Who’s Paying Attention..

Remember me?  Remember things like:

Still waiting for the liberal atheists to sue the Mooselims for their religious fervor.

I’m back..

Never give up, never give in, never again.


40 responses to “Who’s Paying Attention..

  1. Larry!?!?! Is it you??
    Glad to hear from you!

  2. Hello, I do remember and hope all is well.


  3. Lance Lukenbill

    Glad you’re still with us bro. Now unleash another perfect piece on our dilemmas.

  4. Glad to see you are back

  5. Oh my goodness! Don’t drop off for soooo long, next time! Glad you are back…now get back to work!! lol 🙂

  6. Welcome back. You were missed.

  7. Finally, my guru returns!

  8. Glad you are back. We need all the guns we can muster to try to defeat the progressive/muslim tide washing over this country. Looking forward to the next article.

  9. A welcome blast from the past. Glad to see it.!

  10. Bob Blackader

    Where have you been? So many things to comment on and no No Left Turns!

  11. SO GREAT to hear from you again!!!!!

  12. Welcome back, Larry. We are so far up this political creek without our paddle. Now we can get to work with our leader. We have so missed your rare mind and prose. WELCOME HOME!

  13. Wow, never thought I’d see another blog from you. Welcome back.


  15. Wow, good to see some things still remain intact old buddy.

  16. Welcome Back! I’ve missed you.

  17. Welcome back Larry. It’s so good to hear from you again.

    Never give up, never give in never again

  18. NLTZ gang,

    I seem to have missed so much yet what has transpired in my absence has been completely predictible.. They are nothing if not “transparent” and that is the ONLY campaign promise the “Porcine Prince” has EVER kept..

    I plan on getting back into the flow, 1,000 plus word articles as soon as possible..

    Meanwhile I await the OWEbama speeches about all of the MURDERS of police officers as oppsed to little tykes and their briefcase time bomb “experiments”..

    Never give in, never give up and never again..


  19. Good to hear from you Larry. Really missed you. I am still paying attention!

  20. Annette LaCoe

    So glad you are back! Have missed you!

  21. Right as Rayne

    Glad you’re back!

  22. Missed you! Glad you’re back!

  23. Add me to that chorus. BTW, how is the new job going ? Also, is the remodeling job done ?

  24. One more thing – any plans for your ” Thought of the Day” site ?

  25. JJ,

    The job:it’s a job.. The remodel is almost done.. I think.. Until I am told otherwise by the REAL boss..

    Thought of the Day will be up and running too.

    Thanks as always,


  26. So glad to hear you are back. Hope everything went well.

  27. Glad you are back, Pray that all is well. Get back into the game, start small if ya have to … we need some encouragement!

  28. So you have one of those bosses too ! ! 🙂

  29. JJ and Larry, You two are funny. The remodel is mostly done with a few small projects left(but everything major complete). We are now preparing for our big Halloween bash. Last year we had 1221 Trick-or-Treaters and the year before we had 1281. So glad Larry is able to get back into writing…I know he enjoys it and he has a very unique prospectives on a wide range of topics.

  30. Joe Waggoner

    I look forward to your articles again, Larry, as in the past. While we shared the same inspirations, ideals and goals, I felt relieved after reading your articles simply because you posess the unique talent of making sense of it all in words where as I do not. A big welcome back my friend1

  31. Glad to hear from you Larry. I’ts good to know yo’re back and on course. I’m looking forward to your thoughts and raves.

  32. Larry,

    I’m sure you noticed that no one responded to your comments regarding ‘suing the Mooselims’ , or Owebaamaa’s transparency , or the murders of police. I was ‘sitting back’ waiting for some comments, probably because I didn’t expect any. As you know, only a few of us posted in your absence.
    This isn’t a diatribe, but I guess everyone who is a ‘reader’ also has some comment on what you’ve written . Which begs the question : why don’t they share that comment with us ? Are they fearful of an opposing opinion, are they insecure regarding possible errors , or whatever ? Rhetorical questions, but at the same time could possibly generate interesting answers !

    I suppose you have info. as to the number of ‘readers’ vs ‘ commentators’ . If so, could you share them ? Thanks.

  33. Who’s paying attention ?

    I guess the answer would be . . . very few. As our National Debt escalates out of control , the brain trust in DC does it’s usual thing – raise the Debt Ceiling, AND continue the wasteful spending. Then of course, the voters who are not paying attention will put the same idiots back in office.

    Then there is Congress itself, as it watches Owebaama by-pass the Constitution with his unlawful ‘executive orders’ . When will they understand that there are THREE distinct branches of our gov’t. , and that they are responsible for fulfilling their portion of that trio ? They are more concerned with trying to keep their job, rather than DOING their job.

    Apparently in their own world, the District if Corruption is doing just fine , as long as they get their paycheck, perks, accolades, bennies, etc. , etc.

  34. Monica Harrington

    Larry, I just have to let you know you made my day! Except for a few I feel I have been paddeling upstream in this crazy political season. We need your input to carry on. Thanks to Richard and JJ for holding on.

  35. This is one of my pet peeves. The voters are blind and deaf or receiving handouts so they keep the crooks in their job. It still blows my mind they were able to get retirement pay even after only one term. Somebody needs to take over the checkbook of the USA. Vouchers required for ANY check. No foreign subsidies! Congressional pay to be cut immediately to par with the public sector. No retirement money until you have been in Congress for twenty years. Then get the stupid voters to make sure they never reach that year!

    Great to have you back Larry. Never give in, Never give up and Never again!

  36. Welcome back to the real world. I have missed your eloquent rants and thoughts.

  37. As more states are allowing online voter registration , will there be an increase in voter fraud ? As we know, the absentee ballot system is wrought with fraud. The Dems are opposed to any type of Voter ID . Will we ever have a truly honest election ?

  38. One more thing . . . Once again, I’ve noticed than some of our names are blue. Anyone have an answer for that ?

  39. Gene Ciliberti

    Welcome back, Larry. I’m looking forward to being a regular and loyal follower of your blogs.

  40. Carmen,

    As you know – both Larry and I speak the truth !

    1221 Trick or Treaters – can’t imagine what that must cost . And, how many hours it takes . What type of ‘goodies ‘ do you dispense ?

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