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Of Unicorns, Rainbows, Lollipops and Snowflakes

In order to try to understand the proliferation of progressive pollination, as we marvel at oddity of the liberals reproducing demented generation after generation, we must accept the FACT that the liberal socialist snowflakes do not have the INTELLIGENCE to overcome their “education”/indoctrination..


A thought crossed my mind about the TWO time LOSER to political tyros, the Progressive Pachyderm, the Socialist Sow..  (I could go on for days..)  Silence is golden and the silence from the Clinton Crime Family has been delicious.  After raking in millions and millions of dollars at the government and banquet teats, Rodham is apparently unemployed..  I do not feel that this is fair, after all, she has “over thirty years” of experience and I would like for President Trump to give Rodham a political appointment to help ease the pain of being a perpetual loser of the “big prize”.  I would like to nominate Rodham as the new Ambassador to LIBYA.  Let’s see how she likes it..  NEVER FORGET.


Some seem to be wondering how President Trump can make Mexico pay for the border wall.  I can do you one better.  I can make the return of ILLEGALS profitable.  We will manufacture little portable prison cells or “kennels” if you will.  These will be placed within the cargo hold area of an airplane.  For each ILLEGAL that is returned to its “country of origin”, UPS, Fed Ex, American Airlines, etc, will receive a tax break for each ILLEGAL that gets “rightfully repositioned”.  Tax breaks will be MUCH less costly then perpetually housing, feeding, etc, the worlds ILLEGALS, who are encouraged, welcomed and molly coddled in their felonious activity by the liberals..  Baggage handlers will just roll our little portable cells onto the tarmac and the local “government” can come claim their property..  So, the ILLEGALS will be returned, corporations will pay LESS into the Democratic liberal tax monster which will allow corporations to hire more employees and the middle class can keep a bit more of what it has earned..  Win, win, win.  Problem solved, problem permanently solved..


The people with “too much time on their hands” (ergo; the liberal Democratic voter base and I do mean “base”..) MUST be convinced of the following..  The ONLY reason that they have too much time on their hands is due to the oppression of others.  Malarkey like “white privilege” and such..  Their individual sloth, their personal cooperation with and their apparent acceptance of their “station in life” has NOTHING to do with them or their poor “life choices” at all..  Riiigghhtt..  The reality is that it has EVERYTHING to do with their INDIVIDUAL actions or inactions.  These self appointed “victims” are too stupid to see that they are being played by the white liberal racists who occupy the Democratic political machine..  It is a study in child psychology and a poor one at that..  The patronizing progressives are “here to help” and it is blatantly transparent that the Democrat’s goal today is the same as it was in Selma, individual servitude.  Slavery, for those who are fond of being blunt..  The methodology has changed, the result is the same..  Violence for compliance morphed into an addiction to handouts taken from the middle class..  It is a new mental torture versus the old school Democratic physical torture.  The end game is still the same, as Rodham said, “we must bring them to heel”..  That is why the left targeted the public school system for destruction (because NO ONE with any measureable intelligence would fall for this) and that is why the liberals INSIST that the lowest class and minorities be manacled to those same public schools.  (No vouchers..)  There is no doubt that there is true evil behind the Cheshire cat smile of the altruistic liberal..


Speaking of invisible useless forgotten windbags, a thought on Cher..  I wish that she had skied into the tree instead of Sonny..


Talk is cheap except when a liberal partakes and then talk becomes VERY expensive..


Colleges used to be called “institutes of higher learning”..  Today they should be known as “cesspools of lower indoctrination”..  They used to be thought of as “a place where all ideas are welcomed and discussed”..  Now they are refuges for Democratic despots and collectivist crackpots where the “school of thought” is now a one way street where ANY contrary opinion is branded, marginalized and excoriated..  “Discussion” is verboten because it reveals the idiotic non-logic that permeates the Marxist mindset..


Why has racial IDENTITY become mandatory today?  We have such laughable groups forming every day, for example the “black data processors society”..  The reason that identifiers have become permanent is that there are too many liberals, Democrats and minority hucksters who DIRECTLY profit from today’s separatism..  As well, if “everyone got along”, a tremendous number of liberals, Democrats and minority shysters would have to “share” their ever diminishing “power” or at worst, they would lose their “power” altogether..  Please keep in mind: “power” equals MONEY, follow the MONEY and there you find the $harptons, the $chumers and rest of the malevolent malicious Marxists who seek to CHANGE but one thing, the ever burgeoning amount within their PERSONAL checking accounts..  They seek to EXPAND “problems”, never to end them, because as long as a problem exists, the world will need the liberals to “cure” it..


Why are there ANY “refugees” from the eight year, “Target America First” destruction of “Dark Evader” and his Deathstar “administration” STILL in governmental positions?  Who do you think MIGHT be the “leakers”?  Flush EVERY ONE of these heretic holdovers and establish a “Make America Great Again” litmus test..  Sort of like my “Coming to America” litmus test.  If you will not eat a bacon sandwich, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN.. Problem solved..


Jellyfish have managed for centuries to exist without a brain.  This may explain how liberals have managed to survive for about sixty years..  I certainly hope their lifespan isn’t the same as their intellectual contemporaries..


That which you TOLERATE, your children will learn to EMBRACE..