  1. This is actually today’s TOTD, I just put it up here as well..


  2. I think that explains it all quite well, thank you.


    you got it Larry
    A million non essential workers furloughed
    Big deal do away with them if we do not need them
    All the free bees blame the workers for this
    Who cares about blame lets listen to the American majority and eliminate Obamacre
    Send single budget items to the Senate to vote on with HHS LAST

  4. The “US Pravda” drives this insanity!
    Until we turn the media toward conservatism, it will continue!
    We either infiltrate it or produce more of ours than they have of theirs.

  5. And how about the WW ll vets that were initially denied visiting their own WW ll monument in DC , until Michele Bachman and a few other members got involved and gave access to these members of ” the greatest generation” . Apparently OWEbaama is proud of his childish tactics to make everyone suffer doesn’t agree with him.

  6. Why isn’t anyone talking about Obama amending the AHC program without congress? Going around the Constitution? I think the government could be shut down for a long time.

  7. The libs talk about evolution, but when it comes to “survival of the fittest” they have never heard of such nonsense. They know that to survive everyone must be equal, and the are no fittest. If they had to survive on their own we would have no problem as they would starve, freeze to death, or be killed by their protected group, criminals. To survive they require a mass of giveme uninformed subpar almost humans.

  8. How right you are! Being a farmboy, I know what a tick does, and it is not good. We usewd to get our animals on our laps and put a lit match to the ticks posterior. With that kind of incentive, they withdrew very fast. I think it would work today with the “non-essential” employees. As JJ noted, if they are non-essential, why are they even employed. They are calling this a “slim down” rather than a shut down. They should be careful of the wording. We may find we can get along exceedingly well with a slim and trim government!

  9. What I find interesting is how many talking heads are making the claim the conservatives, and the TEA Party and those rascals in the Republican Party are at fault for shutting down the government. After the way they were lectured to by an increasingly constipated looking Dear Leader, I would have been of a mind to pull the plug just to spite him. As it stands, the world will keep going even if the Feds are shut down, and maybe it would be a good thing if they never open back up for business.

    A friend of mine has calculated that it would cost literally a third of his income just to get the lowest level of Obamacare, and he would have to spend several hundred dollars before he would see any benefit at all from the program. This might be the best way to give We the People the ammo we need to make this national nightmare go away. When people see the cost of free medical care, we can hope a taxpayer revolt will be the result. Seeing the implementation, should make even hard core Democrats realize just what they voted in.

  10. beyond disgusted

    800,000 + non essential government workers are furloughed. Does that not tell you everything you need to know about how big & bloated the federal government is? Are they exempted from Obamacare as well? I grow more disgusted by the day.

  11. The price of the ” spite ” tactics of the fraud in the WH – it is costing MORE to shut down the memorials, national parks, and other federal buildings , than if they were left open !!! And, if the athletic competitions at the military academies are shut down, there will be lost revenues from ticket sales, TV pay- outs, concession stands, parking fees, etc. etc.

    And, he claims a college grad. ! ( maybe that is why is academic grades are sealed )

    Just a thought.

  12. I wonder if Jay Carney is really able to think for himself.

    Just a thought.

  13. Jay Carney isn’t required to think, he needs only to be able to lie convincingly enough for the low-flow voters to swallow what comes from this administration.

    The reasons why Obama’s academic records have been sealed is he either never attended those classes, and so got whatever marks he did courtesy of racial set-asides, or they were so poor he didn’t want to be laughed off as the ignoramus he truly he is. Obama is a thin-skinned man whom sees any sort of challenge to his primacy as a personal assault upon him. In short, the embodiment of the liberal ideal.

    In other stories, the state of California plans to put all their prisoners, parolees and criminal defendants (sorry, not the criminals running the state) onto Obamacare, thus having the Federal taxpayer covering the tab. Other states will likely be following suit. How many other freeloaders will be added to the rolls?

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