The Progressive Pulpit

The liberals have always understood, and more importantly, they have wantonly lusted and lasciviously envied, the power of the pulpit. The progressive perverts, led on all fours of late by the “Porcine Prince”, have made it one of their goals to “subvert then convert” the masses (drop the “m”..) to the Dark Side but they have needed a little help. Through their patience (as well, with the “silent majorities” sloth and cooperation) they have gotten help in spades..

The left relied (accent on “lied”) on two of their favorite fulcrums when they began their war. (Make no mistake, the left declared WAR on America decades ago and if you don’t realize and acknowledge that, then you too are a part of the problem, not the solution. This DECLARED war has many totalitarian tentacles but we shall address those others at a later time..) They have used “definitional inversion” (my creation) and “transvaluation” (Nietzsche). The liberals needed to change not only the location of the pulpit but they had to change both the definition OF the pulpit and what comes out of the pulpit..

The pulpit, as most of us remember, used to be the sole domain of the church. Seeing this, the left then systematically began targeting the church through outright lies, distortions and lawsuits. The left HAD to overtake the pulpit.. The left has always DESPISED the influence of the church and it became one of their “missions” to de-throne the church.

People found God in the church so the left tried to destroy the church in order to become god themselves.. By destroying the church, the left then created a vacuum that they were only too happy to fill. Those that used to turn to the church HAD to turn somewhere for help and as always, the liberals have the answer that is best for you whether you like it or not.. If I may borrow from the great Ronald Reagan, what could be more frightening than hearing, “I’m a liberal and I’m here to help”..

By removing the church, the liberals (who specialize in making the lowest class PERMANENT) began cajoling and massaging those stranded so that they would turn to THEM. (Simultaneously, the left began their generations-long efforts to increase the size and scope of their other deity, the government.) The socialist Sirens softly sang of the “new and improved” god, a bifurcated monster made of smarmy underhanded liberalism and its elephantine demented offspring, the liberal government..

Here the liberals began to stumble.. They couldn’t overtake the church but by eliminating it, they could silence the message from within the church walls. The liberals tried laughingly to take over the churches with their imaginary “faux-religions” and then they clumsily tried to “change the message” being sent from the “old” church, morphing it into the hokum of heresy being vomited forth by the “new church of the left”..

Former parishioners fled leaving this asinine message to be sermonized to a grouping of oddballs and bottom feeders where they worship trees, porcupines, global warming and other such lunacy. These fell under the “non-denominational” umbrella where those who don’t want to understand the rule book could go and get a hug.. This didn’t work for the left, at least not to the degree that the liberals wanted..

The liberals then needed help in getting their message out and it became apparent that this help had to be on a Gargantuan scale and willingly waiting in the wings were the “journalists” of the “impartial” media and their NEW 24 hour haranguing format.. The “news” thus provided, with the invaluable assistance of the many members of the Fifth Column/Fourth Estate that now numerically dominate the media, is now being disseminated on 24 hour basis to the mentally malleable who have become so lazy that they have difficulty even thinking let alone trying to properly process the collectivist cud..

These “impartial” media types have all been thoroughly marinated in the juices of liberalism enthusiastically served at the indoctrination stations known as the “institutions of higher learning” and they are stuffed to the gills with liberal/socialist mythology and the sanctimonious need to tell everyone else what to think..

The “impartial” media, thus overwhelmingly dominated by Marxist minions, then understood the absolute necessity to MAKE or CREATE the “news” as opposed to actually impartially REPORTING it.. The left thought that “getting the message out” on Sunday morning was important until they realized by taking over the media, THEIR message would be beamed all over the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.. See you and raise you.. Even so, the church HAD to be dismantled..

The next step in the Marxist march is the concept of stifling ANY disagreement or debate. The left will not stand for ANY disagreement or debate due to the FACT that their “arguments” contain NO facts. There must be NO disagreement with the left because the left relies upon EMOTION and MYTH as their intellectual blueprint. An “argument” of ANY kind or duration would immediately reveal the left’s allergy to facts. Thus disagreement of any kind HAD to be branded as heresy. Not good enough. They decided that disagreement was to be labeled as HATE and as well, disagreement with the left and ANY of its “ideas” was to be made ILLEGAL.

This “mental mau mauing” has become an art form in the demented world of liberalism, taken to ass-tronomical heights by the likes of $harpton and Jack$on, who strangely went from ghetto pulpits to being the rising racist stars of the “impartial” media and the new progressive pulpit..

AS just ONE example, “racist” isn’t even an argument (it’s not even a sentence..) it is immediately used by those who KNOW that they would lose any argument. This “argument” is always accompanied by an inappropriate level of volume as volume helps to convey an imaginary EMOTION to the intellectually gullible.. The closer that you get to the truth, the greater the urgency of your opponent to up the volume, as well not allowing you to complete a sentence and for there to be an immediate change of subject..

Instantly, THEY go from having to defend or support their flaccid “arguments” to putting you on the defensive WITHOUT PROOF OR EVIDENCE in a childish attempt to get you off of a topic that you would WIN. Failing that, they make your arguments ILLEGAL because Constitutional rights ONLY apply to those who AGREE with the prevailing liberal mythos.. Here we have the application of “definitional inversion” as the left ALWAYS believes in “fairness” but the “fairness” that they believe in is strictly policed by the nonsensical necromancers of the left.

By dismantling or even eliminating the church, the left extinguishes the church and their benevolent works within the neighborhood. As the left and their media minions trumpet every human failing of ANY preacher or reverend, (please note the left’s blind spot/duplicity relative to the “E-mams” and the wonderful works of “the religion of peace”..) those who turned to the church for “help” felt “lost” and have been welcomed into the cancerous cult of liberalism and its addictive form of government.

This government, dominated by the “new and improved” Democrats, went from fire hoses and baseball bats of the early Sixties to the addictive properties of “welfare-ism” (YES, I will use “–isms” on the left any time that it is appropriate..) so progressively popular in today’s time. The left’s purpose is to make occupying the lowest class to be a permanent adventure and to simultaneously make the lowest class addicted to the liberal panaceas..

The socialist cycle is nearly complete. They have managed to move the pulpit from the front of the church to the comfort of everyone’s living room.. We have unfortunately entered the age of the “progressive pulpit”..


14 responses to “The Progressive Pulpit

  1. Family,

    This is the way things might work for both sites..
    Once a week I will try to post a big article on NLTZ, trying to keep the Thought of the day short and sweet, trying to post at least a few times a week.
    Subscribe to the Thought of the day as if readership stay low, it will just go away and I will morph it into NLTZ..
    Hope this article flowed ok for everyone, I haven’t put anything down on “paper” for quite a bit and I need to get into the flow!
    Comment please, helps to make us ALL better!
    Thanks as always,
    Never give up, never give in and never again,

  2. Family,
    As well, a Thought of the Day link for everyone:
    PLEASE read and subscribe as I will keep both sites up if the readership says its a good idea!
    Thanks as always,

  3. I love your eloquent use of the English language….. In the past I used to forward your expressions to others. Thank you for continuing noleftturnz.

    Don Best

  4. Great article. You hit a lot high points we all should use to tear down the church of Liberalism. I hope your return reignites the fire in all of us to help you fight the evils now in control of the media, entertainment and education.

  5. Keep the sites up, Larry, the true Patriots of this country need a strong voice of unification.

  6. Welcome back Patriot! Another excellent piece! Keep em comin!

  7. Lots of truth in your article. I am so glad you came back to us. The format sounds great to me. Let’s go!

  8. Happy you are back!!! Have missed you.

  9. Yep. When I see a conservative on one of the various TV talk shows, who is about to respond to a Lib talking head, I would like to hear that conservative proclaim ( in no uncertain terms ) the following : ” before I respond to your comments, I’m requesting that you do not resort to the usual Progressive tactic of turning-up the volume,changing the topic, and the usual character assassination – because if you use any of those tactics, I will NOT waste any of my time here.”

    I’s not a matter of throwing in the towel, but as in a ‘real debate’, if you don’t stay on topic and defend your position . . . . you LOSE !

    I don’t really expect someone to actually do this, but it would be entertaining to watch the Progressive Lib struggle to save face !

  10. Family,
    Well, I tried..
    I had said that I would post once a week but, I just finished off “Rewarding Failure”..
    I fully contend that I could easily write 1,000 word articles at least once a day depending upon how many liberals open their mouths on that given day..
    Still going to proof it and hold it, don’t want to burn folks out..
    Thanks as always,

  11. Family,
    Are we getting into the game?
    Another post over at the Thought of the day site..
    PLEASE subscribe, please tell your friends as my absence has allwed readership to plummet..
    Thanks as always,

  12. Family,
    We are in it to win it, back into the fire!
    ANOTHER thought of the day so here is another link..
    Please support both sites, tell the world!
    Never give in, never give up and never again,

  13. Gene Ciliberti

    Good to be back in the “family”. Reporting for duty, Larry 🙂

  14. Family,
    OUR Secretary of Defense, Dr. Gene Ciliberti is back with us.

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