Winners Losers

The Miss Universe contest.. Not normally the kind of topic covered here but the tentacles of liberalism have infiltrated too large a part of society, even into a beauty pageant.. No, this isn’t about some blithering idiot emcee naming the wrong winner. Miss Columbia? Miss Philippines? Potato or potatoe.. No, this is about Miss Puerto Rico. Did you hear about her? If not, then start listening now.

Miss Puerto Rico, Destiny Velez, is my new hero. Here is the body of a “Tweet” that she sent after the “Bolshevik Buffet Buster”, Michael Moore stood about damaging sidewalks with his collectivist corpulence with a sign saying “we are all Mooselim”. Enter Destiny who had had enough and took to the Twitter stage to announce her disgust: “Mooselims use our Constitution to terrorize USA and gas plant stations. There’s no comparison between Jews, Christians and Mooselims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books, all Mooselims have done is terrorize this country and many others!!!!!!”

Next, we hear from the cowards at the “Miss Puerto Rico Organization”.. “In regards to Destiny Velez’s recent actions and conduct, the Miss Puerto Rico Organization feels that her words do not represent the integrity and esteem of our program..” “Actions”? Liberals turn words into “actions” in order to make Constitution protections ILLEGAL. (They also take illegal ACTIONS and turn them into “speech” in order to protect it. Burning flags, for example.. My “definitional inversion” again comes into play..) They said that they are going to “work to resolve the issue”.. Poor Destiny must now be placed into the liberal “PC indoctrination camp”.. Let’s not begin to discuss this organizations alleged “integrity and esteem”..

It didn’t take long.. Destiny, apparently scrubbed of all of her Mooselimophobia, announced, “I apologize to the people I have offended with my words. I am first and foremost an Upstander, and as such, I stand up against bullying. The last thing I wanted to do was to bully anyone. Again, I want to apologize to anyone who felt offended with my words..”

Destiny is apologizing to the LIBERALS. The LIBERALS were the ones “offended” because such a display of female pulchritude like the “Miss Universe” pageant is allegedly SO offensive to the Mooselims that they would have never known about this alleged offense!

Liberals despise the whole “winners and losers” concept of a pageant, let alone that the “feminists” despise the fact that they themselves more often than not, look more like men than women. Now we add in someone speaking, SPEAKING on some Internet web site, using their Constitutional right of free speech and its suddenly a case of “Bullying”..

In the end, there aren’t ANY bigger “bullies” than those of the liberal left but they allegedly “make the rules”, so until the majority stands up and says and emphatic “no” to them, their BULLYING will continue.. With the liberal left, YOUR Constitution rights DO NOT EXIST IF you disagree with the tenets of liberalism. By silencing “free speech” YOUR arguments based upon fact and common sense, knock over the liberal intellectual house of cards so you MUST be silenced.. It doesn’t matter if Miss Columbia or Miss Philippines “won”. Destiny Velez was the loser and the Constitutional right of free speech lost as well..


5 responses to “Winners Losers

  1. This the rare TOTD that also gets published here at NLTZ..

    For the three or four of you that frequent both sites I wanted you to be aware

  2. As a culture we have succumbed to the evil triad which forms the basis of liberalism. Political Correctness, Diversity, and Multiculturalism. Compliance is required and non compliance will be punished. It will, indeed, be interesting to see the reactions of the indoctrinated, the stupid, and the freeloaders when they finally figure out that they have traded their freedoms for a false promise of security, a handout, and a trinket.

  3. Anyone who sides with the liberals are definitely a loser and a big one. Whoever coined the saying that liberals are a mental case is so right. They are definitely wrong on all counts. I am not politically correct and never will be. Don’t ever take their bate and go over to the wrong side.

  4. Who did Miss Puerto Rico offend with her words? Who was so bullied that they dare not stand up and accept apology from a now anguished but at all times “Upstander?”
    What was it, which words were offending enough to send the bullied into hiding and cowering in fear of the actions perpetrated by Miss Puerto Rico’s words?
    Where was it that they were captive, as if in a classroom, forced to read and listen to disgusting words impossible to ignore?
    When will the offended come out of the closet and identify their miserable existence?
    Why does Miss Puerto Rico have to apologize to anonymous entities? Why does she have to be diplomatic when realism is in order for the sake of those that never identify themselves?

    BTW, I believe it was Michael Savage who first opined the term Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

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