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Liberal Youth In Asia

Try to keep this in perspective..  The lunatic liberals are STILL upset about what they continue to breathlessly call mysterious things like “foreign elements” influencing our elections..  Please note that this weepy concern ONLY came about after the most recent rebuke, yet ANOTHER election LOST by the two time LOSER, the porcine progressive, Rodham..  Never mind how much filthy lucre was shoveled into the pockets of the Progressive Pervert (Billy Bob) by Saudi Arabia, China, George Soros, etc, etc during his campaigns.. That was then, THIS IS NOW!  “Donations” aren’t the phantasms that are “influencing elections” within the vociferous vacuum known as “critical liberal thinking”..  The problem is some shadowy and mysterious “foreign” intrigue..  No, the “foreign” element is the old Cold Warrior, Russia.  After yet ANOTHER embarrassing loss for Rodham and after the wonderful cathartic November bitch slap of the “OWEbama agenda” someone, something, anything MUST be “responsible”.  (When the liberals start throwing around the word “responsible” it will ALWAYS be someone or something OTHER than them that gets the blame..)  Something, anything MUST be to blame other than Rotund Rodham..  (Let’s play this progressive patty cake at face value:  IF Russia “influenced” the election, they did so by doing the job that the “impartial” media SHOULD have done..  But, back to the liberal fantasy fable..)  The liberals should be aghast at yet ANOTHER undue “influence”, foreign in nature, “influencing” our elections.  That “influence” is the votes cast by ILLEGALS ILLEGALLY in our elections. (This is BEFORE we get to the other liberal approved “influence”, the “inner city vote as many times as you want” program..)  However, the liberals encourage and enable ILLEGALS to VOTE (and they encourage them to do SO much more than just vote I might add..) which UNQUESTIONABLY “influences” elections. Therefore, if all of the bombast and baloney being served up by the leftists about “influencing elections” is true, if their sudden “concern” about undue “influence” is genuine, then the liberals should be the BIGGEST supporters of THE WALL..


Please keep in mind: a MINORITY has infected the majority with their OPINION.  The “impartial” media is NOT in the NEWS business any longer, it is now in the BLATANTLY BIASED OPINION business. The “impartial” media MAKES the news, it does NOT “report” the news..  This MINORITY, in control of the media, (therefore they are also in control of the MESSAGE) constantly “reports” on the nonsensical nattering of the liberal MINORITY.  Liberals ARE NOT a “majority” in this country but based upon the obsequious obsessive coverage their mental flatulence receives from their partners in slime, you are led to “believe” that the liberals are an overwhelming majority. Countless hundreds of millions of NORMAL people’s opinions do not matter when the “impartial” media goes about disseminating their BIASED OPINION as opposed to being truly IMPARTIAL.  You do not need to go march somewhere, turn over a few cars, bust a few windows in order to change this..  No, leave the felonies for the Soros sponsored “protesters” and other demented Democrats.  Try this: JUST TURN THE “NEWS” OFF.  Before doing so, note the commercial “sponsors” and completely financially boycott them.  Advertising revenue dies as viewership dies and then the source host DIES..  Let’s set about making the liberals our “domestic dinosaurs” shall we?


I have a few easy questions for our pathetic purveyors of “diversity”..  What is “diverse” about demanding that EVERYONE agree with your opinion?  Why is it necessary for the very IDEA of disagreement with you to be made ILLEGAL in so many cases?  Why MUST you stifle disagreement, is it because YOUR “arguments” do not have the weight of logic, common sense or fact behind them?  Shouldn’t YOUR arguments get stronger by debating with those who disagree and maybe just maybe, by debating, could you possibly see the error of your ways and possibly alter your “thinking”, therefore conceding that SOMEONE else might be right?  Such questions put to those on the left usually bring about a hyperbolic apoplectic response complete with spittle and sputtering..  The truth?  “Diversity” is just a “new age” diversion for “group think”, it is nothing other than politically correct BULLYING..


“Equality of outcome”, another of the progressive panaceas, is IMPOSSIBLE with an equality of EFFORT..


I shall name this segment, “Le Pen is mightier than the horde”..  France’s newest heroine, National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, paid a visit to Lebanon.  Her visit with Lebanese President Aoun was without incident or fanfare..  Enter Lebanon’s “top Sunni” Mooselim “cleric” for a chin wag..  Le Pen was told to don one of the tablecloths to wear as headgear “before entering the presence of the religious leader”..  The amazing Le Pen REFUSED to do so saying, “I consider the headscarf a symbol of a woman’s submission”.  (Le Pen has wisely called for limits on immigrants for quite some time..)  With that Le Pen left.  America had Reagan in Reykjavik, walking out on Gorby, now France has Le Pen walking out on a smelly Mooselim windbag..  France, please do the RIGHT thing and vote this woman into the Presidency!  Viva La France!!


The hypnotic slumber of the Marxist marionettes of the “impartial” media during the OWEbama years has certainly changed the (out of) tune that they are now banging out on the collectivist calliope humorously being passed off as the “news”..  They went from being subservient liberal lap dogs for the “Community Organizer” to becoming the fire breathing feral fascists of today..  Wow, I guess that elections really do “have consequences”..  No more intellectual soft soaping like “jobs supported” or “jobs saved or created” when the apologists were crooning for the black Bolshevik.  All of this caterwauling from the “man bun” crowd leads me to an eerie silence from someone not accustomed to being mute..  Old Rodham..  Pelosi, the progressive prune, hasn’t slowed the socialist sewage she spews, stopping just long enough for more Botox injections and even the Marxist manatee Michael Moore has waddled away from the buffet line just long enough to weigh in on President Trump..  But why has the pantsuit progressive gone missing, why have we seen her adipose mug on milk cartons?  I will wager that President Trump basically told her that if she keeps her cake hole closed, he will not have her prosecuted for the litany of crimes that she has committed..  Why else would someone so in love with the sound of their own voice become so suddenly silent..


Fact Simile

Having just stepped off of another airplane, one prevailing thought came to my mind. People used to dress up to fly on a plane. It was an event. NOW everyone dresses DOWN in preparation for the “dressing down” that they will receive from the friendly groping Clintoninan hands of the TSA. Based upon the frumpy frocks of those now gracing the world’s airports, terminals look more like gymnasiums to me..

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Flippant Philippic

I have the following statistics I would like to forward.. I understand that mere statistics are devoid of excitement but when they are applied to the liberal left, they are bursting with information and incredibly revealing.. With the left, as it was with their communist contemporaries, statistics illuminate the typical, “good, bad and indifferent” way of political “thinking” on the left.. “Good” for the liberal elite and their indentured servants of the lowest class, “indifferent” or worse, “bad”, for the ever disappearing middle class..

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The Progressive Panorama

The OWEBAMA “red line” seems to have become a yellow streak.. The “red line” is being dealt with by the REDS and NOT the Red, White and Blue..

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A Shot Across The Bow

According to Fox, OWEbama wants to fire a “shot across the bow” in Syria.. At this point, never mind the arguments over “right versus wrong” relative to the Syrian “situation” and any outside intervention, the liberal historical hypocrisy relative to any intervention when ANY other party holds the presidency is what needs to be tended to. It would be nice if SOMEONE would address this topic (hypocrisy) since we are YEARS into the liberal socialist experiment of the OWEbama Democratic Debacle..

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Bolshevik Broth

The “right” to vote is a part of the Constitution through a number of Amendments. (14,15,19,23,24 and 26) This “right” is inferred through the “law” of the land, usually via the “states” until there is some “crisis” when the federal government (invariably the “liberal” government, which has the uncanny ability to ferret out “crisis”..) needs to over-step in. Since voting is a “right”, since the liberals obtain and retain power through the “vote”, its no wonder that this “right” must be expanded to those who do not deserve this “right”..

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I would like to begin this with a hypothetical. Since this is being directed at the liberals, (as ALL of our thoughts and actions should be..) this is therefore a hyPATHETICal discussion..

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