Fact Simile

Having just stepped off of another airplane, one prevailing thought came to my mind. People used to dress up to fly on a plane. It was an event. NOW everyone dresses DOWN in preparation for the “dressing down” that they will receive from the friendly groping Clintoninan hands of the TSA. Based upon the frumpy frocks of those now gracing the world’s airports, terminals look more like gymnasiums to me..

It is much easier for politicians to BUY votes than it is for them to EARN them. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that they buy these votes with OUR money, not theirs.. The liberals have made political careers of this disgusting practice for over sixty years..

I overheard a conversation over the relative demerits (from the liberal’s point of view) over things like TIF’s and tax abatements. Had I been invited into the conversation I would have contributed the following..

If you have to offer a BRIBE in the form of tax abatements then it is obvious that the tax rate is TOO HIGH. The liberals must have the money stolen from others in order to redistribute it to the urchins. (See the above: buying votes..) The liberals MUST BRIBE the lowest class because the liberals for generations have rewarded the “activities” (fill in the blank yourself..) that have made being a member of the lowest class a permanent avocation. The liberals MUST BRIBE the upper class who logically want to escape the confides of the left’s overbearing tax and spend mentality. Thus the need for TIF’s and tax abatements for the productive..

So now we reach the apex, the liberals NEED to BRIBE the lowest and upper classes and the money needs to come form somewhere.. Now it’s time to target the middle class! The middle class has amply proven that they won’t put up a fight in order to try to keep what they have earned, heck they won’t even lift a finger. They won’t even show up at the polls and vote out liberals who INSIST upon picking their pockets as a way of life!

The liberals ruling class are toffee-nosed elitists of the upper class and their caveats NEVER apply to THEIR OWN bank accounts. (How many of the limousine liberals will be part of the idiotic OWEbamaScare?) The lowest class of liberals NEVER pry into the “investments” of their heroes like (Easter Island Statue) Kerry, Rodham and even $harpton and Jack$on.. These pious pontificators “say all the correct things in public” so they are off limits when it comes to investigations and consequences therein..

And what these toads “say in public” is that they are going to “tax the rich”.. What I find most humorous is the fact that the preening progressive that  loudly makes this statement in public is invariably RICHER than the alleged target of their political ire..

“Tax the rich” within the liberal lexicon, means, “tax the middle class”.. The “rich” NEVER suffer under the glare and hubris of the liberal politician because the liberal politician is ALSO “rich” and time has proven without exception that the liberals are as allergic to “paying their fair share” when it comes to the burden of taxes as they are to hygiene..

As it was with Billy Bob and his “tax the rich” scheme, the definition of “rich” was and will always be, as malleable as Rodham’s girdle.. With the “Grinning Groper” the number kept getting smaller and smaller as the days passed and it miraculously ended up that the “rich” were those making more than $40,000.00, so it was without question a targeted tax upon the middle class..

As well with the left, there is no “liberal middle class”. (There was no middle class in the liberals beloved Russia in the “good old days” either..) It’s just the lowest class of siphons and the limousine elite. The reason the left MUST eliminate the middle class is because by and large, the middle class has NO NEED for the puerile pedantic politics of the prissy progressives. The left needs people that NEED THEM and for sixty years they have done their best to keep the dystrophic procreation process of the “needy” on the march and in their place..

In my world, words have meaning and value. This of course, flies directly into the face of the liberal left and their political agenda. The liberals have intentionally made words worthless by inverting their natural meanings. It is by definition the definition of deceit..

I have termed this unusual political/pop psychological ploy “definitional inversion”. Up means down, in means out, black means.. Well, black. On that one at least, they are VERY consistent..

Even the completely oblivious HAVE to understand the depths of the liberal use of definitional inversion. It’s been sixty years, even the comatose have to recognize its presence within the liberal body politic. In other more tactile words, the liberals HAVE to LIE in order to survive politically. After all, this is the party that has brought America Slavery I and Slavery II or the “New and Improve Slavery”.. Deceit flows through their veins like formaldehyde and it exits their greasy tongues like a carcinogenic fog..

How can the lies of Benghazi, Solyndra, OWEbamaScare and ALL of the others just be laughed off by the VICTIMS of this political pabulum? The fact that they managed to pull off the “Great Deception” in 2008 didn’t really surprise me but the “Great Deception II” in 2012 was of mythological proportions. Makes you wonder how hard it will be for the “Benghazi Bovine” to pull off the “Great Deception III” in 2016..

Back to liberal government at its best.. The OWEbama liberal government has spent nearly one BILLION dollars on “Behavior Detection Officers” who have nabbed.. NO terrorists.. The Department of Education spent 20.3 MILLION on 10 “Equity Centers” to study the “Isms”.. How about the OWEbama government wasting $742,000 to test breast milk composition globally using samples of infant feces.. (I always knew the liberals were full of..) YOUR government spent $1,123,463 to develop strawberry harvest-aiding robots.. (SEE there ARE some jobs “immigrants” won’t do..) The Interior Department spent $600,000.00 to radio track bats.. What does this all mean?

We’ve been told that when OWEbama wanted to take over capitalistic ventures in the name of “bail outs” that these entities were “too big to fail”. Simply put, YOUR OWEbama-led government is WAY too big to EVER function efficiently.. YOUR government has become so bloated and large that obvious theft and graft will NEVER be unearthed and the ONLY answer that government EVER has for ANY “problem”, real or imaginary, is the acquisition of more of YOUR money..

They need more ACCOUNTANTS, NOT more lawyers..


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  1. Wonderful broadside! It is so OBVIOUSLY true we need more accountants voted in to government and way less lawyers, it just doesn’t seem to sink in to the voting public. We need more HONEST servers voted in. We the people need to wake up and put a lock on the spending then play hide-a-key with Congress. When they can submit a properly researched adn documented bill to the public, we unlock the treasury for that one spending, and so on and so forth. I think if you took a poll of all of Congress and they agreed to it being a blind survey, over half would answer the reason they ran for office was to stroke their ego and fill their bank accounts. That is if they were honest in answering. Oh well, I better wake up and get to work so pay for all my dependents!

  2. DQ # 59 . . . . But, if “tax the rich ” is a scam , and if the objective is to eliminate the middle class, then who is left to pick up the tab ??

  3. Larry,

    Glad you’re back. I must agree with Richard – what is really needed is elected officials that are honest and have integrity. But in today’s world, that is not very likely to happen , unfortunately ! So, what do we do ? It will take far too much time to ‘educate’ the “stupid voters ” , along with installing the long-lost work ethic that was so instrumental in the founding of this once great country. In the meanwhile, the debt increases, more people suffer, education diminishes, corruption abounds, OWEbaamacsare destroys the healthcare system, etc, etc.

    Speaking of OWEbaamascare, with the Nov. 30th deadline approaching, how does OWEbaama deal with the problem – he runs away ( actually he flies ) to the west coast for a series of fund raisers !! This is the Liberal version of LEADERSHIP !!

  4. DQ #60 . . . . Will you be discussing OWEbaamascare over Thanksgiving dinner, as has been recommended by the WH ?

  5. DQ #61 . . . . Does John Kerry really believe that the Iran nuke deal is a ‘good thing ‘ for the USA, Israel, and the rest of our legitimate allies ?

  6. Okay, I wondered when you would get to that question. Anybody with common sense knows there are limits. The Bald Eagle was at one time put on protection against extinction. That was because there were only so many and with the kill rate high, extinction was very possible. But the middle class cannot get put on such a list, as OWEbama makes and shifts classes on a weekly if not daily basis. So the upper tier of the lower class citizen could find themselves cut off from the government teat and expected to support themselves and OWEbama. What a rat race! And NO! We will not be discussing OWEbamascare over Thanksgiving. We have a family member who can fly to Sweden for Cancer treatment cheaper than he can get it locally!

  7. Larry, you are a marvelous writer and it is great to be a reader of your fantastic literary skill. Thanks-!!

  8. To me going to church still is an event, maybe it’s just my age. But more and more I’ve noticed a greater number of the congregation coming to church looking like they’ve just come from the gym or going to it immediately after services. I bite my tongue until the day until the day a pajama clad parishoner walks into church.

    Glad to see you back Larry. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the family.

  9. Nice to see one of your missives, Larry, and its good to see responses from the family. You’re spot on in your analysis of the situation as usual, as to how liberals seem to get into office no matter how egregious the acts they commit, the lies they spew, and the plans to soak the middle class.

    Do remember though, most middle class aren’t tuned into the political process or have made it a personal responsibility to watch our treasonous ruling class. Most have to work two jobs, raise families and do other things that take too much from their day to give them time to get informed about what is being done to them by the sleaze-meisters in Washington.

    There are also the willfully blind, the ones whom know what is going on and either don’t care or agree with their liberal masters. Anyone whom voted for Obama twice I place in this category. The low flow voters have swallowed the concept of ‘fairness’, and are too far gone in their smug ignorance to bother trying to educate them into the error of their ways. We should allow them space to wallow in their foolishness, and let them suffer the consequences.

    What we need to do is concentrate on taking over the Republican party from the RINOs, or else in three years we will be crying over the election of the Hildebeest. All incumbents need to be primaried, anyone whom voted to help Obamacare get through needs to be voted out, along with anyone whom advocates gun control and abortion. If we compromise on our principles we become no better than our enemies, the communist squatters occupying Congress and the White House.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day folks, and remember we have much to be to be thankful for, not the least of which is the blessings of Our Lord and Savior.


    Way to go Larry Good to see your post
    Alot of comments too
    Agree we need to dump the RINOS
    SENATE TAKOVER IN 2014 a must
    veto proof would be excellant
    Retain control of the House

    Must take over the Senate in 2014
    Imagine what a veto proof Senate would mean to us
    Retain the House

    Isreal is the only savior we have ti straighten out IRAN
    Obamacare will be the ruin of this nation so we mjuist bury it by taking over
    the Senate in 2014 and keep the House Imagine what a veto proof Senate would do for us in this country



  12. DQ #62 . . . . Since the Fed is dumping $85 billion into the economy each month , ( with OWEbaama’s blessing ) what class is that mostly helping – the evil rich, the middle class, or the poor ?

  13. beyond disgusted

    Great piece Larry, glad you’re back. Charles Krauthammer has said that he believes if Obamacare fails, liberalism will fail as well, at least for awhile. This morning a local radio talk show host disagreed, saying that the entitlement state is so ingrained into so many Americans lives that liberalism will never die. Sadly, I have to agree with him. People receiving free stuff that you & I have to pay for will never vote out democrats. Their free stuff is all that matters to them.

  14. DQ #63 . . . . regarding the $20.3 million the Dept. of Ed. spent to study ‘isms ‘, do you think that any time was spent on two destructive ‘isms’ that are prominent today – Liberalism and the false accusations of racism ?

  15. Beyond,

    We have a national debt of $17 trillion. It cannot continue to grow at such an alarming rate . Therefore, the freebies cannot and will not last forever.

    OWEbaamascare is putting more and more on Medicaid, which is already in trouble. Medicare has a limited lifespan. The Disability Income fund is being raided by individuals who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, thanks to the WH .

    Welfare is no longer a “safety net ” it is now a ‘way of life’ for far too many !

  16. DQ #64 . . . . When OWEbaamascare automatically puts someone on Medicaid, due to their income level, does that person count as an enrollee , because they went through the exchange ??

  17. We have said for years that if you have a job, any job to the liberals you are rich. For years I have prayed for God to bless the USA, but no more. I now pray he first forgive us for all our sins imposed by the liberals. If we are forgiven then he can bless us. He needs our help in reversing the current trends of secularism, socialism, and communism, so I pray he shows us the way without blood shed. I will sell my cloak and buy a sword, AR 15, if it comes to protecting my family, friends, and country from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

  18. JJ,
    In reference to DQ 61, John Kerry has all the international negotiating skills as that of a road apple or, as was his prcessor, a pant-suited road-apple. Kerry once called Syria “a key player in bringing peace to the region”, and said it with a straight face. This “deal” is bad for America and her allies, Kerry is bad for America, all liberal-democrats are bad for America.

  19. DQ #65 . . .. So, did John Kerry endorse this disastrous Iran Nuke deal, because his boss ( the Liar in Chief ) does not want to offend his Islamic brothers ??

  20. DQ #66 . . . . The current federal poverty level for a family of four is #23,550 . A family of four on welfare receives benefits that would equal a gross income of over $40,000 . Therefore, how can those on welfare be considered “poor ” ??

  21. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone.

    BTW, did you do as OWEbaama requested by discussing his disastrous attempt to control your healthcare on this holiday ? Or, did the topic present itself because it’s in the news ?

    Not to worry, the above questions do not qualify as a DQ , therefore a reply is OK 🙂

  22. DQ #67 . . . Seems as though more and more people are finally calling OWEbaama a ..LIAR – what took them so long ??


    Cleverly done!!!

    Twas the month before Christmas
    When all through our land,

    Not a Christian was praying

    Nor taking a stand.

    Why the PC Police had taken away
    The reason for Christmas – no one could say.

    The children were told by their schools not to sing

    About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.

    It might hurt people’s feelings, the teachers would say

    December 25th is just a ‘ Holiday ‘.

    Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit

    Pushing folks down to the floor just to get at it!

    CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-Pod

    Something was changing, something quite odd!

    Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa

    In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.

    As Targets were hanging their trees upside down
    At Lowe’s the word Christmas – was no where to be found.

    At K-Mart and Staples and Penny’s and Sears
    You won’t hear the word Christmas; it won’t touch your ears.

    Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-is-ty

    Are words that were used to intimidate me.

    Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen

    On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton !

    At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter

    To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.

    And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith

    Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace

    The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded
    The reason for the season, stopped before it started.

    So as you celebrate ‘Winter Break’ under your ‘Dream Tree’

    Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.

    Choose your words carefully, choose what you say

    not Happy Holiday!

    Please, all Christians join together and
    wish everyone you meet


    Christ is The Reason for the Christ-mas Season!

  24. Richard,

    Agreed. It should be : MERRY CHRISTMAS forever and ever. AMEN

  25. DQ #68 . . . . Since the IHS ( Indian Health Service ) provides free healthcare to American Indians and Native Alaskans, will they also be required to enroll in OWEbaamascare , and if so, how will a subsidy be determined since no federal income taxes are paid by them ?

  26. Richard,

    The comment on Christmas prompted this :

    Oxymoron of the day – ” Atheistic Belief “

  27. JJ-
    I agree whole-heartedly about Merry Christmas forever and ever AMEN. Also, you know how the Indian will end up. In stockades this time since they think they own parts of this land. The Reservations aren’t keeping them at home.
    Thanks for a smile and a chuckle. You’re really good!

  28. Richard,

    Thanks. One of the many side effects of the “do-gooder ” treatment of the Indians is the problem of fetal alcohol syndrome. Why should that be a surprise ? Individuals , not just Indians , on the dole, and not working and not having a sense of pride in accomplishing something tend to gravitate to booze, illegal drugs, making babies ( which then produces a whole new bunch of problems ), along with other destructive behaviors.

    Then, how do the politicians solve the problem – they want to dump more money into this nanny state !!

  29. DQ #69 . . . . Since the WH is ‘thrilled’ that the OWEbaamascare web site is working better now than on Oct. 1st, how can they honestly expect OWEbaamascaare to be totally done and functioning by Dec 21st, when the ‘back end’ of the site HASN’T EVEN BEEN BUILT YET ??

  30. BTW , regarding DQ #69 , the back end of the site is the most important part of the whole process !!

  31. The Healthcare.gov website ( HGW ) home page states :

    ” Welcome to the marketplace : Find health coverage that meets your needs and budget ”

    Isn’t that total BS ? Consider that millions who already had coverage that THEY preferred, are now being CANCELLED because the gov’t. knows better as to what coverage you should have !!

    So there you have it – in plain sight on the HGW home page , that it’s a total LIE , because OWEbaamascare is doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it claims .

    And, experts warn that the site is NOT SECURE and suggest that it NOT be used !

    Isn’t this whole fiasco simply ‘par for the course ‘ for the Liar in Chief ?

  32. The DQ #70 . . . . Many of the Dems who have concerns about OWEbaamascare are up for re-election in 2014. IF they were NOT up for re-election , would they still have concerns ??

  33. Jay Carney either has no personal integrity, is an idiot, or is getting paid a lot of money to make a complete fool of himself on a routine basis !

  34. DQ # 71 . . . . Since OWEbaamascare is largely dependent on young adults paying excessive premiums to support the coverage for older Americans, then does it make any sense to allow a large segment of the young to not pay premiums by being permitted to remain on their parent’s policies ?

  35. DQ #72 . . . Since terrorists are promised 72 virgins if they perform the dastardly deed, should all females be concerned about dying a virgin ?

  36. DQ #73 . . . . How many lawmakers , AKA members of Congress , have actually read the Affordable Healthcare Act – especially since they’ve had a few years to do so ??

  37. DQ #74 . . . Since we have so-called ‘Black Leaders ‘ ( Jack$on & $harpton ) , why aren’t there any recognized ‘White Leaders’ , or for that matter, ‘leaders’ from the other races ?

  38. DQ #75 . . . Have you heard that a few members of Congress want to change the rules, in order for OWEbaama to run for a third term ?

  39. DQ #76 . . . Since the one dollar bill has a short life span, thereby increasing costs for the gov’t. , and the public has chosen NOT to use the dollar coin, why don’t we use the two dollar bill when applicable ?

  40. DQ # 77 . . . . OWEbaama hates the ‘evil’ rich, and wants to tax them to the hilt – however, is it not hypocritical of him to request campaign funding from these same ‘evil’ rich persons ??

  41. DQ #78 . . . Do you believe that OWEbaama actually read the Affordable Healthcare Act from cover to cover ?

  42. My impression of the trickster is a lazy schemer, so I doubt he has even seen a copy of his monstrosity. Answer to 77: Of course he is a hypocrite and many other nasty names.

  43. Richard,

    Agreed. Thanks for being a faithful family reader !

  44. DQ #79 . . . Since OWEbaama has ‘ broken the law’ countless times in the past 5 yrs. , isn’t it about time to begin the impeachment process ??

  45. DQ #80 . . . Regarding all of the extra manhours that are being expended to ATTEMPT fixing the OWEbaamascare web site , who is going to pay for it , since no one seems to have addressed this situation ?

  46. DQ #81 . . . Liberals complain about employers that hire illegals and pay them low wages. These same Libs have no problem buying products from countries like China that use slave labor, and even child labor to make said products. Isn’t this the typical Liberal hypocracy ??

  47. DQ #82 . . . Residents of US Territories , such as Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa , etc. that do not pay any federal income tax – are they subject to OWEbaamascare, and if so , how will they get a subsidy without first paying taxes ??

  48. DQ # 83 . . . Now that OWEbaamascare is a mess, OWEbaama is ‘fixing ‘ it by giving speeches on ” Economic Justice ” – isn ‘t this exactly what we expected of him ?

  49. DQ #84 . . . Several software experts claim that the healthcare.gov web site could have been totally built, including the ‘back end’ , testing, and total security – for LESS than$10 million, Therefore why has the gov’t. spent over $500 million on their disaster ??

  50. I must thank OWEbaamascare for this . . .

    Oxymoron of the day – ” Adult Child “

  51. DQ # 85 . . . OWEbaamascare is such a GREAT program that mandates that EVERYONE , by this law, must be insured – well, except for many labor unions, friends of the Liar in Chief, federal employees, etc. Of course, one of the biggest ‘supporters’ of this disaster is Dingy Harry, who as expected , has chosen to ‘break the law’ by not requiring his staff ( and himself ) to participate in OWEbaamascare. Are you NOT surprised ?

  52. C,mon guys and gals. JJ is giving me a laugh each day. I can see why Larry has been so down. JJ- Loved the Oxymoron and it is fascinating the best example of the Oxymoron is OWEbaama! I was just reading about dingy Harry and his wonderful accomplishment of learning from the big one on how to be a bigger and better hypocrite! How very disgusting to be watching politics dissend lower and lower into sleaze and all manner of disgusting actions and even inactions! I was going to write something about martyrdom and assination but thought better of it. I’ll probably get a visit anyway!

  53. Richard,

    Just asking questions – but not getting answers ! 🙂

    Guess I’ll have to keep asking. Perhaps you’re the only one still on this site – however, I hope not . Thanks for your comments – seems like this has turned into a mutual admiration society between you and me. If that’s the case, it’s OK with me !

    Hang in there !

  54. DQ #86 . . . Regarding the fast food workers that are demanding an increase in the minimum wage , do they not understand that a person’s wage is dependent on their value to their employer – a more- valued employee earns more ?? Plus, when the base wage goes up, other wages will be expected to also rise. And, the cost of the product , or service, will also increase. Then, to cut costs, guess which group will lose some of the jobs .

  55. DQ #87 . . . The Dems are thrilled that the so-called ‘unemployment rate ‘ is the lowest it’s been in 5 years . Do they not understand that the REAL rate is higher than ever , and that the ‘low’ number is due to part- time ‘seasonal’ jobs for Christmas shopping ??

  56. DQ # 88 . . . What are the odds of reaching DQ #100 before Larry posts a new article ??

  57. DQ #89 . . . Technically, it is impossible to purchase EXACTLY one gallon of gasoline, since we do not have a coin which represents a fraction of a penny. Therefore, can the gasoline retailers be sued for ‘ false advertising ‘ ??

  58. DQ #90 . . . . Supposedly, the price increases for goods and services is due to inflation, which translates to increases in costs of labor, raw materials, utilities, etc. , depending on the business or industry involved.

    If labor cost increases are responsible for raising the price of a good or service, why then, should workers in most cases, be given automatic pay raises , simply because they have been employed for ‘X’ number of days, months, or years ? For example, a worker on a production line learns the job within a few days, and will proceed to produce the same amount each day, why should that worker get pay increases, without increasing his / her production capacity ? Eventually, these automatic pay increases will increase the price of the product, which will have an effect on the buyer of that product, and others in the chain of usage for it, resulting in price increases in those other areas.

  59. DQ #91 . . . . Following up on DQ #90, and disregarding the ‘temporary’ effect of supply and demand, the automatic pay raises will cause continuing increases of goods and services, along with the need to print more currency . Therefore, would it be feasible to reduce the value of everything by a ‘set’ percentage, ( for example 90 % ) across the board, thereby working with prices and wages that existed over 100 years ago ?

    Then, imagine the purchasing ‘power’ of a dollar !!

  60. DQ # 92 . . . Following up on DQ #89 regarding the 9/10 ths of a cent that is used for the price of gasoline, how much does that fraction actually ‘cost’ , when considering the ‘extra’ signage, and in the case of digital signs, the extra electricity that is needed ?? Plus, the cost of the extra ink for the receipts, and calculations, etc.

    Therefore,doesn’t that idiotic fraction of a penny really add to the price that the consumer pays ??

  61. DQ # 93 . . . If OWEbaama genuinely believed in ‘green’ energy , and energy ‘conservation ‘ , would he be wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on unnecessary use of Air Force One ??

  62. DQ # 94 . . . OWEbaama ordered flags at half staff for Nelson Mandela, but why did he NOT do likewise for Margaret Thatcher ??

  63. DQ # 95 . . . Since we are now producing so much oil in this country, and not subject to as many OPEC games, why hasn’t the price of gasoline dropped accordingly ??

  64. DQ # 96 . . . . Have you noticed that Mandela has taken OWEbaamascare out off the news ??

  65. DQ # 97 . . . Since Healthcare.gov is dumping more people into Medicaid, and many states have reduced the re-imbursement to the doctors, resulting in abandonment of those patients, how then, can OWEbaama claim that his OWEbaaamascare will help more people ??

  66. This just came to my mailbox. It is a You Tube video of the Virtual President and gun control. We need to see this once a week until we can all raise our voices and shout in unison: NO GUN CONTROL! NO HOW, NO WAY, NO WHERE! Congress: Wipe off the crap you have spread all over our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and restore them to their natural and intended governance ability and make void any and all changes you made!

  67. Oh, Dear. I wrote the internet address and it is posting the the video.

  68. Richard,

    Thanks, well said. Would like to see the gun control advocates attempt to refute the facts as stated.

  69. DQ # 98 . . . As the anti-Christmas movement progresses, some public schools are not allowing Christmas trees, cards, songs, etc, even to the extent that the kids cannot wear any red or green ! Am I still living in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ??

  70. DQ #99 . . . Regarding DQ #98, which POTUS will remove Christmas as a federal holiday – OWEbaama or Hillary ??

  71. DQ #100 . . . Some Indian tribes are demanding that sports teams that use ‘Indian’ names, such as Redskins, Braves, etc. should stop use of said names, because they ‘find it offensive’ . If you refer back to DQ #68, you will note that the free health service provided to these Native Americans is entitled ” Indian Health Service” . Why haven’t they protested that nomenclature – or would it be akin to ‘biting the hand that feeds them ‘ ??

  72. Well, DQ # 88 has just been answered, sad to say !!

  73. DQ #101 . . . . As a follow-up to DQ #87, another reason for the ‘low’ number , is the fact that when the federal workers that were furloughed RETURNED to their jobs, they were counted as NEW JOBS ! Is this what the WH calls truth and transparency ??

  74. DQ #102 . . . The gov’t. sold the balance of the GM stock at a LOSS of $10.5 billion . Isn’t that wonderful ??

  75. DQ #103 . . . . Most small communities depend on their volunteer fire companies for a variety of emergencies. However, thanks to OWEbaama, these companies may be forced into OWEbaamascare. Can you imagine what a mess that will cause ??

  76. DQ # 104 . . . One of the provisions of OWEbaamascare is the literally ‘open ended’ power it renders to the Sec. of HHS, whereby he/she can make a variety of changes, including rates, coverage limits, etc, etc.

    Would you EVER sign a contract whereby the terms could be changed without your knowledge or consent ? I would guess that most of the stupid voters wouldn’t , but that’s just a guess, since after all, they voted for the Liar in Chief !

    As we know, the Dems did sign onto OWEbaamascare, BUT , not a single GOP house member agreed to this economic disaster !! So, which party did something really stupid , and therefore should be held TOTALLY responsible ??

  77. DQ #105 .. . . OWEbaama’s approval rating is at an all time LOW . He’s been going downhill for a long time – why did it take so long to get below 40 % ??

  78. DQ # 106 If someone has come to this site for the first time , and is wondering what the ” DQ ” means – well, it stands for ‘dumb question’, because I seem to have a tendency to ask ‘dumb questions’. But, why does each have a number ??

  79. JJ. Answer to DQ 99, The Muslim or the Shrew, I bet on the Muslim.

  80. Monica,

    So noted. Thanks

  81. DQ #106 . . . Since the POTUS has the ability to grant pardons prior to leaving office, will OWEbaama pardon all of the detainees at Gitmo or just some of them ??

  82. note, the above DQ #106 should be DQ #107 , obviously I can’t count , or read, or keep track of things , or all of the above. Sorry !

  83. DQ #108 . . . . regarding the Sebelius hearings – is she making a mockery of the process by not answering the questions, or is she lying, or is she totally incompetent ??

  84. DQ #109 . . . Some Liberal loon at MSNBC went on a rant claiming that using the term ” Obamacare ” is RACIST . Do these fools really believe the crap that they are spewing ??

  85. DQ #110 . . . Apparently Sebelius is going to ask the IG to investigate her own dept. . Is this a stalling tactic , in that if even plausible , she could avoid Congressional answering by claiming ‘ that the case is under investigation ‘ ??

  86. DQ # 111 . . . Pursuant to the recent 2 year budget plan, are we now a ‘one party’ system ??

  87. DQ # 112 . . . . For several years we’ve been hearing that Paul Ryan is a ‘budget guru ‘ – where has he been hiding, he appears to be MIA ??

  88. Dumb Question – With the budget breaker of Paul Ryan, does this make Mitt feel like he missed a bullet? Was Paul Ryan the Manchurian Candidate?

  89. DQ #113 . . . if Mitt had been elected, would he have pushed for a national version of Romneycare ??

  90. DQ #114 . . . . When will Congress finally get serious about the national debt – when it hits $25 trillion, $50 trillion , $100 trillion . What is the ‘magic ‘number ??

  91. Pretty Amazing!

    A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

    There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin ..
    Allow me to restate that number: 600,000!

    Over the last several months, Wisconsin ‘s hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

    (That’s more men under arms than in Iran . More than France and Germany combined. )

    These men, deployed to the woods of a single American state, Wisconsin , to hunt with firearms,

    That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan ‘s 700,000 hunters, ALL OF WHOM HAVE RETURNED HOME SAFELY.

    Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

    And then add in the total number of hunters in the other 46 states.
    It’s millions more.

    The point?

    America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower!

    Hunting… it’s not just a way to fill the freezer.

    It’s a matter of national security.

    That’s why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us disarmed.

    Food for thought, when next we consider gun control.

    Overall it’s true, so if we disregard some assumptions that hunters
    Don’t possess the same skills as soldiers, the question would still remain…
    What army of 2 million would want to face 30 million, 40 million, or 50 million armed citizens???

    For the sake of our freedom, don’t ever allow gun control or confiscation of guns.


    And don’t forget the American Veterans and old farts who don’t hunt anymore that still have their guns and are not afraid to use them!
    I especially like the common sense stated about us old farts! We got noting to lose and everything to gain!

  92. Someday I’ll be Gone—

    As I approach my twilight years, I am struck by the inevitability that the party must end. And one clear, cold morning after I’m gone,

    my spouse will awaken in the warmth of our bedroom and be struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn’t “anymore.”

    No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, no more “just one minute.”

    So while we have it, its best we love it, care for it, fix it when it’s broken and heal it when it’s sick.

    This is true for marriage…..and old cars, and children with bad report cards, and dogs with bad hips, and aging parents and grandparents.

    We keep them because they are worth it, because we are worth it.

    Life is important, like people we know who are special. And so, we keep them close!

    Suppose one morning you never wake up, do all your friends know how you really feel?

    The important thing is to let every one of your friends know your true feelings, even if you think they don’t love you back.

    So, just in case I’m gone tomorrow ….
    please rest assured ……

    I voted against that arrogant, narcissistic, ass Obama both times.


  93. Richard,

    Good points. On my way to work on Wed. , I saw two deer hunters in their tree stands, and I was wondering how many pistols and rifles are owned by the average hunter. Then, add the number of competitive shooters , ranchers , and those with a license to carry, and that is a considerable amount of fire power.

    Interesting thoughts on the twilight years. BTW , at what age do they start ?

  94. DQ # 115 . . . OWEbaama claimed that up to 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions will be saved by OWEbaamascare ! ! That’s more than one third of the population ! ( the actual number is less than ONE million ) . Did the Liar in Chief really expect anyone , including the Liberal loons, to believe such an outlandish lie ??

  95. DQ #116 . . . How can the Ryan-Murray bill be considered balanced, when it results in a net spending increase of over $50 billion ??

    This is what the GOP now considers ” COMPROMISE ” ! !

  96. Several lawsuits have been filed to dump OWEbaamascare, and one filed in federal court in DC might have a chance, because the Senate took a bill that proposed lowering taxes for military homebuyers , and entirely replaced the 6 page bill with the 2,000 page OWEbaamascare. Then sent it back to the House, whereby the Dems passed it. However, since revenue spending bills must originate in the House, and since the SCOTUS deemed it to be a tax, OWEbaamascare should therefore be unconstitutional .

    Stay tuned !

  97. Oxymoron of the day – ” Political Leaders “

  98. A couple of thoughts:

    I can’t add much to this message except to say . . . Please read it.

    “A State with No Republicans!”

    Very interesting…Note this. A US State with zero Republicans in office – The State of Illinois. Think about this.

    Some interesting data on the ‘state’ of Illinois… There are more people on welfare in Illinois than there are people working. Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere else in the U.S. averaging $110,000/year. Their pensions average 80-90% of their income. Wow, are Illinois and Chicago great or what? Be sure to read till the end. I’ve never heard it explained better. Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago? Body count: In the last six months, 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago. 221 killed in Iraq; AND Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire US.

    Here’s the Chicago chain of command: President: Barack Hussein Obama · Senator: Dick Durbin · House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr. · Governor: Pat Quinn · House leader: Mike Madigan · Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike) · Mayor: Rohm Emanuel · The leadership in Illinois – all Democrats. · Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago. · Of course, they’re all blaming each other. · Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any! ·

    Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country. Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

    >> State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country. Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

    >> Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25% highest in country. Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

    This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois. And he is going to ‘fix’ Washington politics for us?

    >> George Ryan is no longer Governor, he is in prison.

    >> He was replaced by Rob Blajegovitch who is that’s right, also in prison.

    >> And Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned a couple of weeks ago, because he is fighting to not be sent to…that’s right, prison.

    The Land of Lincoln, where our governors make our license plates.

    But you know what?

    As long as they keep providing entitlements to the population of Chicago, nothing is going to change, except the state will go broke before the country does.

    “Anybody who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian.”

    Don’t forget Detroit another good example.

    Some of you might find these data interesting. ALL SHOULD.
    There are actually two messages here. The first is very interesting,
    but the second is absolutely astounding — and explains a lot!

    A recent “Investor’s Business Daily” article provided very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization.

    Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

    U.S. 65%
    England 46%
    Canada 42%

    Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:

    U.S. 93%
    England 15%
    Canada 43%

    Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:

    U.S. 90%
    England 15%
    Canada 43%

    Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:

    U.S. 77%
    England 40%
    Canada 43%

    Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:

    U.S. 71
    England 14
    Canada 18

    Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in “excellent health”:

    U.S. 12%
    England 2%
    Canada 6%

    And now for the last statistic:

    National Health Insurance?

    U.S. NO
    England YES
    Canada YES

    And check this last set of statistics!!

    The percentage of each past president’s cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet…..

    You know what the private business sector is. A real-life business, not a Government job. Here are the percentages:

    T. Roosevelt………………. 38%
    Wilson ………………………. 52%
    Harding…………………….. 49%
    Coolidge…………………… 48%
    Hoover ………………………42%
    F. Roosevelt………………. 50%
    Eisenhower……………….. 57%
    Kennedy……………………. 30%
    GH Bush…………………….51%
    Clinton ……………………..39%
    GW Bush……………………55%
    Obama……………………….. 8%

    This helps to explain the incompetence of this administration: only 8% of them have ever worked in private business!

    That’s right! Only eight percent — the least, by far, of the last 19 presidents! And these people are trying to tell our big Corporations how to run their business?

    How can the president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he’s never worked for one? Or about jobs when he has never really had one? And when it’s the same for 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers?

    They’ve spent most of their time in academia, Government and/or non-profit jobs or as “community organizers.” They should have been in an employment line.

    Pass this on because we’ll NEVER see these facts in the mainstream media.

    “One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.” – Plato
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    I have never heard this said as simply or as well.

    Class war at its best.

    The folks who are getting the *free stuff* don’t like
    The folks who are paying for the *free stuff*, because
    The folks who are paying for the *free stuff *can no longer
    Afford to pay for both the *free stuff *and their own stuff.

    And the folks who are paying for the *free stuff*
    Want the *free stuff *to stop.

    And the folks who are getting the *free stuff* want even more
    *Free stuff* on top of the *free stuff* they are already getting!

    Now… The people who are forcing the people who pay
    For the *free stuff* have told the people who are RECEIVING
    The *free stuff* that the people who are PAYING for the
    *Free stuff* are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.

    So… The people who are GETTING the *free stuff* have been
    Convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the
    *Free stuff* by the people who are forcing some people to pay
    For their *free stuff *and giving them the *free stuff* in the first place.

    We have let the *free stuff* giving go on for so long that there
    Are now more people getting *free stuff *than paying for the
    *Free stuff*.

    Now understand this.

    All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere
    Between *200 *and *250* years after being founded.

    The reason?

    The voters figured out they could vote themselves money
    From the treasury by electing people who promised to give
    Them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.

    The United States officially became a Republic in *1776*,
    *236* years ago.?

    The number of people now getting *free stuff*
    Outnumbers the people paying for the *free stuff*.

    Failure to change that spells the end of the United States
    As we know it.

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!
    I’M *100%* for *PASSING* THIS ON !!!
    For all our sake *PLEASE* Take a Stand!!!

    * Borders*: Closed!

    * Language*: English only

    * Culture*: God, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!

    * Drug Free*: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!

    * NO freebies* to: Non-Citizens!

    And now Schummer wants to reduce benefits to Veterans!! Are you kidding me? Congress can sit on their butt and cherry pick what they will and won’t accept via benefits and plain old theft. The Veteran has been in service to his country at a paltry income and often put their life on the line to protect these crappy people. Clean sweep in 2014!

    Might I add we shut down the barber shop and dining room?

  99. Richard,

    Amen , AMEN , A M E N A M E N

  100. MY BUCKET LIST FOR 2013,14,15,16…
    We are getting old and our tickers aren’t what they used to be…so here is Our Special Bucket List for 2013,14,15,16….

    1. Obama: Gone!
    2. Put “GOD” back in America!!!
    3. Borders:Closed!
    4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else
    5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW!
    6. Language: English only!
    7. Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!
    8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!
    9. NO freebies to Non-Citizens!
    10. Balance the budget.
    11. Stop giving away our money to foreign countries! Charge them for our help! We need it here.
    12. Fix the TAX CODE!
    And most of all.
    We the people are coming!

    In GOD We TRUST!

  101. Richard,

    Great list – just imagine how improved this country would become, if the liberals had a list with only HALF of these items on it !

  102. DQ #117 . . . Saw an Exxon commercial claiming that over half of our energy is domestic , What does that mean – 51 % , 60 % , 70% . . . and why isn’t it 100 % ? ?

  103. According to Tom Coburn, Congress has WASTED over $30 billion in idiotic pork barrel spending, while at the same time it has cut payments to our military personnel. Is it fair to say that in retrospect, they ‘stole’ over $30 billion from our military ? ?

  104. DQ # 118 . . . . It’s been said that OWEbaama’s most trusted advisor is Valerie Jarrett. But, why hasn’t anyone blamed her for any of the problems associated with OEbaamascare ? ?

  105. DQ #119 . . . . Illegal immigration costs the taxpayers $113 billion per year, for Medicaid, food stamps,etc. . So, why has Congress cut the payments for our military – are they considered less important or inferior to the illegals ? ?

  106. Hey, JJ. Looks l;ike it is just me and you. Should I start numbering?

    Tolerance goes both ways …..
    Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Orillia, Ontario, said, “I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto.
    I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus, the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.
    That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque, thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque. We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, ‘The Turban Cowboy,’ and the other a topless bar called ‘You Mecca Me Hot.’
    “Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant called ‘Iraq o’ Ribs.’
    “Across the street there could be a lingerie store called ‘Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret,’ with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods
    “Next door to the lingerie shop there would be a liquor store called ‘Morehammered.’
    “All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the very same tolerance they demand of us, so their mosque issue would not be a problem for others.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The person who wrote this is a college (law) student. Perhaps there is hope for us after all.



    Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, et al: We have stuck together since the late 1950’s for the sake of the kids, but the whole of this latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has clearly run its course.

    Our two ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what is right for us all, so let’s just end it on friendly terms. We can smile and chalk it up to irreconcilable differences and go our own way.

    Here is our separation agreement:

    –Our two groups can equitably divide up the country by landmass each taking a similar portion. That will be the difficult part, but I am sure our two sides can come to a friendly agreement. After that, it should be relatively easy! Our respective representatives can effortlessly divide other assets since both sides have such distinct and disparate tastes.

    –We don’t like redistributive taxes so you can keep them.

    –You are welcome to the liberal judges and the ACLU.

    –Since you hate guns and war, we’ll take our firearms, the cops, the NRA and the military.

    –We’ll take the nasty, smelly oil industry and the coal mines, and you can go with wind, solar and biodiesel.

    –You can keep Oprah, Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell. You are, however, responsible for finding a bio-diesel vehicle big enough to move all three of them.

    –We’ll keep capitalism, greedy corporations, pharmaceutical companies, Wal-Mart and Wall Street.

    –You can have your beloved lifelong welfare dwellers, food stamps, homeless, homeboys, hippies, druggies and illegal aliens.

    –We’ll keep the hot Alaskan hockey moms, greedy CEO’s and rednecks.

    –We’ll keep Bill O’Reilly, and Bibles and give you NBC and Hollywood .

    –You can make nice with Iran and Palestine and we’ll retain the right to invade and hammer places that threaten us.

    –You can have the peaceniks and war protesters. When our allies or our way of life are under assault, we’ll help provide them security.

    –We’ll keep our Judeo-Christian values.

    –You are welcome to Islam, Scientology, Humanism, political correctness and Shirley McClain. You can also have the U.N. but we will no longer be paying the bill.

    –We’ll keep the SUV’s, pickup trucks and oversized luxury cars. You can take every Volt and Leaf you can find.

    –You can give everyone healthcare if you can find any practicing doctors.

    –We’ll keep “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “The National Anthem.”

    –I’m sure you’ll be happy to substitute “Imagine”, “I’d like to teach the World to Sing”, “Kum Ba Ya” or “We Are the World”.

    –We’ll practice trickle-down economics and you can continue to give trickle up poverty your best shot.

    –Since it often so offends you, we’ll keep our history, our name and our flag.

    Would you agree to this? If so, please pass it along to other like-minded liberal and conservative patriots and if you do not agree, just hit delete. In the spirit of friendly parting, I’ll bet you might think about which one of us will need whose help in 15 years.


    John J. Wall

    Law Student and an American

    P.S. Also, please take Ted Turner, Sean Penn, Martin & Charlie Sheen, Barbara Streisand, &
    ( Hanoi ) Jane Fonda with you.

    P.S.S. And you won’t have to press 1 for English when you call our country.

  107. Richard,

    Yes, numbering might be a good idea ! I appreciate the good items that you post – I just ask ‘dumb questions ‘ .

    Both of your articles are right on. The pseudo-tolerance of the Muslims, as in when they wanted to put a religious center near ‘ground zero’ in NYC.

    The Libs won’t share anything – they want everything !

    Good stuff – keep ’em coming. I’m still here, and I won’t “throw in the towel ” 🙂

  108. DQ # 120 . . . . As OWEbaamascare continues to falter , suddenly ‘catastrophic ‘ insurance is now acceptable. Why was it NOT acceptable three years ago ? ?

  109. DQ # 121 . . . . On the list of the TOP TEN lies told this year , OWEbaama ‘owns’ # 1 and # 2 . Does that now vindicate everyone who has referred to him as the ‘Liar in Chief ‘ ? ?

  110. JJ and Richard, I have enjoyed your posts! In agreement with all.
    We are still out here trying to get through the next three years.

  111. Monica,

    Thanks for being faithful – hang in there , even SOME of the MSM are finally beginning to see what the Liar in Chief is all about . Part of the problem might be the press corps that cover the POTUS, and therefore travel all over the globe as he takes advantage of AF l and sees the world at our expense. He is now in Hawaii staying at a place that costs about $25,000 per WEEK – how sweet it is ! !

  112. DQ #122 . . . . Imagine what it is like for the health insurance companies that have to deal with all of theses last minute changes in OWEbaamascare !

    When are these insurance CEOS going to band together and say ” enough is enough” ? ?

  113. DQ # 123 . . . Usually when a company has some unexpected problem(s), the officers and managers roll up their sleeves and work to resolve the problem. What does OWEbaama do ? ?

  114. DQ # 124 . . . . Since OWEbaamascare is putting more into Medicaid, including able-bodied workers, which will result in increased costs to the states, why would OWEbaama call it a “benefit’ of OWEbaamascare ? ?

  115. DQ #125 . . . Today is the deadline to sign up for OWEbaamascare. But, as expected, there are more ‘exemptions’ , namely, a” hardship ” exemption, and a ” good faith ” exemption . Since it was called the ” law of the land “, and everyone was required to have health insurance, but resulted in all sorts of waivers, exemptions, extensions, delays, etc. , will today’s “deadline” result in another extension, delay , or exemption ? ?

  116. DQ #126 . . . OWEbaamascare is a disaster, a train wreck, and it cannot work. It will not work. What part of that does OWEbaama NOT understand ? ?

  117. DQ #127 . . . The Healthcare.gov website is a failure that initially cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and is continuing to cost unknown amounts to patch and fix it. Will we ever be told the total cost of this website disaster ? ?

  118. DQ # 128 . . . The Dems are opposed to voter ID laws, because they claim that certain groups will be ‘disenfranchised’ . Do they really believe that only Dems will be ‘disenfranchised ‘ ? ?

  119. DQ # 129 . . . Can you name ONE,( yes, just one ) city that has been controlled by the DEMS , that is NOT in financial straits ? ?

  120. DQ # 130 . . . The ‘tax and spend liberals’ pretend to justify this tactic by claiming to ‘tax the rich’ in order to appease the regular folks. However, many claim that the ‘rich’ have lawyers and accountants to minimize the tax burden. Therefore, if that is true, why would the liberals claim to go after the ‘rich’ ? ?

  121. DQ # 131 . . . OWEbaama said that he would sign up for OWEbaamascare . However, since he is the Commander in Chief, his healthcare comes via the military. Therefore, technically, he probably can’t even sign up for OWEbaamascare – so, why would he promise to do so ? ?

  122. If OWEbaama were to answer DQ #131, I suspect he would say that the signing would be ‘symbolic’ .

    Wonder if the symbolic sign up will beat the deadline, and if there will be a symbolic photo- op !

  123. DQ #132 . . . . As of 9/30/13 , total consumer debt was $11.28 trillion . Average credit card debt was $15,279 . Average mortgage debt was $149,456 . Average student loan debt was $32,140 .

    Considering the National deficit and debt , plus the number of cities in financial straits and we have a ton of red ink .

    What type of life can we look forward to with so much debt staring us in the face ? ?

  124. I never thought I would ever say the following – ” I must agree with Diane Feinstein ” . No, I’m not becoming a Progressive , nor am I going insane. However, I agree with her comment that ethanol in gasoline should be stopped.

    Now, if only more Liberals and EPA fanatics would agree with her, perhaps the ethanol mandate will be finally resolved !

  125. DQ # 133 . . . Today is the deadline ( unless it’s been ‘delayed’ again ) to sign up for OWEbaamascare . Now, be honest, how many want to sign up for this disaster on Christmas Eve ? ?

  126. I want to take a break from all of these DQ’s and wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS



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