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Safe Zones, Safety Pins and Sophistry

As revolting as the liberals actions and thoughts are, their vulgar, vomity vocabulary is even more disgusting and deceptive..  Here is another classic from their Nazi nomenclature, “Under-served”..  What I can guarantee you is that ANYONE who is described by the liberals as “under-served” is actually OVER-served in relation to their personal intake of governmental alms..  Someone who is “under-served” in relation to bank loans is OVER served in relation to FREE health care, FREE utilities, FREE housing, FREE food etc, etc.  (Don’t EVER let these victims/weasels cry and moan about their “poverty”, if their undeserved stipend isn’t enough to keep them in drugs, booze and lottery tickets, go get a JOB.  Oh, you “can’t” get a job?  Is it because your liberal friends destroyed the public school system and you didn’t try to help yourself at all while you were there?  Does everyone NOW see how my liberal “help” flow chart works for the poor?)  Leave it to a liberal to find another downtrodden “victim” in need of whatever it is that that particular liberal is in charge of disseminating..  Each liberal’s self survival and sustenance at the governmental teat REQUIRES them to “find” more “victims” for them to help and the best way to “find” them is for the liberals to perpetually MAKE them..  As they “help”, (your typically destructive degenerate “help” that the left lovingly provides) the liberal is then themselves REWARDED financially, usually by taking “just a bit” off of the top of what is supposed to be disseminated to the downtrodden derelicts..  A scummy leftist “economist” finds the “under-served” (“under-served” based on their INABILITY to properly pay back a loan, for example, so they are therefore PROPERLY “under-served”) and then is tasked (PAID) to “cure” the problem using money stolen from others..  The amount of money the middle class has to tithe to the undeserving at the behest of the IRS STILL isn’t enough to “fairly” sustain the moochers and the mendicants according to the progressive profiteers..  As with EVERY “problem” the left puts within their socialist sights, the “problem”..  Wait for it, wait for it..  Is.. A lack of money..  You pick the “problem”, the “lack of money” is the reason for a lack of success in “curing” it according to the left..  A LARGE part of the “problem” actually revolves around the physically and mentally capable REFUSING to participate in their own betterment and the liberals NEED to BUY their votes with YOUR money.  They may forget to apply for a job but they sure know how to vote and they know how to vote as many times as their stamina allows..  Those TRULY physically and mentally incapable should ALWAYS be helped by governmental services.  The “Trump-ian” concept of “vetting” needs to go FAR beyond the liberal poster children, the TERRORISTS/“immigrants”..  We need to END the horrific waste being perpetuated in the name of “compassion”.  The government STEALS enough from the middle class, it is time for them to become EFFICIENT..  Imagine how much more could actually be accomplished if the ridiculous amount of WASTE could be reapportioned!!  Imagine being told that the government is functioning at “full capacity” and this surplus means that each taxpayer is exempt from federal income tax for a year!  How did the government and America EVER manage to function before the collection of income taxes?  Here is a prime example of how government, mostly liberal in nature, goes about “curing” a “problem”..  The first income taxes were demanded to support the Civil War..  Dear federal government, the Civil War is over, been over since 1865, can we stop “funding” it now??  It’s been over 150 years, is the South “rebuilt” enough already??  Nope, the government (mostly liberal in nature) decided that to “cure” the “problem”, the “cure” had to be PERMANENT!  Enter the 19th Amendment in 1913..  When the Civil war ended, when the reconstruction, etc., was finished, shouldn’t the tax PENALTIES have ended too?  That which the government claims it needs, once the “need” is met, the INFLOW will just be rerouted to another “problem”..  In 2009, the federal government collected TWO TRILLION dollars and not to be outdone, OWEbama and his thieves stole $3,248,723,000,000.00 (CNS News) from the American public in 2015..  THREE and a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS..  So, when NO ONE DEMANDS efficiency, waste is encouraged and enabled to run rampant, and it does with aplomb..  So the “problem” is really three-fold..  Here might be the reasons that there isn’t enough money, allegedly, to fix the “problems”..  Unbridled waste which no one will reign in, the liberal’s NEED to CREATE AND SUSTAIN poverty, (the more “victims” the more liberals need to be hatched and remunerated for their “compassion”) and the REFUSAL of these bums/“beneficiaries” to exercise the personal discipline to LEAVE the liberal bonds of benevolence (Slavery, if you are as fond of brevity as I am)..  The actual SOLVING of the “problems” of the “under-served” would effectively make our empathetic liberals UNEMPLOYED and it would free the downtrodden..  THAT is why the “problem”, whatever that “problem” may be, will persist and GROW ad infinitum because we have Prius driving, Tofu eating, man bun wearing, fart sniffing platitude vomiting liberals “trying” to “solve” it..


I hear that the leftist loons in Hollywood want ILLEGALS to attend their back slapping socialist soiree known as the Oscars.  Wow..  Notice they aren’t welcoming ANY of these malarial felons into their gated communities to LIVE, THAT would really mean that they believe in what they say..


My hometown USED to be so wonderful.  Now garbage lines the streets and highways (mainly because garbage lives in too many of the “neighborhoods”) to a depressing degree..  It is there for everyone to see..  To borrow from Frank Sinatra, my hometown is the “City that never sweeps”..


“Diversity” is the collectivist cover and concealment for authorized and approved extortion..


I see a proliferation of the cellular telephones..  People are absolutely ADDICTED to them.  But more often than not, people aren’t talking on them, they are typing on them..  So..  They are talking to people without talking to people..


If you are one of “those” people who uses such repulsive phrases like, “value added”, “customer-centric solutions”, “diversity and inclusiveness”, “empowerment”, “undocumented worker”, “reproductive rights”, “economic justice”, “income inequality”, “raising awareness”, “gender reassignment” “micro aggression”, you should be turned into collectivist compost and scattered about the greenways..


Liberal Youth In Asia

Try to keep this in perspective..  The lunatic liberals are STILL upset about what they continue to breathlessly call mysterious things like “foreign elements” influencing our elections..  Please note that this weepy concern ONLY came about after the most recent rebuke, yet ANOTHER election LOST by the two time LOSER, the porcine progressive, Rodham..  Never mind how much filthy lucre was shoveled into the pockets of the Progressive Pervert (Billy Bob) by Saudi Arabia, China, George Soros, etc, etc during his campaigns.. That was then, THIS IS NOW!  “Donations” aren’t the phantasms that are “influencing elections” within the vociferous vacuum known as “critical liberal thinking”..  The problem is some shadowy and mysterious “foreign” intrigue..  No, the “foreign” element is the old Cold Warrior, Russia.  After yet ANOTHER embarrassing loss for Rodham and after the wonderful cathartic November bitch slap of the “OWEbama agenda” someone, something, anything MUST be “responsible”.  (When the liberals start throwing around the word “responsible” it will ALWAYS be someone or something OTHER than them that gets the blame..)  Something, anything MUST be to blame other than Rotund Rodham..  (Let’s play this progressive patty cake at face value:  IF Russia “influenced” the election, they did so by doing the job that the “impartial” media SHOULD have done..  But, back to the liberal fantasy fable..)  The liberals should be aghast at yet ANOTHER undue “influence”, foreign in nature, “influencing” our elections.  That “influence” is the votes cast by ILLEGALS ILLEGALLY in our elections. (This is BEFORE we get to the other liberal approved “influence”, the “inner city vote as many times as you want” program..)  However, the liberals encourage and enable ILLEGALS to VOTE (and they encourage them to do SO much more than just vote I might add..) which UNQUESTIONABLY “influences” elections. Therefore, if all of the bombast and baloney being served up by the leftists about “influencing elections” is true, if their sudden “concern” about undue “influence” is genuine, then the liberals should be the BIGGEST supporters of THE WALL..


Please keep in mind: a MINORITY has infected the majority with their OPINION.  The “impartial” media is NOT in the NEWS business any longer, it is now in the BLATANTLY BIASED OPINION business. The “impartial” media MAKES the news, it does NOT “report” the news..  This MINORITY, in control of the media, (therefore they are also in control of the MESSAGE) constantly “reports” on the nonsensical nattering of the liberal MINORITY.  Liberals ARE NOT a “majority” in this country but based upon the obsequious obsessive coverage their mental flatulence receives from their partners in slime, you are led to “believe” that the liberals are an overwhelming majority. Countless hundreds of millions of NORMAL people’s opinions do not matter when the “impartial” media goes about disseminating their BIASED OPINION as opposed to being truly IMPARTIAL.  You do not need to go march somewhere, turn over a few cars, bust a few windows in order to change this..  No, leave the felonies for the Soros sponsored “protesters” and other demented Democrats.  Try this: JUST TURN THE “NEWS” OFF.  Before doing so, note the commercial “sponsors” and completely financially boycott them.  Advertising revenue dies as viewership dies and then the source host DIES..  Let’s set about making the liberals our “domestic dinosaurs” shall we?


I have a few easy questions for our pathetic purveyors of “diversity”..  What is “diverse” about demanding that EVERYONE agree with your opinion?  Why is it necessary for the very IDEA of disagreement with you to be made ILLEGAL in so many cases?  Why MUST you stifle disagreement, is it because YOUR “arguments” do not have the weight of logic, common sense or fact behind them?  Shouldn’t YOUR arguments get stronger by debating with those who disagree and maybe just maybe, by debating, could you possibly see the error of your ways and possibly alter your “thinking”, therefore conceding that SOMEONE else might be right?  Such questions put to those on the left usually bring about a hyperbolic apoplectic response complete with spittle and sputtering..  The truth?  “Diversity” is just a “new age” diversion for “group think”, it is nothing other than politically correct BULLYING..


“Equality of outcome”, another of the progressive panaceas, is IMPOSSIBLE with an equality of EFFORT..


I shall name this segment, “Le Pen is mightier than the horde”..  France’s newest heroine, National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, paid a visit to Lebanon.  Her visit with Lebanese President Aoun was without incident or fanfare..  Enter Lebanon’s “top Sunni” Mooselim “cleric” for a chin wag..  Le Pen was told to don one of the tablecloths to wear as headgear “before entering the presence of the religious leader”..  The amazing Le Pen REFUSED to do so saying, “I consider the headscarf a symbol of a woman’s submission”.  (Le Pen has wisely called for limits on immigrants for quite some time..)  With that Le Pen left.  America had Reagan in Reykjavik, walking out on Gorby, now France has Le Pen walking out on a smelly Mooselim windbag..  France, please do the RIGHT thing and vote this woman into the Presidency!  Viva La France!!


The hypnotic slumber of the Marxist marionettes of the “impartial” media during the OWEbama years has certainly changed the (out of) tune that they are now banging out on the collectivist calliope humorously being passed off as the “news”..  They went from being subservient liberal lap dogs for the “Community Organizer” to becoming the fire breathing feral fascists of today..  Wow, I guess that elections really do “have consequences”..  No more intellectual soft soaping like “jobs supported” or “jobs saved or created” when the apologists were crooning for the black Bolshevik.  All of this caterwauling from the “man bun” crowd leads me to an eerie silence from someone not accustomed to being mute..  Old Rodham..  Pelosi, the progressive prune, hasn’t slowed the socialist sewage she spews, stopping just long enough for more Botox injections and even the Marxist manatee Michael Moore has waddled away from the buffet line just long enough to weigh in on President Trump..  But why has the pantsuit progressive gone missing, why have we seen her adipose mug on milk cartons?  I will wager that President Trump basically told her that if she keeps her cake hole closed, he will not have her prosecuted for the litany of crimes that she has committed..  Why else would someone so in love with the sound of their own voice become so suddenly silent..

The Dance Of The Sugar Dumb Fairies

The maudlin melodramatic low liberal comedy that has taken place since the election of President Trump has many scratching their heads.  They say why all of the childish caterwauling, why all of the petulant progressive puling?  Not me, for I find the hilarious histrionics to be perfectly understandable and to be quite predictable given the source..  Please allow me to explain..

Some wonder why the moronic Marxists are so morose, why the need to march around, proudly displaying your ignorance for the world to see.  I believe that it is because they recognize that within the shallow and meaningless existence of your typical leftist bottom feeder, there is a void.  It is one that they try to ignore but it gnaws at them and it will never be satiated..  That void is the loss of religion.  The socialist swine replaced traditional religion with the WORSHIP of their perverted personal politics.  Liberalism..  Demented, deviant, destructive and disgusting liberalism has become THEIR RELIGION.

The “religion” of liberalism (liberalism, completely occupied by the Democrats so by association, liberal equals Democrat) CANNOT compete with anything.  (Remember, the liberals HATE competition, they must “level the playing field” by ELIMINATING competition through the “equality of outcome” NOT the “equality of opportunity”, etc..)  Competition puts the glaring light of reality upon their chicanery.  Therefore, the left HAD to destroy the “competition”.  (With any and all liberal enterprises, competitors MUST be written off as “racists” or “sexists” or “whatever-ists”..)  The “competition” must be marginalized and then they must be eliminated..  Scorched Earth liberalism at its worst..

So the religion of liberalism HAD to REPLACE traditional religion because within the liberal cesspool there must be only ONE way of thinking..  (Does liberalism ever intersect with “thinking”?)  (Please also remember, the left tells you that they live under the “big tent of inclusion” UNTIL you have the temerity to disagree with one of their edicts..)  (ONE way of thinking, that sounds like the people the liberals always compare Trump supporters to..)

The left wasted no time painting each episode of individual deviance within the church as a complete “epidemic”, a “pandemic” or other such jibberish..  Move to removing the Ten Commandments, remove crosses and ALL Christmas displays where ever they are, etc..  In order to effectively marginalize, then minimalize and then eliminate America’s traditional “religion” they needed a few helpers..  (Again remember, the left has NO PROBLEM not only “tolerating” for example, “the religion of peace”, but ACTIVELY working for the imaginary “rights” of their “messengers” to deliver their satanic anti-American bile to their terrorist contemporaries posing as “refugees”..)   Enter from stage left, the “impartial” media.  Together, these two, the liberals and their Fifth Columnists of the Fourth Estate, set out to destroy traditional religion..

Within the parched socialist soil of their minds, the liberals imagined taking over the Sunday sermon, converting the assembled and conquering the pulpit of the neighborhood church.  The idiotic concept has been tried with some of the “non-traditional” “churches” where the ensconced progressive parishioners worship lawn furniture, Saul Alinsky, aardvarks or something similar..  The leftists KNEW that NO ONE would go out of their way to attend such a “church” on Sunday to hear such blasphemous claptrap..  So how could they get their “message” out to former parishioners on Sunday?  The answer proved more powerful and intoxicating than the liberals imagined..

The left went from the concept of their message being delivered on Sunday morning for an hour to force feeding it twenty four hours a day, each and EVERY DAY..  They AGAIN turned to the “new and improved impartial” media which was now becoming an around the clock indoctrination operation..  The “pulpit” became a place within the liberal “religion” that NO ONE had to “go to”, IT CAME TO THEM via the television in their living room..

The progressive pulpit became the living room and the vehicle was, and still is, the television set..  The “news” became the Marxist messenger..  “The word” went from an hour on Sunday to an incessant Bolshevik brow beating twenty four hours a day..  THIS is how the religion of liberalism came to supplant traditional religion not only within the leftist “true believer” but within those who would have never LISTENED to the collectivist claptrap before..

How else can you explain good, God fearing people embracing the Democrats destructive politics?  How else would these religious people vote for Democrats who DEMAND abortion at will?  (As well, please explain the hypnotic effect the Democrats have on blacks..  Margaret Sanger, liberal poster girl, “Planned Parenthood” founder, was an avowed RACIST who openly spoke of eliminating the black race..  But I digress..)  The “news”, carefully colored through the progressive palate, slowly waterboarded an entire generation of people..

Again, the pulpit of each individual church could NOT be used for the liberals end.  Thus the “impartial” news had to be the messenger, after all, they are JOURNALISTS, they would never cloud their “reporting”..  The “message” was going out every hour, on the hour, to those who would NEVER consider stepping foot in a “church” where such heresy was being vomited forth..  By destroying the traditional church, the left also knew that those the traditional church used to help will now come to the “Kevorkian Kollectivists”, who will be “helped” via the strange brand of socialist strychnine loving disseminated by the glassful by the emissaries of the liberal “religion”..

The liberals, while decrying the tactics and the successes of the traditional church weren’t above using those tactics and successes themselves.  Understanding that POLITICS is the RELIGION of the left helps to understand their Marxist meltdowns and boo hooing today..  (As well, most of these powder puffs were raised to believe that they are the center of the universe, so disagreement with them has always met with tantrums..)  Liberals (again: Democrats) were ALWAYS offended by how “aggressively” the religious would try to convert the non-believer.  The religious took their religion seriously.  (However, the traditionally religious would try to convert you in a friendly way, the “religious liberal” does so with a fevered brow and a righteous indignation bordering on a mental psychosis..)

The liberals want to “recruit”, they HAVE to “recruit” and they too are AGGRESSIVE, but they are AGGRESSIVE in a much more hostile manner than the traditionally religious..   They take the “rejection” of THEIR “religion” personally because the religion of liberalism has displaced traditional religion within the empty soul of the possessed progressives..  The left absolutely had to fill the gaping void left as they forcibly removed traditional religion from their lives.  They then created their own disjointed and dystrophic religion, “liberal politics” and when they are rejected, as they were last November, they take that rejection of their “religion” PERSONALLY..  I would hope that this completely explains the dance of the sugar dumb fairies..