Paris, a “senseless” attack.. San Bernardino, a “senseless” attack. Why has EVERY Mooselim TERRORIST attack since the Munich Olympics been routinely and roundly categorized as a “senseless” attack? Let’s take a look see..

In short, the “information” that you are receiving is coming to you via the “impartial” media, the “impartial” media is overwhelmingly liberal and the liberals will NEVER understand terrorism.. So of course, within their perverted paradigm, EVERY TERRORIST attack is “senseless”.. It’s all that they can say about something that they know nothing about.. The stunning dichotomy here is that knowing “nothing” about ANY topic rarely if ever stops the “all-knowing” liberal from spouting off, telling you what they think and what you should do..

A mere 72 hours AFTER the San Bernardino TERRORIST attack, the media AND the FBI are finally getting around to what we knew 72 SECONDS after the attack.. Quite matter of factly, if all that you can provide about TERRORISTS is their NAME and a picture of their dirty face, we will have just about all of the information necessary..

(Mohammeud Mohammid Mohamood al Saleem.. Need any more real information? As well, will the “impartial” media PLEASE stop calling these animals “American citizens”, they will ALWAYS be Middle Eastern mongoloids. Again notice how LONG it took for the names and faces of these most recent toads to be revealed..)

For those even moderately attentive, this was the work of Middle Eastern “religion of peace” Mooselim TERRORISTS. Mind you, it’s now at about 100 hours after the fact and OWEbama has yet to even barely touch on this most recent of TERRORIST attacks. If it had been another black thug, robbing stores and assaulting police officers, OWEbama not only would have all been over the “news” vomiting forth his unnecessarily racist and divisive palaver, he would have already dispatched any number of his socialist sycophants all the way up to the “racist du jour” sullying the Attorney General’s position.. OWEbama just can’t seem to SAY “terrorist” or “terrorism”.. I wonder why..

Listen to the Collectivist News Network (CNN) and their robust description hours and hours after the TERRORIST attack.. They called it a “mass shooting at a holiday party”.. 1,600 rounds of ammunition, “assault rifles” (I love this liberal bromide..), pipe bombs, rental car, over a dozen trips to Pakistan, Facebook pledges of allegiance to TERRORIST thugs.. Nah, just a “mass shooting at a holiday party”.. As well, the vermin at CNN couldn’t even properly identify it as a Christmas party..

So let’s run through the nomenclature.. CNN “reports”, CNN is inculcated with uber-liberals of the lowest stripe, liberals do not understand terrorists or terrorism so of course, to them it is a “senseless” “mass shooting at a holiday party”..

But what has OWEbama come out and said.. It’s the fault of the inanimate object in the equation, it’s the fault of the guns.. Now when ghetto thugs are targeting police officers with high powered rifles, the “problem” is “police violence”, “poverty” or the “over militarization of the police”, not “guns”..

OWEbama CAN’T come out and say that this and EVERY other cowardly TERRORIST attack is the “fault” of depraved Middle Eastern adherents to the tenets of the Mooselim ideology which has as its fulcrum the core precepts of destruction and violence.. The Mooselims themselves do not value human life so I would ask, why is it necessary to treat them in a manner any different from the way they treat innocent citizens? They should be dispatched with malice and aforethought. Period.

(As a sidebar, OWEbama knows this much about TERRORISM, he said that ISIS is “contained”.. Therefore, since OWEbama is ALWAYS correct as every liberal is, there is no need for ANY nation to absorb these “refugees” TERRORISTS who are “fleeing” from what has to be an imaginary problem because ISIS is “contained”..)

We, as sensible cognizant Americans have to ask, are the liberals that stupid or is this another case of “tacit approval” not unlike the inevitable response to EVERY TERRORIST attack from the world’s “moderate” Mooselims.. When you have OWEbama handing Iran $150,000,000,000.00 American dollars after signing some bogus document about nuclear weaponry, Iran, a country seething with resentment for the West thanks to OWEbama’s liberal instructor, Dhimmi Carter, it appears to be much MORE than mere “tacit approval”. How does OWEbama differ from say, Alger Hiss?

Are the liberals so dense in their adoration of the Mooselim TERRORISTS, so immature in their thinking, that they cannot see this bit of self evident reality: If the liberals have their way and their bunk buddies in burkas and turbans “take over”, EVERYTHING that the liberal left holds dear, gay rights, abortion, drugs, etc., will result in the understanding Mooselims holding mass (make that “ass”) beheadings.. The American left is either an active co conspirator or their “media” silence, diversion and distraction is their tacit approval. NEITHER option is palatable. If the Mooselims don’t behead or stone the left to death, Americans should see the liberal left summarily executed as traitors during a time of WAR..

Why would the left be so enamored with the dirty Turd World Mooselim savages who despise the tenets that the liberal left holds so close to their black hearts? The liberals and the Mooselims are complete polar opposites on almost everything.. Almost.. What about the “tolerance and apathy” that the left whines about? (Remember what Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”..) What about the COMPLETELY religious society and government union that the dirty kneed vermin yearn for, what would the “separation of church and state” secularists have to say about that and how long would they say it when heads start to roll, if you will pardon the pun.. The answer seems two-fold and simple.

The left is both narcissistic and naïve enough to believe that they are smart enough to talk the Mooselims into a kind of “agree to disagree” power share settlement if the soiled savages ever took over.. The Mooselim varmints “taking over” will never happen but this is the “thought process” that springs from the polluted soil of the liberal mind.. The second portion of this nonsensical “thought process” is that if the destruction of the West and all that goes with it is your avowed goal, the liberals will do everything that can to aid you in your task.

In the end, allowing the liberal left and all of its tentacles, allowing the Mooselims and all of their pagan parasites ANY further latitude relative to the war on terror would be nothing more than “senseless”..


13 responses to “Senseless

  1. I am surprised the media has not seized on the comments made by the Farook family attorneys, Dumb and Dumber, attempting to define this as workplace violence because Farook’s coworkers made fun of his filthy beard. As usual, your editorial is spot on.

  2. The latest from the TOTD site;

    Thanks as always..

  3. Joe,

    Give them time, they are still reeling from the vermin from the CAIR blaming America for terrorism..

    Thanks as always,


  4. Monica Harrington

    It’s evident the King in the whitehouse is taking his directions from the Muslim Valerie Jarrett. Obviously, she wouldn’t let anyone in the administration call the attacks radical muslin extremists. She is running the show because I really believe the prez has checked out and he is just playing out the clock.

  5. I just wonder if we should cut down on the media coverage so the jerks don’t get air time. And I certainly agree they should be dispatched summarily!

  6. Spot on, Larry. Maybe this will be our wake up call. I have seen the statements by sheriffs and other LEOs and agencies that it is time to arm ourselves so that we don’t have to be victims. I hope middle America is listening.

  7. T,

    I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take advantage of the Second Amendment in case OWEbama’s relatives somehow end up in your neighborhood.

    Like all cowards, the Muzzies take advantage of the weak and the unprepared.



  9. Well said Larry. Good article telling it as it is.

  10. Monica, I agree Valarie gives the orders. I wonder where they come from for her to pass on to the puppet president. There are numerous members of the muslim brotherhood in high positions of the administration, like CIA and DOD. Nothing of importance or the LSM would report it. Yea sure and we can buy sunny. shore line property at the South pole.

  11. Barry has enough time to destroy what is left from this country. Democracy sucks.

  12. If Isis is contained, as Dear Leader has told us so often, I’d hate to see if they were running about freely. Thanks Larry.

  13. Anybody still reading the comments? The latest TOTD link:

    Thanks as always,


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