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The Takeaway

I managed to only be exposed to approximately sixty seconds of last night’s “debate” between the Benghazi Bovine and the Nutty Perfessor.. However, it certainly was an illuminating sixty seconds..

I will admit that I was caught by surprise when the Bern actually said out loud, and I am paraphrasing, “fifty years ago, a twelfth grade education was the equivalent of a college degree today..” Like every liberal Democrat who manages to occasionally stumble into the truth, Ol’ Bern was right but for the wrong reasons..

Two sidebars, if I may. First, I have said that same thing about “education” for decades. Second, we will ignore the blatant bending over blackwards progressive patronizing over the “disparity” and the “unfairness” of the “justice system” nonsense that I’ve read predominated the rest of this phony “debate”.. They are both tripping over themselves to appear the blackest and they might as well step out in blackface singing “Mammy” for the full effect. Please keep in mind that as soon as the Clinton machine manages to bump off Sanders in any one of the creative ways that they have bumped off challengers and malcontents in the past, (plane crashes, staged “suicides”, etc..) the Benghazi Bovine will be crowing about how much of a “centrist” she is..

To the Bern’s point, I will assure you that HIS reason for making this point is that he wants a “college education” to be FREE, he wants everyone to pay for it and as has been said, socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money to spend.. Possibly, if all of the fattened and firmly ensconced teachers and professors, nearly ALL lifetime liberal Democrats, would DONATE their services as opposed to demanding exorbitant remuneration for their indoctrination sermons, “education” would be “affordable and accessible to everyone”, but I digress..

MY point is a bit different than Bernie’s point AND my point is actually TRUE.. So, as the idiots in the “corporate world” like to say, what is “the takeaway” from all of this?

The K through 12 grade public education system in America WAS the envy of the entire planet. WAS.. What has happened to that amazing public school system? The Democrats decided to start “caring” about it because they HAD TO and as soon and the Democrats start “caring” about ANYTHING, very, very bad things begin to happen.. With the “new and improved” Democrats, bad things happen in the name of imaginary things like “fairness” and “compassion”.. Time has proven that “fairness and compassion” are how the progressive liberal Democrats spell “racism and oppression”..

Back in the halcyon days when the Democrats were so fond of fire hoses and baseball bats to keep people in their place, the world eventually reached a point and it decided that enough was enough. The Democrats wanted the same results as before, the intentional oppression of minorities, without all of the mess. They realized that a TRULY educated person could not be controlled nor did they have ANY need for the Democratic brand of “help” that was to materialize in the form of welfare dependency, et al so soon thereafter..

Out of sheer necessity, It was time to “dumb down” the public school system in order to INSURE that the lowest class, soon to be manacled to the Democratic welfare machine, would STAY the lowest class.. (This was BEFORE the Democrats went about welcoming ILLEGALS by the boatloads and NOT demanding that “immigrants” assimilate, therefore assuring their permanent place at the bottom with all of the other Democratic voters etc., etc.. Democratic voters, dead and alive.. The progressive Democrats wanted to EXPAND the size of the lowest class, their perverted poisonous politics DEMANDED it..)

The liberal Democrats began surgically attacking the public school curriculum and they eviscerated it, leaving only a bloated decomposing carcinogenic carcass to feed the minds of the poor..

The liberal Democrats began to whisper that “education was selling out to the white man”.. They then pulled off their greatest miracle: they convinced the minorities and the poor that THEY were there to HELP them and that only THEY could HELP them as everyone else was out to “oppress” them.. The liberal Democrats then found “helpers” in the minority “community” like $harpton and Jack$on, who ONLY wanted to fatten their OWN bank accounts as they too were there to HELP the poor and the downtrodden as long as there was a paycheck for THEM alone..

According to the liberal “progressive” left, the ONLY reason that the public education system in America is FAILING to properly educate, is because of a lack of MONEY.. It has NOTHING to do with the 2+2=7 nonsense being “taught” today. This also explains their violent reaction to a voucher system which would allow the poor to actually have a say in their child’s education. BUT, this would EMPTY the liberal’s “caring” public schools which would END the liberals stranglehold on the poor and more importantly, it would END their perpetual theft of the middle classes money to bankroll their phony benevolence..

The sad thing that I have to report is that this disgusting Democratic deviancy has WORKED. These uneducated poor and minorities enter the workforce with their limited skills and abilities and they flounder. The “new and improved” public schools have made them intellectually lazy and unable to cope in even the least challenging of environments OUTSIDE of the “compassionate” walls of the public schools.

In the REAL WORLD, there are no medals, ribbons and trophies for merely showing up and taking up space, in order to be employed you need to produce something.. Again, enter the helpful liberals who address this issue with the “fact” that these uneducated are being “discriminated” against and as always the culprit is “racism”.. As well, it’s time for a few lawsuits to make sure that the liberal courts and the “impartial” media get to chime in on all of this “unfairness”..

Never mind that this “issue” was created by the compassionate progressive liberal Democrats themselves and they are going to be the ones, the ONLY ones they say, who will “fix” it.. Why are the liberal Democrats the “only ones” who can “fix it”? The answer is very simple: because the liberal progressive Democrats DO NOT want to FIX ANYTHING. In order for their “desired results” to occur, the progressive Democrats HAVE to be the ONLY purveyors of “help” in the matter..

The takeaway? The ONLY way for this cycle of despair and intentional targeted racism by liberal progressive Democrats upon the poor and the minorities to end is when the rest of America STOPS electing Democrats to political office..


Drop The See Are..

With all of the hubris and hubbub of late over the Benghazi Bimbo and Mr. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs from Vermont dying to be known as the “progressive” candidate, (Rodham will be dying to be known as the “centrist candidate” in a few months but maybe more on that later..) a matter has slipped from the attention of the fine citizenry.. This topic has never slipped from my attention as readers will hopefully attest to.. The CRISIS in Syria..

SUDDENLY we have a CRISIS in Syria.. That is according to the liberal “progressive” left. Syria has been in turmoil for FIVE YEARS but suddenly, “refugees” need to flee Syria (as opposed to defending it from other Mooselims..) for greener pastures and flee they have been, spreading like cockroaches all over Europe for starters.. I see an ulterior motive within this “need to flee”. I also see several conspirators in all of this malarkey.

This “need to flee” seems to be a diversion, a diversion that has come to fruition due to the Johnny Come Lately’s of the left suddenly seeing a CRISIS FIVE YEARS after the CRISIS began.. Once the left starts paying attention, that immediately places the “impartial” media on notice to pay attention as well. Then it’s time for the left to start “doing something”.. The crucial question is: exactly WHAT is the liberal progressive left doing? Let’s try to find out together..

In five year’s time, the situation in Syria has amounted to over 250,000 dead and now we have over eleven million “displaced”.. What is as obvious as the nose on Pinocchio Rodham’s face is the FACT that among these “displaced refugees” are at least tens of thousands of avowed terrorists. This NEW CRISIS affords these avowed terrorists the opportunity to infiltrate WITHOUT SUFFICIENT SCRUTINY. Adding that to the mix helps to understand the liberal’s sudden epiphany over a CRISIS that is over FIVE YEARS old..

First: those “fleeing” should ONLY be the elderly and the infirm. The REST should take up arms and defend their homeland. Never mind, there is an agenda at work, logic must be jettisoned..

Because this is a CRISIS, cutting corners must be done out of necessity, exigent circumstances, we must “expedite” these “refugees”.. Without this CRISIS, probably an overwhelming number of these “refugees” would be cashiered as they try to infiltrate the “usual” refugee process (whatever THAT is..) because of their terrorist affiliations.

Now, because of the CRISIS, they have interlarded themselves within the “refugees”, they are now in the process of embedding themselves and they are awaiting orders from their fellow “practitioners of the religion of peace”..

European countries are bursting with “refugees”, many of whom have not kept their criminal impulses in check even days after relocating. Germany, Sweden and many others are now reaping the rewards of their silly, short sighted gullible altruistic generosity.. Even Jordan has reached a “boiling point”.. According to King Abdullah, “sooner or later, I think that the dam is going to burst..” Jordan ALONE is trying to set aside nine BILLION dollars to “help” these “refugees”.. “Help” them to do what, hmmm, I wonder.. If you NEED to ask, YOU are a part of the problem..

This wave of terrorists wouldn’t have had the opportunity to set up shop so quickly without this CRISIS, FIVE YEARS after the crisis began.. So who is bellowing the loudest about the “rights” of these refugees who are now in position and all poised to strike, terrorist playbook and prayer rug at the ready? Our wonderful liberal progressive left who MUST respond to any CRISIS with their unique brand of anti-American helpfulness..

All that the terrorists have to do is look pathetic and weepy and the American liberal left will do the rest..

Studying from the liberal playbook, the terrorists weren’t in a real rush, that is until of late.. As the liberals have slowly gone about destroying Western Civilization and all that is good for nearly sixty years, the terrorists haven’t seemed to have “timetables”.. But this liberal CRISIS has borne the opportunity for terrorists by the tens of thousands, maybe even the hundreds of thousands, to quietly relocate within targeted countries without a peep of resistance allowed from those that disagree with the alleged “vetting process”..

The American armada in 1944, making its way toward Omaha Beach, came as a legitimate army that had had a war declared on it, in marked uniforms and vehicles.. Our terrorist friends needed to move in large numbers, wearing the “uniform” of the “refugee”, hiding behind the “religion of peace” with the liberal left paving the way for their resettlement and remuneration.. Though patient, the terrorists saw the chance to move in large numbers and with the help of their ever faithful progressive allies, so they did..

For generations, the terrorists have been busy reproducing and inculcating the masses. Women and children now gleefully engage in terrorism. (Making the whole “who’s the target/collateral damage” nonsense completely obsolete..) Now sufficiently marinated in the jaundiced juices of the “religion of peace”, they will percolate further both HERE and abroad.. All the terrorists had to do is GET THERE, after that the world’s liberals will smooth the road and run interference for them and even get the middle class to fund them..

The “paving the way” begins with the left categorizing and castigating those with the temerity to disagree with their helpfulness.. You know, like calling those who look at this CRISIS realistically “Islamophobes” or some other diversionary poppycock. You know, like the progressives “ethnic cleansing” ruse with Bosnia.. (Fact: Bosnians are overwhelmingly Mooselims..) You know, like “driving while black”.. The liberals were big on the “ethnic cleansing” scam right out of the box with Bosnia but why did it take over FIVE YEARS for them to climb on board with Syrian “refugee” business? Apparently it took five years for the terrorists to get a hold of the busy progressives and tell them what they needed from them..

All the terrorists needed was a CRISIS (check), and then for the liberals to do the heavy lifting (check)..

Something is in the works. The terrorists had been following the liberal progressive game plan for some time. For decades, the liberals have been chipping away, not taking huge swathes, endlessly carping and haranguing normal society with their carcinogenic cacophony.. It would appear that the terrorists have become impatient and they have told their liberal benefactors to get to it.

Thus the left’s “discovery” of a CRISIS that has been happening for FIVE YEARS.. The distractions have been disseminated, the terrorists are now in place (a LOT quicker and in greater numbers than they had hoped) and they are now being adopted as the progressive poster children of the liberal welfare state. If they are around for a bit, before they start blowing themselves and others up, they will be voting “progressive Democrat” in a few elections..

So you have to ask yourself, why are the progressive liberals so fond of this CRISIS, a CRISIS that has been worsening for over FIVE YEARS?

Drop the “CR” from the word CRISIS..