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Seems Logical

Yesterday the TERRORISTS decided to launch a mortar attack against an all- girl grade school in Syria.. As of this writing, at least nine young girls are dead. The Syrian Prime Minister had this to say, “terrorist rockets will not prevent us from continuing our mission of education”..

So the education of women in Syria appears to be a threat to the manly TERRORISTS.. Seems logical. The backward simians who end up as terrorists HAVE to eschew education in even its most prehensile of forms because an educated person would NEVER consider terrorism as an avocation.. (Please note that the very few “educated” individuals involved in terrorism are NEVER on the “front line”, they “recruit” and manipulate the inbred UNeducated savages with hilarious promises of eternal bliss with virgins which mysteriously motivates the soiled simpletons towards terrorism..)

With that as your backdrop, prepare yourself for this.. How are the liberals and the terrorists alike? They BOTH seek to END education. There, I said it and that may very well not be the end of their similarities..

The “old school” Democrats, when the world grew weary of their baseball bats and fire hoses, KNEW that they HAD to do something different while achieving the same result: keeping “certain” people in their place.. Once the old Democrats herculean efforts to keep minorities and the poor uneducated were finally overturned, they decided to become the “New Democrats”. Since the BEST FREE education in the world, the public school system in the United States, was now available to the nation’s minorities and the poor, according to the liberals, something had to be “done” to education.. Terrorists, liberals, same agenda, different methodology..

At this point, the Democrats switched from their “old school” physical violence in order to achieve a docile populace to the “new and improved” Democrats that “cared”.. It was absolutely necessary to KEEP the uneducated uneducated so the “caring” Democrats went about starting to “fix” that which DIDN’T need fixing.. The BEST FREE education system on the planet apparently wasn’t good enough, not when you have an agenda to follow..

The Democrats KNEW that a TRULY educated person was a THREAT to the Democratic brand of politics. So the “education” of the poor and the minorities HAD to switch from genuine education into the INDOCTRINATION to the liberal panaceas that it has unfortunately become.. It was time to take the “education” out of education..

The liberals have spent the last fifty years (and simultaneously wasted trillions of dollars) “fixing” something that didn’t need to be fixed. “Fixing” might not be the appropriate word, the liberals needed to “adjust” the public schools to retrofit the liberal agenda.

The liberal “fix” involved the transformation of the public schools from providing a genuine quality education into the purveyors of perpetual victimhood. A TRULY educated person is a direct threat to the liberal orthodoxy just like a TRULY educated person is a threat to the Mooselim orthodoxy.. A TRULY educated person can see right through the liberal malarkey and subsequently they have absolutely no use for the liberals OR for liberalism OR for any of their caustic elixirs of “caring” ..

So the left set about “fixing” things.. They fixed grades, making them “exclusionary” and “judgmental”. They “fixed” curriculums so that things like Western Civilization were to be considered “racist” and “imperialist”.. Even something as innocuous as dodgeball was targeted by the liberal bilge machine.. In time, even the school lunches were maligned and needed to be “fixed” by the most evil Marxist Medusa..

These same liberals coincidentally despise the idea of VOUCHERS. Vouchers are another direct threat to the liberal public “education” because it affords those that have not had a “choice” because of their economic station to finally exercise a choice when it comes to the education of their children. Those poor and minorities when given that choice invariably abandon the liberally infested carcinogenic public school system in order for their children to have a genuine “education”.

In as few words as possible, the liberals HAD to “dumb down” education so that those in need of controlling could be much more easily controlled. Instead of controlling their victims physically as they did in the past, the “New and Improved” left decided that it was much less messy and a whale of a lot easier to control their victims mentally..

This is not unlike the “fix” the liberals came up with for welfare. The left firmly believes that welfare (lets “fix” this term please, “benefits”) should last FOREVER because as the “benefits” last forever, so does the lowest classes addiction to them.. Please keep in mind that in order for these “benefits” to be “properly distributed” FOREVER, the left and its elephantine form of government MUST be involved in its redistribution from the working middle class to the slovenly lowest class..

The liberals want the lowest class to be the lowest class forever because they “care”, get it? As long as there is a perpetual lowest class, there HAS to be a large grouping of liberals to ensure that “fairness” is at hand.. This monetary remuneration to the victims of liberalism ALWAYS takes place AFTER the liberals take their healthy cut off of the top.. Again, the dumber that you are, the easier you swallow this liberal poison..

These same leftists believe that handing out YOUR money to those who haven’t achieved or even participated in capitalism, somehow creates self esteem in the VICTIM. The VICTIMS are always “angry” but they are NEVER “angry” at those who have enslaved them in the name of “caring and concern”.. The liberals hand out worthless “grades” without accomplishment while subtly allowing the concept of genuine education to be declassified as “selling out” and the left does nothing to stifle this bogus concept within the minority communities..

The liberals “hand out” everything that they possibly can because it makes THEM feel good. The RESULTS of this cancerous liberalthink, the resultant creation of millions of useless Soylent Green (look it up..) is of no concern to the left. The ONLY thing that the left actually cares about relative to this sad group of bottom feeders is that they vote and that they vote as many times as they possibly can..

The left’s INTENTIONS are ALWAYS good because they are always infused with their moral superiority, they are always pure of thought so the results be damned.. As well, within liberaland, it is always a “lack of funds” that is the “reason” for the abject failure of the liberal ethos to provide tangible CURES for the problems intentionally created and exacerbated by the liberals themselves..

What WE see as generations of FAILURE are generations of VICTORIES for the liberals and their agenda..

So, the TERRORISTS bomb an all-girl school in Syria in order to stifle education and the liberals bomb schools here in America with their unique brand of “compassion” in order to stifle education..

Seems logical..


Winners Losers

The Miss Universe contest.. Not normally the kind of topic covered here but the tentacles of liberalism have infiltrated too large a part of society, even into a beauty pageant.. No, this isn’t about some blithering idiot emcee naming the wrong winner. Miss Columbia? Miss Philippines? Potato or potatoe.. No, this is about Miss Puerto Rico. Did you hear about her? If not, then start listening now.

Miss Puerto Rico, Destiny Velez, is my new hero. Here is the body of a “Tweet” that she sent after the “Bolshevik Buffet Buster”, Michael Moore stood about damaging sidewalks with his collectivist corpulence with a sign saying “we are all Mooselim”. Enter Destiny who had had enough and took to the Twitter stage to announce her disgust: “Mooselims use our Constitution to terrorize USA and gas plant stations. There’s no comparison between Jews, Christians and Mooselims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books, all Mooselims have done is terrorize this country and many others!!!!!!”

Next, we hear from the cowards at the “Miss Puerto Rico Organization”.. “In regards to Destiny Velez’s recent actions and conduct, the Miss Puerto Rico Organization feels that her words do not represent the integrity and esteem of our program..” “Actions”? Liberals turn words into “actions” in order to make Constitution protections ILLEGAL. (They also take illegal ACTIONS and turn them into “speech” in order to protect it. Burning flags, for example.. My “definitional inversion” again comes into play..) They said that they are going to “work to resolve the issue”.. Poor Destiny must now be placed into the liberal “PC indoctrination camp”.. Let’s not begin to discuss this organizations alleged “integrity and esteem”..

It didn’t take long.. Destiny, apparently scrubbed of all of her Mooselimophobia, announced, “I apologize to the people I have offended with my words. I am first and foremost an Upstander, and as such, I stand up against bullying. The last thing I wanted to do was to bully anyone. Again, I want to apologize to anyone who felt offended with my words..”

Destiny is apologizing to the LIBERALS. The LIBERALS were the ones “offended” because such a display of female pulchritude like the “Miss Universe” pageant is allegedly SO offensive to the Mooselims that they would have never known about this alleged offense!

Liberals despise the whole “winners and losers” concept of a pageant, let alone that the “feminists” despise the fact that they themselves more often than not, look more like men than women. Now we add in someone speaking, SPEAKING on some Internet web site, using their Constitutional right of free speech and its suddenly a case of “Bullying”..

In the end, there aren’t ANY bigger “bullies” than those of the liberal left but they allegedly “make the rules”, so until the majority stands up and says and emphatic “no” to them, their BULLYING will continue.. With the liberal left, YOUR Constitution rights DO NOT EXIST IF you disagree with the tenets of liberalism. By silencing “free speech” YOUR arguments based upon fact and common sense, knock over the liberal intellectual house of cards so you MUST be silenced.. It doesn’t matter if Miss Columbia or Miss Philippines “won”. Destiny Velez was the loser and the Constitutional right of free speech lost as well..

The Numbers Game

For months, the collectivist caliphate of OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary has been completely oblivious to the atrocities in Syria. I have personally pointed out this anomaly on a number of occasions.. I have found their cranial density totally within the “character” (how can you sully such a word by using it in reference to the liberals) of the liberal Democrats so it is not a surprise for them to act in such a manner.. But the game has changed. Now we have “refugees” scurrying about and NOW the liberal left has their antenna sufficiently pricked up as to the “atrocities” and more importantly, what the liberals should do about it.. You will not be shocked by their Bolshevik blueprint..

When the Syrians started “fleeing” their country, the left saw yet another chance to enhance their dystrophic voter base here in America. Their sympathy lies (lies: a word that should be conjoined to the liberal left) with their own personal political power gain at the ballot box. To the liberal left, people in “need” NEED to be here in America.. Even the Mayor of St. Louis put out a “Tweet” after the TERRORIST attack in Paris saying, “I see the other lesson. The terror attack in Paris redoubles my resolve to offer STL as a better home for the Syrian refugees..” (11/16/2015).. Reading that smarmy missive would make the mentally malleable believe that the TERRORISTS were the REAL victims of the TERRORIST attack in Paris! But darkly held secrets reveal the liberal’s ulterior motives with all of this..

The picture seems to be getting clearer.. According to a recent article, “Syrian immigration quietly tops 100,000 since 2012”.. (Fox News 12/16/15) Mind you, the political wizards in Washington are clashing over allowing 10,000 of the most recent “refugees” in while over 100,000 others have been welcomed by the OWEbama Benghazi Hillary caliphate..

Since 2012, OWEbama has rolled out the welcome mat for 102,313 “refugees”. Amazingly, this coincides with the Syrian “civil war”. These “refugees” are now “legal permanent residents or through programs including work, study and tourist visas.” Tourists? Work? Study? Are you kidding? The left NEVER kids about their agenda..

Let me say this about the “refugees”. Maybe instead of fleeing you should STAY and take up arms and fight for your own country, that is if YOUR homeland is as important to you as OURS is to us.. There, I said it.

“Experts say any fears that terrorists might (“MIGHT”!!) infiltrate the proposed wave of refugees from UN-run camps should be dwarfed by the potential danger already here..” “ALREADY”? You’re joking..

“It is highly unlikely that the 102,313 Syrians who were admitted over the past three years were effectively vetted”, so said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation of Immigrant Reform. “Effectively”? I will wager that the OWEbama Benghazi Hillary administration did nothing to vet these “refugees”.. San Bernardino? Syrians.

So, we are told that OWEbama let 102,313 Syrians in since 2012. How many Iranians? How many Pakistanis? How many other America-hating Turd World “refugees” with ticking turbans have been green lighted by the OWEbama Baenghazi Hillary led coalition? It gets even better..

The OWEbama administration “cannot be sure of the whereabouts of thousands of foreigners who have had their visas revoked over terror concerns.” (“Feds can’t say whereabouts of those whose visas were revoked over terror threat” Fox 12/18/15) When the obviously highly competent OWEbama lackey Michele Thoren Bond was grilled about where these OWEbama refugees are, the ones that the OWEbama slugs managed to actually classify as “terrorist threats”, she said, “I don’t know”.. San Berandino TERRORIST: entered America on a K-1 fiancée visa AFTER the FBI had recognized her as a RADICALIZED TERRORIST.

Representative Stephen Lynch (D-Mass) had this to say about the OWEbama led vetting process: “we don’t look at their public stuff (Facebook, social media, etc.) that’s what kills me..” No, what “kills you” are TERRORISTS welcomed into America by OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary..

The Chairman’s opening remarks point straight to OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary” “It is unclear how someone who openly discussed her hatred of our country and way of life could easily pass three background checks..” First, the Chairman is NOT speaking of Benghazi Hillary, he is speaking of the San Bernardino TERRORIST. If you consider that this is a part of the OWEbama Benghazi Hillary “don’t ask, don’t tell” vetting process where NO ONE wants to be accused of profiling or racism it all becomes evident.. But I am willing to say that there is MORE than that with all of this..

The “people in charge”, OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary, like to blame TERRORISM on such nonsense as “poverty” and even “climate change”.. Benghazi Hillary came out and claimed that ANY efforts to END TERRORISTS from having free access to America is “playing into the hands” of TERRORISTS.. We essentially have OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary watching out for the “rights” of TERRORISTS to do their handy work right in our back yard. Maybe if the TERRORISTS feelings aren’t hurt by all of this rampant “Islamophobia” in America, they might see the error of their ways and become flag waving patriots in no time!

“Playing into the hands”.. Who knows better than Benghazi Hillary about that concept? By NOT calling TERRORISTS terrorists or TERRORISM terrorism, one has to ask: what is SHE doing? How are the progressive pacifists viewed in the myopic Mooselim world? When Benghazi Hillary poo-poos the idea of not allowing Mooselims into America because it violates the Constitution on the basis of “religious discrimination” whom is REALLY “playing into the hands” of the TERRORISTS?

As well, why is it that when a certain “religion” comes into PROPER focus, the progressive paladins all don the scepter and cape, avenging alleged “religious persecution”.. Aren’t the liberals the ones always crowing about the “separation of church and state”? Atheism will always take a back seat to agenda within the liberal mindset..

So.. Just ban ALL entrants into America from certain countries.. Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia etc.. Somehow we as a nation will find a way to make up for the loss of so many smelly ill tempered cab drivers.. By not allowing the dirty denizens of these “countries” entry you have effectively “banned” the unwashed Mooselims and the hilarious haranguing and handwringing of Benghazi Hillary will be as moot as her idiotic “candidacy”. As an example, if you want to travel to Saudi Arabia, you CANNOT have an Israeli stamp anywhere in your passport so it’s not illogical to put such a mandate in place..

We cannot reasonably expect the domestic Mooselim cheerleaders to do ANYTHING that would hinder the operations of the operatives already operating here in America. In fact, it’s obvious that the liberal left wants MORE of them here.. These strange bedfellows may have different methodology but their GOAL is the same..

In the end, this is just a numbers game to the liberal elitists like OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary. 100,000 here, 100,000 there.. 102,313 here, 102,313 there.. 10,000 revoked visas of TERRORISTS here, 10,000 revoked visas of TERRORISTS there..

Wait, there is not “there” in all of this, thanks to OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary, the TERRORISTS are all HERE.. The NUMBERS say that the TERRORISTS are HERE and no matter what the liberals think, this isn’t a GAME..

Autograph Collectors

At first blush, I thought that the liberal propensity, not only of late but for decades, for rolling over and playing dead when it comes to “negotiating” on the world stage was their version of “Lets Make a Deal” with Monte Hall.. This most recently “brokered” deal with Iran comes immediately to mind, a “deal” which will cost the AMERICAN taxpayer at least $150 BILLION dollars.. What a surprise that the Iranians violated the deal in less than a week.. Unfortunately the progressive psychosis goes much deeper and yet the American public keeps putting these people into positions of power.. (Fact: the number of votes NOT cast by the middle class victims of Democratic liberalism dwarfs the number of Democratic illegal votes cast in EVERY election..)

As the world around us crumbles, the liberals will tell you that what has caused the world’s problems, from terrorism to domestic terrorism (street crime) is “climate change” or “globaloney warming”.. (Regardless of what ANY liberal says, WE know that liberalism is the world’s cancer..) The liberals, from OWEbama to the current secretary of statists, our own walking talking Easter Island statute, to the old secretary (and I do mean OLD..) the Benghazi Bovine, are nothing more than star struck autograph collectors..

So Lurch was out Sunday (I didn’t know that there was an electrical storm Saturday night..) “defending” the “global carbon emissions deal”.. (“Kerry touts climate deal as jobs creator, defends criticism about no sanctions, penalties” Fox News.. Why the long headlines Fox?) How exciting.. Terrorists running rampant, ILLEGALS running rampant, society in tatters due to liberalism and “carbon emissions” are front and center.. This is perfect for the liberals, why deal with REAL problems like Mooselim TERRORISM when you can “deal” with an imaginary problem that results in an imaginary “cure” with such personal profits available for the taking..

Kerry “who helped negotiate the deal” (NOW we know who to blame..) said that “enforcement mechanisms and sanctions were not possible..” According to Kerry, “it has to be voluntary”.. Exactly like the OWEbama Health Scare was “voluntary”, right? “It sends a powerful message to the marketplace, a lot of jobs are being created..” OWEbama himself called this fascist fiasco a “turning point for the world” a “job creator”.. OWEbama “will do whatever possible to get the billions of dollars he needs for the deal”.. Billions for Iran, billions more for our new “Climate-gate”.. Here’s an idea: lets end the unconstitutional (no matter what Roberts says..) OWEbama Health Scare and take those billions and send them over to this “crisis”.. No matter what “crisis” the liberals address, the money all ends up in the same place.. More on that later..

Well, where to start.. For decades now, the left has lathered at the idea of signing useless documents with prehensile savages. These progressive parchments aren’t worth the paper that they are printed on to ANYONE but the liberals. Liberals, STILL swooning over Neville’s “there will be peace in our time”, NEVER suffer any political ramifications for the INEVITABLE VIOLATIONS that immediately occur when the left goes about collecting autographs..

Since Roosevelt, who had the soothsayer Hiss (an appropriately named reprehensible reptile if there ever was one..) (Hisss.. Isn’t that the sound a snake makes?) whispering into his susceptible ear, the left has just wanted nothing more than to broker a “deal”.. At ANY price.. Remember, OWEbama will do “whatever possible” to get BILLIONS for this “deal”..

Did they keep the “carbon credits” in this “deal”, where RICH (liberal hatespeech usually) corporations BRIBE OWEbama’s government with MONEY to BUY carbon credits and then OWEbama’s government ALLOWS THEM TO POLLUTE MORE? No “sanctions or penalties” for violating? OWEbama has the IRS ready to skewer those who “violate” his Health Scare “law” yet obvious POLLUTERS will be “on their honor”.. How can the liberals actually expect to be taken seriously? What could possibly go wrong, where do I sign!

Liberals can’t say TERRORIST but they can sure say “treaty” and they always add under their Bolshevik breath “at ANY cost”.. There are reasons for these liberal defects..

With the left, it is all about appearances and intentions. “Results” which always seem to end up diametrically opposed to the liberal intentions, can always be explained away in the typically flippant liberal way. “Racist”. “Bush’s fault”. “Not enough funding”.. The left’s intentions are driven by their perverse progressive palsy. Since they occupy the moral high ground, their intentions are beyond reproach.. It’s all about “doing something”, if it, as it ALWAYS does, fails ingloriously, its someone else’s fault..

This “Paris agreement” is no different than ANY other environmental project undertaken by the bombastic Bolsheviks. The left’s environmental house of cards is built upon completely fabricated faux “science” and it exists simply to pad the progressive investment portfolio.. The liberals themselves acquire power, then the portfolio padding begins and where better to “feel good” about one’s “intentions” than with the cash cow of Globaloney Warming. Never mind that it is so personally profitable for the liberal political elite and never mind that their “scientists” have yet to invent anything even mildly affordable or effective.. If these well funded “scientists” ever admitted failure, the money flow would stop and we can’t have that now, can we?

An area WIDE OPEN to the left and with ALL of the waterfalls of cash available to be taken from the middle class, the liberal geniuses haven’t yet “discovered” a truly useful, efficient and effective “alternative” energy.. Sorry, I keep forgetting, “not enough funding..” Our conscientious “well-meaning” liberals continue to personally invest in the bogus balderdash, constantly begging for more cash for their pet projects. “Funds” taken from the nation’s middle class.. When the well dries up, when the cat escapes the Bolshevik bag, the liberals blow town with their bank accounts bulging and those fleeced have no recourse or retribution because the left will move on to the next imaginary “crisis” in need of THEIR attention and YOUR money..

As the flashbulbs pop, the porcine progressives will all try to jam themselves into the photo op and in the end, those who are in the picture have done NOTHING other than to increase the size of their checkbooks while spewing baloney and bombast about the “crisis du jour”.. Has anyone ever studied the amount of hot air the liberals emit about the “environment” and its deleterious effects on our fragile eco-systems?

No matter, the liberals say that this latest accord is “a jobs creator”.. They left out a few of their other gems, “it’s a game changer”, “it’s historic..” Yes, it’s a “turning point for the world”.. In the end, the only jobs created will be that of accountants who will be tasked with hiding the money the liberal elite make off of this latest environmental scam..

Where do I sign?


Paris, a “senseless” attack.. San Bernardino, a “senseless” attack. Why has EVERY Mooselim TERRORIST attack since the Munich Olympics been routinely and roundly categorized as a “senseless” attack? Let’s take a look see..

In short, the “information” that you are receiving is coming to you via the “impartial” media, the “impartial” media is overwhelmingly liberal and the liberals will NEVER understand terrorism.. So of course, within their perverted paradigm, EVERY TERRORIST attack is “senseless”.. It’s all that they can say about something that they know nothing about.. The stunning dichotomy here is that knowing “nothing” about ANY topic rarely if ever stops the “all-knowing” liberal from spouting off, telling you what they think and what you should do..

A mere 72 hours AFTER the San Bernardino TERRORIST attack, the media AND the FBI are finally getting around to what we knew 72 SECONDS after the attack.. Quite matter of factly, if all that you can provide about TERRORISTS is their NAME and a picture of their dirty face, we will have just about all of the information necessary..

(Mohammeud Mohammid Mohamood al Saleem.. Need any more real information? As well, will the “impartial” media PLEASE stop calling these animals “American citizens”, they will ALWAYS be Middle Eastern mongoloids. Again notice how LONG it took for the names and faces of these most recent toads to be revealed..)

For those even moderately attentive, this was the work of Middle Eastern “religion of peace” Mooselim TERRORISTS. Mind you, it’s now at about 100 hours after the fact and OWEbama has yet to even barely touch on this most recent of TERRORIST attacks. If it had been another black thug, robbing stores and assaulting police officers, OWEbama not only would have all been over the “news” vomiting forth his unnecessarily racist and divisive palaver, he would have already dispatched any number of his socialist sycophants all the way up to the “racist du jour” sullying the Attorney General’s position.. OWEbama just can’t seem to SAY “terrorist” or “terrorism”.. I wonder why..

Listen to the Collectivist News Network (CNN) and their robust description hours and hours after the TERRORIST attack.. They called it a “mass shooting at a holiday party”.. 1,600 rounds of ammunition, “assault rifles” (I love this liberal bromide..), pipe bombs, rental car, over a dozen trips to Pakistan, Facebook pledges of allegiance to TERRORIST thugs.. Nah, just a “mass shooting at a holiday party”.. As well, the vermin at CNN couldn’t even properly identify it as a Christmas party..

So let’s run through the nomenclature.. CNN “reports”, CNN is inculcated with uber-liberals of the lowest stripe, liberals do not understand terrorists or terrorism so of course, to them it is a “senseless” “mass shooting at a holiday party”..

But what has OWEbama come out and said.. It’s the fault of the inanimate object in the equation, it’s the fault of the guns.. Now when ghetto thugs are targeting police officers with high powered rifles, the “problem” is “police violence”, “poverty” or the “over militarization of the police”, not “guns”..

OWEbama CAN’T come out and say that this and EVERY other cowardly TERRORIST attack is the “fault” of depraved Middle Eastern adherents to the tenets of the Mooselim ideology which has as its fulcrum the core precepts of destruction and violence.. The Mooselims themselves do not value human life so I would ask, why is it necessary to treat them in a manner any different from the way they treat innocent citizens? They should be dispatched with malice and aforethought. Period.

(As a sidebar, OWEbama knows this much about TERRORISM, he said that ISIS is “contained”.. Therefore, since OWEbama is ALWAYS correct as every liberal is, there is no need for ANY nation to absorb these “refugees” TERRORISTS who are “fleeing” from what has to be an imaginary problem because ISIS is “contained”..)

We, as sensible cognizant Americans have to ask, are the liberals that stupid or is this another case of “tacit approval” not unlike the inevitable response to EVERY TERRORIST attack from the world’s “moderate” Mooselims.. When you have OWEbama handing Iran $150,000,000,000.00 American dollars after signing some bogus document about nuclear weaponry, Iran, a country seething with resentment for the West thanks to OWEbama’s liberal instructor, Dhimmi Carter, it appears to be much MORE than mere “tacit approval”. How does OWEbama differ from say, Alger Hiss?

Are the liberals so dense in their adoration of the Mooselim TERRORISTS, so immature in their thinking, that they cannot see this bit of self evident reality: If the liberals have their way and their bunk buddies in burkas and turbans “take over”, EVERYTHING that the liberal left holds dear, gay rights, abortion, drugs, etc., will result in the understanding Mooselims holding mass (make that “ass”) beheadings.. The American left is either an active co conspirator or their “media” silence, diversion and distraction is their tacit approval. NEITHER option is palatable. If the Mooselims don’t behead or stone the left to death, Americans should see the liberal left summarily executed as traitors during a time of WAR..

Why would the left be so enamored with the dirty Turd World Mooselim savages who despise the tenets that the liberal left holds so close to their black hearts? The liberals and the Mooselims are complete polar opposites on almost everything.. Almost.. What about the “tolerance and apathy” that the left whines about? (Remember what Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”..) What about the COMPLETELY religious society and government union that the dirty kneed vermin yearn for, what would the “separation of church and state” secularists have to say about that and how long would they say it when heads start to roll, if you will pardon the pun.. The answer seems two-fold and simple.

The left is both narcissistic and naïve enough to believe that they are smart enough to talk the Mooselims into a kind of “agree to disagree” power share settlement if the soiled savages ever took over.. The Mooselim varmints “taking over” will never happen but this is the “thought process” that springs from the polluted soil of the liberal mind.. The second portion of this nonsensical “thought process” is that if the destruction of the West and all that goes with it is your avowed goal, the liberals will do everything that can to aid you in your task.

In the end, allowing the liberal left and all of its tentacles, allowing the Mooselims and all of their pagan parasites ANY further latitude relative to the war on terror would be nothing more than “senseless”..