About NLTZ

A “mission statement” relative to NLTZ can be simply stated as my endeavor to speak to the issues of the day.

This is not an attempt to change your way of thinking. Quite honestly, if you altered your core convictions based on something you read here or anywhere else, I am of the opinion that you have neither a core nor convictions.

Convictions to me means, “never having to say you’re sorry”, or never caring to. Your core is the total mass of your convictions. Only something bordering on the earth shattering should ever cause you to modify your core convictions. The liberals should consider September 11, 2001 for example.

My “mission” is also the hope that someone somewhere would consider all or part of “this” worthy of publication or syndication. My wish is that someone with the capacity to make that hope a reality would be reading this mission statement and would consider doing so…