The Numbers Game

For months, the collectivist caliphate of OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary has been completely oblivious to the atrocities in Syria. I have personally pointed out this anomaly on a number of occasions.. I have found their cranial density totally within the “character” (how can you sully such a word by using it in reference to the liberals) of the liberal Democrats so it is not a surprise for them to act in such a manner.. But the game has changed. Now we have “refugees” scurrying about and NOW the liberal left has their antenna sufficiently pricked up as to the “atrocities” and more importantly, what the liberals should do about it.. You will not be shocked by their Bolshevik blueprint..

When the Syrians started “fleeing” their country, the left saw yet another chance to enhance their dystrophic voter base here in America. Their sympathy lies (lies: a word that should be conjoined to the liberal left) with their own personal political power gain at the ballot box. To the liberal left, people in “need” NEED to be here in America.. Even the Mayor of St. Louis put out a “Tweet” after the TERRORIST attack in Paris saying, “I see the other lesson. The terror attack in Paris redoubles my resolve to offer STL as a better home for the Syrian refugees..” (11/16/2015).. Reading that smarmy missive would make the mentally malleable believe that the TERRORISTS were the REAL victims of the TERRORIST attack in Paris! But darkly held secrets reveal the liberal’s ulterior motives with all of this..

The picture seems to be getting clearer.. According to a recent article, “Syrian immigration quietly tops 100,000 since 2012”.. (Fox News 12/16/15) Mind you, the political wizards in Washington are clashing over allowing 10,000 of the most recent “refugees” in while over 100,000 others have been welcomed by the OWEbama Benghazi Hillary caliphate..

Since 2012, OWEbama has rolled out the welcome mat for 102,313 “refugees”. Amazingly, this coincides with the Syrian “civil war”. These “refugees” are now “legal permanent residents or through programs including work, study and tourist visas.” Tourists? Work? Study? Are you kidding? The left NEVER kids about their agenda..

Let me say this about the “refugees”. Maybe instead of fleeing you should STAY and take up arms and fight for your own country, that is if YOUR homeland is as important to you as OURS is to us.. There, I said it.

“Experts say any fears that terrorists might (“MIGHT”!!) infiltrate the proposed wave of refugees from UN-run camps should be dwarfed by the potential danger already here..” “ALREADY”? You’re joking..

“It is highly unlikely that the 102,313 Syrians who were admitted over the past three years were effectively vetted”, so said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation of Immigrant Reform. “Effectively”? I will wager that the OWEbama Benghazi Hillary administration did nothing to vet these “refugees”.. San Bernardino? Syrians.

So, we are told that OWEbama let 102,313 Syrians in since 2012. How many Iranians? How many Pakistanis? How many other America-hating Turd World “refugees” with ticking turbans have been green lighted by the OWEbama Baenghazi Hillary led coalition? It gets even better..

The OWEbama administration “cannot be sure of the whereabouts of thousands of foreigners who have had their visas revoked over terror concerns.” (“Feds can’t say whereabouts of those whose visas were revoked over terror threat” Fox 12/18/15) When the obviously highly competent OWEbama lackey Michele Thoren Bond was grilled about where these OWEbama refugees are, the ones that the OWEbama slugs managed to actually classify as “terrorist threats”, she said, “I don’t know”.. San Berandino TERRORIST: entered America on a K-1 fiancée visa AFTER the FBI had recognized her as a RADICALIZED TERRORIST.

Representative Stephen Lynch (D-Mass) had this to say about the OWEbama led vetting process: “we don’t look at their public stuff (Facebook, social media, etc.) that’s what kills me..” No, what “kills you” are TERRORISTS welcomed into America by OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary..

The Chairman’s opening remarks point straight to OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary” “It is unclear how someone who openly discussed her hatred of our country and way of life could easily pass three background checks..” First, the Chairman is NOT speaking of Benghazi Hillary, he is speaking of the San Bernardino TERRORIST. If you consider that this is a part of the OWEbama Benghazi Hillary “don’t ask, don’t tell” vetting process where NO ONE wants to be accused of profiling or racism it all becomes evident.. But I am willing to say that there is MORE than that with all of this..

The “people in charge”, OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary, like to blame TERRORISM on such nonsense as “poverty” and even “climate change”.. Benghazi Hillary came out and claimed that ANY efforts to END TERRORISTS from having free access to America is “playing into the hands” of TERRORISTS.. We essentially have OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary watching out for the “rights” of TERRORISTS to do their handy work right in our back yard. Maybe if the TERRORISTS feelings aren’t hurt by all of this rampant “Islamophobia” in America, they might see the error of their ways and become flag waving patriots in no time!

“Playing into the hands”.. Who knows better than Benghazi Hillary about that concept? By NOT calling TERRORISTS terrorists or TERRORISM terrorism, one has to ask: what is SHE doing? How are the progressive pacifists viewed in the myopic Mooselim world? When Benghazi Hillary poo-poos the idea of not allowing Mooselims into America because it violates the Constitution on the basis of “religious discrimination” whom is REALLY “playing into the hands” of the TERRORISTS?

As well, why is it that when a certain “religion” comes into PROPER focus, the progressive paladins all don the scepter and cape, avenging alleged “religious persecution”.. Aren’t the liberals the ones always crowing about the “separation of church and state”? Atheism will always take a back seat to agenda within the liberal mindset..

So.. Just ban ALL entrants into America from certain countries.. Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia etc.. Somehow we as a nation will find a way to make up for the loss of so many smelly ill tempered cab drivers.. By not allowing the dirty denizens of these “countries” entry you have effectively “banned” the unwashed Mooselims and the hilarious haranguing and handwringing of Benghazi Hillary will be as moot as her idiotic “candidacy”. As an example, if you want to travel to Saudi Arabia, you CANNOT have an Israeli stamp anywhere in your passport so it’s not illogical to put such a mandate in place..

We cannot reasonably expect the domestic Mooselim cheerleaders to do ANYTHING that would hinder the operations of the operatives already operating here in America. In fact, it’s obvious that the liberal left wants MORE of them here.. These strange bedfellows may have different methodology but their GOAL is the same..

In the end, this is just a numbers game to the liberal elitists like OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary. 100,000 here, 100,000 there.. 102,313 here, 102,313 there.. 10,000 revoked visas of TERRORISTS here, 10,000 revoked visas of TERRORISTS there..

Wait, there is not “there” in all of this, thanks to OWEbama and Benghazi Hillary, the TERRORISTS are all HERE.. The NUMBERS say that the TERRORISTS are HERE and no matter what the liberals think, this isn’t a GAME..


7 responses to “The Numbers Game

  1. They are here and more are being imported by the liberals and compliant “Republican” politicians. Unfortunately, we need more of the likes of what happened in San Bernardino (until recently, I spent a good portion of my life there). Not that I want to see this type of horror again, but until the liberal populace is afraid to leave their homes to attend school, go shopping or enjoy live sporting events, they will acquiesce to the liberal agenda to dilute and destroy our freedoms and culture in the name “progressivism forever”. As patriots and conservatives, our options to salvage this great nation are few and becoming less by the day. And this my friends, is precisely why the push for gun confiscation is front and center.

  2. Gene Ciliberti

    Right on target, Larry. You’ve got the liberal schemes really figured out. It is all about the numbers. In the back of their minds it is always about votes. To them, letting in our enemies is no problem as long as they keep up their birthrates. Lots of Hispanics and middle easterners. Both will have enough offspring to keep the libs in power for generations.
    It’s true – they’ll never become, “flag-waving patriots” – nor will he and she. Larry, your essays always pack a punch. Keep slugging away – I’m with you, and I’m locked and loaded.

  3. You are absolutely correct Larry. Liberal is another name for insanity. The liberals are so stupid to believe that it will be great to have muslims here and feeding off the government teat. They do not believe in income tax or taxes of any kind. So they will continue to live in a free country. The muslims think that free is that they can tell Americans to provide Sharia law and any food they think is anything but pork to be abolished. I see only trouble coming our way. The only thing I see that can be done is for Americans to go back to our way of life and practicing our religion which is Christianity. God seems to be turning his back on us for all the wicked things that are going on in our lives and country. Once we have turned from our wicked ways then will God once again heal our country.

  4. beyond disgusted

    It is all about fundamentally transforming America, bringing in “refugees” and illegal invaders from south of the border, who will vote to keep demorats in power forever. Their motto – if you can’t change voters minds, then change the voters. Hope I’m wrong, but I fear it may already be too late.

  5. Larry great points in this post. The liberals interest in religion when it serves their purpose is always amazing. Anything but Christianity. So Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. Unfortunately, Larry, you and Mr. Trump do not go far enough. Instead barring Muslims entry into the country, we need to seal the borders and place a ten year moratorium on all immigration, not just ones from Muslim nations. By the way, Beyond, your assessment is accurate, the Left’s plan has always been to surplant the American electorate, with folks whom are perfectly willing to go along with their Marxist ideals. It may already be too late to save our nation, at least via the voting booth, as the game is already rigged against folks like us. I have no faith in our elected officials, no matter what party they claim loyalty to, no faith in our judges to know right from wrong, and even less faith in the voters (well maybe not, as I’ve stated before one should never bet against stupid and greed), What I do have faith in is that the wolves are our door and winter is coming.

    Merry Christmas, all

  7. Thanks, Larry… other than the ‘alternate’ media, we are unlikely to see any of your type of ‘analysis’ in the msm… btw, we are getting a lot of snow in NE Washington State, and my thoughts initially were that this kind of weather would discourage these ‘refugees’ from settling in this area…but, then I reviewed what is happening in Minneapolis, so my hopes fell… did you see where the thousands there are demanding ‘pork free’ Food Bank food? unbelievable!
    Have a safe Christmas and 2016

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