Liberal Youth In Asia

Try to keep this in perspective..  The lunatic liberals are STILL upset about what they continue to breathlessly call mysterious things like “foreign elements” influencing our elections..  Please note that this weepy concern ONLY came about after the most recent rebuke, yet ANOTHER election LOST by the two time LOSER, the porcine progressive, Rodham..  Never mind how much filthy lucre was shoveled into the pockets of the Progressive Pervert (Billy Bob) by Saudi Arabia, China, George Soros, etc, etc during his campaigns.. That was then, THIS IS NOW!  “Donations” aren’t the phantasms that are “influencing elections” within the vociferous vacuum known as “critical liberal thinking”..  The problem is some shadowy and mysterious “foreign” intrigue..  No, the “foreign” element is the old Cold Warrior, Russia.  After yet ANOTHER embarrassing loss for Rodham and after the wonderful cathartic November bitch slap of the “OWEbama agenda” someone, something, anything MUST be “responsible”.  (When the liberals start throwing around the word “responsible” it will ALWAYS be someone or something OTHER than them that gets the blame..)  Something, anything MUST be to blame other than Rotund Rodham..  (Let’s play this progressive patty cake at face value:  IF Russia “influenced” the election, they did so by doing the job that the “impartial” media SHOULD have done..  But, back to the liberal fantasy fable..)  The liberals should be aghast at yet ANOTHER undue “influence”, foreign in nature, “influencing” our elections.  That “influence” is the votes cast by ILLEGALS ILLEGALLY in our elections. (This is BEFORE we get to the other liberal approved “influence”, the “inner city vote as many times as you want” program..)  However, the liberals encourage and enable ILLEGALS to VOTE (and they encourage them to do SO much more than just vote I might add..) which UNQUESTIONABLY “influences” elections. Therefore, if all of the bombast and baloney being served up by the leftists about “influencing elections” is true, if their sudden “concern” about undue “influence” is genuine, then the liberals should be the BIGGEST supporters of THE WALL..


Please keep in mind: a MINORITY has infected the majority with their OPINION.  The “impartial” media is NOT in the NEWS business any longer, it is now in the BLATANTLY BIASED OPINION business. The “impartial” media MAKES the news, it does NOT “report” the news..  This MINORITY, in control of the media, (therefore they are also in control of the MESSAGE) constantly “reports” on the nonsensical nattering of the liberal MINORITY.  Liberals ARE NOT a “majority” in this country but based upon the obsequious obsessive coverage their mental flatulence receives from their partners in slime, you are led to “believe” that the liberals are an overwhelming majority. Countless hundreds of millions of NORMAL people’s opinions do not matter when the “impartial” media goes about disseminating their BIASED OPINION as opposed to being truly IMPARTIAL.  You do not need to go march somewhere, turn over a few cars, bust a few windows in order to change this..  No, leave the felonies for the Soros sponsored “protesters” and other demented Democrats.  Try this: JUST TURN THE “NEWS” OFF.  Before doing so, note the commercial “sponsors” and completely financially boycott them.  Advertising revenue dies as viewership dies and then the source host DIES..  Let’s set about making the liberals our “domestic dinosaurs” shall we?


I have a few easy questions for our pathetic purveyors of “diversity”..  What is “diverse” about demanding that EVERYONE agree with your opinion?  Why is it necessary for the very IDEA of disagreement with you to be made ILLEGAL in so many cases?  Why MUST you stifle disagreement, is it because YOUR “arguments” do not have the weight of logic, common sense or fact behind them?  Shouldn’t YOUR arguments get stronger by debating with those who disagree and maybe just maybe, by debating, could you possibly see the error of your ways and possibly alter your “thinking”, therefore conceding that SOMEONE else might be right?  Such questions put to those on the left usually bring about a hyperbolic apoplectic response complete with spittle and sputtering..  The truth?  “Diversity” is just a “new age” diversion for “group think”, it is nothing other than politically correct BULLYING..


“Equality of outcome”, another of the progressive panaceas, is IMPOSSIBLE with an equality of EFFORT..


I shall name this segment, “Le Pen is mightier than the horde”..  France’s newest heroine, National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, paid a visit to Lebanon.  Her visit with Lebanese President Aoun was without incident or fanfare..  Enter Lebanon’s “top Sunni” Mooselim “cleric” for a chin wag..  Le Pen was told to don one of the tablecloths to wear as headgear “before entering the presence of the religious leader”..  The amazing Le Pen REFUSED to do so saying, “I consider the headscarf a symbol of a woman’s submission”.  (Le Pen has wisely called for limits on immigrants for quite some time..)  With that Le Pen left.  America had Reagan in Reykjavik, walking out on Gorby, now France has Le Pen walking out on a smelly Mooselim windbag..  France, please do the RIGHT thing and vote this woman into the Presidency!  Viva La France!!


The hypnotic slumber of the Marxist marionettes of the “impartial” media during the OWEbama years has certainly changed the (out of) tune that they are now banging out on the collectivist calliope humorously being passed off as the “news”..  They went from being subservient liberal lap dogs for the “Community Organizer” to becoming the fire breathing feral fascists of today..  Wow, I guess that elections really do “have consequences”..  No more intellectual soft soaping like “jobs supported” or “jobs saved or created” when the apologists were crooning for the black Bolshevik.  All of this caterwauling from the “man bun” crowd leads me to an eerie silence from someone not accustomed to being mute..  Old Rodham..  Pelosi, the progressive prune, hasn’t slowed the socialist sewage she spews, stopping just long enough for more Botox injections and even the Marxist manatee Michael Moore has waddled away from the buffet line just long enough to weigh in on President Trump..  But why has the pantsuit progressive gone missing, why have we seen her adipose mug on milk cartons?  I will wager that President Trump basically told her that if she keeps her cake hole closed, he will not have her prosecuted for the litany of crimes that she has committed..  Why else would someone so in love with the sound of their own voice become so suddenly silent..


27 responses to “Liberal Youth In Asia


    SO very glad to see another excellent piece.

  2. Lance,

    I am going to try to keep ’em coming, every Thursday I will try to publish. Maybe even more frequently as the liberals seem to be cracking up.. It’s beautiful..


  3. You must have been reading my mind on the diversity issue. Was just thinking about it yesterday. Yet another word of which the liberal looney tunes have changed the meaning while we were busy cleaning up after themy

    Thanks Larry

  4. Why won’t the Libs blame Rodham for their loss to Trump, after all wasn’t it her ‘server’ that served up the opportunity for the Russians ( and others ) to do their thing ?

    Regarding Pelosi, most of the time I have no idea what the hell she is talking about ! Maybe she has some form of ‘high altitude’ sickness ( amongst other things ) by spending every weekend flying back and forth ( on our dime ) between the District of Corruption and San Freako .

  5. Good one. As to why Hillary is keeping a low profile these days is so that the people can’t detect her treason in progress. She is, I believe, behind a lot of this discourse along with Obama and Soros. The left can not stand losing and lose they did. Now they are trying to get back at us by saying and trying to impeach a president that hasn’t been in office long enough to do anything wrong. I guess this is payback for the republicans trying to impeach Obama. Boo sniff. Everyone, even the democrats, many of them, are tired of the BS and want it stopped but you wouldn’t know that with the lying MSM who take every opportunity to twist and turn a real story into garbage to make President Trump look bad and to make people think this is the majorities opinion. Your right, turn the news off, I did a long time ago. I try to look up the issues and explore them until I believe I have the answers I seek and usually the search is long and twisted and then you may finally get to the truth.
    In the end I believe actions will speak the truth and Trump is already doing much more then any President I have seen in my lifetime. As for the left fools they show us almost everyday what they are with their actions, paid malcontents, brainwashed college children and wannabe washed up politicians. I am keeping the faith that the majority is hard working individuals that want what we all want, a safe environment in which to raise our kids, jobs to do that with and and the right to worship as we please. Have a good week.

  6. The Left has to postulate about “foreign elements” interfering in our elections because the just cannot believe that ordinary Americans would disagree with them and their crazy logic. After all, they have indoctrinated our youth into their PC trigger warnings and safe zones, so they believe that the rest of us have to go along. Therefore, it must be outside influences, because the American people (in their little bubbles) couldn’t possibly disagree with them.

    Marine Le Pen is a real feminist, a true leader and would be a great complement to Trump in getting the west back on track. Along with the great woman leading England, they would be a formidable force to recon with. I hope she wins that election.

  7. Another great and witty article. Hilly is dying a slow death. I spent months reading the hacked emails from her, John Podesta (when the liberals claim he’s a genius, I wonder what drugs they’re on? Who uses password as their password? What an idiot… he wasn’t hacked he was phished BIG difference), and the DNC. Poor put upon Hillary has Kuru, the cannibal disease aka Mad Cow disease (the term made me laugh after remembering her previous moniker Benghazi Bovine) and she has all the symptoms of slurred speech, inability to walk/poor coordination, difficulty swallowing, Sudden jerky movements or Jacksonian seizures, moodiness and behavioral changes, dementia (which is why she needed to have the questions given to her in advance during the debates), muscle twitching and tremors, inability to grasp objects and random, unable to focus, easily distracted (look at all the pretty balloons) compulsive laughing or crying, laughing too long where it’s uncomfortable for others or at inappropriate times and finally insomnia. I’m 90% sure the media and ranking members of the DNC all knew. For all those reasons, she should have never ran for the stressful job as President. It’s caused by proteins called prions, that slowly that create sponge-like holes in your brain and they are fatal. Generally, people die within a year to 4 years after diagnosis. She’ll need around the clock care eventually/live in nurse and it just so happens Chelsea has a room all set up. Using the Clinton Foundation “charitable” donations, Chelsea and Marc purchased two apartments in the lower east side in Manhattan for $10.5 million. The main residence is on E. 27 through E. 26 (yeah a hole block) Streets. The second is a few blocks away on E. 21 Street and is a registered nursing facility. For Senior Care Facility, “Metrocare Home Services Inc.” which was where Clinton was taken after her collapse on 9/11. They refuse to bring her to the hospital for fear her real medical issues will be leaked by the press, so they used money to set up this medical residence just for her. This is one reason she’s disappeared and the other is because if she keeps a high profile, the Clinton’s are concerned that they will be indicted for the pay for play, lying under oath and a ton of others. I’ve been researching and going through the Library of Congress, some law school’s website, I’m still researching but so far I count 21 federal laws that were broken just on Benghazi alone. They range from Perjury (2 counts), Treason, Espionage and Sedition (for personal financial gain, this was the same thing that Robert Hannsen did that put him behind bars for life?), Attempt and Conspiracy (to commit fraud), Unauthorized Removal and Retention of Classified Documents and/or Material, Attempt to Evade or Defeat a Tax (use of Clinton Foundation Funds for Personal and/or Political Purposes), Attempts to Interfere with Administration of Internal Revenue Laws (Call to IRS on behalf of UBS not turning over Accounts to IRS), Frauds And Swindles (both mail and wire fraud, same thing Chelsea father-in-law did and sent him to prison. Google Edward Mezvinsky), Acts Effecting a Personal Financial Interest (includes Recommendations) and Obstruction of Justice (hiding her emails, shredding documents requested by Congress). The only thing the Clinton’s did show us is crime does pay and very handsomely to boot. Again, she’ll never be indicted or go to prison and it’s all about Benghazi. Which I will post eventually. It’s 12 pages long. I’m trying to cut it back. I give the Federal US code violation, the description and the reason I believe she broke the law with examples of her behavior.

  8. Thanks Larry for another great article. Trump has been working on so many different things in the first month that he said he would do if elected. it is great to see a president keep his promises. I believe if given enough rope, the liberals will hang themselves. They have so many things that are so out of line with anyone who is listening . They souns as crazy as they are.

  9. Another good one! It would be great if everyone with an ounce of common sense just tuned out the morons in the media. I cracked up today when President Trump called CNN the Clinton News Network.

  10. T,

    When sick minds think alike, we do read each others minds..


  11. JJ,

    Bela Pelosi scares me with her mug, not her words..


  12. NJNurse,

    Spot on commentary and thank you for all that you do.

    Nurses: overworked, underpaid underappreciated.


  13. Eileen,

    STILL the NLTZ MVP on research..


  14. Mary Gilliam,

    If the left doesn’t have enough rope, I will find it for them..

    The title, “Youth In Asia” was the hope that the left will consider euthanasia for the betterment of the planet..


  15. Nancy,

    President Trump is ding a great job. Turn off the fake, tune into the REAL: President Donald Trump.


  16. Michele from NY

    Thanks Larry for another winner. This made my week.

  17. There is a great YouTube conservative commentators that I discovered a month before the election, He’s witty, intelligent, wickedly smart, a Christians, a musician and calls out the liberals on their own BS, his name is Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel from loony lefty’s in Southern California. YouTube channel known as the Zoloft. He’s made numerous appearances on Fox News and on The O’Reilly Factor. Another good one by a very sarcastic conservative commentator, Mark Dice, has been on Fox News as well. These two have a huge following with well over a million and a half followers between them. Zo’s latest is and Dice Enjoy! Mark also goes out on the street talking to the loony liberals in Southern Calif, asking sometimes strange questions that exposes their ignorance. He did the “man on the street” asking would they support the repeal of Amendment. At first they question it and then he added President Obama wants to repeal the 7th Amendment and sign the partition no questions asked.

    Larry, I have started to post your conservative websites in the comment section of the YouTube channels and conservative online magazines I subscribe too. I hope it brings in more fans for you. We can and should promote No Left Turnz. The liberals need to be be called out on their crap. Have you ever thought about creating your own YouTube channel? I know these guys get a lot of hate mail and by posting your website may bring them to you. If you want me to stop, then I will.

  18. Here’s an update on the corruption of the Clinton Foundation with proof by another hacker.

    Proof Hillary was responsible for the Benghazi attack: listen carefully. I was correct.

  19. Thanks Larry. Another great article. Looking forward to more.

  20. Michele from NY,

    I appreciate it, you made my week too.


  21. Eileen,

    Its all good, pass NLTZ around like the Cracker Jacks.. Secret toy surprise inside.. For those who remember..

  22. NLTZ Family,

    I am in a quandary.. I had thought to not inundate the site with so many articles or lagniappes.. Well, I already have three articles in the hole and its a long way until Thursday which I had set aside for publishing day.. The left keeps creating material, I can’t ignore them..

    What to do? Publish as needed or once a week?


  23. Publish everyday if you have them.

  24. Publish, the more the merrier. I’m doing the same thing. When I run across their nonsense and expose it as soon as possible. We all don’t look at the same places online, so it’s important to share information. Sometimes it’s hard to slow my brain down. I found this on a website where Chicago Police were called to Trump Tower Hotel in Chicago by a worker from the hotel said there was a man claiming to have a bomb and was going to blow the hotel up. Sick and disgusting. Here is the audio of the 911 call.

  25. Doing some research on whether Russia hacked our election (and still can’t find any proof) but I discovered two things. First, the FBI and CIA issued a press release regarding Russia’s connection to Trump in hacking of the election and found absolutely nothing to connect Trump and he was cleared by both federal alphabet agencies. I didn’t see any headlines regarding him being cleared of any wrong-doing did you? Total blackout by the MSM. Or, a headline in any newspapers about another anti-Trump RINO in the Senate who does. Yes, this week Julian Assange and WikiLeaks released a memo from Senator John McCain from 2008, during the election, wrote to Vitaly Churkin (who passed away suddenly last week), the Russian ambassador to the United Nations asking for campaign funds (illegally) and was turned down. Again, McCain offered the Russians a chance to use any major credit card to donate $5,000 or even more. To be fair, McCain’s letter reads much like a normal campaign fundraising letter seeking contributions and likely would have gone unnoticed except that Churkin was compelled to release an official statement from the Russian government. It also shows that McCain received funds from George Soros, to the tune of $2,500 and good buddy Lindsey Graham received $3,000. But, just like the Clinton Foundation, McCain Institution has excepted a very generous donation from Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia ($100 thousand dollars), the Rothschild’s, and believe it or not, the McCain Presidential Campaign [if interested you can view the donors here I’m embarrassed I voted for that liberal clown in 2008. He seems to have more in common with Hillary other than just drinking buddies. The most glaring name on the list is the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Just why is McCain accepting money from a country directly linked to the 9/11 terror attacks? Senator McCain recently grabbed some TV time during an overseas trip for the sole purpose of trashing President Trump and his foreign policy agenda. So, let me just put it out on the table and wait for an answer… Who owns John McCain? It certainly not the citizen of Arizona or the United States voters. Men with very deep pockets seems to be his top method. Not only are the Rothschild’s listed among the organizations top donors list, one of the family members is also on the Board of Trustees. Finally, I have to wonder why the McCain Presidential Campaign is funneling money into the McCain Institute. I hardly think that is what people who donated their hard-earned money expected when they wrote out these checks for his campaign. If all of this sounds familiar, it should, because it is eerily similar to the story of Hillary Clinton. They both have funneled money into their charities from terrorist nations, they are both deeply involved with questionable, yet powerful, elite progressives, and they both apparently like to use their charities as a way to buy influence and funnel cash. Make no mistake about it, Larry’s readers, McCain is not only part of the swamp, but he looks to be one of its leaders. How do you fund a scumbag politicians? Politicians always love cold, hard cash, I think they would bathe in it if possible. The McCain-Feingold Law was for George Soros. I’ve come to the conclusion that Obama wasn’t our “real” President, Soros was and he had his sights set for another 8 years under his control. He even dictated to Hillary what she should do when Secretary of State for countries he supported which came out in one of the WikiLeaks drops… This email was unclassified but I’m starting to wonder if he saw Confidential and Classified emails.

    As for the The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act—better known as the McCain-Feingold Act1—was signed into law in November 2002 by President George W. Bush. The groundwork for this bill had been laid during the preceding eight years. Most notably, the billionaire financier George Soros began promoting such legislation shortly after the 1994 midterm elections, when for the first time in nearly half a century, Republicans had won strong majorities in both houses of Congress. Political analysts at the time attributed the huge Republican gains in large part to the effectiveness of television advertising—most notably the “Harry and Louise” series where a fictional suburban couple exposed the many hidden, and distasteful, details of Hillary Clinton’s proposals for a more socialized national health-care system. Down memory lane the series of Harry and Louise.

    Starting in 1994, Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) and a few other leftist foundations began bankrolling front groups and so-called “experts” whose aim was to persuade Congress to swallow the fiction that millions of Americans were clamoring for “campaign-finance reform.” This deceptive strategy was the brainchild of Sean Treglia, a former program officer with the Pew Charitable Trusts. Between 1994 and 2004, some $140 million of foundation cash was used to promote campaign-finance reform. Nearly 90 percent of this amount derived from just eight foundations, one of which was OSI, which contributed $12.6 million to the cause. Among the major recipients of these OSI funds were such pro-reform organizations as Common Cause ($625,000); Public Campaign ($1.3 million); Democracy 21 ($300,000); the Alliance For Better Campaigns ($650,000); the Center For Public Integrity ($1.7 million); the Center For Responsive Politics ($75,000); Public Citizen ($275,000); and the Brennan Center for Justice (more than $3.3 million). Pretty much the same political rhetoric as Obamacare, same thing just different players.

    Indeed the 1994 election became, to a considerable degree, a referendum on this attempted government takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy—and on the Democratic President (Bill Clinton) who had tacitly endorsed it. Soros was so infuriated that such advertisements had proven to be capable of overriding the influence of the major print and broadcast news media, which, because they were overwhelmingly sympathetic to Democrat agendas, had given Hillary’s plan a great deal of free, positive publicity for months. Three weeks after the 1994 elections, Soros announced that he intended to “do something” about “the distortion of our electoral process by the excessive use of TV advertising.” That “something” would be campaign-finance reform and thus, McCain-Feingold was born.

  26. Wow Eileen, you worked hard for this stuff. Thanks. I think I will pass it along.

  27. NJ Nurse,

    Eileen is amazing. She has unearthed countless “discrepancies” for years.. She has made NLTZ so much better for it.


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