I said that he was too “Green” and Stitch proves it!!   BHO/JFK: mirror, mirror on the wall..Thanks to Fairfield at allrightmagazine.

Basko at the St. Pat’s Day Parade

Give Stitch a few choice words and he creates another bumpersticker..

My words brought to life by the bumpersticker artistry of Stitch76. 


Basko relaxes with Laura


Basko gets Hannitized

Basko relaxing with Ann

John Kerry at Easter Island

John Kerry at Easter Island


70 responses to “Pictures

  1. ha ha, i friggin LOVE this picture!

  2. Who is the rock head in the middle……

  3. The easter island statues are better looking…..probably smarter as well



  5. Sit, Ubu, sit! Good dog, Ubu! Actually, I like Basko.

  6. I loved the photos especially Easter Island. I’m surprised the liberals haven’t tried to change the name of Easter Island to Spring Break Island.

  7. Flying Rat

    brilliant dog,……just brilliant

  8. proud Americain

    I see one very smart dog, buts my Border Collie to shame:)

  9. Proud,

    I’ll bet your border is great. Basko enjoys other dogs but is quite wary of people.. takes after me I suppose..

  10. What do you say when you see John Kerry and B. H. Obama up to their necks in sand?

    “Not Enough Sand.”

  11. noleftturnz

    steveN, great comment.. and I have an extra shovel in the garage and its time to make a withdrawl from the beach..

  12. Yeah, that dog’s comprehension level is about that of an Ingraham or Hannity fan. Have you actually flipped through any of that filth? They really have contempt for their credulous, self-victimizing audience. For shame, subjecting your dog to that smut…

  13. noleftturnz

    Jesse, calm yourself, little one. “Self victimizing”? Sounds like you are part of the liberal “Witless Projection” program..don’t worry I won’t give your location away to the asylum..”Smut”? As an apparent lib, aren’t you in favor of “smut” as a protected constitutional right or is your particular discrimination only applicable to those who disagree with you? Even if you are a leftie, you still have a right to your opinion no matter how wrong you are here at noleftturnz…

  14. “Lib”?!?! HA!! I am a proud WHITE woman. I am a proud CONSERVATIVE. I know I will be going to heaven and that the homos and non-believers will be going to hell. I know war is not as serious as the elite, faggot-happy liberal media is making it out to be. Seriously, is YOUR life that much different now that the war has started (aside from being SAFER)? God will judge the Iraqi people. We’re just increasing the body-count. The reason I don’t like Hannity etc. is their blantant dishonesty and Republican shilling. A true conservative sees through the Repubs just as we do the Dems. They are all crooks and will be feeling the wrath of Our Creator soon enough for blasphemously using His name as a political tool (Listen to that upptiy n*gger B Hussein lieabout his “faith”!). Tom Delay was the last TRUE Christian to serve in Congress, and look what they did to him. Keep spreading the word. God bless you, Mr. Turnz.

  15. noleftturnz

    Jesse,..Wow. Completely agree upon the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. The only thing that matters is the difference between the “C” and the “L”. Consevative and liberal. Party “affiliation doesn’t matter when the lobbyists come to call.. Larry

  16. Jesse: I think God is black.
    You sound a bit….”religous” to me.
    Remember the day when Republicans and Democrats were both Americans.
    Now the Demonrats are controlled by their far left fringe groups.
    I’d rather see the Republicans influenced by the likes of Hannity and Coulter (especially Ann….mmmmm), than, how shall I put, … religous nuts!
    When religous fanatics become bent on forcing their doctrine (whichever one is popular today) on my country, I put them in the same bag as the rest of the extremists.
    I find the dog very intelligent. He can Sit, Stay, Rollover, etc.
    The only thing a liberal can do is: Beg. Beg. Beg.
    I like Hannity & Coulter because they write and say what I’m thinking. But all I hear all day long from the liberal news media is half-baked crap.
    When Bush beat Gore the liberal reporters said: Gore came in second, Bush came in next to last.
    Its all in HOW you present the material.
    Hannity & Coulter report the material in such a way that the glass is always half full when talking about a conservative, or half empty when talking about liberals/demonrats.
    Turn-about IS fair play.
    Turncoat (ie, Pelosi) is a traitor.

    Besides, have you ever seen Ann’s legs????

  17. noleftturnz

    Stitch, Beg, Beg, Beg… that is so good it is worth stealing my friend… Larry

  18. Ann Coulter is my “stimulus package”.

  19. Hey Stitch & Larry! You guys need to go on Comedy Central as a counter-point to the daily show. john stewart & company are a bunch of liberals.

  20. Oh, BTW, I was at Ann’s gathering at the University of AZ several years ago when two guys “tried” to throw pies at her. She side stepped both of them. They were arrested.
    She was so hot, even then.

  21. noleftturnz

    Tom, Isn’t it great that almost all of the liberal spokesweasels are “former” comedians? Stewart, Garafalo, Franken, etc. Isn’t it odd that back when they were trying to be funny, they weren’t and now that they are trying to be serious, they are funny?..I saw the video of those two “men” attacking Ann. A woman in high heels on the defensive gets away from two boys..”The Stitch and Larry Show”…kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it?? Thanks for thinking right my friend…Larry

  22. Tom
    Good comment. The Stitch & Larry Comedy Hour?? hmmm.
    Known the kid for 36 years now, the best thing for me to do is let the boy write!
    You can check out my jibberish at
    But, start your day with NoLeftTurnz !

  23. Stitch, bottom line: if I had to go into a dark alley with anyone other than Basko, it would be you, brother..and I believe that that has happened on a few ocassions..Larry

  24. kid, we’ve cleaned out a few rats in our time….

  25. That dog looks familiar, so does that book… wonder Bicuit was always peering into your windows, he loves those books! I hope all is well and I love the site!


  26. Gary, Good to hear from you again. Never had a better neighbor. Hope all is well with you. Larry

  27. I just signed up for your newsletter but I didn’t realize that there would be pandering to racists (WHITE CONSERVATIVE JESSE).

    I am a Conservative but I find Jesse’s comments and ignorance offensive. I was hoping to find intelligent commentary and comments, not the drivel espoused by WHITE CONSERVATIVE JESSE.

    If you encourage people like her on your website, it won’t be long before noleftturnz becomes a cyberspace hangout for slow-witted cousin-marrying folks just like Jesse.

  28. rebel, As far as “Jesse” goes, did you happen to read my responses to her? Where did I or anyone else “encourage” her? You’ll note that 1) Those were her only comments. 2) She hasn’t commented since. I don’t have a “newsletter” nor do I pander to Jesse. She stopped by and commented. So did you…There are nutbags on both ends of the spectrum. She represents…I don’t know or care what she represents. To silence her and those of the far left only lends creedence to what it is that they say. Allow them to hang themselves with their own words. You might have realized that there wasn’t any pandering or encouraging had you read more than one or two entries here. Thanks, Larry

  29. NLT…I have fowarded a video to you about immigration laws. Maybe you can advise how WE in American can adopt these same immigration laws.
    thank you,

  30. JJ, I knew the answer to The Guy from Boston’s question before he asked it..Just for fun, run through the archives of the articles here at NLTZ. Read, “Return To Sender” and “A Run For The Border Is In Order”. Trust me, I really feel that there are some good articles hidden deep within the archives. Thanks for your comments and let me know what you think of those two articles.. Larry

  31. REBEL!

    I think all people are encouraged to comment on this site, including YOU!
    I find your name-calling just as offensive as Jesse’s.
    However, it looks like just about anyone can have an opinion, even me!


  32. My latest turn of phrase for a possible bumpersticker:

    We’re called the Right…and so we are.

  33. Elizabeth, To quote Lloyd Christmas, “I like it alot..” Thanks for stopping in. Larry

  34. Just today, new to the read, made my day, like Click & Clack…

  35. Mac, back at you, your comments do, make my day, what else can I say? Thanks, Larry

  36. Dear NLT…

    50 years ago my best friend was forced to succumb to a leash law…he was a warm, reverent & rambunctious spaniel who would let you dress him up in the latest fashion (to add insult to injury, he would even smile for the camera!).

    I was so upset for him ( he was losing his freedom) that I wrote…”it is people who ought to be on leashes!”

    I haven’t changed my opinion.

    Do you think I belong here?

  37. Dear inalook,

    You belong. I prefer the company of my friend Basko to that of most humans.

    Relative to your leash law comment, why is it that people send their dogs to “obedience school” while their rotten little kids run free?

    Welcome aboard my friend..


  38. Dear Larry,

    Thank you for the warm welcome…you had me at, “The left cannot comprehend that they have pooped in their own nest.” (“Caught Up In The Mayhem,” July 17, 2008)

    As synchronicity would have it, I was reading Kinky Friedman’s book “You Can Lead a Politician to Water but You Can’t Make Him Think” today, and found this…

    – Mark Twain once said that when you meet Saint Peter, it’s best to leave your dog outside. Heaven, he claimed, runs on protocol. If it ran on merit, your dog would go in and you would stay outside. –

    The Dog Whisperer says, “I rehabilitate dogs and TRAIN people.”

  39. inalook,

    I always try to remember to try to be the kind of person my dog thinks that I am..

    I wish I would have thought of that one..

    Thanks as always,


  40. If there are no dogs in Heaven, I want to go where they go…

    God please Bless: Murph the Turph, Rose the Nose and Rube the Dube

  41. Redbone,

    They will be there.


  42. Sean Hannity, Rush and their lot are nothing more than neo-con zionist shills who bow at the feet of their handlers. I wouldn’t let my Dobermann near them.
    By the way, Basko is beautiful.

  43. Doc,

    Basko says thanks.

    Just curious, if you feel that strongly about Rush, et. al., what do you think about me?

    Thanks for your comments,


  44. Doc
    you got it wrong dude.
    I’m the neo-con zionist what bows to the likes of Hannity, Rush, Ann, Ronald, and the lot.
    Obama is a racist…pure and simple.
    He is also anti-American, pro-European, and pro-One-World-View.
    I’m not up to having the likes of Fidel Castro tell me what shoes I have to wear today.
    America IS Freedom!

  45. It doesn’t matter who you bow down to. I will never bow down to anyone like you. Obama, McCain, Bush et al, Castro, Rush or any of the above mentioned puppets you love so much.
    You think you’re free?
    Welcome to communist America.
    The government just took over the financial institutions with your tax dollars.
    Next you will lose your gun rights.
    Then your first amendment rights when they pass hate crime speech laws.
    America is being taken over, and your heroes are leading the charge.

  46. Gosh Basko….we love the same books!

  47. ….can I borrow “Shut up and Sing?

  48. Obama and Kennedy about the same one was just as bad as the other starting movements that won’t work in this country.

  49. we should elect the dog, Would have to be better than Obama

  50. This is my new favorite site. Never felt so amung people with the same views

  51. Brittany,

    You have a new family.

    Thank you for adopting us..

    We are all housebroken and we have all had our shots..



  52. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    I tried to go to allrightmagazine,com and I got this warning from Google.

    Safe Browsing
    Diagnostic page for

    What is the current listing status for

    Site is listed as suspicious – visiting this web site may harm your computer.

    Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days.

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    Of the 8 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 8 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2008-11-07, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2008-11-07.

    Malicious software includes 12 exploit(s). Successful infection resulted in an average of 0 new processes on the target machine.

    Malicious software is hosted on 2 domain(s), including,

    2 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including,

    Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

    Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

    Has this site hosted malware?

    No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

    How did this happen?

    In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

    Next steps:

    * Return to the previous page.
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  53. This my first time on this page and I must say I love the pictures. I think the stone heads on Easter Island might be a offended by having John Kerry stuck in there, but with rock for brains, he really fits in. I think Basko has wonderful taste in his reading materials. It is also obvious that Jesse (Proud White Conservative) is a bigot and fanatic; thanks for putting her in her place.
    Keep up the good work.
    By the way, Basko would make a much better president than B. Hussein Obama.

  54. Stitch just because Jesse mentions religion doesn’t make her a friek or something. This country was founded by great men who believed in religion and God and even in the public business. We are supposed to be a christian nation like it or not. And be offended this politcal correctness crap is half the problem in this country. People think they can offend but don’t want to be offended wake up it was supposed to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” not that you’d never be offended. It matters not what you do some where someone will be offended so you should do right and call it like it is regardless of who is offended somedays I am extremely offended by people politicians and news reporters to name a few.

  55. I noticed the oblong head of John “Francois” Kerry has some hair out of place….MAKE UP!!

    Learn something new every day. I didn’t realize masonary chisels were standard tools in a make-up artist’s kit.

  56. goodtoberight

    noleftturnz, jesse is a TROLL, It visits conservative web sites and post stupid, uninformed, bigoted comments, designed to disgust and turn people away…i e…..rebel.
    the Obama campaign and the George Soros political machine acctually hired people to do this 24/7 . and it was a very effective tool. stick to your conservative values and try to block these troll from your site if you can..

  57. A new bumper sticker states… I’ll keep my guns, freedom and money, you can keep the change.

    Priceless. Love it!

    Larry I had no idea you were a dog lover. I knew my instincts were right on target. We must be kinder sprites. I have two beautiful golden retrievers name Clancy (after Tom) and Brandi. They are smarter than most people and twice as loyal. They are the third and four Golden’s I’ve had. I would rather spend my days with them then any people I know. They are so smart; when I returned home from the hospital they both went straight to my right hand and started licking it. Brandi always licks and plays with the fingers of my right hand. Animals instinctively know who loves them and happily bite the ones who don’t. Doctors told me the best method to regain use in my hand and arm is to try and use them. Brandi heard him and makes sure that I do move and try to use them every day, if I forget she’s there to remind me!

  58. Larry I loved your response to the “leash” “Why do people send their dogs to abedience school, but allow their rotten kids to run free. ” As a mother of four children I encounter people who feel free to make comments on my brood, mostly in restaurants where they fear we will interfere with their meal. My children are always well behaved in restaurants. I attribute this to the fact that I CAN’T stand other people’s offspring that misbehave. I enjoy reader your articles and comments after. People get so uptight. Ann Coulter is my hero.

  59. Larry, I just found your pics… Basco is a treasure.

    It is obvious to me that you are a K-9 guy… the best kind of officer, in my book!

    Stay safe, man. And Basco , too!

  60. mmmmm, Ann Coulter……….

  61. These pics are soooo amazing……….do ya think we can post them on CNN HLN etc???? Yeah that will be the day; they probably would not even understand them!!! Keep up the good work. Remember in order to to be part of a solution you must stand up and be heard, not sit down and watch the the hysteria get worse. We must be proactive not reactive anymore!!

  62. My dog Maxamillion ‘Max’ for short is a boxer. Luv this site btw…keep up the good word!!!

  63. Love the pictures of Basko. He has excellent taste in reading material. I am a “dog person” through and through. Currently my GF and I have a terrier mix and a black Lab mix, both getting elderly now – 14 and 12. Since we are living in a small condo, any “new” dogs will have to be of the smaller variety, but that’s ok – we’re getting elderly ourselves! I grew up with a Boxer and he was probably the best dog ever. I know he is “up there” waiting for me.

  64. Hey noUturnz, I was invited to join your site. I was a bit skeptical, but after reading from the comments and your open hearted answers, I think I made the “right” U turn. Thanks for the invite, and I will be back soon to visit you again. Due to the holidays, I am running out of time. One comment though. Seems Old H. Reid is going to ruin not only the Senators and families Christmas, but ours as well. It is unConstutional what this Admin is pulling. I hope our next gift will be IMPESCHMENT!!!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Basko is awesome. I like his choice reading material. All three of them are among my favorites. Don’t forget Glen Beck’s books. Basko may like them as well.
    See ya later.

  65. Sorry, I didn’t get your name right…actually I am sure you will not be making a Uturn to the right. Sorry again, will get it right next time…K?

  66. With regard to “Jesse” above: Hannity stated just this evening that he is NOT a registered Republican. He stated he is a conservative. Methinks “Jesse” is one of those people who is afraid of being cornered, politically, and so claims to not side with anyone at all. A nice, safe position. “Don’t blame me, she would say – I voted for XX.”

  67. OK, Larry I can’t find you on facebook…. what is the name of it? I know someone opened one for you at Christmas, but I can’t find the article it was mentioned in.

  68. T,

    Try looking under “fan pages”, then no left turnz..

    I think that that should get you there.

    Thanks as always,


  69. Larry – Mate, you know me from old – Am here under a new nom de plume – You may remember ‘Choco’ – Cobber now has Pro (Male whippet) and a new Jillie (Yellow Lab) as company. I look in frequently – Content & Quality are still most excellent – many names have gone, new one appear. Almost wiped out in last year’s flood (2.8 metres through our bottom 2 floors). Will be difficult to recover, monetarily as well the marbles, but will persevere. Still in shock over results of November 6 – One really cannot imagine as to how & why – but gratifying to know that there are many options open in rectifying the temporary insanity – Getting the right chap at the helm may not necessarily be a prerequisite. Best to you and the passing parade. Percival

  70. Your stuff is solid. As a Cuban got to New Orleans in 1960 kicked outta That unfortunate island by social progressive communists, I recognize the stupidity and long lasting sickness it can get to be if it grows roots.
    It appeals to the darkest parts of the human psyche growing all around the brain impossible to uproot.

    Ed Blanco
    Redemptorist ’62

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