I am in the midst of a major laptop meltdown. I have managed to save the years of writing and finally retrieved the NLTZ login info.. This was published from my “phone”, time consuming and annoying. Next stop; laptop shopping.. Oh joy..  Hang with me, I shall return!


11 responses to “Meltdown


    Dude we need you stuff.


    Oops previous comment fouled up. Your work is deeply appreciated. Please do a weekly commentary.

  3. Lance,

    Got to get the computer crap squared away. I have ideas on the grill as soon as the techical nonsense gets up to speed! Those few left who read NLTZ, hang in there please!!


  4. Still here as is my wife.

  5. I will be patient. thanks

  6. Definitely looking forward to more of your insights! Take care and good luck with computer shopping!

  7. Joseph A. Green

    I always enjoy reading your articles. I shall eagerly await your resolution of technical issues and future insights. I appreciate all that you do.

  8. Will do, Larry!

  9. Maybe go with a Macbook. I have tons of new investigation to write about much salacious facts about the Clinton’s, Soros, his Media Matters, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes and Fox News. I followed the money and their fingerprints are all over this as well as Feminist LA Attorney, man-hater Gloria Allred, (who O’Reilly once called her a feminist ambulance chaser) and her daughter Lisa Bloom, and their clients, NY Times, LOT’S AND LOT’S. California Bar Association has instigated an investigation into Allred practices as an attorney for misconduct (which has been investigated before on those same charges) and could lose her license to practice law from what I read recently. So much to talk about and discuss.

  10. I’m here also ! Anyone have an idea as to why O’Reilly really left FOX ? As usual, many stories abound. If he was guilty as charged, would FOX give him a $25 million severance ? Granted, he generated some serious money for FOX – which leads to the next question : which network will seek to hire him ?

  11. Good luck Larry and good on you.

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