Happy 100..

Today is the 100th birthday of the Federal Income Tax.. I want my readers to take over today and for each of you to wish it a very happy birthday in any manner that you wish with your comments..

This should be fun..


9 responses to “Happy 100..

  1. How can I wish you a Happy Birthday? I only wish my family and very close friends that. Mr. Income Tax in your present form, you do not need to have any more birthdays. If We the people pressure our Reps and congress enough, maybe we will have a new Income Tax. Until then, no wish or cake for you.


    I use to use a copy of the 1913 Income Tax form in my tax preparation business that I started in 1968 since retired Raised seven children with that business so I found a way to benefit from it
    I use to tell people that I want to pay more in taxes as my income would be higher Now with half the country not paying any income taxes it is a different story
    one hundred years 1913 to 2013 and I thought 13 was my lucky number

  3. All I can wish is for all 100 candles to be lit and the Federal Reserve/Income Tax placed over the flames in a Chinese Lantern!

  4. Well, suppose we celebrate this ” milestone ” by declaring 2013 a ” tax free year ” . You know, just to have a little respite from this over-burdening federal ‘cash cow’ !! Just a thought.

  5. A recent report shows that the gov’t. has increased in size by 25% in the last 5 years. At present, 1 in 5 persons ‘works’ for the gov’t. .Then, add to that the number of people that get a check for NOT working ( a number that is increasing ) , it is therefore easy to understand the many problems that lie ahead.

    The debt. can be lowered by eliminating unnecessary and duplicitous programs. But, with the Liberals in control, the opposite will happen.

  6. JJ- I like the way you think!

  7. I posted this last night, and it did not carry over, so her it is again.. You have had too many birthdays. Obama death panel voted 100% to cut off all life support to you. Just go somewhere and die.

  8. Maybe it’s time to REPEAL the 16th Amendment??
    Let’s give congress and the white house an ultimatum:
    Repeal OWEbamacare or,
    We, The People, will REPEAL the 16th Amendment.


  9. If I could grant The Income Tax a birthday wish, it would be to have Election Day moved to April 16th, and to get rid of the automatic deductions on people’s paychecks. If Americans had to write a check every month to the feds, we would see a revolt in this country. With Obamacare (now listed as an official piece of hate speech by the malignant cancer in the White House) being implement, we may just see a Tax Payers’ revolt. I agree with Stitch, the time has come to repeal the 16th Amendment, for truly the power to tax is the power to destroy.

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