Seems Logical

Yesterday the TERRORISTS decided to launch a mortar attack against an all- girl grade school in Syria.. As of this writing, at least nine young girls are dead. The Syrian Prime Minister had this to say, “terrorist rockets will not prevent us from continuing our mission of education”..

So the education of women in Syria appears to be a threat to the manly TERRORISTS.. Seems logical. The backward simians who end up as terrorists HAVE to eschew education in even its most prehensile of forms because an educated person would NEVER consider terrorism as an avocation.. (Please note that the very few “educated” individuals involved in terrorism are NEVER on the “front line”, they “recruit” and manipulate the inbred UNeducated savages with hilarious promises of eternal bliss with virgins which mysteriously motivates the soiled simpletons towards terrorism..)

With that as your backdrop, prepare yourself for this.. How are the liberals and the terrorists alike? They BOTH seek to END education. There, I said it and that may very well not be the end of their similarities..

The “old school” Democrats, when the world grew weary of their baseball bats and fire hoses, KNEW that they HAD to do something different while achieving the same result: keeping “certain” people in their place.. Once the old Democrats herculean efforts to keep minorities and the poor uneducated were finally overturned, they decided to become the “New Democrats”. Since the BEST FREE education in the world, the public school system in the United States, was now available to the nation’s minorities and the poor, according to the liberals, something had to be “done” to education.. Terrorists, liberals, same agenda, different methodology..

At this point, the Democrats switched from their “old school” physical violence in order to achieve a docile populace to the “new and improved” Democrats that “cared”.. It was absolutely necessary to KEEP the uneducated uneducated so the “caring” Democrats went about starting to “fix” that which DIDN’T need fixing.. The BEST FREE education system on the planet apparently wasn’t good enough, not when you have an agenda to follow..

The Democrats KNEW that a TRULY educated person was a THREAT to the Democratic brand of politics. So the “education” of the poor and the minorities HAD to switch from genuine education into the INDOCTRINATION to the liberal panaceas that it has unfortunately become.. It was time to take the “education” out of education..

The liberals have spent the last fifty years (and simultaneously wasted trillions of dollars) “fixing” something that didn’t need to be fixed. “Fixing” might not be the appropriate word, the liberals needed to “adjust” the public schools to retrofit the liberal agenda.

The liberal “fix” involved the transformation of the public schools from providing a genuine quality education into the purveyors of perpetual victimhood. A TRULY educated person is a direct threat to the liberal orthodoxy just like a TRULY educated person is a threat to the Mooselim orthodoxy.. A TRULY educated person can see right through the liberal malarkey and subsequently they have absolutely no use for the liberals OR for liberalism OR for any of their caustic elixirs of “caring” ..

So the left set about “fixing” things.. They fixed grades, making them “exclusionary” and “judgmental”. They “fixed” curriculums so that things like Western Civilization were to be considered “racist” and “imperialist”.. Even something as innocuous as dodgeball was targeted by the liberal bilge machine.. In time, even the school lunches were maligned and needed to be “fixed” by the most evil Marxist Medusa..

These same liberals coincidentally despise the idea of VOUCHERS. Vouchers are another direct threat to the liberal public “education” because it affords those that have not had a “choice” because of their economic station to finally exercise a choice when it comes to the education of their children. Those poor and minorities when given that choice invariably abandon the liberally infested carcinogenic public school system in order for their children to have a genuine “education”.

In as few words as possible, the liberals HAD to “dumb down” education so that those in need of controlling could be much more easily controlled. Instead of controlling their victims physically as they did in the past, the “New and Improved” left decided that it was much less messy and a whale of a lot easier to control their victims mentally..

This is not unlike the “fix” the liberals came up with for welfare. The left firmly believes that welfare (lets “fix” this term please, “benefits”) should last FOREVER because as the “benefits” last forever, so does the lowest classes addiction to them.. Please keep in mind that in order for these “benefits” to be “properly distributed” FOREVER, the left and its elephantine form of government MUST be involved in its redistribution from the working middle class to the slovenly lowest class..

The liberals want the lowest class to be the lowest class forever because they “care”, get it? As long as there is a perpetual lowest class, there HAS to be a large grouping of liberals to ensure that “fairness” is at hand.. This monetary remuneration to the victims of liberalism ALWAYS takes place AFTER the liberals take their healthy cut off of the top.. Again, the dumber that you are, the easier you swallow this liberal poison..

These same leftists believe that handing out YOUR money to those who haven’t achieved or even participated in capitalism, somehow creates self esteem in the VICTIM. The VICTIMS are always “angry” but they are NEVER “angry” at those who have enslaved them in the name of “caring and concern”.. The liberals hand out worthless “grades” without accomplishment while subtly allowing the concept of genuine education to be declassified as “selling out” and the left does nothing to stifle this bogus concept within the minority communities..

The liberals “hand out” everything that they possibly can because it makes THEM feel good. The RESULTS of this cancerous liberalthink, the resultant creation of millions of useless Soylent Green (look it up..) is of no concern to the left. The ONLY thing that the left actually cares about relative to this sad group of bottom feeders is that they vote and that they vote as many times as they possibly can..

The left’s INTENTIONS are ALWAYS good because they are always infused with their moral superiority, they are always pure of thought so the results be damned.. As well, within liberaland, it is always a “lack of funds” that is the “reason” for the abject failure of the liberal ethos to provide tangible CURES for the problems intentionally created and exacerbated by the liberals themselves..

What WE see as generations of FAILURE are generations of VICTORIES for the liberals and their agenda..

So, the TERRORISTS bomb an all-girl school in Syria in order to stifle education and the liberals bomb schools here in America with their unique brand of “compassion” in order to stifle education..

Seems logical..


5 responses to “Seems Logical

  1. Excellent article, I’m going to grab it and take it over to my house. Merry Christmas, J.C. at We the People.

  2. If only liberals had to hand out their own money . Great points as always. Thanks

  3. Liberal brainwashing institutions euphemistically called colleges, move over. The next liberal behavior modification technique for controlling the masses is on the horizon. It is being tested in China and will surely gain steam with the liberals here as a way to eliminate free speech and dissent from those who do not adhere to their political dogma. It is called “Sesame Credit” and they are spuriously calling this a “game” conducted over social media. Google China’s Sesame Credit for a peek into our future.

  4. Larry and NLTZ family,

    Going ‘off topic’ to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and best wishes for this holiday season !

  5. Larry.. many Merry thanks for this… one of your best, imho. Stay well.


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