The Dance Of The Sugar Dumb Fairies

The maudlin melodramatic low liberal comedy that has taken place since the election of President Trump has many scratching their heads.  They say why all of the childish caterwauling, why all of the petulant progressive puling?  Not me, for I find the hilarious histrionics to be perfectly understandable and to be quite predictable given the source..  Please allow me to explain..

Some wonder why the moronic Marxists are so morose, why the need to march around, proudly displaying your ignorance for the world to see.  I believe that it is because they recognize that within the shallow and meaningless existence of your typical leftist bottom feeder, there is a void.  It is one that they try to ignore but it gnaws at them and it will never be satiated..  That void is the loss of religion.  The socialist swine replaced traditional religion with the WORSHIP of their perverted personal politics.  Liberalism..  Demented, deviant, destructive and disgusting liberalism has become THEIR RELIGION.

The “religion” of liberalism (liberalism, completely occupied by the Democrats so by association, liberal equals Democrat) CANNOT compete with anything.  (Remember, the liberals HATE competition, they must “level the playing field” by ELIMINATING competition through the “equality of outcome” NOT the “equality of opportunity”, etc..)  Competition puts the glaring light of reality upon their chicanery.  Therefore, the left HAD to destroy the “competition”.  (With any and all liberal enterprises, competitors MUST be written off as “racists” or “sexists” or “whatever-ists”..)  The “competition” must be marginalized and then they must be eliminated..  Scorched Earth liberalism at its worst..

So the religion of liberalism HAD to REPLACE traditional religion because within the liberal cesspool there must be only ONE way of thinking..  (Does liberalism ever intersect with “thinking”?)  (Please also remember, the left tells you that they live under the “big tent of inclusion” UNTIL you have the temerity to disagree with one of their edicts..)  (ONE way of thinking, that sounds like the people the liberals always compare Trump supporters to..)

The left wasted no time painting each episode of individual deviance within the church as a complete “epidemic”, a “pandemic” or other such jibberish..  Move to removing the Ten Commandments, remove crosses and ALL Christmas displays where ever they are, etc..  In order to effectively marginalize, then minimalize and then eliminate America’s traditional “religion” they needed a few helpers..  (Again remember, the left has NO PROBLEM not only “tolerating” for example, “the religion of peace”, but ACTIVELY working for the imaginary “rights” of their “messengers” to deliver their satanic anti-American bile to their terrorist contemporaries posing as “refugees”..)   Enter from stage left, the “impartial” media.  Together, these two, the liberals and their Fifth Columnists of the Fourth Estate, set out to destroy traditional religion..

Within the parched socialist soil of their minds, the liberals imagined taking over the Sunday sermon, converting the assembled and conquering the pulpit of the neighborhood church.  The idiotic concept has been tried with some of the “non-traditional” “churches” where the ensconced progressive parishioners worship lawn furniture, Saul Alinsky, aardvarks or something similar..  The leftists KNEW that NO ONE would go out of their way to attend such a “church” on Sunday to hear such blasphemous claptrap..  So how could they get their “message” out to former parishioners on Sunday?  The answer proved more powerful and intoxicating than the liberals imagined..

The left went from the concept of their message being delivered on Sunday morning for an hour to force feeding it twenty four hours a day, each and EVERY DAY..  They AGAIN turned to the “new and improved impartial” media which was now becoming an around the clock indoctrination operation..  The “pulpit” became a place within the liberal “religion” that NO ONE had to “go to”, IT CAME TO THEM via the television in their living room..

The progressive pulpit became the living room and the vehicle was, and still is, the television set..  The “news” became the Marxist messenger..  “The word” went from an hour on Sunday to an incessant Bolshevik brow beating twenty four hours a day..  THIS is how the religion of liberalism came to supplant traditional religion not only within the leftist “true believer” but within those who would have never LISTENED to the collectivist claptrap before..

How else can you explain good, God fearing people embracing the Democrats destructive politics?  How else would these religious people vote for Democrats who DEMAND abortion at will?  (As well, please explain the hypnotic effect the Democrats have on blacks..  Margaret Sanger, liberal poster girl, “Planned Parenthood” founder, was an avowed RACIST who openly spoke of eliminating the black race..  But I digress..)  The “news”, carefully colored through the progressive palate, slowly waterboarded an entire generation of people..

Again, the pulpit of each individual church could NOT be used for the liberals end.  Thus the “impartial” news had to be the messenger, after all, they are JOURNALISTS, they would never cloud their “reporting”..  The “message” was going out every hour, on the hour, to those who would NEVER consider stepping foot in a “church” where such heresy was being vomited forth..  By destroying the traditional church, the left also knew that those the traditional church used to help will now come to the “Kevorkian Kollectivists”, who will be “helped” via the strange brand of socialist strychnine loving disseminated by the glassful by the emissaries of the liberal “religion”..

The liberals, while decrying the tactics and the successes of the traditional church weren’t above using those tactics and successes themselves.  Understanding that POLITICS is the RELIGION of the left helps to understand their Marxist meltdowns and boo hooing today..  (As well, most of these powder puffs were raised to believe that they are the center of the universe, so disagreement with them has always met with tantrums..)  Liberals (again: Democrats) were ALWAYS offended by how “aggressively” the religious would try to convert the non-believer.  The religious took their religion seriously.  (However, the traditionally religious would try to convert you in a friendly way, the “religious liberal” does so with a fevered brow and a righteous indignation bordering on a mental psychosis..)

The liberals want to “recruit”, they HAVE to “recruit” and they too are AGGRESSIVE, but they are AGGRESSIVE in a much more hostile manner than the traditionally religious..   They take the “rejection” of THEIR “religion” personally because the religion of liberalism has displaced traditional religion within the empty soul of the possessed progressives..  The left absolutely had to fill the gaping void left as they forcibly removed traditional religion from their lives.  They then created their own disjointed and dystrophic religion, “liberal politics” and when they are rejected, as they were last November, they take that rejection of their “religion” PERSONALLY..  I would hope that this completely explains the dance of the sugar dumb fairies..


53 responses to “The Dance Of The Sugar Dumb Fairies

  1. I have missed your descriptive words. I explain the left as mentally incapable of knowing right from wrong and that they are just pure evil trying to take over the world by creating chaos to confuse normal people for their master, Satan. Many of the democratic leaders have been indoctrinated, including the Clinton’s, and they lie and steal their way around the government and we the people. The so called women’s movement fell many years ago to the sinners and evil doers. They have not, or maybe never represented actual women, in decades When you see idiots wearing vagina’s on their heads you know they have all went the way of deranged/devil. Now I am not the most religion person but I can see the devil at work here and if I can then many of you can and we must all put it down by laughing at them. Yes, laugh. I began doing that half way though the election cycle to these crazies and it stopped them in their tracks and if they came back and called me names I would laugh some more. You can’t reason with them or even have a reasonable conversation so just laugh. At the end of the day you will feel much better for it.

  2. Happy Valentines day

  3. Larry,

    It’s been exactly 1yr and 2 days since your last article, and you are back – and back with a vengeance. A few weeks ago, I was almost ready to remove NLT from my favorites list . . but, remained optimistic (thankfully ) and am glad I resisted !

    Just when you thought the Libs couldn’t descend to lower depths into the slime, they proceed to do exactly that. And they do it with hostile aggression, along with character assassination.

    Excellent stuff, and it’s really great to hear from you, my friend .

  4. JJ,

    You are right as always, and it has been almost ten years hacking away.

    Busy with the new house but I also feel as though my time has passed.

    Others get published, I might toss something out there but not much of a following anymore.

    Nearly a thousand people on the rediculous Facebook “like” the NLTZ page, none of them use the link and come read.

    Thanks as always,


  5. So glad to see you back Larry. Another great essay.

  6. I still enjoy your alliterative style….. It’s good to see another substantive piece from you. I believe that if you wrote and posted regularly again, your following would increase. Another common sense voice is always welcome in these trying times. We may have elected the polar opposite of Obama, but there is a mountain of work to be done in cleaning up the mess that the left has made of our government institutions and cultural psyche.

    T from SC

  7. So good to read your words again, Larry. I’ve missed the smooth flow of your wisdom. Your article was, as always, excellent and I couldn’t agree with it more.

    I was thinking just last night how similiar Liberals are to Muslims. Whereas, as you say, the Liberal’s adversaries are deemed “racists, sexists or whatever-ists”, Muslims deem them Infidels. While Liberals have not yet began beheading those that disagree with their ideiology (religion), their antics of late doesn’t improve my outlook on the chances that they may not be to far away from such animalistic behavior.

    I for one, look forward to more of your words, Larry. They are an inspiration.

  8. Joe,

    I appreciate your kind words.

    Don’t forget the old worn out “Islamophobia”, The Mooselims have learned from the snowflakes BUT the libs will relive history as they would be treated with the same “tolerance” as the Nazis had for the the Jews, Gypsys, etc..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Family, (those who might be left after all this time..)

    Just heard from Eileen, she is back and as tenacious as ever!

    Time to round up the MVP’s from the old days..

    Sound off if you are here!!


  10. Good to hear from you Larry.
    Your article today fits right in with with my opinion of the progressive liberals.
    I once referred to them as brain dead or mentally ill, but now I refer to them as “Spiritually Dead”.

  11. Larry,
    So glad you finally wrote and posted another article! I know you wish more people were reading it, but I think it is important for you to convey what is on your mind and I know that the loyal people still following NLTZ love hearing what you have to say. Love you!
    Carmen(your wife)

  12. Michele from NY

    Marxist meltdown is the best description I’ve ever heard. The liberal temper tantrums at this point are boring at best…yet the media continue to shovel out coverage of these “protests”, like anyone cares. Most of these “protesters” have no idea what they are there for. Glad to have you back Larry!!!

  13. So glad to have you back!! Your articles are always right on and have been sorely missed during these crazy times!!

  14. I found this on youtube today and it’s pretty amazing. All over the world – the spreading of the Trump revolution continues for a free people and sovereign nations free from the clutches of globalism and Islamic terrorism. If being nationalistic, patriotic, and free people who enjoy the riches of modern civilization is considered “deplorable” then count us in and consider us UNITED! The Deplorable’s Unite! The deplorables of the world are fighting back against the New World Order, George Soros and the liberal take down by conservatives throughout the World. Europe, Africa, Australia, Japan and the World even that horrible country Hillary hated Russia and China that’s the song from Les Misérables Broadway show and 2012 movie “Do you hear the people sing”, only it’s called Les Deplorables. There are a lot of similar ones but this is my favorite version.

    It should be Trump’s theme song. Enjoy it everyone!!

  15. Duane Guengerich

    Been a while, Larry. Was wondering where you got off to. Always amazed at your use of the English language. And, as always, spot on.
    Yeah, the Libs/Demos have completely sold their souls to the devil. Blind fools.

  16. I got off facebook about a year ago, They filtered my black frtiends so much so that when I saw them at Walmart they asked why I blocked the. I complained and they stopped for about 2 months, then the censorship again. This really pi$$ me off because I missed the funeral of a 30 year friend. I said to hell with them, and dropped them. I do pass on you web address in blogs where I think people will respond.

  17. Glad to hear your words of wisdom again, Larry. It’s been too long, and just because Trump won the election does not mean the dangers are over, far from it. Though Hilly the Harridan was defeated, and the Obamas sent on their well-deserved vacation from our lives, the Left is still working to defeat Trump and we conservatives. Socialists never surrender power, it must be pried from their claws, and now the Enemy Within has been exposed for all to see. And make no mistake, they are angry at all of us. Hannity calls them the ‘alt-left’, and he is sadly mistaken, as there is no moderate wing of the Democrat Party any more, and hasn’t been for some time now. What we are seeing play out on our screens and our streets is what could become the Left’s endgame, an open revolt against the majority of us whom are sick and tired of paying the bills for their insane policies and treasonous schemes. Hillary, Barack, Elizabeth Warren, et al. all of them hate our guts, and the sooner we learn this truth the better, just as we must understand the media are complicit in their treason, and the only reason they’re so mad about the Russians it is because Putin outed them.

  18. Larry! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the e-mail from NLT. So great to read your wise words. Please drop us an article more often. Since I learned our “Community Organizer” is ramping up to go on a full out attack on all of Trumps efforts we need to keep our chin up and eyes open. Thanks again.

  19. Joseph A. Green

    Larry, very happy to hear from you after a long dry spell. This article is outstanding! You are a very talented wordsmith with a great sense of humor so I always read everything I get from you. Wish you well and hope you will keep writing. Your analysis of the news is always refreshing and entertaining as well as spot on!

  20. Marcocat,

    The actions of the left over the last sixty years CANNOT be accidental..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Eileen,

    Good to hear from you too. NLTZ needs your efforts!


  22. Theresa,

    Its good to hear from the core “family” members, I hope I dont let you down!


  23. Tony Pogue,

    You nailed it my friend..


  24. Family,

    You will note the comment from my wife. I DID NOT pay for that comment..:-)


  25. NY Michele,

    Thanks for the kind words. With the left, our work will NEVER be done..


  26. Donna,

    I appreciate your kindness.


  27. Duane,

    Appreciate your kind words. I appreciate the comments here, we should ALL be involved in the debate. The more the merrier..


  28. Like Monica, I could not believe my eyes when I saw NLTZ e-mail. Good to read you, still a bit hard for me, you are so smart, It’s going to be a long 8 yrs 🙂 We need your sanity now more than ever! Love you and Carmen, God bless!

  29. Graywolf,

    Facebook definitely discriminates against “right” thinking..

    They will find me one day.


  30. G-Man,

    Solid stuff, right as rain..

    Hilly the harridan? Wish I had thought of that one..


  31. Monica,

    Great to hear from you as well..

    Our work is just beginning. Together we will WIN


  32. Joseph A Green,

    You made my night, thank you!


  33. James,
    What a great article, please keep them coming.

  34. It’s so good to have you back. I can’t even watch our read the mainstream news any longer, they are so totally unhinged…so good to get some balance. I hope you’re back!!

  35. Steven,

    “Mainstream”? If they are the definition of mainstream, it is time to change the shape of the stream..

    Thanks as always,


  36. He’s back! And he’s pissed! Get out of his way…

  37. So good to read a NLTZ article from you Larry; it’s been so long since we’ve heard from you. I am so over the rent-a-mobs throwing their temper tantrums in the streets and the morons in the media drooling over them. Loved the press conference today, President Trump really gave the morons what for. So well deserved.

  38. I have to set this up the correct way to get the maximum laughs for you all. I go through new youtube videos and clip each morning and a ran across the sound bite. While liberals can excuse a lot of poor behavior in their politicians, I think Maxine Waters just crossed the line into pure stupidity. Even her Californian constituents are about to be very embarrassed by what this idiot and her friends in Congress just did. Before watching it, please take a trip to the bathroom, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. I feel like it’s from the movie The Sting. The setup two Russian student were playing a prank on Ms Waters. They managed to call Waters and convince her that a made-up country called “Limpopo” was in danger of being invaded by Putin and his forces. Based on her voice of concern, she believed them. They go into talking about Hillary and being a hero to the world. A few weeks ago, Waters embarrassed herself by confusing Crimea with North Korea and not being able to remember the name of the city of Aleppo. This was just after an incident where Nancy Pelosi confused Donald Trump with President Bush — a double Democrat slip-up! Strike three. They pretended to be Volodymr Groysman, the Ukrainian prime minister, and Waters believed them. She might as well have fallen for those spam emails that say “get rich fast, send me your credit card information!” Dumb, dumb, dumb. Waters even mentioned how Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham wanted more aggressive sanctions towards Russia. She talked like they are members of her team. The Hook: Putin’s puppet Aibolit came to power at Limpopo! And, Putin hacked into the election system to put his puppet in power. The reality is, there river in South Africa in the province, which happens to be named after the river, because it forms the border between the Limpopo province (South Africa’s most northern boundary) and Zimbabwe. [Let me point out that she is talking to a head of a Country and she is not part of the Executive branch or the State Department in the federal government. So, wouldn’t this call be grounds for treason? These guys did the same thing with John McCain.

    John McCain call, McCain doesn’t have the authority to call a President and discuss matters with a foreign leader. If it’s bad for Michael Flynn to do, then it’s bad for McCain and Waters, right? This is enough to arrest McCain and Waters for negotiating with a foreign government without the Trump administration knowing that he’s undermining U.S. policies as set forth by Trump.. this is seditious and treason and should be investigated ASAP! So corrupt.

    I wonder how long it took them to realize this was a prank. But, it does show their bias that anything that has Putin and Trump in it they are against it. God, save us from this stupid politicians. It was authorized last year and in Benghazi, McCain. [Can talk about that another time. I found a lot of evidence about what started Benghazi and what happened.] The Three Stooges Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and John McCain, I’m embarrassed I voted for Curly in 2008. He was an anti-Obama. Isn’t this collusion? Enjoy.

  39. vincentemilio,

    We are ALL pissed, and its only going to get better..

    My goal is to publish every Thursday, or if events warrant, as many as needed..

    Never give in, never give up and never again!!


  40. Nancy,

    The silent majority: silent no longer..

    Thanks as always,


  41. Eileen,

    IS BACK!! Just wind her up and let her go..

    Thanks as always,


  42. I was surprised and pleased to see your Email. I thought for sure you were gone for good. I have sure missed your wonder writings as I do not have that talent with words. As Trump said today in his news conference, he was left a mess to deal with, but we all knew that. Now, we are left with the mess, but Obama is messing with Trump. He and George Soros are behind all of the organization of the protesters and paying them good money to be there and raise hell and destroy property. Obama is behind alot of the things going on as his best talent is a community organizer. God Help us. Welcome back Larry!

  43. Mary,

    Back at it again, trying to publish every Thursday, or more if the liberals act up..


  44. So good to see your article.Welcome back ! You made the point exactly regarding the liberal church of the irrational emotion. Bravo

  45. Wingman,

    Appreciate your kind words.

    Working on next week’s treatise..


  46. Welcome Back! You certainly have not lost your word power. You had me laughing – the 3 P’s then the 4 D’s. You just need to add Kook and you have KKK alive and in deep.

    I have to agree the biggest problem our country now faces is the loss of religion. Without the moral compass, the muslims are going to take over the religion for us. Scary!

  47. rko41,

    Funny the liberals took religion out of the public schools and then they had to put in magnetometers..

    These are the same people who found abortion in the Constitution..


  48. Welcome back and best wishes.

  49. David,

    Appreciate it, as long as there is one liberal left, we will have work to do!


  50. Larry,

    Since it’s been a year now, how’s the ‘new’ job coming along and is it as you had expected ? Also, how do think President Trump is doing in his first 30 days? Appears that the MSM doesn’t know how to handle him, especially with his direct connect with the folks using Twitter. Saw a few minutes of his rally in FL yesterday – looked as though he was having a ball !

  51. JJ,

    The apple cart of political and “impartial” media “business as usual” has been upset. Good. President Trump’s pace is amazing, Great stuff.


  52. Larry,
    As always good to read something from you and read the responses.
    Yes we must laugh at the loony left. Who else would go out to protest wearing a vagina hat and want to be taken seriously? Guess they forgot to check themselves in the mirror before leaving the house. Scary thing is they vote. Best to you and family.


  53. papabear,

    Great to hear from the members of the “family” again, time to get back into the swing.


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